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Backers Raise $2m For BebobBee

Backers Raise $2m For BebopBee

BebopBee (known for making match-3 puzzle games on mobile) have been given $2m to build on their winning formula. The money comes from a number of sources including founder Rohit Singal, IGG Inc., Dfinity founder Lei Ding, 1Up Ventures and Bitkraft Ventures.

BebopBee claim they will use this support to build on its user acquisition efforts and live ops. They also announced Danny Moy (Chief Strategy Officer at SciPlay Corporation) has been employed in an advisory role.

What A Wonderful World

BebopBee hitpiece What a Wonderful World has backgrounds of places like New York, Moscow, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. More locations are set to be added as BebopBee will upload user-generated areas from content creators and influencers they partner up with.

Bitkraft founding general partner Scott Rupp has high expectations:

BebopBee has perfected the art of creating immersive, emotive, and highly-shareable experiences with their What a Wonderful World mobile game, with players engaged for almost an hour a day. We believe the team has created a game that has top-10 grossing potential with truly innovative marketability options.”

So expect to see more games from them in the same vein as their other match-3 puzzlers like What a Wonderful World.

Have you played any of BebobBee’s titles? Do you think they are worth the investment? Do you hope they allow you to upload your settlement as a backdrop? Let us know in the comments.

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