How To Defeat Bahamut Fury In Crisis Core Reunion

Bahamut Fury is a boss in Crisis Core Reunion. The boss fight with him is the hardest because of his strengths. Here is how to defeat him.

Bahamat Fury Crisis Core Reunion Cover
Here is how to defeat the ultimate Bahamat Fury

Bahamut Fury, a boss in Crisis Core Reunion, is considered one of the most challenging enemies to conquer. This is due to the phenomenal stats that Bahamut has and the attacks he uses on you. But the boss can be defeated with steps taken before and in the fight.

The Rundown:

  • Bahamut Fury is a boss in Crisis Core Reunion, and the fight with him is considered the hardest because of Bahamut’s strengths.
  • The boss fight can be taken with Bahamut after completing the third chapter.
  • The fight can be a hard nut to crack but with the right preparation going into the battle, the boss can be defeated with relative ease.
  • The stats and attacks of the boss are to be remembered before the battle so you can identify what is thrown your way to dodge it.

The fight with Bahamut Fury is a headache for many players, and there is a once-in-a-lifetime chance of taking him down on the first attempt. Bahamut enjoys many resistances towards elemental attacks and is invincible to the attacks from his back.

Ruling out two of the most widely used strategies for defeating enemies makes the boss a hard fight. However, keep reading to find out how you can equip yourself with the necessary tools and how you should fight to take him down.

Encountering Bahamut Fury

Before taking on the daredevil, Bahamut Fury, you need to know where you can find it. Encountering the boss demands the completion of Chapter 3.

  1. Complete Chapter 3 of the game, which will take you to Mako Reactor 5.

  2. After gaining control in Mako Reactor 5, head to the left path, which leads to a ladder.

  3. At the ladder, you’ll unlock a mail related to treasure princess recruitment, as well as Mission 8-4-1.

  4. Begin the Yuffie series of missions by completing specific missions. You don’t need to complete all of them, just follow these steps:

    a. Complete Mission 8-4-1 through Mission 8-4-6. This will unlock Mission 8-5-1.

    b. Complete Mission 8-5-1 through Mission 8-5-5.

  5. After completing Mission 8-5-5, you’ll encounter Bahamut Fury at the end of the mission.

  6. To initiate the battle with Bahamut Fury, approach the chest located in the Northwestern corner of the area and open it. This will trigger the epic battle with the boss.

    Now you can take up the battle with Bahamut anytime you like. You only have to reach the chest placed in the Northwestern corner of the area. Open the chest, and the mighty battle with the boss will start.

    Fighting Bahamut Fury

    When facing Bahamut, I’ve learned that there are specific precautions to take both before and during the fight. These precautions can make the battle against the boss much smoother and more manageable.

    Loading The Health Bar

    Before the fight, it is wise to equip your player with Barrier or Regen Materia.

    1. Barrier reduces damage from Bahamut Fury by half, while Regen Materia gradually restores your health.

    2. Maximize your health bar by boosting VIT and SPR stats with specific accessories like Aegis Armlets, Shinra Betas, and Tarot Cards.

    3. During the battle, cast and maintain Wall Materia to reduce incoming damage. Use Ethers to replenish health if it drops below a safe level.

    4. Focus on increasing your HP, as Bahamut Fury has high health. Building a strong HP pool is crucial for a better chance at defeating the boss. Healing Wave will also prove valuable for health regeneration during the fight.

    By following these strategies, you’ll improve your chances of successfully taking on Bahamut Fury in the game.

    Healing wave called
    Using the Healing Wave in the battle with Bahamut 

    Fight From A Safe Distance

    In my experience, regardless of my fighting style, I’ve found that my best chance of defeating Bahamut Fury is by relying on physical attacks. To do this effectively, I make sure to maintain a specific distance from the boss. This distance allows me to land punches and deal damage while also giving me ample room to swiftly dodge his attacks. Bahamut Fury’s moves are often predictable, so timing my jumps to evade them is crucial.

    Use Jumps

    About jumping, the Jump Materia is a lifeline in the battle. While attacking the boss, careful use of the jump will allow you to continue your fighting combo for longer. Moreover, you will also be able to dodge many of the attacks thrown toward you.

    Watch Out For Exaflare

    You should keep attacking Bahamut and gather any damage you can take. An eye must be set for when the boss uses Exaflare. As soon as Exaflare is selected, you should throw your best attacks that cause the most damage to cancel the Exaflare.

    Exaflare Bahamat Attack Crisis Core
    Bahamut Fury launches Exaflare attack

    Since Exaflare cannot be blocked, throwing all your attacks is a good option to cancel the powerful spell. However, if you have taken the blow from Exaflare, you can always use the Healing Wave to retrieve your lost health.

    Use Healing Wave Wisely

    Aerith emotions increased crisis core
    Aerith emotions increased

    Before you encounter the boss, the player receives a call from Aerith. The call motivates the hero and heightens the motions in the DMW (Digital Mind Wave). If you are unaware of DMW, it is a spinning left located at the top left corner of the game.

    The game increases Aerith’s chances of appearing in the DMW while the fight with the boss is happening. Aerith has a limit break ability that can be granted using the DMW, which is the Healing Wave.

    To make the most of Healing Wave, I use it strategically. I recommend activating it just before Bahamut launches Exaflare to nullify the devastating effects of the attack. Alternatively, it can be used right after Exaflare to quickly recover from the intense damage.

    Bahamut Fury Strength

    The best way to see a problem before countering it is to look at its numbers. Before you devise a well-planned strategy, you must know what you are against. Bahamut fury is hard to crack, so you must prepare for it thoroughly.

    Two things should be looked at in Bahamut. First, Fury’s statistics, and second the attacks it can potentially deliver. After preparing for these two things, the boss can be defeated with relative ease.

    To prepare, you need Fury’s numbers. Here are all the statistics of the mighty boss you should keep in mind before having a face-off with him.


    The statistics of Fury in Final Fantasy Crisis Core Reunion are as follows:

    • Bahamut Fury has a Level of 20.
    • The boss has a health of 18000. The health increases to 46000 if you play a Hard difficulty game.
    • ATK – 25
    • MAG – 111
    • VIT – 36
    • Gil – 410

    Apart from these numbers, another statistical factor is the boss’s resistance. The damage dished out to Fury from elements such as Fire, Ice, and Lightning is half taken by it. Also, it is immune to Gravita. Hence, you are advised not to use this element while facing him.

    Potential Attacks

    Knowing Bahamut’s attacks is vital for preparation and effective response:

    1. Wind Slice: Bahamut sweeps his arm, creating a wide shockwave, knocking Zack back. It covers a large area.

    2. Cluster Sphere: Bahamut charges an orb of light, splitting it into three balls directed at you.

    3. Exaflare: The deadliest attack, Bahamut jumps, unleashing an unblockable beam on Zack.

    4. Win Scream: Bahamut’s scream pushes Zack back, causing damage.

    5. Wing Missiles: Bahamut launches missiles from his wings, posing a significant threat.

    These attacks can be called beforehand, so you exhibit a block from them. But the most severe attack is the Exaflare. Its capacity to not be blocked anyway makes it the most terrific attack. Apart from Exaflare, wing missiles also are very damaging for the player.

    Bahamat Fury Killed Crisis Core
    Bahamut Fury defeated in the fight

    Conclusive Remarks

    While we have mentioned some of the best Materia, you would want to use to take out Bahamut, others can be used in other situations. Here, you can find the other great Materia that helps you escape trouble.

    The boss fight with Bahamut Fury is one of the most challenging fights of the Crisis Core Reunion. The other boss fights can be countered with relative ease as the bosses are not made as invincible as Bahamut Fury.

    However, the moves mentioned in this article will serve you very well in taking the boss down if applied correctly.

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