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Discover the Top 5 Best NPC's to Take Along On Your Epic Adventures
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One of the standout features of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the diverse cast of NPC companions that players can recruit to join their party. In this guide, I will delve into the Top 5 Best NPC Companions in Baldurs Gate 3.

Key Takeaways

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a range of NPC companions, each with unique abilities and strengths, adding depth and strategy to your gameplay.
  • Tailoring companions’ attributes and subclasses to optimize their performance. Choose wisely to create a balanced and powerful party.
  • From tanking to healing and spellcasting, every companion plays a vital role in battles and interactions, enriching the narrative experience.
  • Your decisions and relationships with companions directly influence the outcome of the game, providing a dynamic and immersive adventure.
  • Creating a synergistic party enhances your chances of success. Combining companions’ abilities strategically maximizes their potential in battles and quests.
  • The companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 aren’t just characters; they’re companions on a remarkable journey. Their stories, abilities, and interactions elevate your experience, making each adventure a memorable and engaging escapade.
  • The Best BG3 companions include Astarion, Karlach, Shadowheart, Gale, and Lae’zel.

I’ll explore their unique abilities, discuss why they are essential additions to your party, and provide insights into the most suitable builds for each character.

Baldur’s Gate 3 presents players with a choice of NPC companions, each bringing their own set of abilities and backstory to the group. Selecting suitable companions can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

NPC Companions

Though there are several that stand out above the rest when you consider the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 party you can form, there is no question of some controversy over the best companions for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Fans will undoubtedly have their own particular favorites. The best partners in Baldur’s Gate 3 are even more crucial because there are only 10 companions and 12 classes in the game, which means that not all playstyles are considered.

These are the Top 5 Best NPC Companions in Baldurs Gate 3, in my opinion

Astarion: The Enigmatic Vampire

Half-vampire spawn Astarion has a pleasant but quite complex nature. He is a great Half-Elf Rouge with excellent ranged and close combat skills because of his agility and stealth. He can heal himself by drawing blood from enemies with his “Vampiric Bite” ability. Astarion has a tactical advantage while invading enemy territory thanks to his ability to become invisible in low light.

Astarion The Half Vampire || Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Suitable Build: Astarion shines as a dual-wielding rogue. Invest in Dexterity for improved accuracy and damage, as well as Constitution to bolster his survivability. Select the “Assassin” subclass for additional damage and critical strike opportunities.

Shadowheart: The Mysterious Cleric

Shadowheart is a cleric of Shar, the goddess of darkness. She is an essential asset in keeping your party alive throughout combat due to her skill in healing magic. She can heal allies at a distance with her “Healing Word” spell, and she can deliver opponents radiant damage with her “Guiding Bolt” spell. Her mysterious past lends the team a sense of intrigue.

Shadow Heart || Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Suitable Build: Shadowheart thrives as a Life Domain cleric. Prioritize Wisdom to enhance her spellcasting abilities, and consider the “Healer” feat to boost her healing potential. Select spells like “Cure Wounds” and “Spirit Guardians” to provide both single-target and area healing support.

Karlach: The Tanky Tiefling Barbarian

Karlach, a barbarian Tiefling, acts as a powerful tank in battle. With the ability to withstand blows thanks to her “Rage” ability, which also boosts her damage resistance.

She excels at attracting opponent attention and guarding her companions thanks to her high hit points and potent melee attacks. Karlach may produce more damage with her “Reckless Attack” at the expense of weaker defenses.

Karlach The Rage-Filled Barbarian || Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Suitable Build: Karlach’s strength lies in her barbarian abilities. Focus on Strength for improved melee damage and carrying capacity. Prioritize the Constitution for increased hit points and durability. Consider the “Totem Warrior” subclass to enhance her tanking capabilities with “Bear Totem Spirit” for resistance to all damage except psychic.

Lae’zel: The Fearless Githyanki

Githyanki warrior Lae’zel adds unrivaled power and toughness to the group. She can regain health while in battle thanks to her “Second Wind” skill, and her skill with a variety of weapons makes her a versatile frontline fighter. She can deflect ranged assaults with the help of her “Deflect Missile” talent, which strengthens her defense.

Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Suitable Build: Lae’zel thrives as a Battle Master fighter. Invest in Strength for improved melee damage and carrying capacity. Select maneuvers like “Precision Attack” to enhance her accuracy, “Riposte” to counterattack when missed, and “Menacing Attack” to demoralize foes.

Gale: The Gale-Force Wizard

Gale is a charming wizard with a complicated background. He is a powerful spellcaster with a knowledge of arcane spells who can command the battlefield and unleash devastating area-of-effect damage.

His “Summon Imp” spell summons a useful demon friend into battle, while his “Gale’s Fireball” spell engulfs enemies in a blazing explosion. Due to his understanding of the Weave, Gale has the “Tides of Chaos” ability, which enables him to control fate for more effective spellcasting.

Gale The Wizard

Suitable Build: Gale excels as an Evocation wizard. Prioritize Intelligence to maximize his spell effectiveness. Choose spells like “Fireball,” “Lightning Bolt,” and “Web” for potent crowd control and area damage. Utilize “Tides of Chaos” to gain an advantage on crucial spell rolls.

Why These Companions Are Essential?

A well-rounded and successful party requires having such companions in your group. Both infiltration and confrontations benefit strategically from Astarion‘s stealth and combat abilities. During difficult encounters, Shadowheart‘s restorative magic protects the survival of your crew, and the mystery surrounding her past gives the story more dimension.

For a more devastating approach and obliterating enemies during battles, Karlach‘s brutal attacks and her ability to withstand attacks are essential. Her barbarian rage also gives close combat lethal power. Lae’zel can defend your party from danger with her strength and defensive abilities. Battles are enhanced by Gale’s tremendous arcane spells, which have the ability to be devastating and manipulate crowds.

Utilizing Companions’ Abilities

It’s critical to plan and coordinate the abilities of your companions in order to get the most out of them. A well-rounded and powerful party capable of overcoming numerous obstacles can be formed by combining Astarion’s stealth, Shadowheart’s healing, Karlach’s tanky-ness, and barbarian rage, Lae’zel’s strength and defense, and Gale’s potent spells.

Building the Perfect Party

Think about how to balance your party’s offense, defense, and utility. Every companion brings a special set of abilities to the table. Your preferred mix of melee and ranged combat, magical and physical damage, crowd control, and healing may vary depending on your playstyle. Try out various pairings to find the party that best suits your preferred strategy.


Can I Change My Companions During the Game?

Absolutely! Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to swap companions as your journey progresses, adapting to new challenges and optimizing your party composition.

Are Romantic Options Available for These Companions?

Yes, after the full release of the game, romantic relationships can be formed with NPC companions.

How Do I Gain Companions’ Approval?

To earn your companions’ approval, align your decisions with their beliefs and personalities. Interaction and understanding go a long way.

Will Companions’ Stories Impact the Game’s Ending?

Yes, the relationships you build and the choices you make concerning companions can influence the outcome of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Are There Other Companions in the Game? If so, how many?

Indeed, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers additional companions, each with their own abilities and narratives, allowing for a diverse array of party compositions. There are a total of 10 NPC companions, each with their skills and classes.

Can I Customize Companions’ Abilities?

While you can’t fundamentally alter their abilities, you can influence their behavior through decisions, shaping their development within their predefined roles.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the companions you choose can significantly impact your journey through the perilous world of Faerûn. Whether you opt for Astarion’s mysterious allure, Shadowheart’s healing touch, Karlach’s tanking expertise, Lae’zel’s unyielding strength, or Gale’s arcane might.

That’s it for this Top 5 Best NPC Companions in Baldurs Gate 3 guide. I hope you found my guide helpful, be sure to check out more of our guides for like Baldur’s Gate 3: BEST Paladin Build and the 11 BEST Baldur’s Gate 3 Race 

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