Baldur’s Gate 3: BEST Rogue Feats [Top 6]

Feats give your character unique traits, and for the Rogue Class in Baldur's Gate 3, the best ones are Actor, Ability Improvement, and Mobile.

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Baldur's Gate 3: Best Rogue Feats
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I have played Baldur’s Gate 3 for 60+ hours. That is why you can trust the information and the hands-on experience I will share below for the guide.

Feats are essential additions to your builds that give advantageous traits. For the Rogue Class in Baldur’s Gate 3, the best feats must focus on aspects such as improving dexterity and complementing your sneak attacks. These will help you keep your enemies in deception, making it easier to take them down quietly.

Key Takeaways

  • Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 enhance character stats and are available at specific levels (4, 8, 10, 12)
  • The best Rogue Feat is Ability Improvement for Boosting abilities.
  • Dual Wielder grants +1 AC and allows dual-wielding.
  • Actor Feat increases Charisma and boosts Deception/Performance proficiency.
  • Savage Attacker and Sharpshooter provide damage benefits and negate high-ground penalties for ranged attacks.

My Top Picks For Best Rogue Class Feats

FeatBest forDescription
Ability ImprovementBest for Enhancing Abilities.– Add +1 to two different abilities
– Add +2 to one ability
Dual WielderBest for Armor Class.– +1 Bonus to Armor Class when you have a melee weapon in each hand
– Allows you to use Two-Weapon Fighting
ActorBest for Deception.– Adds +1 to Charisma (max 20)
– 2x Proficiency Bonus for Deception and Performance checks
– You get Performance Proficiency and Deception Proficiency
Savage AttackerBest for Action-Based Gameplay.– Rolls damage dice two times, giving the highest output number
SharpshooterBest for Ranged Attacks.– No penalties for Ranged Weapons from High Ground Rules
– Your Ranged Weapon attacks using Proficient Weapons deal extra 10 damage but get a -5 Attack Roll Penalty.
MobileBest for Additional Movement.– Increases Movement Speed and improves Dash in any terrain.
– Negates Opportunity Attacks from enemies while moving after a Melee Attack.

Best Class Feats Table. 

1. Ability Improvement

Best for Enhancing Abilities.
Feat: Ability Improvement
Feat: Ability Improvement | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Why Did I Choose Ability Improvement?

Ability Improvement enables you to boost one or two abilities to beef up your character.

You can add two extra points to any ability or add one point to any two abilities. Hence, you can go for it at any level to boost your character’s focal aspects.

In the case of Rogue, Dexterity is the prime ability. I suggest you at least maximize your Dexterity using this Feat. However, it can only increase up to Level 20.

  • Adds extra points to one or two abilities.
  • Best for boosting Dexterity.
  • Can boost your character’s focal aspects.

  • Can only be increased up to level 20.

2. Dual Wielder

Best for Armor Class.

Why Did I Choose Dual Wielder?

The Dual Wielder feat allows you to wield two weapons at once and also gives you an Armor class bonus with a melee weapon.

The main advantage of this one is that it gives Two-Weapon Fighting and a +1 Armor Class Bonus when using a melee weapon. But, it does not apply to Heavy Weapons.

To take benefit of Dual Wielder, you should play the Thief subclass. The bonus actions of Thief can do +2 damage using this feat and the Rapier.

Class Features:

  • Dual Wielder: Bonus Armor Class
  • Dual Wielder (Feature)

  • Allows you to utilize two weapons at the same time.
  • Gives a +1 bonus to the Armor Class.
  • Suitable for characters with light armor.

  • Cannot be used with heavy weapons.

3. Actor

Best for Deception.

Why Did I Choose an Actor?

Theatricality and deception are powerful agents for the uninitiated, and you can embody these in your character with the Actor feat.

The Actor increases Charisma by one and provides Proficiency in skills like Performance and Deception. Higher Charisma allows you to use spells with more efficiency.

It suits those who are more into sneaky gameplay and abstain from fighting. Therefore, it fits the overall ideology of Rogue Characters.

  • Suitable for players who prefer sneaky gameplay.
  • Boosts Charisma by one point.
  • Adds Proficiency to Performance and Deception.

  • Not effective for players who love combat.

4. Savage Attacker

Best for Action-Based Gameplay.

Why Did I Choose Savage Attacker?

The Savage Attacker feat increases the hit count for every blow you deal to your enemy, allowing you to defeat them much faster.

Savage Attacker is for the players looking for action, as it buffs up the damage you can do in any move. It rolls the damage dice twice, choosing the highest of both as the final attack value. As a Rogue, especially an assassin, you can take down enemies more quickly in an ambush.

  • Increases hit count.
  • Allows you to take down enemies quicker.
  • Suitable for players who rely on melee attacks.

  • Doesn’t work on unarmed attacks.

5. Sharpshooter

Best for Ranged Attacks.

Why Did I Choose Sharpshooter?

I recommend the Sharpshooter feat for players who have stealth-focused gameplay and want to take down enemies from long range.

Another excellent option for stealth lovers who want to destroy enemies from afar. Sharpshooter negates the penalty for High Ground over Ranged Weapons. Thus, you can adjust your locations for better ranged-attacking scenarios.

Additionally, there is a penalty of -5 Attack Roll, but the plus point is that it gives an extra ten damage using Weapons in which you have proficiency in Ranged Attacks. As a result, your Rogue can snipe enemies or even one-shot them while keeping a safe distance.

  • Perfect for stealth-based players.
  • Gives +10 extra damage to weapons with Ranged Attacks.
  • Allows you to set up your attack on high ground.

  • Gives a -5 Attack Roll penalty.

6. Mobile

Best for Additional Movement.

Why Did I Choose Mobile?

As the name suggests, the Mobile feat enhances one of your key perks as a Rogue – mobility.

Mobility is one of the principal perks of a Rogue. It increases your movement speed and helps you wander through any terrain without difficulty using Dash. You can get out of a tricky situation without struggling.

One of the other favorite works of an Assassin might be killing someone stealthily from the back and using Mobile; you can easily evade the Opportunity Attack the opponent gets when you use a Melee Attack.

Enemy takedowns from the back become easy, and you can get with it quickly.

Class Features:

  • Speed Increased
  • Mobile: Evade Opportunity Attack
  • Mobile: Evade Difficult Terrain

  • Increases movement speed by 10 feet.
  • Allows you to attack from the shadows.
  • Also allows you to evade difficult terrain.

  • Only works on enemies you target, not all of them.

Why Others Were Not Chosen

  • Dungeon Delver: I’ve seen most players complain that it is broken and buggy.
  • Athlete: Only provides +1 to Strength and Dexterity, but prone recovery costs half your speed.
  • Alert: Not as useful if your player has high Dexterity.
  • Skilled: Most players, like me, are focused on certain skills rather than having all of them.
  • Crossbow Expert: Not useful if you’re not a crossbow fan.
  • Lucky: It only boosts your luck – you’ll still have to put in the hard work to make it worthwhile.
  • Defensive Duelist: While effective, you can only use it for one attack.
  • Tough: If you’re sneaky or stealth-focused like me, you can probably do without it.
  • Mage Slayer: Only effective when you’re battling against enemies who use magic.

My Recommendation

I believe that it is essential to concentrate on improving one’s basic finesse and sneakiness when choosing the best feats for a Rogue. I went for an all-out Attacker Build with the Paladin. Therefore, I can vouch for the Savage Attacker feat. It helps maximize the damage outputs of your character.

Other than that, being sneaky is not fun; coming up with creative ways to sneak out of situations and having to deal with enemies sneakily will always leave you with a fun and rewarding experience.

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