Baldur’s Gate 3: Tavern Brawler [Unlock & Builds]

Tavern Brawler is a feat that focuses on increasing the damage you deal to your opponents.

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Baldur's Gate 3: Tavern Brawler

Tavern Brawler is a feat that can be unlocked by all classes to use in their builds. Like Ability Scores for every class, feats add unique skills that can help in exploration or combat. Note that you must choose between upgrading the Ability Scores by investing points or unlocking Feats for additional skills.

Key Takeaways

  • Tavern Brawler is a Feat in Baldur’s Gate 3 that increases your Strength. 
  • It will double your Strength Modifier when you use an unarmed attack, any weapon, or a saving throw. 
  • Players can unlock it at level four for all classes. 
  • Builds that focus on Strength skills are more suitable for Tavern Brawlers, like Barbarian and Monk.
  • With the help of enhanced damage scaling, these characters will deal high damage to their opponents with melee and other weaponry.
  • Ensure you invest Ability Points on Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity to get high resistance, improved damage-dealing stats, and a larger health pool.

How To Unlock?

feat selection
Players can select the Tavern Brawler feat from this list after reaching level 4 | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Tavern Brawler is focused on classes that rely on their Strengths for survival during combat and other aspects of Baldur’s Gate 3. Its uses involve doubling the Strength Modifier when you utilize an Unarmed attack, a Weapon, or a Saving Throw. Furthermore, your ability scores, Strength and Constitution, will receive a +1 contribution.

  • Players can get the Tavern Brawler feat by reaching level 4.
  • This applies to all 12 classes available in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Leveling up can be a hassle. Therefore, focus on performing well in combat and completing quests to earn more XP in less time.
  • After reaching level 4, edit your class builds to equip the Tavern Brawler feat.

Tavern Brawler Builds

As Tavern Brawler feat provides strength stat, we must look at some builds and classes with similar interests. After some testing and gameplay, I suggest you use the Barbarian and Monk classes and equip the Tavern Brawler feat with them to prioritize Strength.

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Barbarian Build

Barbarian is an offense class that primarily focuses on improving their combat. When you reach level 3 as a Barbarian, equip the Berserker Subclass with some potential attack options. Moreover, with the Berserker Subclass, players will experience enhanced damage dealt through throwable objects.

If you wish to keep the Tavern Brawler feat, your objective should be to become more powerful by investing in Strength. Besides Strength, players must contribute significant points to Constitution and Dexterity, as they will receive a greater number of hit points and resistance, respectively.

More hit points are necessary for survival, as keeping a bigger health pool will enable you to stay alive on the field after taking more damage from enemies. Moreover, Dexterity helps to resist enemy attacks as Barbarians have Medium Armor, which is inadequate. 

While keeping the above points in mind, here is an Ability Points Distribution you can use in your builds.

Skill Ability Points
Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 8

The choice of Background is flexible as players must choose the one that contributes to Athletics skills. Athletics is an action to shove enemies back. The greater Strength your class has, the farther the enemies go back after you shove them. 

I recommend that you pick the Outlander or Soldier Background that gives Barbarians proficiency in Athletics, Inspiration, and Survival. Other choices for class creation are left for players to choose as they do not make any difference in the Tavern Brawler build.

Monk Build

monk for tavern brawler build
Monk Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

This is another class that can master the art of unarmed attacks while the Tavern Brawler feat is equipped. Your main focus will be on melee attacks, as the Strength skill will help you deal more damage with it.

Start by choosing the Street Urchin Background. This will give you expertise in Sleight of Hand, a skill which relates to Dexterity. Before reaching level 4, utilize The Way of The Open Hand subclass. You will have access to actions such as Topple, Stagger, and Push.

When you use the Tavern Brawler feat, Monk will deal more than usual damage to enemies through the melee and other weapons. Furthermore, invest Ability Points in Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. Follow the same practice as we did in the Barbarian build.

With weapons you can throw, such as Goblins, Monks will deal more damage through enhanced scaling. Combine the Step of the Wind dash and Githyanki Psionics spell, Monks can perform a super jump to travel hundreds of meters. This is a unique action for Monks in this Tavern Brawler build.

My Thoughts

In my opinion, Baldur’s Gate 3’s Tavern Brawler feat is like a hidden gem that gives character builds a special twist. It is a strong option for those who wish to become proficient in melee combat because of its main focus on increasing Strength. It is particularly useful because it doubles your character’s Strength Modifier when you use weapons, unarmed attacks, or saving throws, giving you more versatility and damage potential. Your character’s resistance and damage output are further enhanced by the extra +1 to Strength and Constitution.

It does, however, have advantages and disadvantages like any choice. Positively, it can make classes like Monk and Barbarian into extremely strong melee and even throwable object classes, making them powerful machines. However, because it heavily favors strength-based builds, it might not be the best choice for characters who rely on dexterity or ranged combat. All in all, it’s a feat that gives your character a satisfying punch to their arsenal and gives your adventures in this amazing world a deeper level of complexity.

Here, I end my guide on Tavern Brawler. I hope you understand how feats work in Baldur’s Gate 3 and when to use them. Leave feedback for me in the comments if this guide is helpful. 

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