Battle Bit: More Than Just A ‘Roblox Battlefield’

Battle Bit is what Battlefield 2042 couldn't be, a great game. But this shooter delivers a lot more than this.

Back when Battlefield 2042 was released, it was a huge disappointment. All expectations came crashing down and the game was broken beyond belief. It had a lot of content missing. Most players couldn’t play the game without it crashing every 2 minutes. People got sick of the game. But on June 15th, 2023, SgtOkiDoki and two other developers released Battle Bit which would prove to be a massive success.

Key Takeaways

  • Developed by just three people, Battle Bit outclassed every major shooter game in the industry with its fun and simple gameplay design.
  • The game brings back the old days of simple gameplay design in Massive Multiplayer shooters with classes such as medic and assault with the innovation of creating loadouts and customizing guns.
  • The community is very supportive and is very enjoyable to play with as they help you and the banter makes you laugh or two.

Battle Bit had everything that Battlefield fans wanted. It became the most-played game on Steam at that time. It was called ‘The Roblox Battlefield’, but the game was much more than that.

The Better Battlefield

Fans of Battlefield moved to Battle Bit in an instant as soon they saw that the game was fun and much more enjoyable than the current Battlefield games. Battle Bit provided a fun twist in the Mil-Sim experience.

The game brought back the good old days of large map shooters with different classes to the game. Medics revive and heal players, support are tanky and provide ammo and equipment while the assault class plays on the frontline. Players can pick their class according to how they want to play in a match. Just remember to thank the medic as they risk their lives to save yours.

Spawn and Class Selection Screen | Captured By: VeryAli gaming

Battlefield 2042 had many bugs and glitches at launch which made the players frustrated easily with the game. Battle Bit, on the other hand, was released in a near-perfect condition with a minimum amount of bugs and glitches. Everything just worked compared to Battlefield 2042.

Great Guns

Each class can also be personalized by making your own loadout. Loadouts can have a primary gun, a secondary gun, and different types of equipment. Loadouts seem to be similar to Call Of Duty and are a very good addition to a somewhat simple class system.

Guns can be modified with attachments and different camos can be applied to them too. Modern Call of Duty games have the gunsmith system which is a complex customisation system for guns.

The modification of guns in Battle Bit feels the same way as you can add sights and muzzles to them. This system however is more balanced than the Call Of Duty ones and also retains the feel of the weapons.

Gun Customization | Captured By: VeryAli gaming

Camos can be unlocked by eliminating players. These camos can be applied to your weapons with different pattern styles too. Your soldier can also be customized by changing looks and armor types.

Character Equipment | Captured By: VeryAli gaming

The Fun Multiplayer

The community of Battle Bit is very wholesome and helpful. The game’s proximity voice chat is very fun and always makes you laugh. The chat is also used to plan strategies and pinpoint locations. You can ping locations and enemies too but nothing feels better than telling the locations of the enemies to allied snipers to help them get eliminations.

You can use different vehicles on large maps. Drive SUVs with your teammates and reach objectives quickly or ride a bike to perform stunts and speed your way through shots fired at you. The game also has a Chopper/helicopter which is the fastest traveling vehicle or just crash land with your squad and never touch one again.

The chaotic and loud frontlines of battles will make you feel like you are in an actual gunfight. Coordinating with your allies and providing them support in times of need creates a bond between you and your allies. I feel a bit sad when the game ends because I miss the randoms that were on my team and how it was fun playing together with them.

Chaos On The Frontline | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

While Battlefield 2042 was struggling to fix its base gameplay, Battle Bit was adding more content and maps to the game which made the players stay and almost forget about the disappointment that DICE released.

Graphics Don’t Matter

Battle Bit proved that graphics weren’t the main concern of most players, it was the gameplay. Battle Bit did look very identical to Roblox but the gameplay made the players forget about it. The fun and chaotic gameplay made players lose sleep and wake up for hours because they couldn’t get enough of it.

While most AAA multiplayer shooters focus on graphics and details, Battle Bit only needs a great gameplay design to shine in a saturated market. The game is still receiving constant updates and getting more content.

Battle Bit has made a name for itself in the world of Massive Multiplayer Shooters and its healthy playerbase continues to teach Battlefield 2042 a lesson in Game Development 101.

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