Bayonetta 3: Best Characters [Top 8]

Looking for the best characters in Bayonetta 3? Lets unwrap that in our detailed guide.

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This guide covers the best characters in Bayonetta 3 story wise.

The new and 3rd instalment in the Bayonetta trilogy has made the most epic and marvellous debut of all time in contrast to the 2 prequels. In this guide, we have compiled the best characters in Bayonetta 3 whose roles have contributed to the game’s lore significantly, featuring your favourite returning characters and some new faces who are also part of the main storyline in this game.

This guide also contains some major spoilers from the game so to avoid them, we have added warnings beforehand for you if you have not completed the game or don’t want to get spoiled.

We also ranked each character out of 10 to give you a rough idea of the impact they have made overall in the game’s lore. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in.

Key Highlights

  • They are total of 8 characters in Bayonetta 3 who have each brought a lot of impact on the game’s lore and have made the game more on the hook for players.
  • Most of the characters are returning faces from the previous 2 games while some are new and part of the main storyline.
  • Each character had a part in making the game story look and feel more unique and authentic.
  • This guide focuses on both the best main and side characters in Bayo 3.

Best Main Characters


bayonetta 3 enzo
Enzo vacating his car
AliasBumbling Broker
UniverseMain Universe
Family· Unnamed Wife
· Ed (Son)
· Edna (Daughter)
· Unnamed Grandmother
Occupation· Undertaker
· Underground Information
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorBlack

The king of comedy, a beloved husband, a father of 2 children and the most underrated and sidelined character in all 3 games; Enzo. He makes his first appearance in Bayo 1 in the funeral scene of the very well-known Eggman The Destroyer. Also an underground informant and caretaker of Bayonetta since the first game, who constantly provides her with crucial information.

In the first game, he makes a deal in exchange for a lot of cash to provide Bayonetta with intel on the Eyes Of The World which eventually lays a path for her to Vigrid. In Bayo 2, he is forced to and reluctantly agrees to accompany Bayonetta to Noatun to rescue Jeanne from the Inferno. He becomes her personal chauffeur from that point onwards throughout the entire game series.

Jumping forward to Bayo 3, Enzo is shown at the start chauffeuring Bayonetta for some intense holiday shopping, and eventually, he is the first one who encounters Viola after she lands in his car from the sky, unconscious, from another reality.

However, constantly getting used by the main protagonist, his beloved car getting destructed, his comedic sense of humour never failing to amuse anybody and his high alert of danger to his life every time he is in the company of Bayonetta, he gets a solid and deserving character ranking of 9/10 for keeping everybody entertained.


bayonetta 3 rodin
Rodin at his usual spot; the gates of hell
Alias· Father Rodin
· The Infinite One
· Armsmith Supreme
· Demonsmith
RaceFallen Angel
Weapon(s)Infernal Magic, Divine Magic & Fists
Occupation· Bartender
· Weaponsmith
· Paradiso Ruler (formerly)
Affiliation(s)· The Gates of Hell
· Bayonetta
· Jeanne
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorBlack

The calm, content and knowledgeable additional supporting character who is also a weapons dealer, demon smith and keeper of the gates of hell. He has a huge responsibility of crafting unique weapons for Bayonetta in all her adventures and escapades in the whole game trilogy.

Subsequently, he makes his first appearance at the start of Bayo 1 while the deal between Enzo and Bayonetta is taking place to take extreme precautions during Eggman’s funeral.

In Bayo 3, after the squad (Bayonetta, Enzo, Viola, Rodin) is attacked by the Humoncoli in the start of the game, he is the first who identifies them as man made bio weapons under the command of Singularity, which is confirmed by Viola upon her arrival in his bar.

Addtionally, Rodin is also known to be the most powerful character in the entire Bayo series considering his past as both a former ruler angel of paradiso and a demon of the inferno. Eventually he also forms a great sense of friendship with Bayonetta in Bayo 3.

Character Ranking: 10/10


bayonetta 3 jeanne
Jeanne arriving in Dr Sigurd’s undercover facility

Warning: Contains Major Spoiler from Bayonetta 3

Alias· Cutie J
· The Platinum Knight
· The Platinum Witch
· Silver-Haired Knight
BornJanuary 6, 1412 Vigrid
Pact WithMadama Styx
Occupation· Teacher
· Vigilante
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorSilver
ClanUmbra Witches
WeaponAll 4 One
Animal Form(s)Lynx, Owl, Moth & Centipede

A sidelined, underrated and one of the supporting and playable (only during side missions) characters in-game. She is far more rebellious and breaks more rules considering she is proud of her heritage of the Umbran Witches in all 3 games.

In Bayo 1 and 2, Jeanne is portrayed as Bayonetta’s rival and best friend and second supporting character, and also the responsible one who put her in a slumber of 5 centuries. This was done to prevent Father Balder from carrying out his plan to revive Jubileus.

Later on she got captured by Balder and under his influence she fought Bayonetta multiple times until her memories came back and she broke free of his mind control. They eventually become allies by game 2.

Bayo 3 features Jeanne assisting Bayonetta in fighting off the Homunculi in Manhattan. Later on, upon the squad regrouped at Rodin’s bar and being introduced to Viola, she embarks on a mission upon Viola’s request to look for Dr Sigurd, who has all the knowledge on how to use the chaos gears and stop Singularity’s plan of destroying the multiverse.

She finds Dr Sigurd and eventually arrives with him at Thule where she and Bayonetta collectively fight off more approaching Homunculis to prevent them from harming him.

Unfortunately, she is betrayed and killed by Sigurd while protecting him, as he reveals his identity as Singularity.

Without this iconic underrated Witch, this game’s lore would have been way less interesting.

Character Ranking: 9/10.


bayonetta 3 luka
Luka’s first appearance in-game
Real NameLuka Redgrave
Alias· Cheshire (by Bayonetta)
· Daddy (by Viola)
· Seeker of Truth
· The Driven Journalist
· Arch-Adam Origin
· Twilight Wanderer (Strider)
BornMarch 3, 1977
RaceHuman (possesses faerie magic)
FamilyAntonio (Father)
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorBrown

Nicknamed Cheshire by Bayonetta. He is a profound, charming, intelligent and supporting journalist character in the entire game trilogy.

In the first game, he strongly believes that Bayonetta is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of his father. Later on, as he joins her adventures in the search for the truth behind his father’s death, they both cross paths with unexplainable supernatural events which lead him to the shocking truth of his deceased father.

Eventually, he becomes an ally, guide and an associate to Bayonetta, containing all the information regarding the mortal world.

In the second game, he makes efforts in assisting Bayonetta in rescueing Jeanne’s soul from the deep depths of Inferno and learns about more shocking revelations which are extremely crucial for Bayonetta to save the world.

Bayo 3 shows Luka being dangerously impacted thanks to the inter-dimensional damages being done upon his counter-parts and eventually transforms into a horrifying being called Strider, The Twilight Wanderer who keeps on trying to attack Bayonetta and her group unbeknown to Luka.

As a result, Strider/Luka attempts to keep his distance from both Viola and Bayonetta at all times when he is transformed so that he doesn’t get the chance to harm them both by accident.

Eventually, after returning to his normal form, he puts his best efforts to protect both Bayonetta and Viola from getting killed by Singularity in the end.

He has shown significant character development in Bayo 3 in contrast to Bayo 1 & 2, where he used to be more stubborn, immature and careless.

Character Ranking: 10/10


bayonetta 3 viola
Viola in her natural element in the world; Thule
Alias· Kitty (by Bayonetta)
· Violita (by Luka)
· The Untested Firebrand
· Bayonetta
Universeβ0 Universe
BornManhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
RaceHuman (possesses faerie magic)
ClanUmbra Witches
FamilyBayonetta β0 (Mother)
Luka β0 (Father)
OccupationUmbra Witches
Eye ColorBlonde with violet streaks & pink undercut
Hair ColorCheshire (non-contracted)
Weapon(s)Mab Dachi & Bull Kiss
Animal Form(s)Faerie

A newly introduced, major, secondary, supporting, and playable character alongside Bayonetta in Bayo 3. She is a newbie, clumsy, dorky and hot-tempered Umbran Witch in training under Bayonetta’s supervision herself and has quickly become the Bayo fan’s favourite character.

In her reality before it gets destroyed, it is shown that with full courage, might and bravery, she attempted to take down singularity with assistance from Connor Sigurd, who is the Sigurd of her world but unfortunately she fails to do so and is sent to Bayonetta’s world with his help before he is killed of by Singularity.

After arriving from her world she warns the group about the Homunculis and Singularity’s malicious plans for the multiverse. The gang teams up with her in order to eliminate all threats to the existence of the multiverse.

Character Ranking: 7/10


bayonetta 3 singularity
singularity in his true form in bayonetta 3
Alias· Midmyers Sigurd
· The Crafted Tyrant
· DCH-AN-3G-H6554823
· Affirmer of Phenomena
RaceArtificial Human
Magical Abilities Power(s)•Reality Manipulation
•Dimensional Travel
• Phenomenal Affirmatio

The most powerful and unpredictable antagonist character in the entire Bayo-verse. Introduced in Bayonetta 3, he is an artificial human with powers to control the entire fabric of reality on his own free will. His agenda was to wipe out all the realities and combine his world (Alphaverse) with the World of Chaos to harvest more power for himself.

Character Ranking: 10/10

Best Side Characters

Midmyers Sigurd

Warning: Contains Major Spoiler From Bayonetta 3

bayonetta 3 Dr Sigurd
Dr midmyers sigurd in his undercover facility
Height1.95m (estimated)
Special SkillMultiverse Analysis
Age40s (estimated)

An honourable and respectable scholar side character introduced in Bayo 3. Part of Bayonetta’s world, this scientist dedicated his entire life to researching the Multiverse and he was the first one who discovered the World of Chaos.

He started his research at a undercover and remote facility, where he made discoveries about the Homunculis and Singularity’s plan to destroy the multiverse and expand their own world; Alphaverse. Sigurd was able to get in contact with his counter-part Connor Sigurd in Viola’s world and warn him off about the dangers of Singularities on time.

Sadly he was discovered and killed off by Singularity who later on disguised himself as the scientist.

Without Sigurd’s discovery, none of the major characters would have been aware of the dangers their reality faced by Singularity and his gang of Homunculis.

Character Ranking: 8/10

Connor Sigurd

bayonetta 3 connor sigurd
Vanguard of the anti-singularity resistance; connor sigurd
Height1.95m (estimated)
Weight85 kg(estimated)
Special SkillSpecial Field Stripping
Age40s (estimated)

Another side character but an important one as he helped Viola escape their reality before Singularity destroyed it and killed him within. He was the counterpart of Midmyers Sigurd who was able to contact him and warn him about Singularity and his Homunculis, leading him to become the vanguard of the anti-singularity resistance and hold them off till the end

All thanks to his assistance to Viola , she escaped her reality and made it to Bayonetta and the gang to alert them of the threats imposed.

Character Ranking: 7/10

Conclusive Thoughts

Platinum games and Nintendo have once again knocked it out of the park with these best characters to step up and make the lore of Bayonetta 3 with superb quality, even in such a way which makes its cutscenes more enjoyable and super interesting for players.

They have incorporated the 2 sequel game factors as well to resonate with the returning characters’ development. If you are interested in watching the complete cutscenes full movie to get a full scope of Bayonetta 3’s lore, here is a video we recommend you watch.

We hope this article was helpful for you. In the meantime, you may also checkout our other Bayonetta 3 guides prepared for you to improve your gameplay:

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