Bayonetta 3 Best Skills [The Definitive Guide]

The guide will brief players with the best skills they can use in Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 Best Skills

Like every action-packed game, Bayonetta 3 operates on individual skills and good gameplay. Although some players are concerned with a high FPS drop on their Nintendo Switch, I have already covered a guide on increasing the performance of Bayonetta 3 with Ryujinx.

You can head over to the performance guide after you’re done getting ideas for the best skills in Bayonetta 3. Nonetheless, each Skill for Bayonetta is carefully constructed, and players can unlock them as they continue playing the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Although some skills are unlocked through progression, some require chapters to be fulfilled before players can unlock them.
  • Skills are found in the menu called Skill Tree.

Bayonetta 3 Best Skills

Bayonetta's Skill
You can unlock more than one skill for Bayonetta. Read more to find out!

Bayonetta 3 is an action-packed game created by PlatinumGames and published by Saga. It features the main character, Bayonetta, who is a Witch. She awakens after a century-long nap with no memories of who she is, and the game deals with finding out about her identity and relations tied to her past.

Players will unlock skills in Bayonetta 3 after they wrap up chapter 1. Players will then have to access a Skill Tree, where Bayonetta’s skills wait to be unlocked.

It’s challenging to know which skills are worth it and which aren’t if you’re a new player, but hopefully, this guide will help you learn the best skills in the game!

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Bat Within

When surrounded by enemy fire, you’ll need an extra layer to protect yourself from incoming attacks. Bat Within is a skill that turns Bayonetta into a flock of bats. The Skill is activated when players press the ZR button on their console.

It is considered one of the game’s best skills due to its great defense. Imagine fending off incoming attacks while you’re transformed into a bat! All the projectiles can be blocked as if nothing hit you.

Bat Within is an essential skill because it leaves Bayonetta unscathed and avoids damage entirely. How is that possible? Well, it adds another layer of defense in case a player can’t dodge rightfully on time. Here’s how you can make it work.

When an enemy attacks you, press the ZR button on your Nintendo Switch or CTRL on your PC to transform into a flock of bats. The enemy attacks will pass or phase right through you. However, you must know that it does not work with grab attacks!

Dodge Offset

The Skill first appeared in Bayonetta and has been added to the new version of the game. Have you ever felt the sudden urge to smash your keyboard when a combination is broken mid-battle to dodge enemy attacks? I know, it sucks having to start over again, especially when the combo was over fifteen moves long!

That’s where Dodge Offset comes into play. Hitting combos nonstop with the Dodge Offset will make you a better, much less professional, player in Bayonetta 3 if you master it. For instance, you can press and hold the Y button and dodge with RT and press the X and Y buttons immediately after dodging an attack.

It will allow your character to retain its combo and resume with the attacks without breaking the flow. For beginner players, you can enter practice mode to understand the concept of basic attack combinations and how pressing the buttons makes a difference in combat.

For instance, let’s take the fundamental Y, X, and Y combination. When you press these buttons, your character will perform a series of punches and a mega punch at the end. To make the attack more interesting, try holding the Y button, and delay before holding the X button.

After that, pause again and hold the Y button attack. To associate Dodge Offset in this combo, press RT while holding down either the Y or X button, and you’ll know what I mean. If you have a different function for the Y button, you can switch it with A. Here’s how it’ll look like, A, X, A.

Color My World

Color My World
A set of Four-Handguns!

It is unlocked alongside Bayonetta’s Skill Tree after completing Chapter 1. Color My World is Bayonetta’s weapons that have their own unique Skill sets! It is a set of four handguns that allows Bayonetta to use long-range attacks.

Full Moon Shot makes it easier to perform air attacks as it allows the player to throw the opponents into the air. They can add further combinations to make it more deadly. Chrysalis and Bullet Climax, on the other hand, increase the damage of your bullets and make ranged attacks easier to perform.

Chrysalis can be transformed into a laser beam if you hold the Y button on your Nintendo Switch. If you want to mix up your moves, your best bet is to use Baselard with Full Moon Shot. That way, you can perform a dash attack to move in on your opponent if long-range attacks seem useless.

Madama Butterfly

Madama Butterfly
A demon Bayonetta can conjure to fight her battles!

Madama Butterfly is a contracted demon for Bayonetta and the major source of her power. She is unlocked after Chapter 1 alongside Color My World. You can use the Full Monarch Shoot, which is highly similar to the Full Moon Shot, except for Madama Butterfly’s version of the attack.

Another Skill found within this category is the Royal Escort. An explosive wall of butterflies surrounds Madama Butterfly, giving her an extra layer of defense. If your enemies make contact, the butterflies explode and deal additional damage.

Further moving down this line, a dash skill known as Goku Tetsuzanko is a dash attack that turns into a tackle. It is a close-range attack which makes it perfect if you want to close in on your enemy to deal with the final blow.

Viola’s Best Skills

Viola is a central supporting character in Bayonetta 3 and is also playable. Unlike Bayonetta’s Skill Tree, which unlocks after completing chapter 1, Viola’s Skill Tree is unlocked in chapter 7 instead – isn’t that a long time? It certainly won’t take that long if you’re hooked on the game. I mean, take or leave 12 hours of consistent gameplay!

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My Name Is

If you’re one of those players that are too afraid to get close to the enemy or prefer long-range attacks to inflict damage, then “My Name Is” is the perfect Skillset for you. Let me show you how to work things with this Skill.

Let’s say you’re engaged in combat with opponents that use close-range attacks. The attacks, if connected, can diminish your health significantly, so you’ll have to avoid getting too close to the enemy but close enough to use the Skill.

The Skillset uses darts but revamps the technique in a way that makes it exciting to use and grants more damage. The darts are infused with magic and thus turn into explosive darts.

Taking the previous example, you’ll want to maintain a reasonable distance from your opponents and press Y down with magic to throw explosive darts toward the opponents. It’s like throwing Kunai or shuriken at your enemies, a reference taken from Naruto, as you may already know.

Throwing Kunai and Shuriken seemed like the perfect ninja moves you could watch Naruto characters perform all day. However, seeing them used by characters like Itachi and Kakashi shows how effectively you can use them.

The same is the case here in Bayonetta 3. It won’t benefit you if you don’t know how to use the Skillset. Although, perfecting the Skill will prove it more useful in combat.

Hungry Hi-Cat

Viola can summon a monstrous hamster-looking creature to fight her battles. When in a tight spot, the summoned demon can clear the path for Viola without breaking a sweat. Viola calls it Cheshire, and it can make the toughest of opponents in Bayonetta 3 fall to their knees.

You can use Cheshire in two ways: one where enemies are attempting to pin Cheshire down, and the player emerges from the ground to deliver an effective blow. And two, the shockwaves expelled from this attack can knock opponents back, especially if you’re playing without a weapon. Hungry Hi-Cat is highly useful when fighting opponents ten times bigger than your size.

With that said, I end my “Bayonetta 3 Best Skills” guide and hope that players were able to practice, learn, and demonstrate what they have learned from this guide in their battles! Please do not think that these are the only best skills in the game.

You can try different weapons and skills, such as Gomorrah, Phantasmaraneae, Malphas, and more! Experimenting within the game will probably be best if you want to create your playstyle in Bayonetta 3, which means you are not limited to the above-mentioned skills! For more guides on various games, I suggest you browse through our collection of guides here at VeryAliGaming!

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