Bayonetta 3: Best Weapons [Top 9]

This Bayonetta 3 Best Weapons guide will inform you of all the most powerful weapons in the game that you can use to destroy your enemies.

Bayonetta 3: Best Weapons [Top 9]
Bayonetta 3: Best Weapons [Top 9]

Bayonetta 3 creates a mesmerizing blend of action and adventure that takes you through a fun ride. The game allows you to take multiple routes when dealing with situations providing that X factor. Among those factors are your weapons that serve as your best friend on the battlefield. Hence, to make you fully prepared for battle, we provide you with this Bayonetta 3 Best Weapons guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Bayonetta 3 features many powerful weapons that each shine with their own perk.
  • However, some weapons are inherently strong than others.
  • The Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo is the most powerful weapon in the game.
  • You should choose a weapon that allows you to exercise the most skill and makes your playstyle shine.

Here is a summary table for the best weapons in Bayonetta 3. It’ll be convenient for you to check out the user of the weapon, and its type:

1Ignis Araneae Yo-YoMeleeFireBayonetta β1, Bayonetta, Jeanne
2Colour My WorldLong RagedMagicBayonetta
3AbracadabraThunderRangedBayonetta β4, Bayonetta, Jeanne
4AlrunaMeleeEarthBayonetta, Jeanne
5SimoonMeleeWindBayonetta β3, Bayonetta, Jeanne
6TartarusMeleeDemonicRosa β4, Bayonetta
7Ribbit Libido BZ55Long RangedPoison and SoundJeanne β3. Bayonetta. Jeanne
8Dead End ExpressMeleeDemonic Bayonetta β2, Bayonetta, Jeanne

Best Weapons In Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 features a wide variety of weapons each with its own perk. They allow you to destroy your enemies and leave a devastating effect. Therefore, it is crucial that you have the best arsenal at your disposal. So let’s take a look at the game’s strongest weapons.

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo in Bayonetta 3
Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo
Ignis Araneae Yo-YoMeleeFireBayonetta β1, Bayonetta, Jeanne

The Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo stands out among the many weapons in Bayonetta 3 because of its speed, enormous damage, and extended range—both new and old. Bayonetta will have access to this set of twin yo-yos and its Demon Masquerade after concluding a bargain with the spider demon Phantasmaraneae.

The yo-yos have a great range because Bayonetta can launch them on a string. The best projectiles in the game, though, are the slow-webbing ones. All of their combos are excellent, and your ability to spin the yo-yos to extend them makes them even better. In a variety of situations, Bayonetta’s Demon Masquerade makes it possible for her to scale walls.

Colour My World

Colour My WorldLong RagedMagicBayonetta

Color my world is the second weapon, as described in the headline. The default weapon for Bayonetta is this one. Her agreement with Madama Butterfly was the main source of acquisition at first. Scarborough Fair and Love Is Blue, Bayonetta’s default weapons from the first two games, are replaced with Color My World. They are almost functionally identical to each other, with a focus on both gunplay and martial arts.

Even though Color My World is the most straightforward weapon, it is also among the deadliest. It is an all-rounder in many ways, but this just means that it is ideal for a wide range of various bouts. It’s rarely a terrible choice, whether you’re attacking adversaries with attacks or long-range gunfire.


AbracadabraThunderRangedBayonetta β4, Bayonetta, Jeanne

This is the third-best weapon in Bayonetta 3 and was primarily obtained from the bat demon Mictlantecuhtli. Nearly everything about Abracadabra is as said. It enables Bayonetta to assume a magician’s shape rather than a witch. It attacks enemies from a distance with summoned doves and explosives that appear out of nowhere by using a hat and cane together.

Abracadabra is considered one of the best weapons in Bayonetta 3 because of its abilities. Abracadabra is a fantastic weapon that gives Bayonetta a ton of range and crowd control without sacrificing damage, despite its blatant ridiculousness. Even though some of its assaults are a little slower than usual, the ability to bombard your enemies with explosives that can be pulled out of a hat is too fantastic to pass up.


Alruna in Bayonetta 3
Alruna Weapon
AlrunaMeleeEarthBayonetta, Jeanne

It follows Bayonetta 3’s abracadabra weapons. The Alruna weapon is renowned for being a top-secret item that can only be acquired via the Phenomenal Remnant that can be found in Chapter 3 after collecting all of the Umbran Tears of Blood. The range and speed of this spiked whip come at the expense of some little harm. You may recall this if you played Bayonetta 2.

In Bayonetta 3, Alruna is one of the greatest weapons in your inventory for dealing with numerous enemies due to its amazing area of effect. It can trap adversaries by entangling them in thorny vines. It’s a safe choice in most confrontations thanks to its excellent range. Alruna is a great choice, provided you can locate it first.


SimoonMeleeWindBayonetta β3, Bayonetta, Jeanne

Moving on with our Bayonetta 3 Best Weapons guide, we have the Simoon weapon. This weapon is well known for being the best and most powerful one in Bayonetta 3. Bayonetta can employ the Simoon dual fans after joining with the bird demon Malphas. This weapon boasts some of the fastest attacks in her arsenal and is among the fastest in the world. With its Demon Masquerade, Bayonetta transforms into a harpy and gains the ability to glide across great distances. Simoon was that weapon in Bayonetta 3 because there is nothing I enjoy more than a weapon that allows me to move as quickly as the game’s mechanics allow. When we concentrate on their playstyles, their general functioning is comparable to Color My World.

Simoon makes quick, powerful attacks, and his animations are nearly as quick as your input. With the use of talents used correctly, Bayonetta being turned into Malphas, and performing AoE strikes in a circular motion, crowd control is achievable. This weapon has comparable aerial control in the game. The adversaries can be thrown into the air and subjected to a flurry of lethal strikes.

Simoon is by no means Bayonetta’s most damaging weapon in terms of raw output, but its extreme speed makes it ideal for more challenging demons. In uncertain circumstances, you can make repeated assaults and inflict as much damage as possible.


TartarusMeleeDemonicRosa β4, Bayonetta

The finest weapon in Bayonetta 3 is Tartarus’s weapon, which ranks sixth overall. The weapon used by the mysterious Umbran Clock Tower demon is surprisingly commonplace. Bayonetta can deliver powerful hits because of her huge Tartarus gauntlets. She has the ability to charge after faraway enemies while holding the attack button, fire them with her inner machine guns, and change into a demon that resembles a marionette.

The Tartarus has very versatile features and abilities and has equipment for most circumstances. Its machine guns are some of the best long-range weaponry in Bayonetta 3. Its only flaw is that its normal attacks tend to be a little bit slow.

Ribbit Libido BZ55

Ribbit Libido BZ55Long RangedPoison and SoundJeanne β3. Bayonetta. Jeanne

The Ribbit Libido BZ55 is on the list of the best firearms as well. After encountering the demonic songstress frog Baal, Bayonetta correctly has access to this weapon. This weapon is a microphone stand that Bayonetta ingeniously uses to swing around like a spear in the game. Holding the attack button allows Bayonetta to launch a solo that grants her bonuses.

Due to its quick reflexes and broad assault range, this weapon is often useful in most battles. The Ribbit Libido weapon is not the most lethal, but it is a rather secure one. Since you must sing in the midst of battles, its special mechanism can be difficult to use. But if you get it off, you’ll get some really strong bonuses.

Dead End Express

Dead End ExpressMeleeDemonicBayonetta β2, Bayonetta, Jeanne

The Dead End Express weapon is next on the list of Bayonetta 3’s top weapons. Dead End Express is similar to the Cavaliere from Devil May Cry 5, a weapon adored for its innovative design and skillset. Bayonetta may use the dual chainsaws to transform into a motorbike and crush opponents.

The controls and animations don’t appear clunky or lethargic despite being enormous chainsaws, which is precisely what you would anticipate from a game like Bayonetta. In addition to the standard combos, you may conduct special-charged strikes by holding the punch, kick, or shot button while you fire. Some enemies may even become stunned while the chainsaws are running through their bodies.

This weapon’s ability to change into a demon bike isn’t its only unique feature; certain talents also enable Bayonetta to change into a miniature train with two chainsaws projecting from it on either side. Overall, a great weapon for crowd control and melee damage.



G-pillar is the highest weapon that is listed last. As a result of her agreement with Gomorrah, she gained the G-Pillar, which resembles a huge anti-material weapon that may also be used as a club. G-pillar-related attacks are sluggish yet very effective. It can be improved with a swift, powerful rifle shot. Large, devastating swings from The Demon Masquerade let Bayonetta’s inner wolf loose.

The primary flaw of G-Pillar is its poor pace, which makes it challenging to complete lengthy combos. It most likely reaps the greatest benefits from the dodge offset of any weapon. However, you’ll discover that using it is definitely worth the effort. The few attacks you can land are so potent that speed doesn’t really matter.


These are all the best weapons in the game that makes your characters shine the most. All these weapons bring out the best in the player. Although, you should go for the weapon that fits your playstyle the most. However, to fully stand at the pinnacle of battle, you will have to combine the best weapon with the best character. Hence, make sure to check our Bayonetta 3 Best characters guide.

Moreover, if you are looking to strengthen your arsenal, even more, you can take a look at our Bewitchements guide. That will help you become more of a Goliath on the battlefield.

With that, we conclude our Bayonetta 3 Best Weapons guide. Let us know down below which weapon is your favorite.

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