Bayonetta 3: All Bewitchments & How To Unlock

This guide entails Bayonetta 3 bewitchments and how to achieve them for every chapter in the game.

Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments
Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments

Among the myriad activities in the new Bayonetta 3, players are also squeezing the gameplay to earn the sweet bewitchments in the game. For uninitiated players, Bayonetta 3 bewitchments are traditional achievements that players can earn by completing a series of objectives in every chapter. However, it is easy to overlook this aspect of the game, but do not worry, as you can still achieve them easily in your playthrough.

If you are also one of those players who would like to know more about earning all bewitchments in Bayonetta 3, then you are at the right place. This guide details everything you need to know about these achievements and how you can unlock them for each chapter in Bayonetta 3. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bayonetta 3 bewitchments are similar to traditional achievements that players can receive by completing particular challenges. 
  • Bayonetta 3 features five bewitchments per chapter that involves completing challenges like dodging enemy attacks, engaging with secret treasure, and also killing the boss. 
  • Receiving bewitchments is essential for players seeking a completionists playthrough and can be completed by replaying a particular sequence and challenge. 

Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments

Although Bayonetta 3 is a pretty welcoming game to all kinds of players, it does a poor job of sharing details on the possible achievements they can collect along the way during the playthrough. In essence, bewitchments in Bayonetta 3 are achievements that players can earn by completing specific challenges in a chapter. 

There are a total of 14 chapters in Bayonetta 3, with each featuring five bewitchments. It may seem challenging to earn all these bewitchments in Bayonetta 3. But with the right direction and strategy, players can easily collect all of the witchcraft achievements in the game. 

Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments
Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments

It is worth noting that bewitchments does not reward any bonuses or secret unlockables. However, unlocking them for the sake of completionists is still rewarding with a game like Bayonetta 3. With that out of the way, let’s discuss each chapter and the bewitchments you can earn by completing a certain objective. 


Apart from the progressive chapters, the prologue of Bayonetta 3 also features five bewitchments available to players to earn in the game. The first bewitchments players can earn is during the first battle in the game.

Players must finish the deck battle without touching clouds of Erasure to achieve the first bewitchment. All you need to do is to avoid touching your character with the clouds, and you will be able to receive the bewitchments at the end of the challenge. 

The next bewitchment is to avoid Kraken’s Ink spilling on your character. Since players will be fighting with a Kraken, it also sprays ink occasionally around the battle location. So make sure to avoid these sprays to finish the challenge. 

Taunting an Enemy is a major portion of Bayonetta 3 gameplay. Meanwhile, it will allow players to receive a bewitchment by holding down a D-pad. Make sure you are taunting the enemy during the battle. In this case, you can utilize the enemy battle with Kraken mentioned above to receive both bewitchments within the same challenge.

The next bewitchment involves the enemy fight, where players must utilize Gomorrah’s Gripping Bite on the Cumulonimbus. All you need to do is to hold down during the battle to receive the bewitchment. 

Lastly, again use Gomorrah to attack the Kraken’s Anchors Tentacles five times. If this sounds confusing, you must keep the Kraken’s large claws in the focus of attack using Gomorrah, and you will be able to receive the last bewitchment of Prologue. 

Chapter 1

The first objective for the bewitchment challenge in Chapter 1 involves destroying three obstacles while riding the Gomorrah. This comes in handy during the Shibuya, Tokyo gameplay in the chapter. Simply eliminate the three obstacles you encounter during the exhilarating ride with Gomorrah to earn the bewitchment. 

Next is the burger bewitchment, where you must destroy the outlet of a Hamburger restaurant to receive the Hamburger. You will be able to encounter the challenge during the time puzzle in Shibuya. Destroy the restaurant, and you will receive the pickable item for Hamburger. 

Since you are already in Shibuya, it is important to complete another challenge of standing on the landmark of Shibuya in Bayonetta 3. Meeting this challenge will allow players to receive another bewitchment. For those who do not know, it is an iconic landmark in the city with a circular skyscraper. All you need to do is to get on top of Building 101 in Shibuya city and use the billboard to get on the circular building. 

The next bewitchment is from the train battle mission, where you face many enemies of Stratuses. To achieve a bewitchment, players must defeat at least 5 Stratuses inside the train car, and the game will reward players with a bewitchment. 

While you may also encounter Pannus in chapter 1 of Bayonetta, you may also want them to earn another bewitchment. To be more precise, players must defeat a Pannus without letting it split. Make sure to use your best combat skills during the battle to defeat these enemies early and ensure the maximum chance of receiving the bewitchment. If you fail in the process, you can always revisit the enemy to execute the strategy of defeating them without giving them a chance to split. 

Chapter 2

As soon as you dive into chapter 2 of the Bayonetta 3 campaign, you might want to know all the bewitchments you can receive along the way. The first and the easiest one is to watch MC Enzo Show on the giant monitor. To put it simply, players will encounter a building, which is a battleground.

Here you can look up to find a large monitor. It will play an MC Enzo show, and watching it for a few seconds will allow you to earn another bewitchment. 

Moving on, you might want to engage with the cats in the Temple sequence of chapter 2. Here, all you need to do is to use Infernal Demons to scare off stray cats at least three times. Doing so will reward players with another bewitchment, thus pushing your completionist approach even further. 

Next, during the Phantasmaraneae sequence, it is highly important players do not fall into pits or clouds of Erasure. If they did, they would not qualify to receive the third bewitchment. Although it may seem tricky initially, it is a simple ride with Phantasmaraneae, and avoiding falling into the pits or cloud of Erasure will get you a bewitchment. So make sure to grab it along the way if you are targeting at 100% gameplay completion. 

While riding the Phantasmaraneae, you also have the opportunity for another bewitchment. Make sure you are taking a specific path while riding the Phantasmaraneae. We might not reveal the direction to avoid spoilers, but since there are two paths, you can try both and discover which will help you to earn the bewitchment. 

As for the last bewitchment with Bayonetta 3, you will have to use Massive Web three times to defeat the Asperatus. Massive Web is pretty useful in combat and can significantly come in handy with Asperatus and earn the bewitchment. 

Chapter 3

Moving on to chapter 3, players can claim another five bewitchments by completing particular challenges. The first bewitchment unlock revolves around picking up Halos Hidden in the Giant Lantern at the start of chapter 3. You must destroy the Giant Lantern and collect all the Halos to receive the unique bewitchment. 

Another familiar objective is to dodge all the train cars in the tunnel to receive the bewitchment. Since it involves a tunnel, tackling all the train cars might be tricky. But once you do, double-check if you have received a bewitchment in Bayonetta 3. 

Boss battles will always reward players with a bewitchment. The same goes for the Iridescent boss fight, where you must break it once using the Infernal Demon

Moreover, you may also want to incorporate Sin Gomorrah’s flame in the Arch-Iridescent. During the battle, players must use the Sin Gomorrah’s flame three times on the Arch-Iridescent to ensure earning bewitchment. 

In the ending chasing sequence, players can also defeat at least three homunculi while chasing the Iridescent. This is going to reward you with the last bewitchment of chapter 3. It is a daunting side activity that can put your character in trouble. But with a reward like a bewitchment, it is definitely worth the grind. 

Chapter 4

For chapter 4 of Bayonetta 3, players might have to wait until they reach the Chaos Rift. They will have to engage with Lotus Field in Ginnungagap to receive a bewitchment. 

Moving on, players may also encounter lava in the chapter. So make sure you complete another challenge just by walking over the lava by using the Phantasmaraneae Masquerade and earn yourself a sweet bewitchment. 

Moreover, another bewitchment from chapter 4 involves avoiding the use of Congestus time control. If you tend to utilize it more than usual, you must avoid it in chapter 4 of Bayonetta 3. 

Next, players must break Virga as part of the battle. For that instance, all you need to do is to use the Crimson Rim and defeat the boss by defeating him early in the match and collect your bewitchment. 

Moreover, during the battle with Midiocris, players must hit it with your Demon at least three times to receive the last bewitchment. It is easy to forget to use your Infernal Demon, so make sure you use it and hit it with Midiocris three times. 

Chapter 5

The first bewitchment that players need to collect is during the Viola sequence, where she has fire on her back. In this case, players must put the fire out while dodging all the incoming obstacles. This way, players will be able to receive a bewitchment for perfect dodges. 

As for the next bewitchment, players are tasked to climb on top of any structure with at least three floors. All you need to do is to find a building higher than at least three or more floors and get on top of it. 

The next challenge is to complete a combo bare-handed on the enemy. It is not much difficult, and eventually, it will allow you to earn the bewitchment. 

As for the next challenge, you might need a little practice to execute the perfect challenge. It involves reaching the ladder NPC during the Luca sequence. Make sure you are fast enough to get the ladder before Luca. 

Next, bewitchment once again involves breaking the boss Volutus once. Use your best strategy and Demon play to break the Volutus and achieve the bewitchment for your ideal completionists’ playthrough. 

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 starts with another set of bewitchments that players can easily earn by completing challenges. The first one again involves lava, where you will have to stay on the lava wheel for 5 seconds. Players will be able to encounter the lava right at the start of the chapter, so make sure you are bringing the bewitchment right from the beginning. 

Apart from standing on top of the lava, players may also encounter a sequence where they must avoid the lava. Running across the path while avoiding the lava will earn you another bewitchment during the running sequence. 

Moving on to chapter 6, players will battle with Pyrocumulus, which occasionally throws debris. Meanwhile, dodging the debris thrown by Pyrocumulus will reward players with another bewitchment. 

Additionally, Arch-Pyrocumulus will also attack your character using the staff. Meanwhile, dodging these attacks will reward you with bewitchment. Make sure to stay around the boss to enable it to use the staff attacks so you can easily dodge them. Once you have achieved the bewitchment, you can defeat the enemy and move to the following sequence. 

Since this chapter heavily involves a boss fight, you must pull one last trick. All you need to do is to use Phantasmaraneae to get Pyrocumulus off the wall. It is confusing but using the Phantasmaraneae with a bit of practice will do the job quickly. 

Chapter 7

Since you are walking in the desert, you may want to touch the Cheshire mirage found in the desert at least three times. It will allow players to qualify for the first bewitchment of chapter 7. 

Moving on to the sequence, now that players have acquired the Cheshire, you can perform another unique challenge for the bewitchment in Bayonetta 3. To receive it, players must dig the treasure during their ride on Cheshire. Considering it is a small area, there is a lot of treasure waiting for you to discover, along with a bewitchment to add to your collection. 

Next, when you encounter the mural of Enzo, a little stare for about three seconds will get you another bewitchment. It sounds straightforward, but with the fast-paced gameplay, it is also an easy miss. So make sure you give Enzo mural a stare of three seconds before you move to the next sequence of gameplay. 

Further, in chapter 7, players must call for survival against the quicksand river. However, if you nail this survival perfectly without falling into the quicksand river, you will be able to receive another bewitchment to add to your collection. 

Meanwhile, players will be surprised by Unicnus that rise from the quicksand river. So along with surviving falling into the trap of quicksand, you must also defeat three Unicnus to get your hand on the last bewitchment of chapter 7 in Bayonetta 3. 

Chapter 8

As soon as you dive into chapter 8, you might want to see the massive world from the top of the windmill tower. At the same time, getting on top of the windmill tower is essential for achieving a bewitchment. So make sure you utilize the spider form at the right place to get on top of the windmill tower to enjoy the sight and to complete your bewitchment collection. 

On the other side, players must obliterate five Baal statues during the temple sequence. If you are having a hard time discovering them, you can look out for statues that look like frogs. Just smash five statues, and you are all set to move to the following sequence. 

Considering you are in the temple for a while, you must also visit a secret room. We might not reveal the sequence for the sake of spoilers, but search the temple, and you should be able to gain access to the secret room easily. 

The next bewitchment is also straightforward and requires players to engage and hit the Castellanus’ Core with one segment still intact. Remember, you must have one segment still entire before hitting the Castellanus Core. 

Lastly, while fighting the Murus, players will have to hit it with the Baal’s poison rain. It is simple yet highly effective to get the last bewitchment out of chapter 8. 

Chapter 9

Now that we are heading towards the ending chapters of the game, you surely do not want to miss out on the bewitchments while ending the game. The first thing that you need to do in chapter 9 is to scare 20 Wild Malphas demons resting in the temple. Engage with each 20 of these demons to scare them off, and the game has a unique bewitchment for you just by doing nothing. 

On the other side, players will have to complete another familiar challenge. Simply escape the clouds of erasure while avoiding the touch. Since these clouds are chasing your character, you might need speed to avoid touching them and increase your chance of receiving the bewitchment. 

Similarly, in the next sequence, you will have to avoid the obstacles again to complete the bewitchment challenge. Make sure you do not hit any obstacles during the sand sliding portion challenge

Moving on, players will again encounter clouds of erasure. However, this time the challenge is tough because you are already fighting with enemies when these clouds of erasure chase your character. Players must ensure not to touch these clouds of erasure during the fight and will be all set to finish the challenge quickly. 

During the Tower of Pacts battle, players will also need to execute five torture attacks on the enemies. This is simple since players may have already acquired Malphas’ demon power. Once the challenge is complete, you will be able to receive the chapter’s 9 last bewitchments in Bayonetta 3. 

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 is where things get a little tricky to tackle. However, with the right approach, players can efficiently complete all the challenges available in the game to collect the bewitchments. The first challenge requires players to step on the ten shredded pieces of glass at the start of the chapter. Just stand on the colored glasses, and you will be able to get a bewitchment. 

Like most challenges, once again, bewitchment demands players to climb on the top of the tower in Thule. This way, you can not only enjoy the breathtaking view of the world of Bayonetta but also receive a sweet witchy achievement for completing the challenge. 

Moving on once you reach the Chaotic Rift section of Ginnungagap, you might want to ensure crossing it safely without falling. It is crucial because falling will not only halt your performance in the section but also gives away the opportunity to earn a bewitchment. 

If you are already good at falling, you might also want to practice dodging. Because for the next bewitchment, you will have to avoid taking a hit from Strider battle. Use your best combat and demons to deal with Strider early in the fight to maximize the chance of survival. 

Lastly, in chapter 10, you will be able to encounter Golems in a Treasure chest. Make sure you defeat any three small Golems to claim the last bewitchment of the chapter. 

Chapter 11

The first bewitchment you can expect from Chapter 11 is from the tunnel section where you will have to find a hidden Record item. To find it easily, players can utilize the demon’s ability to search the location for any hidden chests and items. 

As you move forward to the flying sequence of chapter 11, players must engage in a battle with Rosa while she is wearing the Umbran armor. The first battle strike will unlock the bewitchment, so it should not be a hard miss. 

Once again, avoiding obstacles can be rewarding for players. This time you are dodging these obstacles while riding Mictlantechutli. Since it is a dark section, make sure to scan the surroundings with the monster abilities and you will be all set to clear the section. 

The next challenge is pretty straightforward, as you are already in combat with Rosa. Since she tends to hide behind doors and creates a puzzle to find her, discovering her at the right door will get you completion of the challenge and a bewitchment. Find Rosa behind the door during the puzzle and you are ready to move forward in your session. 

As the last bewitchment, players must defeat 50 Lacunosus during their ride on Mictlantecuhtli. The sequence is pretty easy; if you lost the battle, you can replay again to claim the reward of the challenge. 

Chapter 12

As soon as you reach Chapter 12 of Bayonetta 3, you might want to obliterate any five buses you can find in the vicinity. It may sound odd at first, but that is one of the easiest bewitchments you can earn in the game. 

You might want to destroy Bayonetta with the Clock Tower next. It is imperative because if you do not equip the Clock Tower, you will miss the opportunity to receive the bewitchment. 

Additionally, you must avoid taking incoming damage during the Baal Zebul’s sequence. It will aid in clearing the stage and fighting and collect another reward for completing the secret challenge. 

Since most bewitchments involve defeating enemies, you must keep track of the underground enemies in Chapter 12. Defeating all of these enemies in the underground tunnel can get you easy bewitchment. 

In the end, while riding Gomorrah, take-down any helicopters to spice up the action. It is a simple yet highly efficient objective that can enhance your gameplay experience further. 

Chapter 13

Once again, during the Chaotic Rift, ensure you pick up 25 lotuses in Ginnungagap. This is one of the first things you will encounter in chapter 13, so make sure to complete the challenge before it is too late. 

Now with the game almost ending, dodging attacks is becoming more crucial. One similar dodge involves Dark Adam’s enlargement attack in the Strider sequence. Players must keep their distance, defeat the boss, and earn a bewitchment for completing the challenge. 

Now to the center of discussion for chapter 13, where you will battle Aurele. The first challenge you might need to complete is to activate the Perfect Witch ability five times. Moreover, you need to perform this challenge while riding Madame Butterfly; otherwise, you will not be able to complete the challenge. 

Not just that, but during the battle, you must also hit Aureole with Butterfly’s Flutter Kiss. It may sound simple, but pulling this challenge may not be easy for all players. One of the best strategies to complete the challenge is by executing the challenge at the start of the battle. 

Right at the end of chapter 13, players must defeat any enemy while fleeing the scene of collapsing Ginnungagap. Make sure you claim a kill at the right end of the structures to easily finish the last bewitchment of the chapter before you bid farewell to Gunnungagap. 

Chapter 14

Now that you are at the end of the game’s campaign, most of the bewitchment challenge involves the Singularity sequence. The first one is to complete the Singularity Chaos without taking any damage. This is undoubtedly a tough one for the starters, but a little practice and consistency will allow you to complete it efficiently. 

At the same, players will also have to attack Singularity Definition with your Crow at least five times. This is extremely important as you have to defeat Singularity, and using the Crow is crucial. On the other side, it earns you a bewitchment, which seems fair to most players. 

Moving on, you have a simple challenge requiring players to watch Bayo’s story’s end. 

During the Singularity battle, players must again attack Singularity Definition at least five times with Madama Butterfly. It may be handy for completing the boss fight while also earning the bewitchment. 

Last but not least achievement that you cannot miss is by killing Homunculus, summoned by Singularity Balance. Once the beast is down, you will receive the bewitchment in your collection. 

Final Words

That was about it for all bewitchments you can expect from each chapter in Bayonetta 3. These may seem hard to achieve as each sequence has so many challenges. But using the guide to track each bewitchment can help you to achieve your completionist playthrough with Bayonetta 3. 

Did you find this guide helpful for completing the collection of Bayonetta 3 bewitchments? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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