Bayonetta 3 Ending Spoilers [Explained]

Bayonetta 3 Ending Spoilers
This guide contains all about Bayonetta 3 ending spoilers and their explaination.

After a long wait of 5 years, people finally got the continuation of the Bayonetta storyline. The total gameplay is around 10-11 hours of wild emotions players went through. If you have managed to reach the ending, we’re here to discuss and break down the confusing ending bits of Bayonetta 3 and everything we understood from it. Although, avoid reading further if you haven’t reached the end and don’t want Bayonetta 3 Ending Spoilers.

Now that the spoiler alert has been given, let’s discuss the ending of Bayonetta 3 without further delay.

Key Takeaways

  • Bayonetta 3 has a sad and confusing ending.
  • Previous Bayonettas make an appearance and help Bayonetta defeat the Singularity.
  • Bayonetta (Cereza) dies after killing Singularity.
  • Along with her lover Luka, Bayonetta is gone to Inferno (hell) after being knocked out of her own body.
  • Bayonetta is the mother of Viola from another reality, Luka being the father.
  • The name Bayonetta is a family name passed down to the next Umbra Witch in line.
  • Viola is the new Bayonetta as shown in the post-credit scene.
  • The story has not ended and there might be a 4th part coming up later on.

Ending In Bayonetta 3

Bayonettas Against Singularity

Right after the release, players reached the game’s ending and found Bayonetta 3 ending spoilers to be mind-blowing. The main antagonist in Bayonetta 3 is an entity referred to as Singularity, who can not only manipulate reality but has control of Homunculi too. A final fight between Bayonetta (Cereza) and Singularity takes place, while Viola accompanies Bayonetta soon after. Sadly, Singularity wins the combat, well, almost. He is about to kill Bayonetta just like he did in other realities. Viola has been trapped and can’t offer any help.

At the right moment, an awesome entry is made by the two Bayonettas previously died by Singularity. It is due to enough damage executed on Singularity. The moment of shock occurs as Singularity utters “What are you doing here? I destroyed you and your worlds long ago!”. With the support of these two, Bayonetta (Cereza) combines herself with them and ends Singularity’s arc by putting an end to him. Not to forget Luka and his contribution after he makes a goofy entry.

Singularity blows up into a golden light and dies along with his ideas of making the Alphaverse dominate the timeline.

What Happened To Bayonetta

Despite putting down Singularity, Bayonetta’s spirit knocks out of her body. Luka follows Bayonetta to her death and sadly, the pair is gone to Inferno together. The death of Luka and Bayonetta ends with Viola crying and calling them “Daddy” and “Mummy”, as it has been proved throughout the game that Viola is Luka and Bayonetta’s (Cereza’s) child from another reality.

Bayonetta and Luka Going Down In Hell

After Bayonetta and Luka are sucked into the hell’s portal, Viola faces another combat with a Dark Ev, a dark version of previous Bayonettas. Once this combat is won, the combat is revealed as a lesson. Bayonetta reappears from the dark shadows and suggests Viola has a new name, all while fading into the void. 

Post-Credit Scene

The scene starts in Manhattan, New York, and leads to the Gates of Hell underground. Viola visits Rodin there for work and picks off her work for the day. Right before she leaves, Rodin refers to her as Bayonetta, saying that he should call her by the “Family name”. The dialogue proves that Bayonetta is a family name that Umbra Witches in her family took, and now it’s her turn. 

This indicates that the upcoming Bayonetta game will have a new protagonist but will the fans accept Viola as the new Bayonetta? Her character is shown more as a silly girl and fails to be as cool and sarcastic as Cereza. But that’s up to the fans and the future project to decide.  

Will Bayonetta Be Back

In the previous franchise of the Bayonetta game, there was a time when Jeanne died but was revived back by Bayonetta. Despite the situations being totally different, a chance is still up when the new Bayonetta (Viola) goes on the journey to save the previously killed Bayonetta. It might be at her own will or some third-party involvement, the possibility of a new antagonist.

Many players have complaints regarding all the OG characters such as Bayonetta 1, Bayonetta 2, Jeanne, and Luka dying, and refuse to accept this ending. Developers might bring a piece of good news for players in the future by bringing back the old faces. So yes, Bayonetta along with her lover Luka might come back just like they brought back Bayonetta 1 for a slight moment in this part.

Final Remarks

The ending of Bayonetta 3 had mixed feelings but one thing is for sure, every player was shocked and maybe shed a few tears. The previous Bayonetta has gone and given the title to her daughter now. We hope to see some amazing upcoming storylines following Viola in the future. 

If you haven’t played the game yourself, we highly recommend doing so. Head on over to the official Nintendo website and download Bayonetta 3 to experience the ending perfectly.

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