Bayonetta 3: How to Blow Kisses To Your Enemies

This is a detailed guide on how to complete "Bayonetta 3: Blow Kisses To Enemies" side mission

Bayonetta 3: Blow kisses
Bayonetta 3: Blow kisses to enemies

Let’s tell you a bit about the game before we go on telling you about the side mission “Blow Kisses to your enemies”.

If you love adventure games that are full of action with a captivating storyline that’ll keep you surprised with wicked combats, you’ll make the right choice by getting Bayonetta 3.

Our favorite Bayonetta 3 has a lot of new features while still giving the players some returning ones. All the Nintendo DS users are unraveling the chapters in this game to receive bewitchments, which are the in-game achievements to progress further in their game.

Like “Blow kisses to your enemies”, Bayonetta has a troupe of side quests/missions to keep the player addicted to the game. Throughout the game, you’re going to find multiple side missions in various in-game maps. Most of those quests are there to challenge the player’s skills and make use of all the abilities the main character has to show!

Key Points:

• Side missions are present in Bayonetta 3 to help a player advance their skills.
• Summon Infernal Demons to knock out enemies quickly
• Players receive rewards for completing side missions which will help them along the way

Bayonetta 3: Side Mission "Blow kisses to them!"
Bayonetta 3: Side Mission “Blow kisses to them!”

In Chapter One, when Bayonetta finds herself in Tokyo, which was a big mystery before the game’s release as to how or why she is there, the player will have to combat enemies and during the combat, they’ll unlock a set of side missions. Namely, the first on the list is to “Blow kisses to your enemies”.

Considering that you are here to learn how you can blow kisses to your enemies in Bayonetta 3, we’ve got you covered!

How To Blow Kisses In Bayonetta 3?

Bayonetta 3 can get quite tricky when it comes to figuring out how to do a certain mission. For completing this mission you have to summon Madame Butterfly which is an Infernal Demon in the game. Assuming you want to know more about summoning in the game, read below!

Infernal Demon: Madame Butterfly used to perform Blow Kisses quest
Infernal Demon: Madame Butterfly used to perform Blow Kisses quest

Summon Infernal Demons:

Summons are one of the most protruding features of the game. It is the ability to summon compelling beings to enhance Bayonetta’s powers. For instance, she can summon a demonic being also known as “Infernal Demons” Gomorrah. These creatures are called upon by Bayonetta herself to increase her ability to slam the opponent with maximum damage and to maintain the darkness.

With Summoning, you can hunt down angles and fight with great power. You need to have enough magic in the bar to summon a demon, and a picture of a demon will pop up on the screen. Considering you do have the required damage then you can press the ZL Button on your switch to summon a demon. Make sure to do as much damage to the enemy as possible because the demon magic bar isn’t going to stay full forever, it depletes as you attack.

Don’t worry! You can re-summon a demon as soon as the magic bar fills up again. But be careful and make sure that you move to a place where you cannot get attacked because no matter how much powerful of a witch she is, Bayonetta is unable to move while summoning.

Now that you know how to Summon a Demon in Bayonetta we can move on to what you came here for, which is How to Blow Kisses in Bayonetta 3

How to Blow Kisses With Madame Butterfly

After you’ve spawned in Tokyo, you need to go to the entrance to Blow Kiss to your enemies.
Considering you have the magic bar filled and you can see a picture of Madame Butterfly on the bottom left of the screen. Players just need to summon her and press a button to perform a flutter kiss attack.
Here are the steps to do it:
• First, Press ‘ZL’ to summon Madame Butterfly
• Now to blow a kiss, Press ‘R’
• Repeatedly press ‘R’ three times to defeat the enemy
• Challenge is completed

You’ll need to do the second step repeatedly and exactly 3 times.  Now, the enemies will vanish after you perform the flutter kiss attack 3 times even though their health seems to be never-ending as the name ‘Undying Enemies’ suggest.

3 times Blow kiss performed
3 times Blow kiss performed

By default, the only way to defeat those enemies is to perform the flutter kiss attack 3 times. This side quest is still in the starting phase of the game. This way you will be able to learn all the abilities Bayonetta can perform.

What You’ll Receive:

Just like this one, the side missions in the game give rewards for completion. You need to be aware of these quests to prepare for combat with maximum utility. To reward you for unlocking this attack, the game gives you a Moon Pearl Fragment. Player can create a full Moon Pearl to increase Bayonetta’s Magic.

Reward after completion of Side Mission
Reward after completion of “Blow Kisses to enemies”

Ending Note

Hurray! You have defeated the undying enemies by performing a flutter kiss with Madame Butterfly in Bayonetta 3. Learn more guides regarding Bayonetta 3 and other games on your Nintendo DS. Make sure to check us out and share us with your friends, don’t keep us to yourself ;). Hope to see you in the next one!

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