Bayonetta 3: All Medallion Shards Locations

A Detailed guide covering the All Medallion Shards location in Bayonetta 3. Along with this, it also explains how you can defeat Secret Boss.

All Locations of Medallion Shards
All Medallion Shards Location.

We’ll give you all the details regarding the Medallion Shards and where they are in Bayonetta 3 today. One of the collectibles in the game is these shards, which are hidden across the different chapters in various places.

If you’re curious about what these chapters might be, so that you don’t waste your time, we are here to direct you to the appropriate areas. These Medallion Shards are quite helpful because if you collect them all, you can reveal the hidden boss.

Now let’s first discuss the Medallion Shard locations one by one.

Key Highlights

  • Bayonetta is an adventurous game that holds a lot of action, mysteries, and secrets for players to explore by playing through different chapters.
  • Medallion Shard is the important collectible and players are required to collect all four of them.
  • These shards are located at different places and this guide will explain you all exact locations.
  • Through this article, you will also learn about defeating tips regarding the Secret boss Golem.

Medallion Shards Locations

As we have mentioned earlier, the Medallion Shards are located at different locations, so we have written down all of them in detail.

Location 1

 Medallion Shard Location 1
Location 1 (Image Credits: aWiibo)

In chapter one, you will be able to find the first Medallion Shard. Before beginning your search, you have to combat the cavum enemies and defeat them. Now look around the area near the Cavums and you will get to see the broken arch.

Make a jump and reach the area below. Move forward and search for the broken pillar. The stone steps will be there so you can follow them. As you keep moving forward there will be the glowing flowers radiating the blue color light.

Jump down the ridge upon reaching there, and you will get to see another bunch of the same type of flowers, and right there will be rubble next to them. Now simply break it and attain your first Medallion Shard.

Location 2

 Medallion Shard Location 2
Location 2

The next chapter that holds the second Medallion Shard is chapter 4 in Bayonetta 3. Look for the broken bridge, and as soon as you find it start crossing it. Then at the left, there will be rocks, and you will have to climb them.

As you reach some height, now jump from here on the ledges on the right side. Make sure you are at an appropriate height to make this leap successful. Again, you will come across the glowing blue-colored flowers, and another big piece of debris or rubble will be placed on the ground.

The task is the same as the previous one move forward and destroys it to obtain the 2nd Medallion Shard.

Location 3

 Medallion Shard Location 3
Location 3

We are almost done, so now we are on our third location of Medallion Shard, and this one is in chapter 7. Head to the Cavern area and move inside. There will also be the portal, but you don’t need to pay attention to it just keep going until you reach a ledge closed door which is sealed.

There will be another stack of rubber, so just move forward and get the Medallion Shard by breaking it.

Location 4

 Location 4
Location 4

Well, now we will explain our final location of the fourth Medallion Shard. Glad you have read it that far. You can find this shard at the beginning of the 10th chapter. Reach verse 2 by following the standard path.

Cross the tower bridge by running along the way. You will have to fight there and, after completing its run to the right and make your way towards the broken tower. The final Medallion Shard is placed inside it.

You will have to open the door, and the only way to do so is to break it as you do, the secret area will be revealed and then you can collect the shard.

Where To Use Medallion Shards?

So, you must be wondering that now, if we have gathered all the shards after doing hard work and much findings, then what we are supposed to do with them? Let us guide you, mates. After collecting all of them, your shards will combine automatically.

A Medallion blue-colored item will be formed. Besides this, you will get access to a new level, and one can check this through the menu. Through this secret level, you will get to the final boss, Golem.

You can fight it right at that time, or if you want to become stronger, then you should first play the game and then get into a fight with Golem so you can give it competitive combat.

How To Defeat Secret Boss Golem

Players get to encounter more than Forty bosses in Bayonetta 3, and few among them are considered secret bosses you can only gain access to them after accomplishing the required task. Golem is one of the final Secret bosses.

To unlock them, you have to complete the Medallion Shard task by collecting them.  Golem is quite strong, and you may need to fight mindfully to win. So, we will explain to you how you can defeat this boss.

Defeat Golem In Bayonetta 3

Golem has appeared as a secret boss in all their parts of Bayonetta, and the only way to unlock it is to accumulate all the Medallion Shards to create the Blue Medallion, and then Golem’s location will be visible to you on the map.

Reach out to the boss by selecting the Artifact Unleashed location. Speaking of the attacks, Golem uses laser and AoE attacks that can cause you damage to a greater extent. But don’t worry, if you are good at dodging, then you can conveniently knock the boss down.

Here are some recommended tips for defeating the Golem that you must go through

  1. As the fight starts, the Golem uses its spinning attack while spreading its shape. You will also get to face laser attacks, so the train dash can be used as a defensive attack, and through this, you can also deal damage to Golem.
  2. The most menacing assault is the blade attack. Golems can switch positions and can hit you with a laser. You can summon the dragon for assistance and prevention of this attack.
  3. The most strategic way to deal significant damage is to attack the orange-colored ball in the mid and demolish the frame.
  4. Stay at a distance because as the frame recovers, the Golem hits the ground that causes the AoE damage, and by keeping a distance, you can avoid it. Begin to hit Golem with your attacks or combos once it finishes the AoE attacks. It’s the better way to deal damage.
  5. When the combat proceeds to the final stages, Golem transforms into a bird and strikes the player with sonic waves. At such a moment, you can opt for a dragon and rain attack for averting and dodging it.

Ending Remarks

As always, we try our best to bring the Handy guides for you. Today we have covered the Bayonetta 3 Medallion shards at all locations. Besides this, we have also mentioned some strategies that can be helpful while fighting with the Golem.

Lastly, please share our work and show your appreciation if you like it.

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