Bayonetta 3: Old Picture Book [Unlock Guide]

This guide entails everything you need to know about Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book, and unlocking a Secret Chapter after obtaining three keys for the Book.

Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book
Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book

The latest entry in the series, Bayonetta 3, holds a lot of secrets waiting to be unlocked by players and dive deeper into the game’s lore. Meanwhile, Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book is one such item that holds a Secret Chapter for avid players. However, most of the game’s campaign is straightforward and welcomes both beginners and veteran players of the series. But the Old Picture Book for the Secret Chapter in Bayonetta 3 is something tricky to get your hands on. 

You can easily get your hands on the Old Picture Book by purchasing it from Rodin’s Treasure for a hefty price. Meanwhile, the book is useless to players unless they unlock it by obtaining three keys in Bayonetta 3. This is where our guide can aid players in unlocking the Old Picture Book in Bayonetta 3 and experiencing the Secret Chapter. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Highlights

  • Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book is one of the major secrets in the game that allows players to dive deeper into the engaging story lore. 
  • The book is easily obtainable by purchasing it from the in-game store known as the Gates of Hell.
  • However, the book is not usable unless players unlock it using the three keys they must find by completing the original story campaign of the game. 
  • Once unlocked, players can play a Secret Chapter that uncovers new secrets behind the witchcraft story of the Bayonetta series. 

How To Unlock Old Picture Book In Bayonetta 3

Unlocking the Old Picture book starts with first purchasing it from Rodin’s Treasure. For those uninitiated, Rodin’s Treasure is not a vendor or in-game marketplace. In fact, it holds all the unlockables for your playthrough. Moreover, players can also purchase items that are not readily available to unlock in Bayonetta 3. 

Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book
Bayonetta 3 Old Picture Book

The same goes for the Old Picture Book; you can purchase it for 4100 Halos, an in-game currency used to buy items in the game. You must visit the in-game marketplace, the Gates of Hell, and purchase the Old Picture Book. It is undoubtedly one of the heavy investments from your side, but eventually, it is worth it down to the last Halos by unlocking the Secret Chapter in the game.

Purchasing Old Picture Book
Purchasing Old Picture Book

Once you have the book, you will be able to receive the details of how to unlock it to start the Secret Chapter. Unfortunately, players cannot unlock it immediately as the book demands “can not be opened without some work. No returns or refunds.”

This statement is self-explanatory and requires players to find the three keys to open the book and unlock the Secret Chapter. For that instance, players will have to complete at least one complete campaign of Bayonetta 3. 

The main reason is that the keys to Old Picture Book are discoverable in different chapters. In this case, players will have to discover the keys by scrounging each map in every chapter of Bayonetta 3. Our guide can solve this problem by detailing how and where to look in the particular chapter to discover the three keys for Old Picture Book in Bayonetta 3. 

Chapter 1

It may surprise many players, but Chapter 1 already holds the secret key to open the Old Picture Book. You can find the first Blue key in Verse 4 of Chapter 1. It is the location of the Ginnungagap section of the Chaotic Rift. Make sure you land safely on the structure to proceed with the quest to find the key. 

Blue Key for Old Picture Book
Blue Key for Old Picture Book

Moreover, you can also utilize turning into the Demon to traverse the map easily. Search for the key beside every rock structure, and you will be able to see a blue floating Key item. All you need to do is to obtain it, and now you are one step closer to unlocking the Old Picture Book. 

Chapter 4

The following key you are after is the Green one which is obtainable from Chapter 4 and Verse 1. Once again, you will be visiting the Chaotic Rift sequence at Ginnungagap. However, this time you will be able to find the key in a unique location. 

Green Key for Old Picture Book
Green Key for Old Picture Book

All you need to do is to use the Demon to travel across the map and find the location of the Lotus Field area. Players that have already completed the campaign and are replaying the chapter may remember the location, as this location also unlocks one of the bewitchments in Bayonetta 3. So, search the Lotus Field area to obtain the Green Key easily. 

Chapter 13

The next chapter players need to look out for is Chapter 13 with Verse 1. This is where you will have to invest some work in the chapter to get your hands on the final Red Key of the puzzle. It is the puzzling location of the Chaotic Rift in Ginnungagap, where you will have to traverse the map quickly all the way to the top. 

Red and Final Key of Old Picture Book
Red and Final Key of Old Picture Book

What makes this key really hard to obtain is the complex setting where every rock platform is crumbling and may risk losing all the performance. For that instance, players will have to make the right decision for jumping across each platform to gain access to the top and obtain the final Red Key for the Old Picture Book. The key is floating mid-air, so you must utilize the Demon abilities to make out of the situation alive and complete the puzzle easily. 

Unlocking Secret Chapter In Bayonetta 3

Now that you have solved the puzzle and received all three keys, you can easily open the Old Picture Book and unlock the Secret Chapter in Bayonetta 3. You will be able to unlock the book and also see a creative animation to use each of the keys on the book. Once unlocked, you will be asked to play the Secret Chapter. 

Although we may not reveal the details of the chapters for the sake of spoilers, it is definitely worth all the trouble because of the unique storyline. 

Final Words

Whether you are playing the game for the first time or have already completed the campaign, obtaining the secret keys involves a particular path and strategy to ensure the chance of playing the Secret Chapter. By following the guide, you can always revisit these chapters to find the key and experience the unique storyline from the Old Picture Book. 

That is about it for our guide on Old Picture Book in Bayonetta 3. Do you find this guide helpful for unlocking the secret book? What is your approach to receiving the secret keys to open the Secret Chapter? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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