BEST Archetype Combos Remnant 2

Here is my information and hands-on experience of the best archetype combos in Remnant 2 after playing Remnant 2 for 30+ hours!

Remnant 2 features a system called Archetypes, which are basically classes. Each class has its unique perks and skills and can be customized to some extent. Remnant 2 also allows for pairing 2 Archetypes together. In this guide, I have covered the best Archetype Combos Remnant 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 features many classes where players can decide to go to one primary class and one secondary class.
  • A class that goes well together would be known as a preferable combo above other pairings.
  • For the first combo, I have selected Gunslinger and Hunter for a DPS playstyle.
  • For the second combo, I am recommending Engineer and summoner output a great deal of summon damage that can solo stages by themselves.
  • The next combo I recommend Challenger and Engineer for a very tanky build that relies on melee damage.
  • For the last combo, I focus on a different task which is exploration and gathering materials that some players might want rather than looking for the best fighting class. For this, I recommend the Handler and Explorer.
About The Author

I have played Remnant 2 for more than 30+ hours, dealing with various character builds, weapons, and armor. You can easily trust my information related to the best archetype combos in Remnant 2!

The main focus of pairing 2 Archetypes together and having them work together is to look at their skills and their perks. 2 skills or 2 perks that work together would be a criterion of a good pairing as it allows for great synergy.

1. Gunslinger And Hunter

Best DPS Combo

Why do I recommend this?

The Gunslinger and Hunter make a pure damage build, focusing on overall damage, ammo, fire rate, and reload speed buffs. Additionally, the Hunter’s long-range perks and the MARK effect further enhance damage output.  

Remnant 2 is an ARPG with multiple Archetype roles players can take on and make combos to progress the game. One of the most popular roles in such games is the DPS role, where players like to do damage and not care about much else simply.

For a pure DPS build, the gunslinger and hunter combo completely blows everything else out of the water. Let’s talk about what makes the combo do damage before I talk about the synergies between the two Archetypes.


With each class people choose they can select one skill. So, two skills per build. For the Gunslinger skill, I prefer Bulletstorm. This skill is the bread and butter of the combo and makes dealing damage a walk in the park.

Bulletstorm skill for Best archetype combos remnant 2.
Gunslinger Skill Bulletstorm Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The skill boasts two main impressive effects where:

  • Allows weapons to have a faster fire rate by 20% and a 50% faster reload speed, which lasts for 20 seconds. This skill proves to be a great addition for most weapons players use and will serve as generally a great buff
  • Allows single-fire weapons like bolt action rifles to become fully automatic. This is where the magic happens since players can combine the high damage from bolt action rifles with the fast fire of a regular gun.

The secondary skill I suggest in the hunter subclass is Hunter’s Mark. Hunter’s Mark makes the game-play so much easier for the players and provides general buffs which improve gunplay.

Hunters Mark skill for best archetype combos Remnant 2.
Hunter’s Mark skill Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

This skill’s main purpose is to apply the status of MARK to all enemies in a 35m radius. MARK is basically a 35m radius wallhack that lets the players see wherever enemies are. This increase in vision is really good for long-range engagements, especially with flying targets as they glow when marked.

In addition, the skill provides 15% ranged and melee damage that lasts 25 seconds. MARKED enemies are 15% more likely to be hit with a critical hit by the players themselves and their allies.


Perks are what make an archetype unique, as they provide the playstyle that is meant for the archetype. Let’s take a look at both classes’ perks and how well they work together.

The perks on the gunslinger side focus on stat increases for the weapons where players get more ranged damage, fire rate, reload speed, and crit chance. These perks are meant to improve gunplay and make the uptime of your weapons as long high as possible.

The perks on the hunter subclass have a similar focus where they increase ranged damage, weak spot damage, reload speed, and crit chance. I have seen this build shine with how well the damage stacks and how the two skills work in unison.

The perk synergies allow for a total of 65% ranged damage, 15% fire rate, 10% crit chance, and 25% reload speed. This, paired with the skills that give a further boost to these very stats makes the Archetype combo work so well.

  • Excellent Ranged Damage.
  • Numerous Overall Damage Buffs.
  • Enhanced Reload, Fire Rate, and Ammo perks.
  • High Mobility.
  • Mark enemies to deal extra damage.

  • Less defensive skills.
  • Mostly relies on weapon proficiency and aim.

2. Engineer And Summoner

Best Combo for Solo Play

Why do I recommend this?

The Engineer and Summoner work pretty closely, spawning minions and turrets to deal damage while remaining safe. Moreover, it works perfectly against enemy hoards and has healing perks.

ARPGs are creative with their class setups, and a summoner class is one that players seem to love dearly in all games. Nothing beats the feeling of just spawning allies to aid oneself in a game where combat can get linear. Summoning adds a whole new depth to the game that other classes may not have.

Why pair a summoner with an engineer however, one might ask. Well, in my opinion, the only thing better than spawning minions to aid you is to then put a sentry gun down beside them, making you deal huge amounts of damage without really doing anything at all.

Another thing players might not expect with this pairing is how summons work with buffs. There is a jewelry and such that buffs the damage and other stats of a player’s summons. This is great news for a summoner; however, the turrets of the engineer also count as summons. This makes the buffs seem huge for this pairing.


As far as the engineer goes, it really depends on the player what they want as a skill. If you want high damage, my choice is the Vulcan.

Heavy Weapon: Vulcan engineer skill remnant 2.
Heavy Weapon: Vulcan Engineer skill Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

This skill allows the player to put down a heavy sentry turret on the ground, which fires fast rounds at the enemy dealing large amounts of damage. Additionally, Players and their allies can pick this turret up and use it as a weapon.

When looking at summon buffs, the turret counts as a summon, which is why it’s such a good pairing with the summoner. I advise players to make a full build based only on the summons, and they wouldn’t need to do much else.

The skill I am gonna be focusing on for the summoner is the Minion: flyer

Summoner skill Remnant 2.
Minion: Flyer skill in Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

This skill has two charges and allows the player to summon a flying minion to aid him in battle. The summon costs 10% of a player’s Max HP to summon. The players can also sacrifice these minions in battle by holding the skill key where the minions will die, dealing damage in an AOE, and launching 3 homing projectiles.

My playstyle here is simply spawning all your minions alongside your turret and then standing in the backline, shooting at your enemies. This build deals a lot of damage, and when built with HP regen and summon damage can be a smooth sail through the game.


Let’s take a look at the perks in the build:

As far as the engineer perks go, they mostly focus on heavy weaponry, which, while it can be used for a great build, Isn’t what this combo is about. The one perk I do look at here is the Metalworker perk, which increases skill damage by 50%, which is huge. It also increases skill crit chance by 10%.

The summoner perks pair perfectly with the metalworker perk with dominator, which increases skill damage by an additional 35%. This is the main perk for the summoner to look for, as together, these perks give a whopping 85% increase to skill damage which can further be amplified with summon damage relics.

When built correctly, in my experience, this build allows for summons that can deal crazy damage, which will help in a solo run far better than other classes will. This is also paired well as you can build lifesteal on your summons, which in turn gives the player lifesteal. This majorly helps survivability.

  • Numerous Overall Damage Buffs.
  • Summon Minions and Turrets.
  • Lifesteal to heal in battle.
  • Excellent for holding enemy hoards.
  • Extra buffs for Heavy Weapons.

  • Mostly relies on summons for both defense and offense.
  • Requires strategic use of Summons.
  • Summons cost HP.

3. Challenger And Engineer

Best Tank Combo

Why do I recommend this?

The Engineer provides the turrets for area control and damage, while the Challenger gives tanky features and impressive melee combat perks to ensure survival in any situation. 

Sometimes, the playstyle of making calculated plays and trying to output the most amount of DPS possible in the brief time your skills are up isn’t the most fun thing for players. Some players like me may want to get into the action head-on without having to care for their safety and how they play.

Out of all other Remnant 2 Archetype combos, the Challenger + Engineer is a very heavy-based combo featuring a tanky playstyle revolving around melee damage and using machinery to do the heavy lifting for you. The challenger is a close combat aficionado, while the Engineer specializes in technology.


The skill recommendation for the challenger main class is going to be Juggernaut.

Juggernaut Skill for Challenger in remnant 2.
Challenger skill, Juggernaut, Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The skill basically increases movement speed and increases melee damage by 50%. Additionally, players get stagger resistance so they quite literally become a juggernaut that goes into the battlefield and swings their sword.

Juggernaut also grants 3 stacks of BULWARK, which is essentially just damage reduction, further boosting the tank nature of this combo.

For the Engineer skill, I am going to be taking Heavy Weapon: Vulcan yet again.

Heavy Weapon: Vulcan. Engineer Class. Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

This skill is pretty simple in its use and its basic purpose is to put down a sentry gun that shoots at enemies and deals enormous amounts of damage. I use this skill for backline damage while I push forward using melee weapons.


Let’s take a look at the perks for both classes and their possible synergy:

The perks of these classes are where the fun really begins. The engineer’s perks mainly focus on carrying heavy weapons and are an extremely nice compliment to the melee build I am going for with this combo.

The challenger perks focus on increasing all damage, decreasing enemy damage, Increasing stamina, and overall just being a tank. Whereas, the Engineer perks give movement speed and damage reduction while carrying heavy weapons.

This makes for a greatsword playstyle of a person being super fast, where they take no damage and deal massive melee damage while their turret shreds enemies from behind.

  • Tanky build provides high survivability.
  • Summon Turrets to aid in battle.
  • Extra buffs for Heavy and Melee Weapons.

  • Mobility is a bit low.
  • Relies on turrets for ranged damage.
  • Stamina and skill dependent.

4. Handler And Explorer

Best for Exploration and Farming.

Why do I recommend this?

Handler and Explore feature passive skills that ensure survival and exploration. It provides excellent team support and a companion to assist in combat and damage buffs.

At times in ARPG games, too much focus falls on action and fighting, and the core gameplay aspect of exploration and collecting secrets is forgotten. In contrast to the previous Remnant 2 Archetype combos, this one is perfect for players who care about quick movement and farming, and it may just be deceptively strong.


The skill I’ll be looking at for the handler is the Attack dog.

Attack Dog Handler Skill Remnant 2.
Attack Dog Handler Skill Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

This skill serves as a damage boost of 20% for the player and all his allies. Additionally, the dog itself does more damage as well and can be looked at as a great companion in the game. In my opinion, the damage buff is nice as the combos are not really about dishing out big damage numbers but more so resource collection and valuable collection using the Explorer Archetype in Remnant 2.

The skill I’ll be looking at for I Explorer is the Fortune Hunter.

Fortune Hunter Explorer Skill Remnant 2.
Fortune Hunter Explorer Skill Remnant 2. (image captured by us)

The Fortune Hunter Skill is more so a support skill and is intended for a completion run where players want to get everything in the game, including all treasures and such. This skill allows the player and his allies to see all treasure and special items in a 40m radius.

In a lot of areas in the map, moving around and getting everything can be extremely confusing and this skill makes it a little easier on the player. It highlights the items so all players can see what to move towards. I think in areas like N’Erud with secret areas; this skill is of high importance.


Let’s take a look at the Perks of this combo:

The main synergy here exists in the form of damage increase and having a companion to revive you while you’re exploring. Having a dog by a player’s side is good for taking care of an odd few enemies whilst gathering the necessary items for whatever purpose.

Let’s talk about the deceptive damage perks in this build. The handler Perk gives the players a 30% increase in ranged and skill damage and a 5% crit chance for them while the companion is within 25m of the player.

The Explorer damage passive increases damage dealt and critical hit chance by 5% for every item picked up. This can be stacked 5 times, which increases the buff duration as well, giving players a total of 25% damage and a critical hit chance lasting 60 seconds.

Considering a player does opt for a rifle long-range setup, this is a potential 55% damage increase and a 30% critical chance increase. This coming from a more support-focused combo is good and can deal a considerable amount of damage when built well.

  • Companion to aid in combat.
  • Damage buffs while near Companion.
  • High Mobility and Stealth skills.
  • Best for Exploration and Team Support.

  • Low Survivability.
  • Less Damage output as compared to other combos.
  • Dependant on Companion for support.
  • Less versatile.
  • Limited Combat options.

My Recommendation For Archetype Combos

Remnant 2 is an ARPG with many choices to choose from and make the best combos using a Primary Archetype and a secondary Archetype. Each archetype has separate playstyles and perks that buff it in certain ways. Players can combine these buffs to make great combos, which I covered.

My choice is the Gunlinger and Hunter for a pure DPS combo, as I like pushing forward in enemy lines and destroying them. However, I also prefer the Engineer and Challenger due to their balanced defensive and offensive skills, increasing chances of survival. 

As always, I hoped the guide was of some help, and I would love to know how you’ve been enjoying the game. If you’d like more info on Remnant 2, I’d love for you to check out my other guides:

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