Best Armor in Fallout 3: Top 10 Armors and Locations

Best Armor Fallout 3
Best Armor Fallout 3

Fallout series has always been honored among top RPG games that offer in-depth aspects that retain players for the long run. From the creative storyline to small attention to detail, the Fallout series offers a unique experience despite the old release. Fallout 3, in particular, has been well-praised by players because of unlimited choices and possibilities that players can enjoy forever. The game still has not aged well and has a huge players community that questions gameplay aspects to ensure survival through the nuclear-battered fictional city of Washington D.C. One of these discussions among players always happens to be the best armor in Fallout 3, which in fact are not easy to come by.

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Fallout 3 armors are the most sought-after items in the game that allows players some level of protection and ensure a balance between challenges and rewards for players. Meanwhile, Bethesda, the developers of the game made sure to offer numerous armor sets and apparel pieces to assist the players with their fashion and protection needs. However, with choices unfolding numerous bonus points and degrees of protection, the overall process of picking one armor can become overwhelming with time.

But do not worry as we bring you a complete guide on the best armor in Fallout 3 and where to find them in the game. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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What is the Best Armor in Fallout 3?

While discussing the best armor in Fallout 3, there are plenty of items that can aid both beginners and veteran players significant level of damage protection. On the other side, armors are pretty much a tradeoff in Fallout 3 that requires some kind of quest or tradable item to acquire at the specific part of the game.

As soon as the Lone Wanderer emerges from Vault 101, he is exposed to different kinds of enemies as well as the radiation sickness to worry about. This is where armors come in handy to help the players in the form of protection against the dangerous elements Fallout 3 offers. That is why we bring you a detailed guide on some of the best armor in Fallout 3 and where you can find them. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Sherrif’s Duster

Sherrif’s Duster is one of the unique and best armor in Fallout 3 that is both decent for its outlook and damage protection. The complete set includes a duster and a Sherrif’s hat that has its own Damage Resistance. This can offer better damage protection to the head from the enemies that smash and bash on the heads.

As for the stats, Sherrif’s Duster and Sherrif’s Hat have a Damage Resistance of 5 and 1 respectively. Although these stats might not seem ideal for the type of enemies players encounters. But as a beginner player, this armor is significant apparel to cover the bare skin.

What makes this armor so special is the unique effects it applies to the character that is wearing it. This means that the players wearing Sherrif’s Duster will be able to enjoy +1 value for Charisma and +5 Small Guns skill. The Small Gun is a specialty for your character that enables him more accurate shooting and damage registration on enemies regardless of the choice of weapon.

On the other side, acquiring this armor is a fairly easy process. You can find this armor worn by the sheriff of Megaton Lucas Simms. So make sure to not blow up the Megaton without getting this unique piece of armor. Although, you can kill Lucas Simms to rip off the armor from his body. But if you are more affectionate towards him you can pursue a reverse pickpocketing approach.

For those who do not know, players can pickpocket the individual whose gear they want. All you need to do is to put any high damage resistance apparel item into your pocket. After saving and reloading the game, you will find out they will be wearing the specific gear that you gave them earlier. Now you can easily pickpocket the characters like Lucas Simms to obtain the armor set like Sherrif’s Duster without triggering any clash. This approach is more feasible as it does not involve brutal killing and significantly saves time for players.

Armoured Vault 101 Jumpsuit

As a beginner player, one must always get Armoured Vault 101 Jumpsuit. This is because this armor comes with great Damage Resistance abilities that can significantly improve the beginner players that keep dying during the battle.

Armoured Vault 101 Jumpsuit is decent apparel that can enhance your protection level for the character while offering sweet apparel effects. The armor comes with the Damage Resistance of 12 which is mid-level protection when it comes to acquiring it earlier in the games. Moreover, this armor grants unique effects of +5 Energy Weapons and Small Guns because these weapons are easy to come by earlier in the game.

Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit Armor
Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit

Apart from the looks and added bonuses, Armoured Vault 101 Jumpsuit is also an easily obtainable item. You can get this armor in two ways. You can either steal the armor from the Moira Brown in the Megaton if you are that barbaric. Or you can show some empathy and follow the quest guidelines and make her reward your character with this armor.

Armoured Vault 101 Jumpsuit Location
Armoured Vault 101 Jumpsuit Location
Moira Brown
Moira Brown

For the latter, all you need to do is to introduce yourself to her at the store named “Craterside Supply”. After starting the conversation, she will remember your character from Vault 101 and will ask about your life in the vault. After telling her your experience of the lifestyle in the vault, she will reward you with this unique item without breaking her trust.

Wanderer’s Leather Armor

Leather armors can never go without discussion in the Fallout 3 best armor series. In fact, leather armors are the legacy items in the series that players always pursue in every entry. On the other side, this armor has significantly higher Damage Resistance as compared to other beginner-level armors.

Wanderer's Leather Armor
Wanderer’s Leather Armor

Speaking of damage protection, Wanderer’s Leather armor offers Damage Resistance of 24 as well as +10 Small Guns as a unique effect. Considering these qualities, this armor boosts the confidence of all entry-level players that are scared to face the strongest enemies in the game.

Since, entry-level players will rely on Small Guns like pistols, acquiring this armor may allow them to gain a significant boost in the gameplay. To get this unique piece of armor, all you need to do is to head down to the hostile area of Roosevelt Academy. Go to the east of the Academy where you can find a Wanderer guarded by dogs.

Wanderer's Leather Armor Location
Wanderer’s Leather Armor Location

This process indeed involves a clash with the Wanderer and the guard dogs. But this fight is totally paying off after you loot the body for Wanderer’s Leather armor.

Outcast Recon Armor

Outcast Recon is another unique-looking armor that has amazing stats for the players. These sets were issued for the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel military members and were intended as under-armor for the T-45D Power Armor set. However, players can also acquire this unique piece without having to own the Power Armor.

Outcast Recon Armor
Outcast Recon Armor

Outcast Recon Armor enables a huge Damage Resistance of 28. This combined with the special effect of +5 Sneak can push your in-game character abilities to the next level. The significant addition to the Sneak skill will reduce the chances of detection for players that are pursuing stealth gameplay.

Unfortunately, this armor is extremely rare and can be found rarely during the main storyline. This highly depends on the dialogue choices you make with Sentinal Lyons and if you are lucky she will reward you with this armor.

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Just after finishing the main quest Finding the American Dream, players will have to follow the objective and head straight into the Citadel. Here you will have to meet Lyon’s Pride. After that, the game will take you to the HUD display. After the complete dialogue and discussion about G.E.C.K, Sentinal Sarah Lyons may offer you two armors: Power armor or Recon armor. Here you can pick the Outcast Recon armor and finish the quest for Lyons.

Combat Armor

Combat armor is the standard armor piece that is easily found throughout the wasteland. However, with its name as Combat, it definitely does the job of offering energy and ballistic damage protection for players. This armor has one of the highest stats as compared to the Power Armor and also looks extremely appealing for your character.

Combat Armor
Combat Armor

You might have to use this armor during the mid-portion of the game. However, with its unique abilities and remarkable damage protection, some players prefer it throughout the late game. The Combat Armor offers the Damage Resistance of 32 and when combined with the Combat Helmet, it can push it to the 37.

Although, Combat Armor does not have any special skills bonuses. But what this armor lacks in the unique effects, it makes up for the highest Damage Resistance among non-power armors. However, if you are looking for Combat Armor with the skill bonus you can pursue the Ranger Combat Armor.

You can acquire the original Combat Armor by killing any of the Smugglers around the wasteland. One of the guaranteed approaches to acquire the Combat Armor is from Stockholm. You can either kill him or follow the reverse pickpocketing approach to retrieve his Combat armor in exchange for something higher stat item. Or you can purchase it from the merchants like Tulip, Moira Brown, or Crow.

Enclave Hellfire Armor

Bethesda’s unbridled affection towards the power armors makes their Fallout games unique and the best experience for players. These armors are the signature of the Fallout series that extends the player’s abilities even further to pave the gameplay. Enclave Hellfire armor is also one of the best armor in Fallout 3 that was added with the Broken Steel DLC.

Fallout 3 Enclave Hellfire Armor
Enclave Hellfire Armor

As for the stats, Enclave Hellfire armor enables a whooping 50 Damage Resistance along with some sweet effects for the characters wearing it. It grants +1 Strength, +30, Fire Resistance and +15 Radiation Resistance. With huge damage protection and unique effects, Enclave Hellfire is easily the prime consideration of players.

As said earlier, this armor is a part of Broken Steel DLC. As long as you have the DLC or the GOTY edition, you will not have to worry about looking for the armor. You may find this armor on the Enclave Hellfire soldiers that roam around Capital Wasteland and Broken Steel. Unfortunately, players will have to obtain this armor with a brutal approach, which requires killing one of the troopers to loot the armor.

All you need to do is to go to the Deathclaw Sanctuary and kill any one of the Enclave Soldiers that is wearing this armor set. Or you can enter the beast’s belly like Enclave Outposts and Camps to sneak kill any soldier and steal their armor. Plus it is easy to repair, so you do not have to worry about getting a scratch or two on the set.

Chinese Stealth Armor

If you are the kind of player that does not like to go into the ambush and prefer sneak attacks, then the Chinese Stealth Armor is the perfect choice to go for. This set was added to the expansion pack for Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage. Although the armors were designed by the Chinese and used for the invasion of Alaska. But players can acquire them to put them in use for their own benefit.

Fallout 3 Chinese Stealth Armor
Chinese Stealth Armor

At first glance, this is indeed assassin-themed apparel that not just enhances the stealth but also provides functional damage protection. The stats of the armor reveal a total of 28 Damage Resistance. Not just that but the special effects it grants are what makes Chinese Stealth armor more functional. Players wearing this armor gets +15 Sneak skill and +5 Stealth Field, which activates only when your character is crouching. The cherry on top is that this armor can turn your character invisible that will enhance your stealth abilities to sneak away from the enemies zones.

Moreover, this armor is extremely unique and will be rewarded after finishing the Operation: Anchorage storyline. If you have not completed it yet, then you may complete it first to get your hands on the highly rewarding Chinese Stealth armor. The expansion pack is really long, but it is totally worth the playthrough with such a cool reward at the end.

Ashur’s Power Armor

There are abundant Power Armors in Fallout 3. But what makes this game stand out from its predecessors is the available choices and variants that players can choose from. Ashur’s Power Armor in particular is a highly stylized variant of the T-45d Power Armor that is extremely decent from looks as well as stats.

Fallout 3 Ashur's Power Armor
Ashur’s Power Armor

Do not let your mind underestimate the abilities of this Power armor because of the rusty look. When it comes to the armor with the highest stats in Fallout 3, Ashur’s Power armor ranks higher in the list. This armor has the Damage Resistance of 40 and has a couple of unique effects for your character. The character wearing the Ashur’s Power armor will qualify for +1 Luck, +1 Charisma,+1 Strength, and +10 Radiation Resistance.

Once again you will have to get this armor from the Ashur’s body by killing it. But we would recommend considering the reverse pickpocketing strategy only after completing the Free Labor quest with Ashur.

Tesla Armor

Tesla Armor is another addition to the best armors in Fallout 3 that aids the players to dodge the damages from higher-level enemies. This is because as you proceed further in the game, things may escalate quickly and enemies are much stronger to take down. Moreover, these enemies are always trying to strike your character. Meanwhile, Tesla Power armor ensures a high degree of protection for players.

Fallout 3 Tesla Armor
Tesla Armor

The main stats for Tesla armor shows 43 Damage Resistance that is combined with +10 Energy Weapons and +20 Radiation Resistance. On top of that, Tesla Armor has a significantly lower deterioration rate, making it a more feasible option for mid to higher-level players.

However, acquiring the Tesla armor will be a cumbersome task. To get your hands on the Tesla Armor, you will have to kill Enclave Soldier or consider a reverse pickpocketing strategy. However, these strategies are not ideal because it is not easier to kill or steal an item from the Enclave Soldier undetected.

If you are lucky you can find one or two Enclave Soldiers outside Enclave Headquarters. Here you can easily take them down to loot off the Tesla armor from their dead bodies.

Winterized T-51b Power Armor

Last but not the least, Winterized T-51b is another addition to the Operation: Anchorage that offers players a unique-looking Power armor. Since it is part of the DLC, both mid to higher-level players can seek and acquire this armor. This Power armor pushes the limits of defense and adds huge damage protection for players.

Fallout 3 Winterized T-51b Power Armor
Winterized T-51b Power Armor

As for the stats, Winterized T-51b Power armor has a Damage Resistance value of 45, the highest yet for the Power armor. Meanwhile, +25 Radiation Resistance can make your character immensely powerful and immortal against the enemies and the climate of Fallout 3. The reason this variant of T-51b is called Winterized is that it has snow-camouflage with US livery, that was intended to be used for the Post-Apocalyptic war situations.

Given the consequences of the nuclear-destroyed world of Washington D.C, this Power armor fits with the world and enhances the player’s experience. Moreover, this armor is an endgame item for the Operation: Anchorage DLC. So make sure to complete the expansion’s storyline before pursuing the Winterized T-51b Power armor.

Once you have completed the questline for DLC and left the simulation in the end, you will be required to speak to the Protector McGraw. He will appreciate your work and will ask you to pay a visit to VSS Armory. Here you will see Winterized T-51b Power armor that you can claim for yourself.

Dialogue with Protector McGraw
Dialogue with Protector McGraw

Final Words

Bethesda has made sure to offer iconic armor sets and apparel that meets the players’ character development requirements as well as damage protection. Some sets are obtainable as a reward system of the game, while some require players’ unique strategy to rip it off from the NPC or steal it silently. However, it is totally up to you how you pursue the specific set to make your gameplay experience more detailed and unique.

Well, that is about it for the Fallout 3 best armor. Do you find this guide helpful for acquiring your top armor set in Fallout 3? What are your preferred armor sets and their acquiring strategy in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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