COD Modern Warfare 2: Best Assault Rifles [Top 8]

Want to find the best Assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2? Look no further than our guide to the best AR in the game.

Modern Warfare 2 Best Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are generally considered to be the go-to weapon type Modern Warfare 2. They excel in almost every quality, may it be having a fast fire rate or great range for farther shots but also retains damage and control at close range. Considering the amount of versatility in the weapon types in Modern Warfare, we would recommend checking out the Best Loadouts in Modern Warfare 2 so you can get the gist of something you might like.

Key Points

  • Cover all the Best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Each weapon.
  • Also, mentioned optimal attachments for each weapon.
  • Mentioned each weapon’s stats and reasons to choose one over the other.

Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2

Being an FPS player, you want to be at the top of your game with precise aim and perfect timing and to help increase the odds of you winning the fights, you also need the best equipment. We will now cover all the best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2 in a Ranked manner starting from the best assault rifle to the least preferred.

Kastov 762

Kastov 762, Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2
Full Reload2.6s
Tac Reload2.15s
Move Speed86%
Mag Size30

Starting off the list of the Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2, we had to mention this beast of a gun. The Kastov 762 is arguably the best gun in the game and has the potential to be the worst thing your enemies might ever face. Even though it is an assault rifle, it does share some of its traits with SMGs considering its high fire rate and amazing handling speed. Another trait that it shares with the SMGs is its light frame and large magazine.

Enough of the looks and feel of the gun, the part where it shines the most is the damage output of the gun. As an assault rifle, it has a considerably good amount of damage and is quite possibly the greatest in the entire category. The damage ranges between 77 to 35, with its profiles concerning the limb hit. It’s perfect if you like to keep a mediocre distance between your enemy and, at times, like to run it down.

The place where this weapon lacks is recoil control and the ability to shoot precisely. You can somewhat mitigate the Precision part of the gun by using the given firing modes. There are 2 firing modes, the Semi-Auto firing mode, which shoots in bursts of bullets and helps with accuracy, and the second firing mode, which is Full-Auto mode which allows you to shoot bullets in succession without any priority on accuracy.

The Kastov 762 base weapon stats are passable but not something that is worth mentioning. The best configurations of Kastov 762 make it a demon to go up against, and we will also go over the few additions to the weapon and mention a good loadout. We also mentioned the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine Amount: 40 Bullets
  2. Rear Grip: ST-70 Grip
  3. Barrel: KAS-7 406MM
  4. Muzzle: Katovia DX90


M4, one of the Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2
Full Reload2.3s
Tac Reload2.23s
Move Speed87%
Mag Size30

The optimal counterpart to the Ak-based Kastov is the Famous M4. It is very easily recognizable as one of the most used weapons, and its reliability has kept its position as one of the best Assault Rifle in modern warfare 2. The M4 has a good amount of damage with moderate accuracy, it can be used both in a close and medium range to utilize its full potential. This gun’s specialty is how fast you mow down opponents and how easily as well.

Along with its great damage output and fast reliability, it is also very customizable which allows it to be in the meta almost all the time. It is also crucial to note that this is the first Assault rifle you are given in the game, so it has an emphasis on its cruciality as the basic weapon. This gun can be used in almost every situation imaginable and always has your back, even when its long ranged fights or close-quarters duels.

The M4 also suffers from the same issues as the Kastov, which its greatest disadvantage being the Recoil. You can reduce the Recoil with a few attachments and also add further advantages to your gun.

We will mention the Best add-ons below for the M4 to help substantially improve the weapon. This will boost the performance, and we will also mention the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine Amount: 30 Bullets
  2. Rear Grip: Phantom Grip
  3. Barrel: Hightower 20 Barrel 
  4. Muzzle: Castle Comp Forge-Tac

STB 556

STB 556, one of the Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2
Full Reload3.03s
Tac Reload2.22s
Move Speed86%
Mag Size30

More commonly known as AUG, the STB 556 is a beast assault rifle if you’re looking for something that has long-range potential. It is best for people looking for an assault rifle but also wants the perks of DMR and Snipers. Its reasonable recoil control further solidified this potential use as a long-range weapon. However, if you feel like taking it to another level, using attachments will allow you to almost get rid of the recoil and make it look like you are feeling no kickback at all.

However, with so many advantages, it needs to be nerfed in some way or another to make it balanced. That’s where we will talk about its DPS due to its lower fire rate. This forbids the weapon to be good up in close range just because of its lacking fire rate and burst potential.

Different from the other guns mentioned before, this gun shines due to its recoil and stability as an assault rifle. It is perfect for you if you like to keep distance between yourself and your enemies and perhaps like the feel of an assault rifle over any other category.

We will mention the Best add-ons below for the STB 556 to help substantially improve the weapon. This will boost the performance, and we will also mention the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine: 30 Bullets
  2. Barrel: FTAC FB20
  3. Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip
  4. Comb: FTAC C11 Riser


Kastov-74U In-Game
Full Reload2.52s
Tac Reload2.13s
Move Speed93%
Mag Size30

If you want a low-skill but powerhouse of a gun, then look no further and go for the Kastov-74U. This small beast of a gun will surprise you with its light body and ability to act as an SMG while simultaneously being an Assault Rifle. With its high speed and relatively alright fire rate, it is great for running and gunning, and the damage is outrageous. It has a max damage of 77 to a minimum of 35, considering the limb hit.

The reason why it lands so low on the list is due to its bad recoil and considerably low fire rate. This enables its inability to mow down opponents with ease but can somewhat still prove to be a good weapon. However, the place where it lacks the most is most probably the range. It has very poor range and can still shoot at longer distances but is very much less effective. With a few attachments, this weapon will be on its way to being one of the top contenders in this list, and we can assure you of that.

Being a more close-quarter combat-oriented gun, you will definitely have fun sliding and shooting your enemies and dominating the close-range game. Also, the small size and light weight help with mobility, so even more bonuses.

We will mention the Best add-ons below for the Kastov-74U to help substantially improve the weapon. This will boost the performance, and we will also mention the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine: 30 Bullets
  2. Muzzle: RF Crown 50
  3. Barrel: BR209 Barrel
  4. Grip: True-Tac Grip

Lachmann 556

 Lachmann 556 In-Game
Full Reload3.43s
Tac Reload2.95s
Move Speed86%
Mag Size30

Almost similar to the M4 mentioned before but with a few tweaks here and there, and you have yourself the Lachmann 556. It is a perfect middle ground if you want something that has long range and has mediocre damage. It has a longer range than the M4 but lacks in the damage department and doesn’t hit as hard as the M4. Also, it has a very manageable recoil that is perfect for the long-range approach. So no need to swap to a different rifle style if you want something long-range; just go for the Lachmann 556.

The reason why the Lachmann 556 is this low on the list is that it is versatile but not the best at anything. For example, it might have good damage but is nowhere near the damage of the M4, while also having good accuracy and precision but still lacking compared to the STB 556. It might not be the best at anything, but being good at almost everything puts It on the list. However, if you want to use the Lachmann 556 to its true potential, stick around and check out its best attachments to utilize this gun fully.

The Lachmann 556 is a very straightforward and noncomplex gun, perfect for beginners as it has a high fire rate and relatively low damage output. Also, the low recoil helps you land shots easily, and the mobility you have with this gun is good as well.

We will mention the Best add-ons below for the Lachmann 556 to help substantially improve the weapon. This will boost the performance, and we will also mention the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine: 30 Bullets
  2. Muzzle: Echo line GS-X Suppressor 
  3. Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot
  4. Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  5. Barrel: Lach – 12

Kastov 545

Kastov 545 In-Game
Full Reload2.5s
Tac Reload2.15s
Move Speed89%
Mag Size30

As the name suggests, the Kastov 545 is similar to the other Kastov Guns, especially the Kastov-74U. These guns are very similar to the point where their coexistence is questioned. But the place where the Kastov 545 differs from the Kastov-74U is the Damage output, recoil, and range. The Kastov 545 has Less recoil comparatively and has reduced damage due to it. Also, as the recoil decreased, you can now effectively use it at a longer range.

Now the reason for the Kastov 545 to be this low is due to the existence of the Kastov-74U. It is already the perfect weapon for up close range, and being an SMG that it puts the Kastov 545 in an awkward position where it feels like an SMG but, in actuality, is an Assault rifle. There already exists a better gun (Kastov-74U), so we would not recommend using this gun entirely, but if you still insist, we have some attachments that will change the gun entirely in your favor.

With a more manageable recoil and reduced damage along with better range and mobility, some players would prefer the Kastov 545 over the Kastov-74U and this decision is the players alone to make. We would urge you to try it out to see if it really is for you.

We will mention the Best add-ons below for the Kastov 545 to help substantially improve the weapon. This will boost the performance, and we will also mention the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine: 30 Bullets
  2. Muzzle: FSS Covert V 
  3. Rear grip: Ivanov ST-70
  4. Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  5. Barrel: BR209 Barrel


M16 In-Game
Full Reload2.33s
Tac Reload2.25
Move Speed86%
Mag Size30

The M16 has been a relatively well-known Assault Rifle for a long time and was most players’ first choice in previous games, but in Modern Warfare 2, it doesn’t even come close to being the best Assault Rifle. The damage output has been reduced a lot, and it doesn’t hit as it used to before. However, with the decreased Damage output, the Recoil has been decreased as well and you have more controllability over the gun alongside extra effective range. The M16 is truly a skill-based gun as it requires you to have good aim so you can land Head and body shots accurately. It has a burst-type style and can be a deadly weapon if in the right hands.

If you are the type of person that prioritizes accuracy over everything, then the M16 is perfect for you considering it has the best accuracy and recoil for long and medium ranges. We would recommend using some Attachments to make your M16 Experience better, and we will mention some below as well.

We will mention the Best add-ons below for the M16 to help substantially improve the weapon. This will boost the performance, and we will also mention the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine: 30 Bullets
  2. Muzzle: Forge Tac Castle Comp 
  3. Underbarrel: The Vx Pineapple Vert Grip
  4. Rear grip: The Sakin ZX Grip 
  5. Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot 


TAQ-56 In-Game
Full Reload2.57s
Tac Reload2.08s
Move Speed86%
Mag Size30

The TAQ-56 comes last in the list because its existence is futile, considering we already have better options in the game. The main contender to the TAQ-56 is the M4, as it is better in every way possible. However, it isn’t completely obsolete due to the M4, it also has some advantages to using it. It has a very controllable recoil, along with good damage output and mediocre mobility. Also, It is very satisfying to get kills with it, but honestly, very hard to pick this over any other option because of how much better the other options are.

The TAQ-56 is an overall well-rounded Assault Rifle that is dependable in certain scenarios, but there are way better assault rifles to choose from as well. However, if you still want to use this AR, we would recommend using the Attachments we will share later.

We will mention the Best add-ons below for the TAQ-56 to help substantially improve the weapon. This will boost the performance, and we will also mention the Magazine size.


  1. Magazine: 30 Bullets
  2. Muzzle: Echoless-80
  3. Underbarrel: Demo IMP-44 Grip
  4. Rear grip: FSS Combat Grip
  5. Barrel: Tundra Pro Barrel


This rounds of all the Best Assault Rifles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. We have mentioned all of the Best Rifles along with their respective best Loadouts, but for more details on the Loadouts, we would recommend you check out the Best Loadouts in Modern Warfare 2 article. Also, you if you want more Modern Warfare 2 Content, Check out our articles on Best Graphics settings on PC and The Best Guns in Modern Warfare 2.

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