Best Astrologer Armor Elden Ring [Top 10]

Best Astrologer Armor Elden Ring
Best Astrologer Armor Elden Ring

Survival in the Lands Between of Elden Ring is crucial and difficult. As a new player, you are in for a lot of trouble and enemies that are always lurking in the shadows to get a piece of your character and bring your progress to a complete halt. For that instance, players have to incorporate numerous elements into the gameplay to ensure the safety of the character. Only this way they can achieve the best experience for their playstyle. One of these elements is the degree of defenses like armors that not only offers Damage Negation but also fit their playstyle. Since beginner players pick Astrologer class for balanced and engaging gameplay, they also seek the best astrologer armor Elden Ring to keep a safe side from potential threats. 

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For those who do not know, the Astrologer class starts off as a Mage build to utilize the powers of spells and incantations in the magical world. Beating the beasts of the Lands Between requires more than just metal swords and arrows. If you are also one of those players that want to do a little more damage with magic-focused gameplay, then Astrologer is the perfect class to go for. At the same time, you might also want to pick Elden Ring best Astrologer armor sets. However, hunting down the best one is the crux of the matter, since there are dozens of sets available for players. To ease the dilemma, this guide entails the top Astrologer armor Elden Ring that you can find both early and end-game. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Best Astrologer Armor Elden Ring

As you might already be aware that Elden Ring’s armors are not individual items. But they are made up of items like Gloves, Gauntlets, Helmets, and Chest Pieces. You will have to obtain these items to complete the armor set for the Astrologer class.

Moreover, the Astrologer class builds focus heavily on Intelligence and Mind to use the Sorceries and cast the Spells. For that instance, you will need to find specific armor sets that will benefit these stats through attributes or bonus effects for your build. With that said, let’s discuss the top 10 Astrologer armors that you can obtain for your desired playstyle. 

Sage Set

Although, you will be starting with the Astrologer set which is also a pretty good lightweight armor. But Sage Set will push the boundaries for the gameplay experience under the Astrologer class. Sage set fits the environment and the performance aspect of the class, thus allowing players to make the most out of their gameplay. 

Unfortunately, the Sage set is not ideal for Physical Damage Negation. But what this set lacks in the Physical Damage it makes up for is Magic, Fire, and Light Damage Negation. Sage set offers values of 25.9 for Magic, 24.2 for Fire, and 24.9 for Light Damage Negation. Considering these stats, early-level players can easily start off an overpowered character early in the game. 

Elden Ring Sage Set
Sage Set

What makes this set best for Astrologer build is the lightweight and boost effects for Vitality and Focus Resistance. As a magic build, you will need a lot of defensive strategies to gain resistance from instant death after the battle and boss fights. This is because your character will heavily rely on the weapon incantations and Spells to deal magic damage to the enemies. On the other side, it is essential to keep a safe side from the incoming strikes by faster dodge and movements. 

Obtaining the Sage armor set is no easy feat and requires the best weapons and defenses to make your way through the dungeon. For that, you will be visiting Stillwater Cave at the Liurnia of Lakes. Here you will find a path with a jellyfish-like creature in between the mountains. Prepare to engage in combat with Servants of Rot and Giant Bat in the cave. It is best advised to use ranged weapons as these enemies are fast and will test your character in close-range combat. 

After the battle, you will find an acidic lake inside the cave. You will find a corpse with the full Sage set available to claim for yourself. 

Snow Witch Armor Set

Like Sage set you will not have to worry about Physical Damage Negation. This is because you will be playing magic-focused playthrough to make use of Staffs dishing out damage and completely obliterating enemies. Snow Witch set is one particular armor that will greatly benefit players in defensive needs for gameplay. 

As for the looks, Snow Witch armor gives the looks of a supreme sorcerer. Apart from the looks, Snow Witch set stands out for Astrologer builds because of the unique effect on Cold Sorceries. The complete set comprises four armor pieces that include Helmet, Chest Piece, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor. However, the Helmet piece will grant 10% more Cold Sorcery effect to deal more damage to the enemies. 

Elden Ring Snow Witch Set
Snow Witch Set

Speaking of damage, Snow Witch set grants 25 for Magic, Holy, and Fire Damage Negation. Meanwhile, players will also gain 24.7 for Lightening. These stats show that the complete set is a must-have during the battle with your worst enemies and boss fights. 

Elden Ring Renna Rise
Renna’s Rise

Obtaining the full set of Snow Witch armor requires story progression. You must have at least completed the “Ranni the Witch” questlines to gain access to the location known as Renna’s Rise. Once you have completed the questline, you will have to go to the upper floor in the Renna’s Rise. The best approach is through the back door in the location that will take you all the way to the upper floor. Here you will find a chest with the full Snow Witch set. 

Crucible Axe Set

Crucible Axe is a heavy-weight armor entry in the best Astrologer armor in Elden Ring. Unlike previous sets, Crucible Axe makes up for both Physical and Magical Damage defenses. Since your Astrologer character will not invest heavily in Endurance, which is important for the Poise and resistances, Crucible Axe set will yield the best stats that go hand in hand for both Strength and Mage-focused builds. 

Elden Ring Crucible Axe Set
Crucible Axe Set

Crucible Axe stats include a whooping 38.3 Physical Damage Negation that will assist in the close-range melee combat. On the other side, 28.2 Magic and 27.9 Fire Damage Negation will push your character’s defenses even further. Not just that but Crucible Axe set also adds a 3.5% damage boost to the Aspect of the Crucible Incantations. These Incantations are dropped by the Crucible Knight Ordovis that is also wearing the Crucible Axe set. 

Obtaining the full set of Crucible Axe is another crux of the matter. There is only one approach to acquire the armor and that is by defeating the Crucible Knight Ordovis boss. To engage in the fight, you will have to pay a visit to the Altus Plateau and go to the Azuria Hero‘s Grave. It can be found on the north of the Leyndell Royal Capital. Here you will fight with the mighty Crucible Knight Ordovis that will reward you by dropping the heavy Crucible Axe set. 

Queen of the Full Moon Set

Queen of the Full Moon set is another Astrologer armor in Elden Ring that grants defensive stats and unique effects to your character. The cherry on top is the fashion statement, especially for the Astrologer class. Although it will involve a story progression to obtain. But, it is surely worth the wait for your ideal sorcerer-style playthrough. 

Elden Ring Queen of the Full Moon Set
Queen of the Full Moon Set

Queen of the Full Moon set is also a four-piece armor set that specializes in offering the best Magic and Fire Damage Negation to players. The Physical Damage Negation stands at the value of 12.3. However, the Magic and Fire Damage Negation values for the Queen of the Full Moon set are 29.7 and 27 respectively. 

As said earlier, acquiring the full set will involve story progression until Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon boss fight. You will be defeating the queen as a part of the storyline quest. However, players will not receive the Queen of the Full Moon set as a reward drop from the boss fight. In fact, you will have to purchase it from the Enia in the Roundtable Hold. 

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

When it comes to the Astrologer armor sets in Elden Ring, the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer’s set is not an exception. It is the prime choice of players that are seeking mage character builds in the game. Despite the heavy helmet, the full set of the Raya Lucarian is a lightweight armor with the best stats for early-level players. Plus, it offers balanced values for Physical and Magic Damage defenses making it the perfect choice to go for under Astrologer class. 

Elden Ring Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set
Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

Since it is an entry-level item, the complete set will offer 16.5 Magic and 23.5 Fire Damage Negation. Moreover, you will also gain 20.9 Holy Damage Negation making the complete set a defensive package for beginner players. Apart from the bulky Karolos Glintstone helmet, the robe and manchettes give a unique characteristic to your Astrologer build. 

Elden Ring Academy of Raya Lucaria
Academy of Raya Lucaria

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer is fairly easy to acquire for both beginner and mid-level players. You will be farming on the Raya Lucarian Sorcerers that can be easily found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Killing them will allow you to loot the full set from the corpse. 

Azur’s Glintstone Set

Glintstones are the magical items that you will hear often in the game. At the same time, you will also encounter interactable items that wield the power of these magical stones to grant unique abilities to your character. This brings us to the next best Astrologer armor in Elden Ring, Azur’s Glintstone set. This four-piece armor gives a greenish hellish look, that will keep the enemies away at the safe distance. 

Elden Ring Azur's Glintstone Set
Azur’s Glintstone Set

On the other side, the complete set goes hand in hand with the Astrologer Mage builds because of the creative texture and coloring on the armor. Even better are the stats for the medium-higher-level players. Azur’s Glintstone set offers 24.6 Magic and 22 Holy Damage Negation. With these stats, players will not have to worry about engaging in both hordes of enemies and boss fights. 

Azur’s Glintstone set can only be found after a certain story progression. You will have to complete Sorcerers Sellen’s questline to get the reward of Azur’s Glintstone set. But, that comes with one major requirement of siding with her. After that, you will have to return to Primeval Sorcerer’s Azur to get your full set of Azur’s Glintstone armor. 

Alberich’s Set

It can be hard to settle on a perfect armor that not only matches your defensive requirements but also sets the stage for your Astrologer builds. Alberich’s Set is the one particular armor available in the game that is an all-rounder for Mage character builds. If that does not grab your attention, then the Glintstone on the set surely will. This is because these Glintstones represent the blood of the character of the sacrifice has made that will boost the Sorceries. 

Like other sets, Alerbich’s Set also comes with four armor pieces. The complete set will grant 27.9 Magic, 25.8 Fire, and 27.9 Holy Damage Negation. Plus, you will gain a 5% boost of damage on the Aberrant Sorceries. 

Elden Ring Alberich's Set
Alberich’s Set

Players can easily obtain their full set of Alberich armor. All you need to do is to visit the City of Leyndell. Here you will be going near the Fortified Manor. However, firstly you might want to hit up the Site of Grace that is near the location to find the Alberich’s Set. This site can be found in the West Capital Rampart. Moreover, you will also have to prepare yourself for a boss fight with Tree Sentinel that will put everything to halt your progress of hunting Alberich’s set. 

Once you are inside the city, you will have to go to the top floor and use the Dragon wings to climb up to get to the Fortified Manor. If you have progressed the storyline and reached the Roundtable Hold, you will find a replica of the same Roundtable Hold location here in the Fortified Manor. Going past the table will give you access to the down floor. Here you will see a corpse in the ground that will give you the Alberich’s set. 

Spellblade Set

As the name implies, Spellblade Set enhances the magic and frost weapon damage up to 2%. Sadly, you will not gain any boosts for Spells for this particular armor. However, it will make up for the unique effect by offering ideal Damage Negation stats early on in the game. If that still does not amuse you, then you should definitely consider the Glintstone sorceries boost on all pieces.

Elden Ring Spellblade Set
Spellblade Set

Speaking of Damage Negation, Spellblade set stats show Magic and Holy Damage Negation of 27.6. Getting this early on in the game is highly recommended since you are going to need a higher damage boost to defeat enemies. 

Spellblade set is dropped by the Sorcerer Rogier, that is found roaming around the Roundtable Hold. Once you have defeated the Godrick the Grafted, you can return to the Roundtable Hold to speak to the Sorcerer Rogier. Here you will be starting his side of questline, which you might want to complete yourself to avoid any spoilers. In the end, he will drop the unique-looking Spellblade set. 

Blackflame Monk Set

Blackflame Monk can easily become the best Astrologer armor in Elden Ring. Thanks to the best defensive stats and easily accessible location, Blackflame Monk is the prime choice among players that seek Mage builds under Astrologer class. 

Elden Ring Blackflame Monk Set
Blackflame Monk Set

The huge chest piece, helmet, gauntlet, and leg armor give your character a supreme sorcerer look that stops at nothing. It offers both Physical and Magical Damage Negation with stats values at 28.9 and 21.3 respectively. On the other side, it is worn by the Blackflame Monk enemies that are found easily around the map and can be farmed to obtain the complete set. 

Elden Ring Divine Tower of Caelid location
Divine Tower of Caelid location

One of the best farming locations is the Divine Tower of Caelid. Here you will have to gain access to the basement. This process is going to involve parkour, so watch your step to avoid dying while making progress. Farm on the Blackflame Monk until you obtain all four armor pieces. 

Carian Knight Set

Carian Knight set might look more like a warrior armor set. But it is an all-rounder for both Physical and Magical defenses. Worn by the enchanted Knights of the Carian Royal Family, the complete set is a medium-weight armor set that stands out among all sets. 

Elden Ring Carian Knight Set
Carian Knight Set

Carian Knight set also consists of four armor pieces. These combined give 25.8 Physical and Holy Damage Negation. While Magic Damage Negation value stands at 27. Plus, it is the most aesthetically pleasing choice because of the shiny armor and robe. 

Here is the complete guide on how you can obtain the full set of Carian Knight armor. Follow each step to easily get the armor early in the game and enhance your defenses for the worst enemy encounters in Elden Ring. 

As an Astrologer build, you still have plenty of options to acquire and utilize anything you can find in the game. The choice depends on your playstyle and defensive needs. However, it is highly recommended to pursue light-to-medium weight armor set as they will promote faster action and strike dodges. On the other side, you can mix and match different sets to get unique stat values and fast-rolling during combat. 

That is about it for the top 10 armor sets for Astrologer class in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your set of best Astrologer armor in Elden Ring? What is your go-to set for Mage builds in boss fights and regular enemies? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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