Best Axe Pommel God of War

Finding the ideal pommel for your Leviathan Axe can be quite troublesome. This guide will show you the 8 best axe pommel in God of War

Best Axe Pommel God of War
Best Axe Pommel God of War

The latest entry in the God of War series offers players a wide variety of weapons to pick from and try out. Kratos uses the Leviathan Axe as his main weapon this time around, and there are tons of upgrades you can do. One of these important upgrades comes in the shape of the axe pommel. This is why this guide is all about the Best Axe Pommel God of War.

Since there are a lot of pommels to choose from, we will be focusing on the top 8 which will make you destroy your enemies. Just like the best talisman, let’s dive straight in.

There are certainly some superb pommels to try out. However, the ones listed here will help you out even in the endgame. You can use these pommels and defeat even the toughest of bosses. Some of these are better than others but it truly depends on your playstyle and builds.


Best Axe Pommel God of War
Blightbringer stats

Starting with one of the best defensive pommels in God of War. If you are going for a defense-heavy build, this pommel will be the icing on the cake. It offers you a massive 15 defense, 8 runic, and 12 strength. Not only that, but it also has a special passive ability.

On every successful hit, you have a slight chance of inflicting a curse on enemies. This curse applies weakness to them and all your subsequent attacks will deal increased damage. The passive – while not that good against smaller enemies, is superb against bosses with a big health bar. You will deal enhanced damage to bosses and destroy their HP swiftly.


Best Axe Pommel God of War
Locating the Mistbourne

Considered by many as the Best Axe Pommel in God of War, you can unlock this after doing a side quest for Sindri. Completing this side quest can take effort as it requires you to close all three Realm Tears in Niflheim. After closing all three, you will have to deal with the remaining enemies.

Another tear will open up and you can reach inside to receive this pommel as a reward. It offers you 12 strength, 6 defense, and 15 vitality. The vitality stat is extremely useful as it grants you additional health as well as reduces the time enemies can stun you.

Plus, the passive has a slight chance to give health regeneration and enhance runic damage. This passive – like the previous pommel’s passive, activates when you successfully attack enemies. While it doesn’t sound all that impressive, it can save you from danger. If you are building a vitality/strength build, I would highly recommend picking this pommel as it is extremely good.

Valkyrie’s Might

Obtaining the Valkyrie’s Might after defeating Eir

If you think the previous pommel was difficult to obtain, this one easily takes the cake. To unlock this pommel, you have to defeat the Valkyrie called Eir. She is located in Midgard; in the Chamber of Odin. You unlock this area about mid-way through the game so you will be prepared to take on difficult enemies. Keep in mind that some players claimed that they got this from defeating a Valkyrie other than Eir.

Regardless of how you obtain it, this is a strong pommel that gives you 10 strength, 10 runic, and 16 luck. Luck is a useful and rare stat in God of War as it increases the chance of activating passive skills. Not only that, but it also increases your hacksilver – the currency in the game – drop rate as well as granting you more XP.

Alongside proving all those amazing stats, this pommel also has a strong passive. Upon hitting enemies, your attacks have a slight chance of causing a small explosion. This is superb as you not only deal additional damage to a target but also hold back enemies if they surround you. The explosion can give you ample room to dodge and get your bearing if you feel overwhelmed. The majority of the enemies will get staggered or get knocked down due to this explosion.


Best Axe Pommel God of War
Description and stats for Retribution

Retribution is an epic axe pommel that might be the most difficult to obtain as compared to the rest. It can only be obtained once you defeat all of the Valkyries and kill their queen – Sigrun. Let me just say that this is an extremely challenging task and only the most determined players can do it. However, once you do receive it, this pommel is excellent.

It offers you 12 strength, 10 luck, and 15 cooldown. The cooldown comes in really handy as it decreases the cooldown of all of your runic attacks. Having a short cooldown will assist you greatly as you will be able to use your runic attacks without much delay. This makes boss fights a breeze.

The passive of this pommel allows the player to deal massive amounts of damage when recalling or throwing your axe. This is extremely useful as you will be throwing your axe a lot in fights to land ideal combos. Much like Valkyrie’s Might, Retribution also has a passive that has a chance to deal explosion damage on successful hits. Having two special abilities makes this pommel that much better and diverse.

Wing of the Fallen

Wing of the Fallen pommel display

You can receive Wing of the Fallen after defeating the mighty Valkyrie Hildr. She is found in the realm of Niflheim. Hildr is a strong foe but with enough preparation and determination; you will bring her down. Wing of the Fallen offer players with 16 strength and 6 cooldown. This is a step down from the usual three stat boosts of the previous pommels.

However, the reason it made the list is because of its special power. Upon killing an enemy, you have a chance of activating the Power of Valkyrie. It allows you to increase your strength and runic stats. The best part is that this passive can stack three times.

Once fully stacked, you will gain immense strength as well as a decent runic stat boost alongside the 6 cooldown already given. The only downside I can see of this axe pommel is that you have to constantly get three or four kills in a row for it to be at its full potential. There is some confusion regarding the passive of this pommel so I would like to clarify that.

Only the initial ability has a slight chance of activation. Once it activates, the next three kills will always stack. Otherwise, it would be near impossible to stack this pommel.

Hreazla Farmadr’s Grip

Best Axe Pommel God of War
Complete the “Family Business” sidequest to unlock this

Completing a side quest for Sindri will unlock this pommel for you. Find the whetstone and deliver it to Sindri to get rewarded with this. It offers you 2 strength, 6 vitality, and 13 luck. While the stats are not impressive, the 13 luck really comes in handy. As you’ve already guessed, this pommel is ideal if you are going for the luck build.

Plus, it has a slight chance of instantly restoring a chunk of your HP on successful kills. The luck boost assists greatly as your chances are increased which is a huge help. Suddenly recovering HP can be a lifesaver in most cases. However, in one of one boss fights, this pommel doesn’t have much use since you cannot kill smaller enemies to restore HP.

Grip of Tanngiost

Best Axe Pommel God of War
The Grip of Tanngiost in new game+

To obtain this pommel, speak to a spirit located at the base of the statue of Thor. Complete the spirits side quest called Hammer Fall and he will reward you with this pommel. I like this pommel as it is great at dealing with multiple enemies. You will easily take down a group of enemies due to its strong passive.

The passive allows your attacks to cause an explosion of lightning that will apply the shock effect on all nearby enemies. Every enemy that has the shock effect on them will take damage from you regardless of who you attack. You can chain your combos and every enemy with the effect will take damage. This is especially great if you combine it with Atreus’ shock arrows.

Forbidden Grip of the Ages

Solve the secret puzzle to unlock this

This is my favorite pommel in God of War, especially in the early-mid game. You have to solve a puzzle which can be found on the cloth map available with the special edition of the game. Worry not, if you do not have that edition, you can look up a tutorial on how to solve the puzzle and receive this pommel.

It offers the player a bunch of helpful stats. You get 8 strength, 6 runic, 6 defense, 6 vitality, 6 luck, and 6 cooldown. All of these stats are helpful especially during the earlier part of God of War. Along with providing so many useful stats, you also fire a concussive wave at the end of your basic combo. That wave can stagger enemies for you to easily take them out. I would highly advise using this pommel for the early-mid game as it is highly beneficial.


All of these are extremely useful and can help you in almost any situation. Depending on your playstyle and the build you are going for, pick the respective pommel and you’ll easily defeat enemies. Some of the pommels take a long time to unlock but all of them are worth it.

With that being said, we are now at the end of our guide on the Best Axe Pommel God of War. I hope this guide assisted you with picking the ideal pommel for your Leviathan Axe. Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite pommel and why.

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