Overwatch 2 Best Characters: Tank, DPS, & Support [2023]

Want to find out the Best Characters in Overwatch 2? Well look no further, here are the Best DPS, Tank, Support & overall characters.

Overwatch 2 best Characters
Guide to the Best Characters in Overwatch 2

As overwatch offers different characters to play and experiment with, people tend to find their main characters through training and guides. Character selection is very crucial for players to win the game because they need characters that synergize with their playstyle the best. To talk more about the best characters in Overwatch 2 objectively, stick around, as we will cover all of them from every subcategory.

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 has three classes: Tanks, Damage, and Support.
  • The top Tanks in Overwatch 2 are D.va, Winston, Zarya, and Sigma.
  • Genji, Soldier 76, Tracer, Ashe, and Sombra are the top five Damage-dealing (DPS) characters in Overwatch 2.
  • Overwatch 2’s top 5 Support characters are Kiriko, Lucio, Ana, Brigitte, Mercy, and Baptiste.

Overwatch 2 Best Characters Comparison

NoNamesHeroWeaponEffect typeDamageFire rateAmmoReload time
1D.VaD.VaFusion CannonsShotgun (Hitscan)0.6-26.667 shots per second
D.VaLight gunProjectile147 rounds per second201.4 second
2WinstonWinstonTesla CannonBeam (Multi-target)60 per second1001.7 seconds animation
WinstonTesla CannonBeam15-501.2 seconds for full charge
3ZaryaZaryaParticle CannonBeam85 per second at(0%) 170 per second at (100%)20 rounds per second1001.5 seconds animation
ZaryaParticle Cannon Alt fireArcing projectile
Area of effect
Enemy:9.4-47 (at 0%)
Enemy: 19-95 (at 100%)
Self: 4.7-23.5 (at 0%)
Self: 4.7-23.5 (at 0%)
Self: 9.5-47.5 (at 100%)
1-second recovery
0.5 seconds recovery for primary
1001.5 seconds animation
4SigmaSigmaHyperspheresArcing projectile
Area of effect
2 charges per burst, each:55 direct damage
9 - 30 splash damage
9 - 30 splash damage
2.25 - 7.5 self-damage
2 shots per 1.5 seconds
5GenjiGenjiShurikenProjectile273 shurikens per 0.88 seconds241.5 seconds animation
GenjiShuriken Alt fireProjectile273 shurikens per 0.68 seconds241.5 seconds animation
GenjiDragon BladeMelee1101 swing per 0.9 seconds-
6Soldier-76Soldier-76Heavy Pulse RifleHitscan5.4-189 rounds per second
~0.22 seconds recovery for the shoot if stops
7TracerTracerPulse PistolsHitscan1.5-5.5 per bullet 3-11 per shot20 shots per second401-second animation
8AsheAsheThe ViperHitscan12-40~0.22-second recovery
(3.75 shots per second)
120.5 seconds (initial animation)
+0.25 seconds per bullet
3.5 seconds (Full reload animation)
AsheThe Viper(ADS)Hitscan22.5-750.65-second recovery120.5 seconds (initial animation)
+0.25 seconds per bullet
3.5 seconds (Full reload animation)
9SombraSombraMachine PistolHitscan2.25-7.520 rounds per second
0.16 seconds recovery for the shoot if stops
601.4 seconds animation
10KirikoKirikoHealing OfudaProjectile~0.2 seconds per burst#1-second ammo recovery
Full clip every ~1.8 seconds
KirikoKunaiProjectile40 - 120 (Body/Headshot)1 shot per .55 seconds151 second
11LúcioLúcioSonic Amplifier201 burst per 0.93 seconds
recovery stops while using melee
201.5 seconds Animation
12AnaAnaBiotic RifleProjectile (unscoped)
Hitscan (scoped)
75 over 0.58 seconds0.8 seconds recovery
Recovery stops while using melee
Recovery stops while zooming in/out
151.5 seconds animation
14MercyMercyCaduceus StaffTargeted (lock-on)+30% damage amplified1.4 seconds
MercyCaduceus BlasterProjectile205 rounds per second25
15BaptisteBaptisteRocket FlailMelee351 swing per 0.6 seconds

Characters in Overwatch 2

Before we give a rundown on the best characters in Overwatch 2, we need to brief a little bit on how these characters are divided into different categories and how you can unlock them. For a chance to dominate the game, you need to have a good team comp which includes the best characters that synergize with your play style, so to learn more about the best team comps, check out our article on it.

With the new release, a few changes have been made to the gameplay. These changes have entirely shifted the meta, and players are more likely to opt for different DPS champs. However, we need to elaborate more on the available classes in the game. There are basically 3 classes in Overwatch 2:

  1. Tanks are the ones that absorb all the damage from the enemies and make sure that their damage dealers and allies stay alive.
  2. Damage (DPS), this class is quite self-explanatory as it basically does what it’s called, and that is deal damage.
  3. Supports, this class is arguably one of the most crucial classes in-game as it allows you to support your team in multiple different ways, such as providing movement speed, shield, healing, and much more. They also have some quirky abilities themselves that allow them to perform much better.

Now that we have stated all the classes, it is also crucial to know that there is a limitation in the game to choosing the amount of a certain class. For example, the team composition is divided into 1 Tank character, 2 Support characters, and 2 Damage characters.

With a total of 35 characters, it could get confusing as to which character to choose, but don’t fret, we have you covered. It is also very crucial to know how to unlock these characters and for more details on it, check out our guide on How to Unlock All Heroes in Overwatch 2. Now let’s get into it

Best Tank Characters in Overwatch 2

Starting off with the best Tank Characters in Overwatch 2. Tanks, in general are like punching bags, they primarily absorb massive amounts of damage while keeping their allies alive. They also act as frontlines in 5v5 all-out scenarios.

The Best Tank Characters in Overwatch 2 are as stated:

  1. D.va
  2. Winston
  3. Zarya
  4. Sigma

We have stated all their abilities and playstyles below for more detailed information on these characters.


D.va Abilities in Overwatch 2
WeaponFusion CannonsLight gun
Effect typeShotgun (Hitscan)Projectile
Damage falloff range10.20m
Proj. speed50 meters per second
Fire rate6.667 shots per second7 rounds per second
Reload time1.4 second

Starting off with one of the most iconic Overwatch Champions, D.va. Also referred to as the Mech because she literally sits in a big mech. With a well-rounded kit and her playstyle, she is arguably one of the best tanks in the game. Along with being a tank, she is super mobile, which helps her utilize her kit in bringing down squirmy damage and supports character in the enemy’s backlines.

In her kit, she has a total of 4 Weapons and ultimate, 3 Abilities, and 2 passives which make her kit, in some way or another, broken. Let’s talk more about them in detail.

Fusion Cannons

On the close range, D.va has the ability to opt for a shotgun-based weapon. This ability is known as the fusion cannon, which does a mediocre amount of damage in close proximity but has a shorter range. The damage falloff would be around 15m and has a relatively large spread. If you like getting into the enemy’s face and blasting them off, this is the perfect choice for you.

Light gun

As every champion has a basic weapon for their basic attacks, which are enabled by the left click of the mouse, D.va also has something similar to offer. It is the Light gun, a projectile-based weapon with very good damage. To be accurate in its specification, this weapon has a damage of 14 with a fire rate of 7 Shots/Second. The reload speeds are also very minimal, around 1.4 seconds, and give you a total of 20 ammo.

Self Destruct and Call Mech

This ability is clearly expressed and works just as it is stated, D.va just straight up explodes. This is Ultimate for D.va mech and has massive amounts of damage that can really tilt your opponents if they have the misfortune to be close to you at the time of use. This ability has an effective radius of 20 Meters and can deal 95-1000 Damage. However, the only downside to its use is the wind-up time. It takes a very long 3 seconds for it to be cast fully and can be dodged by enemies who see it coming.

The self-destruct feature works in synchrony with the Call Mech feature allowing D.va to exist her Previous mech, Overload it and make it explode, and then when she needs another mech, she presses her ultimate button once again to be greeted by yet another mech.


This ability is essentially a dash. Having thrusters on the Mech allows D.va to dash in the direction she is facing. Using this ability also gives her the option to dash into the air, and it is the main part of her kit’s Mobility aspect.

Defense Matrix

The Defense Matrix is plausibly the most critical part of D.va’s kit. It’s an extremely strong ability that allows her to counter a large number of attacks and abilities. It works that any ability or projectiles being targeted toward you will be nullified by deflecting them. This ability has a duration of a maximum of 3 seconds and a minimum of half a second, with an extremely low cooldown to cast.

Micro Missiles

This ability is an Area of Effect (AOE) type and basically shoots out small rocket-type projectiles called Micro Missiles. These missiles move very fast and have an AOE of 1.5 meters in radius.

Eject and Passive

This ability is not in any way advantageous to D.va in the aggressive sense, it basically gives her an escape route out of her mech that could quite possibly be under the threat of the enemy. It allows her to get out of her mech safely, and during the casting time, she will be invulnerable for around 1-2 seconds. She also has this passive ability that allows her to take less Knockback.

This kit rounds D.va as a very versatile character option, primarily as a Tank. However, you can also go defensive and aggressive, depending on your playstyle.


Winston in Overwatch 2
WeaponTesla CannonTesla Cannon Alt fire
Effect typeBeam (Multi-target)Beam
Damage60 per second15-50
Damage falloff range10.20m
Range8 meters30 meters
Radius6-meter width
Fire rate1.2 seconds for full charge
Reload time1.7 seconds animation

Secondly, we have the OG Tank, Winston. As a tank, he primarily has to act as frontline and defend his team, but his kit allows him to do so much more. He has more burst damage potential now and can finish enemies off in a flash. His charge attack also serves as a play setter for Winston because it allows him to do so many things and opens up possibilities for plays. Winston is more of a heads-on character whose main approach is to get into the enemy’s face and do what Tanks essentially do.

His kit has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 1 passive. An overall well-rounded kit for a Tank; let’s talk more about them.

Tesla Cannon

As we talked about before, Every character has somewhat of a main weapon that is their basic ability/weapon. Winston has the Trusty Tesla Cannon. If you left-click with the Tesla cannon, you fire a cone-shaped attack that does a mediocre amount of damage, but you also have the ability to hold the right-click and charge the weapon. This charged weapon attack focuses the electrical energy and releases it to do burst damage.

Being a Tank, Winston doesn’t do a considerable amount of damage, but he can still provide some aggressive support.

Primal Rage

Primal rage is the Ultimate ability for, Winston and makes him go ham on his opponents. This allows him to gain 850 Health and armor points of around 150, which also benefits from his increased movement speed of 30%. Along with all these buffs, he goes into all Melee-type attacks and does 40 Damage on every hit. This ultimate ability is perfect when you have to jump into the enemy’s team and do some beatings. It also has a relatively low cast time of only 0.5 seconds.

Jump Pack

One of the Basic Abilities in Winston’s Kit is the Jump Pack. This ability allows him to jump a good amount of distance and also deal damage to wherever he lands. It is a great ability to cover the distance between your enemies, and also, if all the enemies are grouped together, jumping in their vicinity would allow you to damage every single person.

Barrier Projection

The Barrier Projection ability is what makes Winston a good tank. It gives Winston a shield/barrier against the enemy’s damage and allows him to soak up a good amount of hits. This shield/barrier has a health of 700, so you can soak up a considerable amount of damage, and it also lasts for 8 seconds when active. This barrier has a radius of 5 Meters around Winston, making it a big shield, and has a very low cast time of 0.1 seconds.


Zarya in Overwatch 2
WeaponParticle CannonParticle Cannon Alt fire
Effect typeBeam Arcing projectile
Area of effect
Damage85 per second at(0%) 170 per second at (100%)Enemy:9.4-47 (at 0%)
Enemy: 19-95 (at 100%)
Self: 4.7-23.5 (at 0%)
Self: 9.5-47.5 (at 100%)
Damage falloff range
Proj. speed25 meters per second
Range15 meters
Radius0.15-meter beam width2.5-meter radius (explosion)
0.2-meter radius (projectile)
Fire rate20 rounds per second1-second recovery
0.5 seconds recovery for primary
Reload time1.5 seconds animation1.5 seconds animation

Another Tank that makes it to the best Tank character in Overwatch 2 list is Zarya. Zarya is a tank that most people have mixed feelings about, but she objectively shines as a great character option. Some people rate her as the best tank, while others don’t even consider her on their top list.

Zarya being a Tank, has some of the best Damage output with her Bubbles and cannon. She can even dish out more damage than some DPS characters if you properly play her well and utilize her abilities. She is a solid pick against a heavy attack-focused enemy team and can potentially turn the game around for your team.

In her kit, she has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 2 passives. It’s not an elaborate kit, but it gets the job done. Let’s talk more about them in detail.

Particle Cannon

Zarya’s basic weapon is the Particle cannon. This absolute monstrosity of a weapon is very complex to comprehend because it relies on Zarya’s passive and can also act independently as well. It has two attack types, each one triggered by the mouse buttons. The first one is a beam-type attack that does a good amount of damage ranging from around 75 damage/second to 170 damage/second, depending on how charged the weapon is.

The secondary attack for the Particle cannon is a grenade launcher for Energy(Passive). It has a range drop-off and acts like a normal grenade launcher except for the fact that it provides Zarya with Movement speed by hitting enemies. It is an AOE attack with a particularly small radius.

Gravitation Surge

This is the Ultimate ability of Zarya and is basically a projectile that acts as a gravity surge grenade. Once you throw it, it damages in an AOE and does 5 damage/second while stacking. This can stack up to 17.5 damage and has an ability time of 3 and a half seconds.

Particle Barrier

This ability is plausibly one of the best abilities in Zarya’s kit and is the reason why most people like playing her as a tank. As the name suggests, she gets a personal barrier/shield around her, which prevents her from taking any damage. Even though this shield has low health, around 200 and a small radius around Zarya of 1.5 meters, it helps in increasing the Energy(passive) for Zarya, which helps her output damage.

Projected Barrier

Now we know Zarya is strictly a tank, but she also possesses some Support type abilities like the Projected barrier. This allows Zarya to a barrier/shield around an ally. It has the same amount of health as the Particle barrier, which is around 200, and also lasts for a good amount of time, ranging around 2.5 seconds.


This is Zarya’s passive. Energy is converted from the foe’s damage, and translated into the damage output from Particle Cannon. In simpler terms, the more damage you soak up with your barriers and shields, the more damage you deal. This energy concept ties up her entire kit and makes her a formidable foe to go up against.

The details for the Energy use are as goes. The use of energy in the Particle cannon will lower by a 2.2% rate.


Sigma, on of the Best Characters in Overwatch 2
Effect typeArcing projectile
Area of effect
Damage2 charges per burst, each:
55 direct damage
9 - 30 splash damage
2.25 - 7.5 self-damage
Proj. speed50 meters per second
Range22 meters
Radius3-meter implosion radius
Fire rate2 shots per 1.5 seconds

Another Tank that scores high on the Best Tank Characters tier list for Overwatch 2 is Sigma. Sigma has recently become part of the Meta due to his buffs and increased HP, which rounds up to 550 now. With the help of the new buffs, he can now dish out a respectable amount of damage as well. The skill ceiling for Sigma might be a little high because of his ability to do almost anything. His ability set is very diverse, giving the player more freedom and reason to choose Sigma as the primary tank in a team.

In Sigma’s kit, he has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 3 Abilities, and 1 passive. A versatile kit that allows him to do almost anything and everything.


As we stated before, every champ has a basic weapon. Well, technically, Sigma doesn’t have a weapon, to say the least, but he does have small ball-like throwables called hyperspheres. They are and have a range drop-off. At a single time, he can throw out 2 of these spheres and initially do 55 damage to his foes, and because of the ability of these hyperspheres to implode, it also does splash damage. This after-damage has a range of 30 maximum to 9 minimum damage and has its effects in an AOE of 3 meters diameter.

Gravity Flux

Gravity flux is Sigma’s Ultimate ability. This is one really cool ultimate ability and basically just lifts your enemies from the ground and slams them back into it. It is an AOE ability, and when it lifts the enemies, it instantly deals 50 damage; when it slams the enemies back into the ground, it does half of the enemy’s entire health as damage. The AOE effect for this ability has some specifics to it, such as the ability’s entire radius would be around 7 meters, and the enemies which get lifted could go up to 10 meters in height.

Kinetic Grasp

The Tank ability that lands Sigma in the Tank category is the Kinetic Grasp. This ability allows Sigma to absorb all the damage in a direction and then convert a percentage of the damage into shielding for Sigma himself. This percentage is 60% of all the damage taken. The ability to absorb the damage lasts for around 2 seconds, and the shield remains until they are broken.


Accretion is basically like his main attack, Hyperspheres but on a larger scale. Compared to the small sphere, in Accretion, he lifts debris and throws it at his enemies. This debris moves in a projection of an arc and also does splash damage after primary damage has been dealt with. The on-hit damage is 70, and the splash is max 40 and min 12.

Experimental barrier

The last ability besides his passive(Reduced knockback from enemies) is the Experimental barrier. It is essentially a barrier that Sigma can control and make it levitate in the air. It acts as a normal barrier and has nothing special other than the fact it can gain its health back every second. The effective range and radius for this barrier are around 4.5 meters in height and a 5m wide dimension as well.

Best Damage (DPS) Characters in Overwatch 2

Damage-oriented characters, also known as DPS characters, are the main damage output for your team. It’s quite self-explanatory how they work, but DPS characters are usually squishy and die easily. They can also dish out ungodly amounts of damage to end opponents in seconds. They are also responsible for the Kill participation for your team and rely on other supporting and tank champs to make openings for them to shine.

The 5 Best Damage (DPS) Characters in Overwatch 2 have been mentioned below.

  1. Genji
  2. Soldier 76
  3. Tracer
  4. Ashe
  5. Sombra

We have stated all their abilities and playstyles below for more detailed information on these characters.


Genji in Overwatch 2
WeaponShurikenShuriken Alt fire Dragon Blade
Effect typeProjectileProjectileMelee
Proj. speed60 meters per second60 meters per second
Range15 meters
Radius0.1meter shuriken Radius0.1meter shuriken Radius
Fire rate3 shurikens per 0.88 seconds3 shurikens per 0.68 seconds1 swing per 0.9 seconds
Reload time1.5 seconds animation1.5 seconds animation

Genji is the all-time favorite ninja that everyone wants to play from Overwatch 1. With the launch of Overwatch 2, his resurgence was inevitable, and now that the game is more damage-oriented, Genji is shining in the meta. His kit has very high mobility, allowing him to maneuver around his foes and even greater reflexes to dodge and reflect attacks. All this allows him to dish out damage as well, and then the demise of his opponents is very effortless. He is arguably the best DPS characters in Overwatch 2.

Genji might have all the cool abilities and looks; however, he does have a very high skill ceiling and requires some hands-on experience beforehand to master him. Now, even more, skill is required as he has the ability to attack from anywhere and surprise his opponents in ways not even imaginable.

In his kit, he has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 2 passives. A pretty balanced kit and a sick cyborg ninja look to go with it.


As a ninja’s main tool against his enemies, Shuriken has always been the go-to for Ninjas to dominate. It’s no different with Genji here. His Shuriken is his Primary attack, also known as the basic attack, and can be used in two different ways. The first way is the Accurate burst throw, in which he throws 3 Shuriken in succession straight and does 29 damage per shuriken. The second way is by throwing the shuriken in an arc. This also has the same amount of damage, and the speed of each Shuriken is 60m/s.

Dragon Blade

Genji’s ultimate is the Dragon Blade, perhaps the Coolest looking ultimate in the game. In this ultimate, Genji unsheathes his Katana and goes ham on the enemy. In his ultimate, he can only perform melee attacks with his sword and does around 110 Damage. However, during this time, you need to be quick with your attacks as they do not last that long, with their duration only 6 seconds.


Ever seen a samurai or ninja deflect projectiles with his sword? Always wanted to feel the coolness of the entire scene? Well, now you can with Genji’s Deflect ability which allows him to Deflect any incoming projectiles from the direction that he is facing. Genji also blocks all types of Melee attacks when this ability is active. If you master using this ability, you can be one of the or possibly best players in the lobby. However, the only caveat is the 8-second Cooldown.

Swift Strike

A Swift strike is essentially a damaging dash against your opponents. Genji dashes forward to wherever he is looking and inflicts damage on foes. If Genji manages to kill the enemy, the cooldown on the Swift Strike ability is reset, and Genji can use the ability again. This ability does a moderately good amount of damage which is 50, and has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Cyber Agility

As Genji is a Cyborg ninja (Emphasis on Cyborg), he has the ability to climb walls and double jump. This adds to his already very good mobility and rounds him as one of the most perfect characters in the game. Also great for players that like movement and free running in games.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76, one of the Best Characters in Overwatch 2
WeaponHeavy Pulse Rifle
Effect typeHitscan
Damage falloff range30-50 meters
Fire rate9 rounds per second
~0.22 seconds recovery for the shoot if stops
Reload time1.5 seconds animation

Soldier 76, also known as the Tutorial champ, is usually not preferred by players because of his basic looks and straightforward mechanics. He is in no way complex and is very easy to grasp, perfect for beginners. His simplicity is what makes him stand out, and the diversity in his kit keeps him in certain metas. He has everything to offer, from good amounts of damage to healing and an infinite dash with an easy-to-execute ultimate.

His versatility as a DPS character is optimal for almost every squad. He is just a very good pick overall.

His kit has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 3 Abilities, and 1 passive. His Kit is loaded with abilities of every type.

Heavy Pulse Rifle

There is no need to complexly explain this weapon as it is the most straightforward basic attack weapon. It is just an Automatic Assault Rifle with a fire rate of 10 Bullets/Second and has a damage of 18 per bullet. It can also hold up to 30 ammo in one cartridge.

Tactical Visor

Tactical Visor is soldier 76’s Ultimate ability, and it is quite underwhelming initially but can turn the outcomes of a game substantially. The ultimate basically allows all of the shots of Soldier 76’s to connect with the enemy and give a guaranteed hit. It aims your rifle at the target, and you shoot. It basically aims Hacks, and it lasts for a long time, around 6 seconds.


This is arguably the simplest ability in the game. It’s literally just the run ability. Soldier 76 gets to run faster in the forward direction, and this ability has no cooldown, so you can use it infinitely.

Biotic Field

This deployable field heals you and your allies in a certain vicinity of the field. It’s very good for Soldier 76’s kit as it allows him to have the potential of a lone wolf. If you stay in the Field, you heal 35 health/second, and the max health you can gain is 175. The cooldown is 15 seconds, and the field is deployed for a total of 5 seconds.

Helix Rockets

This ability launches a set amount of Rockets that explode on impact and have an AOE effect. The damage they output is around 120 in the vicinity of the explosion, which is at max 3 meters.


Tracer, one of the Best Characters in Overwatch 2
WeaponPulse Pistols
Effect type Hitscan
Damage1.5-5.5 per bullet 3-11 per shot
Damage falloff range13-20 meters
Fire rate20 shots per second
Reload time1-second animation

If you’ve heard of Overwatch 1 before, you probably have heard about Tracer. She is the face of DPS characters in Overwatch, and in the latest installment, it’s no different. Being the face of the game, you would consider her to be the most played, but don’t be misled. She is a very difficult character to master properly and requires masterful execution. She has a very burst-based damaging kit that can be utilized to annihilate the enemy team’s squishies. Along with her damage, she is also an extremely mobile character with her fast teleport ability, which takes a bit to get used to, but if used properly, she can be a menace to deal with.

However, with the nerfs to the damage of her guns, she isn’t viable for shredding tanks anymore and is more oriented towards clearing the backline, but this in no way means that she is not in the meta anymore.

In Tracer’s kit, she has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 1 passive. With this kit and along with her deadly time-jumping mobility, she can be a problem if on the enemy team.

Pulse Pistol

The main weapons for Tracer are the Pulse pistols. These look like small petite guns but can dish amount a disgusting amount of damage. They are very burst based and have a high fire rate of 20 Shots/Second. With a good reload time, this weapon can be an issue to go up against. The only downside to it is the Short-range weapon range, which can be an issue if up against snipers or characters that keep their distance.

Pulse Bomb

The Pulse bomb is Tracer’s Ultimate ability, and its main work function is to act as a sticky bomb. It is very straightforward and can stick onto platforms and Enemies. If you stick it onto an enemy, then their demise is almost always confirmed but beware, If you are in the blast radius, you could have the unfortunate also to getting damaged.


This is the Trademark ability for the tracer; without it, she is an entirely incomplete character. This is the ability that gives her the mobility aspect of her kit. It basically allows the tracer to teleport in the direction she is moving towards. If you are in a sticky situation, this ability always comes in handy to allow you to escape safely. You teleport an average of 7-meter distance, and you have 2 charges to utilize, which refresh over time.


The Recall ability is a cheat code to undo your mistakes or go back in time to do things a bit differently. Well, it’s not conventionally a time-traveling ability, but it allows the tracer to go back in time to where she had her last given health and ammo. You can travel back almost 3 seconds in your path and also move back to the given position.


Ashe in Overwatch 2
WeaponThe ViperThe Viper (ADS)
Effect typeHitscan Hitscan
Damage falloff range20-40 meters30-50 meters
Proj. speed25 meters per second
Range15 meters
Radius0.15-meter beam width2.5-meter radius (explosion)
0.2-meter radius (projectile)
Fire rate~0.22-second recovery
(3.75 shots per second)
0.65-second recovery
Reload time0.5 seconds (initial animation)
+0.25 seconds per bullet
3.5 seconds (Full reload animation)
0.5 seconds (initial animation)
+0.25 seconds per bullet

3.5 seconds (Full reload animation)

Ashe is basically the Wildwest Character of Overwatch 2 and excels at almost everything. With the new updates and more mobility given to champs, it is harder to main Ashe as she requires accuracy and precision to excel. Even though she can still dish out good damage, it is required to hit shots perfectly, which is harder considering most Characters have dashes in the game now.

With her weapon, “The Viper,” She is optimal for long and medium-range combat but lacks in up-close action.

In Ashe’s kit, she has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 1 passive. Her Kit is deadly for long-range use.

The Viper

The viper is the main weapon for Ashe, and its base look is comparable to a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). Even though it’s a semi-automatic rifle, it offers two different ways to use it. The first is Hipfire mode, which fires without using aim sights. Secondly, you have the option to hold the right mouse button and use the scope to increase your damage output, simultaneously enhancing your accuracy and lowering your fire rate.


BOB is Ashe’s trustworthy henchman, you could say. He is also her ultimate ability, and by summoning him, he charges toward the enemies and knocks them into the air, after which he goes to town on them and attacks them with his arm cannons.

Coach Gun

The Coach gun is an ability used to develop distance between Ashe and her foes. It basically knocks you back by blasting the enemies in front of you.


Her last ability is throwing a small explosive that explodes after a given time Ashe could shoot the explosive and make it go off.


Sombra in Overwatch 2
WeaponMachine Pistol
Effect typeHitscan
Damage falloff range15-35 meters
Range15 meters
Radius0.15-meter beam width
Fire rate20 rounds per second
0.16 seconds recovery for the shoot if stops
Reload time1.4 seconds animation

If you want to annoy your opponents to the max and disable their abilities to render them useless and without shields, then Sombra is your go-to Character. In Overwatch 2, she has seen significant changes to her playstyle, and now, rather than having a more ability-based kit, she emphasizes more damage as well, with her damage amplifier. However, with these changes, she still retains her ability to go invisible and disable the enemy’s abilities per target for a given amount of time.

She is a threat to almost everyone that doesn’t focus on her, especially for the support she can be a menace to deal with. With her playstyle more oriented towards duels, she can pick off lone wolfs and roam enemies easily.

In her kit, she has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 3 Abilities, and 2 passive. For a character that underwent a few changes, she still has a good kit for battles.

Machine Pistol

This is Sombra’s main weapon for basic attacks and is essentially a high-fire-rate pistol. The machine pistol has a good fire rate of 20 bullets/Second and an ok reload time of 1.4 seconds which takes too long during fights. This is the only function the pistol provides, and it also has an alright amount of damage, around 8 per bullet.


This is Sombra’s ultimate ability and has seen a few changes In the new title of Overwatch. This time the EMP ability only does damage to enemies, and the damage is equivalent to around 40% to the enemies in the vicinity nearby. Another advantage of the EMP is that it can also be used to remove enemy barriers and hack them.


The translocator is like a teleport ability comparable to Tracer’s teleport but has a few prerequisites to enable her to teleport. You can’t teleport anywhere you want but only to a beacon that you throw out. You can replace the beacon by removing it by using F and then throwing it again at the desired place.


This is the part of Sombra’s kit that makes her borderline annoying to deal with. The stealth ability allows her to go Invisible and gives her increased movement speed. The increased movement speed is around 50% more than normal speed, and this ability has a relatively small cooldown of 6 seconds. This ability is perfect for her to get out of situations and flank the enemy.


Sombra’s main ability in her kit is the Hack ability. This is their trademark ability for her and allows her to hack enemy players, disabling their abilities and making them visible through walls. However, you need to be within a closed distance of 15 Meters to hack successfully. You can also hack health packs to make them spawn quicker and render them useless for the enemy team. If you take damage during the hacking phase, the hacking is disrupted.


Sombra’s Passive ability allows her to locate enemies that are critically injured, even through walls. Also, all the hacked enemies take 40% more damage.

Best Support Characters in Overwatch 2

Support characters are the ones that keep your team bound to each other and act as a basis to unify them. If you require assistance in any regard, such as healings or buffs, then you should rely on your support. They are not the ones meant to tank damage or deal damage either but serve a greater function to keep the team well and alive. Support’s entire function is to assist the team.

The 5 Best Support Characters in Overwatch 2 have been mentioned below in descending order of rank in this list.

  1. Kiriko
  2. Lucio
  3. Ana
  4. Brigitte
  5. Mercy
  6. Baptiste

We have stated all their abilities and playstyles below for more detailed information on these characters.


WeaponHealing OfudaKunai
Effect typeProjectileProjectile
Damage40 - 120 (Body/Headshot)
Damage falloff range15-35 meters
Headshot✓ (3x multiplier)
Healing13 per talisman, 26 per burst
Proj. speed20 meters per second (homing)
14 meters per second (non-homing)
90 meters per second
Range35 meters (lock on)
Radius0.15-meter beam width
Fire rate~0.2 seconds per burst
1-second ammo recovery
Full clip every ~1.8 seconds
1 shot per .55 seconds
Reload time1 second

Kiriko is namely a support, but capable of so much more as a Character. She has healing abilities to help sustain her team, but the place where she actually shines is her damage output and mobility. Not to mention her temporary invulnerability that helps her team to make plays.

Overall, kiriko has the potential to be the most diverse character in terms of playstyle because of her sheer mobility with teleportation and attack speed, especially with her kitsune rush.

In Kiriko’s kit, she has a total of 3 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 2 passive. She is a very versatile character.

Healing of Uda

Healing of Uda is kirkos main basic weapon but wouldn’t be considered a weapon as its crucial function is to heal your allies. It transmits bursts of healing talisman that can look for your allies and go to them for heals. It has 2 phases, one in which the talismans actively seek out the allies and go to them, and the other one being the stationary phase where the talismans are just passively at one spot. This also has around 10 rounds for the weapon.


This is the main damage output for Kiriko. These kunais are projectiles that when thrown at the enemy, could deal a critical amount of damage ranging even above 110 when hit in the face.

Kitsune Rush

This is kiriko’s Ultimate ability, the ability that crucially makes her a good support pick as well. Once she activates this ability, she summons an assisting being which is essentially a fox spirit that provides kiriko herself and her team major benefits. These benefits include stuff like Increased movement Speed, Increase attack Speed and reduced cooldown of the allies that are in the path of the spirit.

Swift Step

Being a support , kiriko needs to be close to her allies to provide them assistance and heals in any way possible. To make the reaching allies part easy, she has a teleport to friendlies ability. The swift step also has a massive range of around 30-35 meters and a relatively low cooldown of 7 seconds which would help her in being with her team to support.

Protection Suzu

Protection suzu is one of kirkos abilities, which makes her have a high pick rate in games due to how good it is. This ability is basically a detox or cleanse for herself and her allies to get rid of any negative side effects and simultaneously also make them invulnerable to taking any damage. Good kiriko players know how to abuse this ability and make it very hard for opponents to land Ultimates and do damage.

Wall Climb

Just like Genji, she is also a ninja and has the basic passive abilities of a ninja as well. She can jump on walls and climb them effortlessly to either get into better positioning or to get out of trouble. This contributes a lot to her movement in her kit and allows her to be a relatively mobile character.


WeaponSonic Amplifier
Proj. speed50m/s
Fire rate1 burst per 0.93 seconds
recovery stops while using melee
Reload time1.5 seconds Animation

He is a very enjoyable and one of the best characters in overwatch 2 in the sense that he can do almost everything that is considered fun. Lucio has a very basic kit and can do a lot for his team passively by giving them buffs. However, the fun part of Lucio is his Maneuverability around the map. He has the ability to jump and wall ride for a long amount of time and also does a mediocre amount of damage. Positioning-wise, he is very beneficial because of his speed boost, and he also has one of the highest win rates as a supporting character in Overwatch 2.

In his kit, he has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 3 Abilities, and 2 passive. He is a very fun character to play.

Sonic Amplifier

The Sonic Amplifier is Lucio’s main attack weapon. Compared to other support characters, this weapon and Lucio, in general, don’t deal a good amount of damage. If you hit 4 consecutive shots, you can still do alright damage of around 75-80. The total amount of rounds in his sonic amplifier are 20 at a given time.

Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier is his Ultimate Ability. This is arguably the main reason why Lucio is rated so high as a supporting character because it gives him and his allies another health bar. So after Lucio activates this ability, all the allies in a given radius of 30 meters get another health bar in the form of shields. This allows them to negate a certain amount of damage and stay alive because of Lucio’s help. However, you need to be quick with utilizing the shields because they last for only 7 seconds or until they are destroyed entirely.


Crossfade is his way of giving buffs to his enemies. It has two phases, one in which he can heal his allies and one in which he can give them increased movement speed. Both of these phases are activated by songs that Lucio plays in a circular distance around him. All the allies which are present in that distance get boosted.

The healing boost is visually represented by a golden outline and does a good amount of healing over time. If your allies leave your circle while getting heals, they will still have the effect on them for a further 1 second before it lays off.

The movement speed boost is visually represented by a green outline and is the primary song for Lucio. This gives his allies a movement speed boost of 25%, allowing them to position themselves quicker and better.

Amp It Up

Amp it up works in synchrony with his first ability, Crossfade. As the ability’s name suggests, The songs playing by him are amped up, and their effects are increased not only for Lucio but also for his allies. The speed movement buff is increased by a substantial amount of 60%, and healing is increased from 16/second to 52/second. This ability stays active for 3 seconds and has a long cooldown of 12 seconds.


Soundwave is one of the best and funniest abilities in Overwatch 2, just because of its play-making potential. We all know that in Overwatch 2, you can knock your enemies off the map and instantly disqualify them. This is where Soundwave comes in handy for knocking enemies off the map by just creating distance between them. The soundwave is the second main attack of Lucio and does moderate damage along with good knockback.

Wall Ride

Wall ride is the handiest thing in his kit. It basically allows him to attach to walls and run on them with an increased movement speed. He can also jump from one wall to another during the process of wall riding, making it really fun jumping around the map.


WeaponBiotic Rifle
Effect type Projectile (unscoped)
Hitscan (scoped)
Damage75 over 0.58 seconds
Damage falloff range15-35 meters
Healing75 over 0.58 seconds
Proj. speed125 meters per second (unscoped)
Radius0.3 meters radius (allies)
As hitscan shoot (vs wall, shield or enemy)
Fire rate0.8 seconds recovery
Recovery stops while using melee
Recovery stops while zooming in/out
Reload time1.5 seconds animation

Ana as a support is a crucial character to keep players alive in your team. Her healing is very helpful, and her offense with the darts can be even more beneficial. The good thing about Ana is that her healing buff from the Biotic Grenade doesn’t only get affected by her Darts alone, but also all other external factors for healing are boosted.

In Ana’s kit, she has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 1 passive. A very straightforward character with a lot of dynamic power, providing damage and healing.

Biotic Rifle

This is the Main basic weapon for Ana and is considered one of the best weapons in the game. The reason it’s one of the best is not because of its damage output or other flashy gimmicks but because of the ability to simultaneously damage enemies and heal your allies. If you hit Enemies with it, they take a good amount of damage, while shooting at your allies heals them with a lingering healing effect.

She is a backline character providing heals and doing damage from a distance while using her Right click, which is basically a zoomed sight that helps her use the weapon as a sniper. The Rifle can hold a max of 15 Bullets.

Nano Boost

Nano boost is Ana’s Ultimate ability and is crucially beneficial to keep a certain player on your team alive and boost his damage. The essential work function of Nano Boost is to provide an ally with a Damage resistance of 50% while also increasing their Damage output by 50% as well. This makes them sustainable in fights, and it’s perfect for deploying on Damaging champs to keep them in fights longer and have the upper hand. The nano boost gives 250Hp when deployed on an ally.

Sleep Dart

Sleep dart is a very annoying ability to go up against. As the name suggests, it is a dart that puts the enemies to sleep if they are hit by it. This can be utilized properly in different scenarios, such as putting certain enemies to sleep in team fights so their participation is 0 and you have a substantial advantage. Ana can also use it to stop getting chased by enemies and fleeing away. The sleep effect lasts for 5 seconds if the enemy is left alone and no damage is taken, but when the enemy is hit, the sleep will only last for 0.5 Seconds.

Biotic Grenade

The biotic Grenade is a throwable, if thrown on allies, it provides them will heals and also increases their healing effects. Also, if any of the enemies are in the splash radius of the Biotic Grenade, they take damage and also get a debuff of getting less healing.


Effect type35
Damage falloff range
Proj. speed6 meters

Brigette is more biased towards a support that can also act as a tank. With her melee style, she is very powerful in the sense that she provides buffs to her allies and is also capable of ending enemies with her Mace/Flail. Her supporting is also benefitted by her Repair packs which heal teammates. She is a support that can also act as a frontline character and simultaneously make plays for other Damaging characters and tanks.

In Brigitte’s kit, she has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 4 Abilities, and 2 passives. A very elaborate kit for an unorthodox but good support character.


This is Brigitte’s Passive ability, and we need to explain this before any other ability, as it is the core of her kit as support. Inspire basically works in the way that when you deal damage to an enemy, you heal your allies in a certain radius around you. All her abilities work very well in synchrony with this ability and they all enable this effect to heal your allies.

This passive gives 15 health/second and has a cooldown of around 1 second.

Rocket Flail

This is Brigitte’s Main basic weapon which is a melee. It does not have any rounds or bullets, so the concept of reloading is not present. It also has a very wide range of attacks and works very well with her Inspire ability to provide heals for the team. The attack speed is around 0.6 seconds for every swing.


Rally is Brigitte’s Ultimate ability. This ability basically gives Brigitte, and her team increased movement speed and healing to all the allies that are in the vicinity of Rally. It is very beneficial for teams to push together using rally and can be a game changer if utilized properly.

Repair Pack

Repair pack, as the name suggests, repairs the damage done to your allies. Brigitte throws the pack to an ally and provides them with an instant heal and also administers the Inspire ability. This heal gives a total of 110 Hp to the ally.

Whip Shot

As we stated before that, Brigitte is more of a frontline character, she has encounters with the enemies face to face very frequently. So to keep a distance at times against her enemies, she uses whip shots to push the enemies a good distance from her.

Barrier Shield

Now that we have stated all the offensive and Supporting parts of her kit, let’s talk about the defensive part. She can enable a shield of 250 Health to help protect her against the enemy’s attacks. This shield allows Brigitte to get into attack distance against her enemy, and whenever the barrier is destroyed, it gets replenished after around 5 seconds.

Shield Bash

Shield bash works in synchrony with Barrier Shield. once the barrier is active, Brigitte can use the barrier and dash forward into an enemy, dealing 50 damage and also enabling the inspire ability.


WeaponCaduceus StaffCaduceus Blaster
Effect type Targeted (lock-on)Projectile
Damage+30% damage amplified20
Healing55 per second
Proj. speed 50 meters per second
Range15 meters
Radius0.25 meters radius
Fire rate5 rounds per second
Reload time1.4 seconds

Mercy is a very tough character to utilize properly as the skill ceiling is very high for it, but it also demands proportionally as well. Not only that but with the recent developments to her character design, she just feels like not the best pick but still better than a few. she shines when she has her undivided attention on only one ally to heal, as she is not a team healer. She works very well alongside a DPS character, as their synchrony would allow them to output a lot of damage while sustaining the enemy’s damage. She is not in any way a versatile character due to her mediocre mobility and bad damage output, which makes her very reliant on team play.

In her kit, she has a total of 3 Weapons and ultimates, 3 Abilities, and 2 passives.

Caduceus Staff

This is Mercy’s main Basic Weapon but would not be considered a weapon because all it does is either heal an ally or buff their attack damage. Through this staff, Mercy is linked with her ally (singular) and then heals them and provides them with buff within a good range of 15 meters.

Caduceus Blaster

This weapon is basically useless to Mercy’s kit considering her character’s focal point is to be a support and be beneficial to her team. But at times, when she needs some sort of damage output, this is the weapon for it. It has a total of 20 rounds per magazine and very low damage output.


Valkyrie is the Ultimate ability for Mercy. Essentially this ability raises the effects of all of Mercy’s other abilities, which include the healing aspect as well. Along with the increased effect buff, she also gains the potential to fly around the map unrestricted so she can stay in touch and in sight with her team.

Guardian Angel

This ability allows Mercy to travel toward an ally. This can also include jumping to them, and using jump, you can either move forwards towards the ally’s location or crouch to get launched upwards.


As the name suggests, this ability allows mercy to revive a dead ally. Once she activates this ability, she is slowed massively, around 75%, and needs 1.75 seconds for the ability to activate fully. Once the ally is revived, they are invulnerable for a given amount of time in which they can’t take damage nor deal damage.

Angelic Descent

This allows Mercy to fall slowly.


Mercy’s passive allows her to regenerate her health back over time once she is out of the battle for a little while. This increases her sustain passively and allows her to support more for her team.


Baptiste, one of the Best Characters in Overwatch 2

WeaponRocket Flail
Effect typeMelee
Healing55 per second
Range6 meters
Fire rate1 swing per 0.6 seconds

Baptiste is the last Tank that we will mention in the Best characters in Overwatch 2. He is a crossover between a Tank and a supporting character because of his ability to soak damage while getting out of situations where death would’ve been inevitable. His self-heal and other abilities, such as Immortality, can come in clutch at times of need. Baptiste is the pure definition of team play, as his kit shines the most when his allies are with him. Baptiste can’t do much as a lone wolf and loses to multiple matchups. With recent patches to Baptiste, he is considered to be a good pick for a Tank.

In his kit, he has a total of 2 Weapons and ultimate, 2 Abilities, and 2 passives. He proceeds to dominate the battlefield with his aggressive weapons, along with a good kit.

Biotic Launcher

The biotic launcher sounds like a very friendly healing gun; as a matter of fact, it is one; however, it does have its ugly side as well, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of it. It comes with two options, both triggered by the mouse buttons. The first one is the primary attack which allows the gun to work in 3 burst rounds. These bursts deal an ok amount of damage, around 25. The secondary attack, however, isn’t really an attack but a healing ability for teammates. It throws a projectile that splashes on impact and provides all the allies in the splash vicinity with heals. It heals around 70 health.

Amplification Matrix

This is the Ultimate ability for Baptiste and works great in team fights. This allows him to be a very good team player because it essentially provides more healing effects to allies and more damage to enemies. As the name suggests, it enables a matrix that doubles the Healing effects of allies and Doubles the damage dealt to the enemies. It lasts for around 10 seconds and is one the best Ultimate in the game.

Regenerative Burst

This is the support aspect of him with his healing abilities. This ability allows him to heal himself along with the allies near him. This acts as an instant healing but also provides overtime healing. If any of your allies is unfortunately under half their HP, the instant heal they gain from being around you will be doubled.

Immortality Field

This ability is quite possibly the reason why he is so high up in this ranking. Some would argue that this ability is busted, but it is pretty straightforward to counter it. It essentially is a throwable device that activates a vicinity around it in which all your allies cannot die until or unless some foes destroy the device.

Exo Boots and Passive

he doesn’t have fancy shields or cool wings, but he has drippy shoes that allow him to do things other characters can’t. His EXO boots allow him to jump very high and reach places that are usually not accessible without them. He also heals overtime because of his Support Role.


This about covers the Best Characters in Overwatch 2, with every character divided into different subcategories of their play style. If you want more content or guides related to overwatch 2, check out our guides mentioned in the following line. Guides such as Overwatch 2 Tier List, All Characters and Classes, and Best Team Comps. We wish you luck in finding your next main.

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