Elden Ring: Best Confessor Weapons [Top 5]

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Best Confessor Weapons Elden Ring
Best Confessor Weapons Elden Ring
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The Confessor is a melee and incantation hybrid that will allow players to utilize both melee weapons and power sorceries to their advantage. This class is ideal for players who have played Soulsbourne and are into tabletop dungeon-style gameplay. However, that does not mean it will not welcome new players of the Soul series. It offers all kinds of weapons and magical incantations to yield the best damage to enemies and progress in the game. 

As for the weapons, Confessor will put players up close and personal with Faith-scaled weapons and incantations to quickly put down all kinds of enemies. Although, most weapons depend on attribute points and other aspects like Affinity and Skills. But it would help if you still found the weapon that dishes out the best damage and fits the playstyle you are pursuing. Let’s look at the first weapon for the Confessor class builds. 

Key Takeaways

  • Elden Ring Confessor Class:
    • Popular hybrid class blending melee combat and incantations.
    • Damage output relies on Strength and Dexterity attributes.
    • Ashes of War skill can further boost damage.
  • Unique Weapons:
    • Winged Scythe: Deals holy damage, scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, causes passive bleed buildup.
    • Coded Sword: Deals holy damage, features a powerful shield repel effect, no effect on Consumables.
    • Longsword: Ideal for Dexterity-focused players.
    • Greatsword: Suited for Strength-focused players.
    • Kolaris: Staff weapon dealing lightning damage, suitable for various attack ranges.

Best Confessor Class Weapons

Comparison table for the best Confessor Class Weapons:

No.NameVigorMindEnduranceStrengthDexterityIntelligenceFaithArcanePhysical DamageCritical Damage
2Winged Scythe---1616-24---
3Coded Sword------2085-100
4Rogier’s Rapier--------93110

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Broadsword is not the weapon you will have to find for your character build. It is the starting equipment for the Confessor class. Meanwhile, many players never pay much attention to the weapon because it is the entry weapon for the Confessor class. But the amount of damage it deals with scaling of Strength and Dexterity is remarkable. 

Broadsword looks beautiful and holds more importance for matching the affinity with your attributes.

Ashes of War and Skills:

  • Ashes of War is a game mechanic that allows players to replace Skills on weapons and use magic spells.
  • The Broadsword comes with the Square Off Skill, enabling powerful horizontal slashes and strikes against enemies.
  • Square Off Skill allows you to clear groups of foes with ease.
  • Investing in Dexterity for weapon scaling unlocks the Bloodhound Step Skill.
  • Bloodhound Step grants a disappearing effect, enhancing your combat versatility.
Elden Ring Broadsword

If you add values to Dexterity for weapons scaling, you can also use the Bloodhound step. The main reason for that is it grants a disappearing element that allows you to vanish and move forward with a strike on the opponent. 

Winged Scythe

When it comes to the most unique and magical weapon in the Elden Ring, Winged Scythe never goes as an exception. It is a magic weapon that deals holy damage and also protects from it. It is one of the best Confessor weapons in Elden Ring because of the amount of scaling it offers with Strenght, Dexterity, and Faith. Since you will add more attribute values to these stats in your character, you will also gain boosts in holy damage and different Skills to pave the gameplay. 

Elden Ring Winged Scythe
Winged Scythe

Unfortunately, this weapon does not merge with the Ash of War, thus limiting players to buffing the magic attacks. But what it lacks in the Ash of War makes up for the unique effects of passive bleed buildup. It has both light and heavy attacks that will significantly benefit early-level players in the boss fights. 

Intelligence -

To acquire this weapon, first, you will have to come to the Church of Pilgrimage. Here you will be able to go to Tombsward Ruins. Here you will see an entrance to the basement. Beware of the lurking enemies, as this basement has a lot of strong enemies that will be hostile. However, you do not have to fight them for getting your Winged Scythe. Go straightly into the basement, and you will find an item Winged Scythe to claim for yourself. 

Coded Sword

Another unique weapon for holy damage is the Coded Sword. It is also a Straight Sword that will deal holy damage to enemies. Although, it might not be the primary weapon for the Faith Confessor characters. But the shield repels the effect of the Coded Sword is worthy of attention. 

  • Holy Damage: 85 (scales with Faith)
  • Critical Damage: 100
  • Unblockable Blade Skills can be added, allowing damage even when the enemy blocks.
  • Not infusible with Ashes of War and has no effect on Consumables items.
Elden Ring
Coded Sword

To push that further, you can also add Unblockable Blade Skills. It grants a unique effect that will allow your Coded Sword to register damage despite the block from the enemy. It is the only way to enhance the capabilities of the Coded Sword as it is not infusible for Ash of War and does not have any effect on Consumables items. 

Holy Damage85
Critical Damage100

Getting this weapon is also easy for early-level players. You will have to go to Lyndall, Royal Capital, to find a lost and abandoned Horse Stable. Climb on it to reach on top of the building, which will let you gain access to the broken round table. In the same room, you will find a broken door. Opening it will allow you to acquire an item from the room that will be only mighty Coded Sword. This is an easy process to avoid confrontation with the enemies and bosses as you will encounter a Tree Sentinel to ruin your progress. 

Rogier’s Rapier

Rogier’s Rapier is as cool as the name sounds with some of the best damage outputs in Confessor weapons. This thrusting sword comes with Strength and Dexterity scaling that enables players to achieve 93 Physical Damage. The cherry on top is that it also adds 110 Critical Damage to end the worst enemies at the last moments. 

Acquiring the sword involves a story progression until you reach Sorcerer’s Rogier in Roundtable Hold. If you have not met him yet, it is advised to speak with him to get the first quest. To avoid the spoilers, you might have to complete his quest to allow him to reward you with Rogier’s Rapier sword. 

Elden Ring Rogier's Rapier
Rogier’s Rapier

Even with the highest amount of scaling, Rogier’s Rapier can infuse with the Ashes of War. This allows players to add incantations and buff magic to make the most out of their playthrough experience. Additionally, you can add a total of two Skills to this weapon to turn it into a murdering machine.

Physical Damage93
Critical Damage110

Skills for Rogier’s Rapier:

  1. Repeating Thrust:
    • Smoothes gameplay against tough enemies.
    • Grants a unique attack pattern with multiple thrusts.
    • Obtained by defeating the Night’s Cavalry.
  2. Glintblade Phalanx:
    • Adds sorcery to the weapon.
    • Casts five magical Glintblades around your character’s head.
    • Releasing these blades disrupts enemy stances and may result in Critical Strikes.
    • Easily obtained to enhance Rogier’s Rapier’s capabilities.


Lastly, Uchigatana is known among Elden Ring’s best Confessor weapons, with stats entirely off the charts. As a Katana, Uchigatana offers to slice and piercing damage yielding 115 Physical Damage with 100 for Critical Damage. However, it does not go well with Faith, as we are talking about the Confessor class. But still, it scales with Strength and Dexterity, thus making it an incredibly overpowered secondary weapon for your character. 

Elden Ring Uchigatana

As for the location, you will have to pay a visit to Deathtouched Catacombs, which is on the northeast of the Warmaster’s Shack. Go all the way to the backway hall of the location. If the door is locked, you will have to pull the lever on the other side to open the door. Apart from that, you will be searching for a corpse hanging on the ledge. Looting the corpse will give you Uchigatana katana. 

Physical Damage115
Critical Damage100

Once again, this weapon grants a passive Blood Loss Buildup effect. On the other side, you can also infuse it with Ash of War to remove or add different Skills and Incantations to the unique sword. It also comes with a default skill known as Unsheathe. This enables players to build a composed weapon stance on the back, and swift slash the weapon. 

Final Words

Numerous other weapons make up a perfect addition to the Confessor class’s arsenal. The key is to measure your gameplay needs and the character stats to find your ideal weapon in Elden Ring. 

That is about it for the best Confessor weapons in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful in choosing weapons for your character build? What is your favorite weapon under Faith stat makes? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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