Best Dragon Incantations Elden Ring
Best Dragon Incantations Elden Ring

15 Best Dragon Incantations Elden Ring

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Exploration in the fantasy world of Elden Ring is endless. Thanks to the unbridled attention to detail and the ample resources for battle, players are still not tired of the content available in the game. In fact, players must explore and experiment with all resources and aspects in order to gain the best experience out of Elden Ring.

One of these aspects also includes Incantations that cover the major portion of the gameplay in Elden Ring. Survival in the magical world of Lands Between is crucial. At the same time, it does not comes easy as the world shelters some of the worst monsters and enemies always lurking to take a bite out of your character.

To deal with these bloodthirsty enemies, you will need magical spells rather than just weapons and progress further in the game. There are numerous types of magic that players can obtain to deal damage as well as heal the character.

One and the most prominent one include Dragon Incantations that are known to offer draconic powers to the characters. Out of all other Incantations types in the game, Dragon Incantations are known to offer more AoE and attack buffs. This brings us to the best Dragon Incantations Elden Ring that is available to acquire for players. 

Magic is a powerful entry to the arsenal that your character can have in Elden Ring. When it comes to battle, players will face enemies that come with both immunities and weaknesses. For that instance, you will have to narrow down the list of weapons and use particular ones to maximize the performance of the build. This way players can achieve a unique experience without struggling to level up.

Elden Ring brings Dragon Incantations that buff up your character abilities by offering breath and lightning attacks. Meanwhile, obtaining these Incantations is not going to be an easy feat. This is because the overall process demands some requirements and a series of steps for your character. This guide entails all the details for the 15 best Dragon Incantations Elden Ring and their locations. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

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Best Dragon Incantations Elden Ring

Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring are a must-have for the mage builds. These Incantations heavily rely on the Faith and Arcane for casting. On top of that, they offer plenty of tactical advantages in the battle.

Like previous soul games, these Incantations will offer both physical and magical damage with a huge Area of Effect to put down multiple enemies. Moreover, Incantations are also a great approach to pursuing your ideal character build. 

There are a total of 26 Dragon Incantations. However, these are divided into two Incantations types. Players are eligible to get their hands on both Dragon Communion Incantations and Dragon Cult Incantations. Both Incantations types have their respective mechanics and requirements for casting. 

Speaking of requirements, Dragon Communion will require Faith and Arcane, while Dragon Cult Incantations will be good with Faith only. For that instance, you might want to make a careful consideration for Dragon Incantations in the character build. This guide will cover both Incantations types under Dragon class. 

On the other side, the Dragon Incantations are scattered around the vast Lands Between for players to acquire. Some of the locations are pretty end game, while some Incantations are available early on in the game.

This means it completely depends on players’ accessibility to a particular location to get the perfect Dragon Incantation for their characters.

On top of that, players will need Dragon Heart to purchase the Dragon Incantations. Like Runes, Dragon Hearts are another prominent in-game currency solely used in Altars for purchasing multiple Incantations. But first, you must activate these Altars to easily trade the Dragon Heart for Dragon Incantations. 

Cathedral of Dragon Communion Location
Cathedral of Dragon Communion Location

To do that, you will have to pay a visit to an NPC in Seaside Ruins. Just below the bridge, you will see a guy resting in a campfire. Simply speaking to him will activate all the Altars. Now you are all set to hunt down Dragons to rip off their Hearts and use them for the powerful Incantations.

Seaside Ruins
Seaside Ruins

Borealis’s Mist

The first one in the list of best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring is Borealis’s Mist. Borealis’s Mist is an ancient Dragon Incantation under the class of Dragon Communion that produces freezing fog rather than burning fire. In essence, using this Incantation will allow your character to release the icy breath from above, freezing the enemies with magical damage. 

Borealis's Mist
Borealis’s Mist

As said earlier, Borealis’s Mist Incantation requires character attributes requirements for casting. To start things off, your character must have at least 23 Faith and 15 Arcane as it is the Dragon Communion Incantation. Not just that but casting the Borealis’s Mist Incantation will also cost you some FP.

A single casting of the Incantation will cost you 48 FP. This might seem like a huge investment on your side. But the amount of magical damage this Incantation deals is definitely worth it. 

Getting your hands on the Borealis’s Mist will require you to get a Dragon Heart. For that, you will be traveling all the way up to the Mountaintop of Giants. This is the mid-game location all the way top on the map.

Here you will be fighting Borealis the Freezing Fog Dragon. Defeating the Dragon will involve multiple tries as the location will be intensely foggy, thus deteriorating your abilities to expect the next move of the Dragon boss. 

Mountaintop of Giants Location
Mountaintop of Giants Location

Once Dragon is defeated, you will receive Dragon Heart that can be traded at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. Here you will be engaging with an Altar to purchase the Borealis’s Mist. 


Another frosty cold Dragon Communion Incantation is Dragonice. It is well known to stagger the enemies and deal physical damage to drain the HP of enemies quickly. Dragonice will call a frosty breath by turning your character into a massive Dragonhead. This icy breath will send the chill down the spines of the enemy and the next thing they will notice is the final strike from your character. 

Dragonice In Action
Dragonice In Action

As for the stats, Draonice is fairly cheaper than Borealis’s Mist. Casting the incantation will only cost 36 FP. On the other side, your character will need 15 Faith and 12 Arcane.

This means, that not only the mage-focused characters, but melee and any other type of characters can also fill the slot with this powerful Dragon Incantation. 

Getting the Dragonice Incantation will require 1 Dragon Heart at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. You can follow the similar practice as above of defeating the Dragon at the Mountaintops of Giants to get this Dragon Heart. Or you can find any other Dragon around the Lands Between. Dragonice is available for trade for only 1 Dragon Heart at the Cathedral’s Altar. 

Rotten Breath

When it comes to the best incantations for your faith build, Rotten Breath is never an exception. Rotten Breath involves spewing Scarlet Rot through Dragon Breath, thus inflicting massive damage.

If you have visited shady locations like Caelid, you might already be aware of the intensity of Scarlet Rot damage. Scarlet Rot significantly affects the HP by inflicting damage over a long period of time. 

This damage is faster than Poison. However, the duration period of damage is relatively shorter as compared to Poison.

Now if you plan to reverse this damage to enemies, Rotten Breath is just what you need to maximize the performance of your character. Using the Dragon Communion Incantation of Rotten Breath to rot the enemies to death instantly. 

Elden Ring Rotten Breath
Rotten Breath

Rotten Breath Incantations is also a cheap one for FP. It will only cost you a 36 FP for a huge Damage Output in the gameplay. But first, players will need to make sure their character’s stats meet the requirements for casting. Players must have at least 15 Faith and 12 Arcane to be able to cast the Rotten Breath Dragon Incantation. 

Players that are looking to cause damage over a large pool of enemies will need more FP for long-lasting breath. Performing a charged casting will be adding up the FP to 104 as your Dragon will continue to breathe Scarlet Rot in your desired direction. 

Like most Dragon Communion Incantations, Rotten Breath is also available for purchase with only 1 Dragon Heart. Players can obtain the Rotten Breath Incantation by trading a Dragon Heart at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion Altar. You can use any Dragon Heart that you have defeated during your journey in the Lands Between. 


Dragonmaw is the most badass entry in the list of best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring. Casting the heaviest Incantation will allow your character to turn into a giant Dragon head and take a huge bite out of the enemies. Now, this sounds like a huge buff attack for draining HP out of the bosses.

But at the same time, it is one of the coolest looking actions your character can achieve in Elden Ring. You can add this Incantation to your character’s slot to enhance the cravings and chomp off the enemies for dinner. 


Considering the heavy and powerful Damage Output of the Incantation, it also comes with pretty hefty requirements. For starters, players must have 24 Faith and 16 Arcane to cast the Incantation during the battle.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Communion Incantation will also consume a huge FP of 46. But still, it is a worthwhile investment for dealing massive damage and defeating enemies with just two hits. 

Apart from the stats, Dragonmaw has only one major downside that may pose trouble for some players. This is because Dragonmaw casting is quite slow that can be countered by fast enemies. This means you will never be able to land the bite perfectly if an enemy moves slightly. For that instance, players either have to bring in the predict instincts or plan the Incantation to gain maximum advantage. 

Dragonmaw is also available for a single Dragon Heart that you may acquire from anywhere in the game. However, players must trade this Dragon Heart only at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion to get their hands on the unique Dragonmaw Incantation. 

Theodrix’s Magma

Another cool-looking Incantation to push your character build is Theodrix’s Magma. Players that are looking for intense Damage Output at the cost of FP and Stamina must consider this Dragon Communion Incantation.

Theodrix’s Magma Incantation is well known for continuous damage over a period by spewing cannon of Magma onto the pool of enemies or boss. 

Theodrix’s Magma might seem familiar as it follows a similar attack pattern as other Incantations like Dragonmaw or Catch Flame. However, it turns out to be more powerful with longer duration damage to drain the HP of enemies significantly. Moreover, it also stands out for dealing maximum AoE, especially in PvP. 

Theodrix's Magma
Theodrix’s Magma

To drop this medieval lava-themed Incantation, you will need 21 Faith and 14 Arcane to acquire and cast the spell. Meanwhile, it is also FP heavy Incantations and will consume up to 45 FP. That is also the reason why Theodrix’s Magma is ideal for players with experience in landing the perfect Incantation. Otherwise, this spell will be a complete waste of FP that may also cost you a halt in your gameplay progress. 

Moving on, Theodrix’s Magma is the first Dragon Communion Incantation that will require 2 Dragon Hearts. Not just that but you will also need to defeat the ancient half Dragon half Wyrm known as Great Wyrm Theodrix.

The boss can be found at Consecrated Snowfield near the Cave of Forlorn. To gain access to the location, first, you might want to hit the site of grace to create a respawn point. After that, you will be able to gain access to Grand Lift of Rold, which requires both Haligtree Medallions. 

Consecrated Snowfield
Consecrated Snowfield

Once you have defeated the boss, players will receive not one but three Dragon Hearts. You can trade two of these Dragon Hearts at Altar in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. That is about it and you will receive the mighty Theodrix’s Magma Incantation. 


Just like Dragonmaw, Dragonclaw is also a worthy addition among the Elden Ring best Dragon Incantations. Being the Dragon Communion Incantation, Dragonclaw will deal the best breath and elemental attack to rip the guts off the enemies.

You might have already guessed it, Dragonclaw Incantation will call a huge Dragon claw that attacks the enemy in front of your character during the battle. 

Players pursuing Faith or Arcane builds must consider this lethal Incantation to use under the intense battle outcomes. It is because survival during the fast action can escalate quickly and players will need something brutal to stagger the enemies. This is where Dragonclaw will come in handy to dish out Physical Damage by piercing through any time of enemies. 

Dragonclaw In Action
Dragonclaw In Action

The cherry on top is that this Incantation is pretty much cheap in terms of requirements and accessibility. Characters that wish to use Dragonclaw will be investing 32 FP. At the same time, their stats value must include 17 Faith and 13 Arcane. With these requirements, no wonder any type of build can include Dragonclaw in the magical arsenal. 

Like every other Dragon Communion Incantation, Dragonclaw will also need 1 Dragon Heart to obtain the Incantation. Once you have the Dragon Heart, you will have to trade it at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion’s Altar. 

Ekzykes’s Decay

Ekzykes’s Decay is insanely powerful for being the Incantation, thus ranking on the top of best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring under Dragon Communion. Ekzykes’s Decay allows players to call a rot breath from the sky that is more potent and wider than Rotten Breath. The main aspect that makes this Incantation more unique and powerful is the continuous damage buildup from the Scarlet Rot mechanics. 

Ekzykes's Decay
Ekzykes’s Decay

Using this Incantation will allow players to inflict damage up to 110 per tick. With these stats on your side, players can easily turn their character into a massive magical murdering psycho with brutal spells. Moreover, Ekzykes’s Decay also covers a wide area, that will benefit players to easily register the effects and damage multiple enemies. 

Ekzykes’s Decay also has some precise requirements. Players must have at least 23 Faith and 15 Arcane to be able to cast this Incantation. But on the other side, it will cost them a huge FP of 48. If you wish to extend the breathing time, game mechanics will completely drain your FP. 

Ekzykes's Decay Location
Ekzykes’s Decay Location

The FP cost is indeed daunting for some players. But using the Incantation at the right place and time will pay off the price by defeating the enemies or boss. Acquiring the Incantation is also a little tricky for this Dragon Communion Incantation. For that, you will first need to defeat the Decaying Ekzykes.

Decaying Ekzykes is a rare pale white Dragon, that is found roaming around the Caelid. To get to the boss easier, simply follow the main route to the Caelid and you will face the enemy in no time. Defeating the Dragon is going to be troublesome. So bring your best weapons and flasks to restore HP if you fail to dodge some of the strikes of Dragon. 

Once the Dragon is defeated, you will receive one Dragon Heart. But that is not enough for the Ekzykes’s Decay. You will need a total of two Dragon Hearts, one from any other Dragon and one of the Decaying Ekzykes.

Only this way you will be able to obtain the Incantation. Trade these Dragon Hearts at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion Altars and you will receive the Ekzykes’ Decay Incantation. 

Electrify Armament

Electrify Armament is the first Dragon Cult Incantation in the guide. These types of Incantations dish out lightning-based attacks by using only Faith stat for your character.

Meanwhile, you might also need Dexterity as it is crucial for maximizing the Lightning damage on enemies. However, this guide will only focus on the Faith stat, so players can easily obtain and wield these best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring. 

Electrify Armament is one of these prominent Incantations that offer ancient powers to your character. While performing the Incantation, players will receive a lightning buff to their right-hand weapons. With this buff, your character will be able to register both Physical and Lightning damage.

Especially, players that are starting new to the Elden Ring must consider Electrify Armament to progress through some of the earlier bosses that are prone to take falls from lightning damage. 

Electrify Armament
Electrify Armament

Like Dragon Communion Incantations, Electrify Armament also has its own set of requirements. For starters, your character must have at least 15 Faith. As long as your stats meet this requirement, your character is all set to cast this Incantation. Moreover, casting the Incantation will cost you 27 FP, which is also reasonable for an entry-level Incantation. 

The cherry on top of this Incantation is that it is easily applicable to any type of weapon. While certain Incantations and spells have the lock limit for game mechanics. Electrify Armament gives players the freedom to pursue their ideal playthrough to double their Damage Output with Dragon Cult Incantation. 

Acquiring the Electrify Armament or any other Dragon Cult Incantations is not going to be an easy feat. Unlike defeating Dragons and trading Dragon Heart at Altars, the process of Electrify Armament is a little tricky. However, following the steps can make this process easy to get your hands on the lightning Incantation. 

For that instance, you will be going to the south of Liurnia of the Lakes and visiting the Artist Shack. Here you will see a Knight patrolling the area. Defeating this Knight will hand players a Dragon Cult Prayerbook. That will be your tradeable item to receive the Electrify Armament Incantation.

Once you have the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, all you need to do is to visit Roundtable Hold and give it to Brother Corhyrn. Unfortunately, if you have progressed enough in the game till defeating the Fire Giant, you may not be able to find the Brother Corhyrn at the Roundtable Hold. 

Electrify Armament Location
Electrify Armament Location

You can also return the prayerbook to the Turtle NPC at Church of Vows in Liurnia of Lakes. The Turtle NPC goes by the name of Miriel Pastor of Vows and will trade the Prayerbook to allow characters to learn Incantations. 

Honed Bolt

Another best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring is Honed Bolt. If you are thinking of striking enemies from above, then Honed Bolt is just what you need for your character. Honed Bolt is all about keeping your distance and starting the battle with an unexpected and powerful Lightning attack from the sky. 

This Dragon Cult Incantation will summon a single lightning bolt that covers major AoE and deals massive Lightning Damage. Your character will not even have to engage in battle and can wreak havoc on the foes in a single casting. On top of that, you can cast the incantation repeatedly to deal maximum damage to a pool of enemies. 

Honed Bolt
Honed Bolt

However, first, you will need at least Faith 24 to be able to cast the Incantation. Meanwhile, Incantation will also drain your FP with 12 values with each casting. Honed Bolt has the same acquiring process as Electrify Armament. Grab the Dragon Cult Prayerbook and trade it with Brother Corhyn or Miriel. 

Death Lightning

Death Lightning is one of the overpowered Dragon Cult Incantations with stats straight off the charts. As the name implies, casting the Incantation will summon a storm of lightning attacks in the wide surroundings that will drain the HP of foes brutally. Apart from the damage, Death Lightning is indeed a sighting to see in the heat of battle. 

Looking back into history, Death Lightning utilizes the power of ancient Dragon, once being the last of its kind is remembered with this Incantation. The massive Lightning attack has a huge Area of Effect to register maximum damage from each side.

On top of that, this attack will also inflict Death Blight buildup for a continuous Lightning attack from the Incantation. Once the meter hits the full value, it may even end the foe with sudden and brutal death. 

Death Lightning
Death Lightning

Meanwhile, it also has some of the heaviest stats requirements in the game. Players that wish to wield the Incantation must invest at least 47 values into the Faith. Death Lighting Incantation will also cost you a whopping 32 FP that will be doubled on continuous casting. But in the end, this investment is definitely worth damage and gaining tactical advantage in battle. 

Acquiring the Death Lightning Dragon Cult Incantation is another crux of the matter. Since this Incantation is available pretty much in the endgame portion of Elden Ring, you might want to avoid spoilers for the storyline. Obtaining the Incnataion involves one of the many hidden endings in the game.

But if you happen to pursue the Fia’s questline, you will be able to gain access to the northern region of Deeproot Depths. While avoiding the spoilers for sake of completionists, pursuing the Fia’s questline will lead you to a Legendary boss Lichdragon Fortissax

Defeating the Ancient Dragon will reward players with a Remembrance of the Lichdragon. Now you can return to the Roundtable Hold and speak to the merchant known as Enia. You can trade the Remembrance of the Lichdragon for Death Lightning Incantation. 

Frozen Lightning Spear

If burning fire Incantations tires you, you can also consider icy cold Frozen Lightning Spear to leave a chilling damage experience in the battleground. By channeling the power of Dragonkin from Eternal City, this Dragon Cult Incantation is a murdering spell with an intense damage buff. For the first time, players will be able to experience overpowered attacks with ice lightning with the initial throw. 

Frozen Lightning Spear
Frozen Lightning Spear

Even best is that players will achieve one of the wide AoE from the Dragon Cult Incantation. Many players consider Frozen Lightning Spear as a prime entry for their lightning build because of the best Damage Output and the poise. On the other side, the Incantation casting is pretty slow as you will have to wait after striking the massive lightning onto the enemies. Meanwhile, what this Incantation lacks in speed, makes up for monstrous Frostbite damage on the foes. 

Frozen Lightning Spear Location
Frozen Lightning Spear Location

Apart from that, you might want to make sure your character has 34 in Faith to be eligible for using the Frozen Lightning Spear Incantation. Considering the intensity of the Incantation, it will also consume 36 FP for single casting. Meanwhile, if you are able to obtain it in the endgame that will not be much of a problem. 

Getting your hands on the Incantation also involves defeating an ancient boss. So rally up on your torrent and head to Ainsel River Well. Head all the way down and follow the path to reach the Uhl Palace Ruins. Drop below and dodge all the enemies and take a straight path from the river.

Once you have reached the boss arena, you will be able to engage in the fight with Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella. After defeating the enemy, players will receive the Frozen Lightning Spear without having to return to any Altar or Merchant to trade for Dragon Heart or Prayerbook. Now you have one of the best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring to use for your character build. 

Lightning Spear

Apart from Frozen Lightning Spear, players can also consider a simple version of the Incantation that deals massive Lightning damage. It is exactly as the name says. Meanwhile, the amount of damage the Lightning Spears deals is massive and brutal. If you are asking for a reason why you should consider it in your arsenal, then the top reason would be accuracy. 

Lightning Spear is known to land on the enemies no matter how fast they are during the fight. Most Incantations are slow and require careful consideration for making the strike. Meanwhile, casting this Dragon Cult Incantation is sure to hit the foes and drain their HP by massive values.

Lightning Spear
Lightning Spear

However, if you are seeking to cast the charged version of the spell. there is a slight chance of missing the hit as enemies can dodge or rollover. But at the same time, charged casting will also dish out AoE so that you can get some result of the charged Incantation. 

Lightning Spear is cheap for character stats and FP requirements, thus enabling all kinds of players to utilize the magical powers of the powerful Incantation. Players must have at least 17 in Faith to use the Incantation. On the other side, it only uses 18 FP, making it the best Dragon Incantation in Elden Ring. 

Acquiring the Lightning Spear has the same process as Electrify Armament. All you need to do is to get the Dragon Cult Prayerbook after killing the Leyndell Knight and return it to Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold. 

Agheel’s Flame

Agheel’s Flame takes us back to the breathing Incantations for Dragon Communion. Spewing flames to heat up the battle is always fun as it deals continuous damage and looks badass. Your character will be channeling the power of Fire Dragon and turning it into a massive Dragon head to release a massive range of fire. This fire attack is extremely brutal that will put an end to all kinds of enemies. 

Many players compare the Incantation with DragonFire, which is similar in terms of the attack. However, Agheel’s Flame is proven to dish out promising Damage Output and can be cast in the air. On top of that, you do not really have to worry about the range as the Agheel’s Flame will burn the enemies to a crisp while keeping the distance. 

Agheel's Flame
Agheel’s Flame

Agheel’s Flame Incantation will require 36 FP. Meanwhile, being the Dragon Communion Incantation, it requires both Faith and Arcane values of 23 and 15 respectively. 

Acquiring the Agheel’s Flame first requires players to get into a fight with Flying Dragon Agheel in Limgrave. Head to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins and you will be able to spawn the optional boss.

After defeating the boss you will receive a Dragon Heart. But in order to get the Agheel’s Flame, it is important to trade with two Hearts. You will have to defeat another Dragon from any portion of the map and then return to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid. Engage with the Altar and trade two Dragon Hearts to receive the Agheel’s Flame Incantation. 

Glintstone Breath

Channeling Frostbite and Fire can become boring with time. But Glintstone Breath can cover your cravings for the coolest looking spew of magical breath to inflict massive magical damage. As long as your character meets the Incantation requirements, Glintstone Breath can become the top entry for your mage builds. 

Glintstone Breath
Glintstone Breath

Speaking of requirements, you will need 15 Faith and 12 Arcane to cast the Dragon Communion spell. Single casting will also consume a total of 28 FP of your character. Meanwhile, if you are mid-higher level character build, that is not a problem. 

Glintstone Breath is available for trade for a Dragon Heart at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion’s Altar. So make sure to hunt any one of the Dragon around the Lands Between to get your hands on the magical Incantation. 

Placidusax’s Ruin

Last but not least, Placidusax’s Ruin that not a Dragon Communion nor a Dragon Cult Incantation. But it is extremely worthy of mention for being the overpowered and best Dragon Incantation in Elden Ring. Getting the Incantation early on in the game is not possible, which clearly shows how much of the power it channels from the ancient and secret boss. 

Casting the Placidusax’s Ruin Incantation will turn your character into Dragonlord Placidusax to release a golden breath. This breath initially explodes to deal lightning damage over the course of AoE and then spews fire damage from the beam of breath. You can cast the Incantation while jumping and even control the direction of the breath to gain accurate damage to the enemies. 

Placidusax's Ruin in Action
Placidusax’s Ruin in Action

As for the requirements, Incantation requires a Faith of 36 only. Meanwhile, casting the Incantation will utilize most of your FP with a value standing at 62. 

Acquiring the Placidusax’s Ruins also requires patience and a tricky cryptic location to fight a secret boss in the game. There is no other approach to acquiring this magnificent Incantation.

To start things off, you will need to head to Farum Azula and hit the Beside the Great Bridge site of grace. The only approach to get here is by progressing enough in the storyline till the very end. 

Placidusax's Ruin Location
Placidusax’s Ruin Location

You can either fight the Blade Blade boss in the location or avoid dropping below the lift. Make your way to the broken mighty bridge near the tornado. You will have to be extremely careful and use the ledge. There will be a lot of jumps, so make ane efficient choice and avoid dying at this stage. 

Once you have reached the broken bridge, you will be allowed to lie down in the middle. After a cinematic sequence, your character will be taken to the rare boss arena of Dragonlord Placidusax.

This boss is painfully difficult so brings your best weapons to put the beast down and claim the reward of Remembrance of the Dragonlord. After picking up the reward, your character may return to the Roundtable Hold to trade it with Enia for Placidusax’s Ruin. 

Final Words

Each Dragon Incantation comes with its own set of perks and downsides that demand careful consideration for your character build. Since every player pursues unique gameplay, you might want to make an efficient choice to invest in the Incantation to achieve the best gameplay experience. In the end, it all comes down to the character stats and ease of access to the particular Incantation in the game. 

That is about it for 15 of the best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring. Do you found this guide helpful for obtaining your ideal Dragon Incantation for character build? What is your favorite Incantation for the Faith-focused builds in Elden Ring? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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