BEST Elden Ring Spells: Locations & Requirements

I have more than 180+ hours invested in Elden Ring, and I can share my experience on the best spells.

The Best Spells In Elden Ring
About The Author

Maaz has played Elden Ring for 180+ hours, so you can easily trust him with the information and insights he shares about the best spells he found in Elden Ring.

As stated earlier, spells are essential, both for pure casters and those hoping to cast a little on the side. The game has an abundance of spells, from glintstone shards that do minimal damage to full-on magic greatswords that do tons of damage and can clear hordes of enemies at once. On top of all this, support spells also do stuff like buffing your weapon.

While ultimately, spells come down to usage and build, some stick out more than others. 

Key Takeaways

Elden Ring offers various spells with unique effects, here are the best ones and what they offer:

  1. Glintstone Shard lures enemies, obtained at 12 Intelligence by trading.
  2. Carain Greatsword summons a ranged greatsword at 24 Intelligence.
  3. Comet Azur’s beam deals boss damage at 60 Intelligence.
  4. Loretta’s Greatbow snipes at 24 Intelligence, obtained by defeating Loretta.
  5. Frozen Armament boosts damage at 15 Intelligence, found behind Caria Manor.
  6. Carian Phalanx summons blades at 22 Intelligence, purchased from Sellen.
  7. Rennala’s Full Moon handles slow, high-health foes at 70 Intelligence.
  8. Meteorite creates a shooting meteor at 30 Intelligence, obtained by defeating Alabaster Lord.
  9. Carian Piercer summons a high-damage sword at 27 Intelligence.
  10. Star Shower weakens enemies at 24 Intelligence through a trade with Sellen.

Best Spells And Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best Spells in Elden Ring . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.SpellsAwarded ForFP CostSlotIntelligenceFaithArcane
1Glintstone ShardBest Spell for Crowd Control.1211600
2Carain GreatswordBest Spell for Colossal Greatsword Summons.1412400
3Comet Azur’sBest Spell for Dealing Boss Damage.40(10)36000
4Loretta’s GreatbowBest Spell for Long-Range PvE.2812600
5Frozen ArmamentBest Spell for PvE & PvP.2511200
6Carian PhalanxBest Spell for Defensive Advantage.2613400
7Rennala’s Full MoonBest Spell against Slow & High-health Enemies.4737000
8Meteorite spellBest Spell for Offensive and Defensive Versatility.30(10)13000
9Carian PiercerBest Spell With Straight Sword Capabilities.1912700
10Star ShowerBest Spell for Homing Magic Projectiles with High Damage.2312400

Comparison Table for Best Spells.

Glintstone Shard

Best Spell for Crowd Control.

Why did I Choose Glintstone Shard?

I chose the Glintstone Shard for its adaptability and usefulness in various scenarios. Whether you’re dealing with groups of enemies, finishing off a boss, or engaging in PvP, versatility makes it an essential choice for both pure casters and hybrid builds.

Swift Glinstone Shard Spell
Swift Glinstone Shard Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Glintstone Shard, similar to Dark Souls’ Soul Darts, is an iconic and highly versatile sorcery.

With a good staff and high intelligence, Glintstone Shards can one to two-shot most late-game drones without consuming much FP. They’re also useful for aggro management; when facing groups of enemies, you can use them to lure out a few and pick them off one by one.

Additionally, Glintstone Shards serve as effective finishers. In crucial moments where you’ve nearly defeated a boss, using a Glintstone Shard from a distance can prevent an unfortunate death by finishing off the boss. They’re also valuable in PvP for maintaining distance and applying pressure. Overall, this straightforward sorcery ranks among the best spells due to its versatility and usefulness in various scenarios.

Location and Requirements:

You can purchase the Swift Glintstone shard after giving Sorceress Sellen a scroll. You will require an intelligence level of at least 12.

Glintstone ShardMagic1211600

Glintstone Shard Stats Table

  • Versatile and effective sorcery.
  • Can one to two-shot late-game enemies with high intelligence.
  • Useful for aggro management and finishing off bosses.
  • Valuable in PvP for maintaining distance and applying pressure.

  • Minimal damage if intelligence is low.

Carian Greatsword

Best Spell for Colossal Greatsword Summons.

Why did I Choose Carian Greatsword?

I chose the Carian Greatsword for its exceptional combat capabilities. Despite the longer casting time, the summoned colossal greatsword deals high damage, making it effective for long-range attacks on bosses and providing a powerful option for dealing with enemies.

Carian Great Sword Details
Carian Great Sword Details | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Carian greatsword is one of the coolest spells. You summon a colossal greatsword that does damage equivalent to that of a real greatsword and has a lot more reach than the real greatsword. Carian Greatsword, due to its high length, can kill multiple enemies in a single combo.

Despite its power, the Carian Greatsword falls short due to the amount of time it takes to cast it. We recommend using Radagon’s icon which significantly reduces the cast time.

Carian Greatsword also does tons of damage if your intelligence is high which means you get to pick at bosses from afar and do tons of damage. I recommend using a Carian staff to maximize the output of this and other Carian Spells.

Carian-Great-Sword-Spell Elden Ring
Carian Great Sword Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Location and Requirements:

You can purchase the Carian Greatsword from Miriel in the church of vows. It requires an intelligence level of at least 24.

Carian GreatswordMagic1412400

Carian Greatsword Stats Table.

  • Summons a colossal greatsword with high damage and reach.
  • Can kill multiple enemies in a single combo.
  • High damage output with high intelligence.
  • Effective for long-range attacks on bosses.

  • Takes time to cast, and can be interrupted.

Comet Azure

Best Spell for Dealing Boss Damage.

Why did I Choose Comet Azure?

I chose Comet Azure for its unparalleled boss damage. The ongoing beam of massive size can one-shot bosses, making it a no-brainer for pure casters and high intelligence builds in PvE situations.

Comet Azur Spell Details Elden Ring
Comet Azur Details | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Comet Azure might just be the most overpowered attack in all of Elden Ring, not just the most powerful spell. Comet Azure is essentially Elden Ring’s Kamehameha spell. It shoots an ongoing beam of massive size that is powerful enough to take down bosses in a single hit.

Many have hailed Comet Azure as Elden Ring’s easy mode due to how much damage it deals. The one caveat is that Comet Azure requires 60 intelligence, but the wait is worth it. Comet Azure is a no-brainer for pure casters and high-intelligence builds in Elden Ring.

It is so powerful that it almost breaks the game. Due to its telegraphed moveset, however, comet Azure is not of much use in PvP.

Comet Azure Spell
Comet Azure Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Location and Requirements:

You can acquire this spell by talking to sorcerer Azure near the Hermit village’s bonfire in Mt Gelmir. Comet Azure requires an intelligence level of at least 60.

Comet AzureMagic40(10)36000

Comet Azure Stats Table. 

  • Overpowered attack, akin to Elden Ring’s Kamehameha.
  • Deals massive damage, capable of one-shotting bosses.
  • Suitable for pure casters and high intelligence builds.

  • Requires a high intelligence level (60).
  • Telegraphed moveset is not as useful in PvP.

Loretta’s Greatbow

Best Spell for Long-Range PvE.

Why did I Choose Loretta’s Greatbow?

I chose Loretta’s Greatbow for its exceptional long-range capabilities. It deals considerable damage with the most range among ranged attacks, making it effective for clearing out long-range enemies in PvE.

Lorettas Great Bow
Carian Great Bow / Loretta’s Great Bow Details | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Loretta’s greatbow is the sniper of Elden Ring. It is a magic bowshot that deals considerable damage and has the most range among every ranged attack in the game. All this comes at the rise of a very high casting time but that is where Radagon’s Icon shines.

Due to its high range and damage, this spell is best used for clearing out long-range archers/annoying enemies for its high damage can clear enemies very quickly. It can also be charged up indefinitely for higher damage.

All in all, Lorreta’s greatbow is one of the best spells for PvE. For the same reasons as Comet Azure, Loretta’s greatbow lacks in PvP. Also, if you progress far enough into the game, you get to fight Lorretta before Melania and you get an even more beefed-up version of this spell that shoots multiple magic great arrows at once.

Carian Great Bow Spell
Loretta’s Great Bow / Carian Great Bow Gameplay | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Location and Requirements:

You can acquire Loretta’s greatbow by beating phantom Loretta in Caria Manor whereas you can acquire Loretta’s mastery by beating the real Loretta in Miquela’s Haligtree.

Loretta’s greatbow requires an intelligence level of 26 whereas Loretta’s mastery requires an intelligence of 46.

Loretta’s greatbowMagic2812600

Loretta’s greatbow Stats Table.

  • Long-range magic bowshot with considerable damage.
  • Highest range among ranged attacks in the game.
  • Effective for clearing out long-range enemies.

  • High casting time.
  • Less effective in PvP due to casting time.

Frozen Armament/Scholar’s Armament

Best Spell for PvE & PvP.

Why did I Choose Frozen Armament/Scholar’s Armament?

I chose Frozen Armament/Scholar’s Armament for their versatile weapon enhancement capabilities. These support spells offer a significant damage boost for a short duration, benefiting both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Frozen Arnament Spell Details
Frozen Armament Spell Details | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Spells differ from incantations by being less support-oriented. However, some support spells, like Frozen and Scholar armaments, offer valuable benefits. These spells enhance your weapon with freeze or magic damage, scaling with intelligence and providing a significant damage boost for a short duration.

These buffing spells are versatile, benefiting both PvE and PvP scenarios. They help you deal with bosses, hordes of enemies, and even PvP opponents efficiently. Additionally, they save you time on crafting and searching for freeze or magic enhancements.

In summary, buffing spells excel due to their substantial damage increase at a minimal FP cost. Consider using them when facing challenges or opponents to enhance your combat effectiveness.

Frozen Armament Spell Gameplay Picture
Using Frozen Armament | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Location and Requirements:

You can find Frozen Armament after killing a scarab behind Caria Manor in the 3 sisters’ region. It requires an intelligence level of at least 15.

Scholar’s ArmamentMagic2511200

Scholar’s Armament Stats Table.

  • Scales with intelligence, providing significant damage boost.
  • Enhances weapon with freeze or magic damage.
  • Versatile and beneficial in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

  • Short duration of effect.

Carian Phalanx/Greatblade Phalanx

Best Spell for Defensive Advantage.

Why did I Choose Carian Phalanx/Greatblade Phalanx?

I chose Carian Phalanx/Greatblade Phalanx for their effective mini magic blades. These spells deal damage, stagger foes, and provide a defensive advantage by interrupting enemy combos in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Carian Phalanx Description
Carian Phalanx Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Phalanx spells, similar to buffing spells, are highly effective. These spells create mini magic blades around you that can be launched to deal damage and stagger most human-sized foes.

They also offer a defensive advantage by interrupting enemy combos and preventing potential lethal damage.

In PvE, Phalanx spells are valuable, especially against formidable foes of your size. In PvP, they shine as essential spells, aiding in dealing damage, keeping opponents guessing, and creating distance when needed.

Carian Phalanx Activated
Carian Phalanx Activated | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Location and Requirements:

You can purchase Glintblade Phalanx from sorceress Sellen for 2500 ruins. They require an intelligence level of at least 22.

Carian PhalanxMagic2613400

Carian Phalanx Stats Table.

  • Effective against human-sized foes in both PvE and PvP.
  • Creates mini magic blades for damage and staggering foes.
  • Offers defensive advantage by interrupting enemy combos.

  • Can be evaded by nimble enemies.

Rennala’s Fullmoon

Best Spell against Slow & High-health Enemies.

Why did I Choose Rennala’s Fullmoon?

While tricky to use, Renalla’s Fullmoon is one of the strongest sorceries. Its strength is apparent when you first encounter it fighting Renalla. While easy to avoid, if hit with it, this spell can one-shot you. Renallas Fullmoon can stagger most foes while dealing massive amounts of damage.

Rennala'a Full Moon Spell
Rennala’a Full Moon Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Rennala’s full moon works best against enemies that are slow and tanky, with massive health pools. This is so because smaller enemies that are nimble can often avoid it while those with smaller health pools lead to a wastage of this spell’s potential unless you kill multiple in one go. For these same reasons, I find it hard to recommend Rennala’s Full Moon for PvP, most enemies will just dodge and avoid it. 

Location and Requirements:

You can acquire this spell by trading in the remembrance of the Full Moon’s queen at the roundtable hold. Rennala’s Full Moon requires intelligence of at least 70.

Rennala’s FullmoonType4737000

Rennala’s Fullmoon Stats Table. 

  • Effective against slow, high-health enemies.
  • Massive damage potential.
  • One of the strongest sorceries, capable of one-shotting foes.

  • Less effective in PvP.
  • Tricky to use, and easily avoidable by nimble enemies.


Best Spell for Offensive and Defensive Versatility.

Why did I Choose Meteorite?

I chose Meteorite for its unique offensive and defensive capabilities. It spawns a meteor that continuously rains magic, providing consistent damage and versatility for both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Meteorite Spell Details
Meteorite Spell Details | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Meteorite is a very unique spell for it has both defensive and offensive capabilities. What meteorite does is it spawns a meteor next to you that continuously rains magic on enemies, which can both stagger enemies and cause a ton of damage. This is one of the most versatile spells.

When used strategically, it can stagger and damage a group of enemies, allowing you to eliminate them one by one. In duels or boss fights, Meteorite provides consistent damage and can intimidate opponents, encouraging them to keep their distance.

Defensively, Meteorite offers a breather when overwhelmed by enemies and can deter PvP foes, allowing you to heal with crimson tears. Overall, Meteorite is an excellent spell for both PvP and PvE, ranking among the best spells in the game.

Using Meteorite Spell
Using Meteorite Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Location and Requirements:

You get Meteorite as a reward for beating Alabaster Lord in Caria Manor’s evergoal. You will require an intelligence level of at least 30.


Meteorite Stats Table.

  • Unique spell with offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Spawns a meteor that continuously rains magic on enemies.
  • Versatile for both PvE and PvP scenarios.

  • Requires strategic use for maximum effectiveness.

Carian Piercer

Best Spell With Straight Sword Capabilities.

Why did I Choose Carian Piercer?

It’s a versatile spell suitable for both PvP and PvE scenarios, excelling at quick enemy elimination and surprise attacks.

Carian Piercer Spell
Carian Piercer Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Carian Piercer is basically the straight sword equivalent of the Carian Greatsword. It is an exceptional spell due to how quick it is and how it can do tons of damage in mere seconds, making it PvP viable too. Overall the functioning is similar to the Carian Greatsword except for the reduced damage and increased speed.

Carian Piercer is a versatile and essential spell, suitable for both PvP and PvE. It serves multiple purposes:

  1. It can function as a sword for quick enemy elimination.
  2. It provides a faster alternative when your primary melee weapon is a greatsword or similar.
  3. It can deliver significant damage as a surprise attack in PvP.
  4. It excels at staggering human-sized enemies with ease.
Carian Piercer Spell Activated
Carian Piercer Spell Activated | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Location and Requirements:

You get this spell from a scarab in the gardens of Carian Manor. You will require an intelligence level of at least 27 to use it.

Carian PiercerMagic1912700

Carian Piercer Stats Table.

  • Quick and high-damage straight sword spell.
  • Versatile for quick enemy elimination and surprise attacks.
  • Suitable for both PvP and PvE scenarios.

  • Reduced damage compared to Carian Greatsword.

Star Shower

Best Spell for Homing Magic Projectiles with High Damage.

Why did I Choose Star Shower?

I chose Star Shower for its standout small, homing magic projectiles. With significant damage, tracking ability, and versatility against various enemies, it ranks among the top-tier spells for both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Star Shower Spell
Star Shower Spell | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Star Shower is a standout spell, sharing similarities with Phalanx spells, and is considered one of the best. It fires small, homing magic projectiles that deal significant damage.

While they can be evaded, timing the spell can catch opponents off guard, ensuring all projectiles hit.

Star Shower’s versatility shines as it can be employed against various enemies, from bosses to ads, thanks to its tracking ability. For human-sized and nimble foes, precise usage is required to maximize effectiveness.

Overall, due to its high damage, speed, and tracking capability, Star Shower is a top-tier spell suitable for both PvE and PvP.

Location and Requirements:

You can purchase Star Shower from sorceress Sellen after giving her a scroll. You require an Intelligence level of 24 to use it.

Star ShowerMagic2312400

Star Shower Stats Box

  • Fires small, homing magic projectiles with significant damage.
  • Versatile against various enemies due to tracking ability.
  • Suitable for both PvE and PvP scenarios.

  • Requires precise timing for maximum effectiveness.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  1. Rock Blaster: Falls short of being the best spell due to limited versatility, high FP cost, and situational effectiveness.
  2. Terra Magica: Falls short of widespread use due to its fixed position requirement, making it less adaptable in dynamic encounters and less appealing for mobile playstyles.
  3. Glintstone Icecrag: Limited range, slower speed, and slightly lower damage compared to alternatives like Great Glintstone Shard make Glintstone Icecrag less optimal for some players.
  4. Greatblade Phalanx: Has high FP cost (43), making alternatives like Glintblade Phalanx (Ash of War) more appealing. Its long cast time and limited tracking pose challenges in PvE and PvP.
  5. Roiling Magma: Offers explosive potential with its charged magma projectiles, but its usability may be hindered by its mechanics, requiring careful consideration and practice for optimal deployment in various situations.
  6. Adula’s Moonblade: Relying on this may limit spellcasters’ adaptability, as it requires specific attributes and might overshadow other spells in a mage’s collection.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Elden Ring player with over 180 hours of gameplay, I highly recommend incorporating Comet Azure and Glintstone Shard into your spell arsenal. Comet Azure stands out for its unparalleled boss damage, capable of one-shotting even the most formidable foes.

Its massive ongoing beam provides a significant advantage in PvE situations, allowing you to eliminate powerful enemies swiftly. Paired with a high intelligence build, Comet Azure becomes a game-changing spell that facilitates smoother progression through the challenging landscapes of Elden Ring.

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