Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile [Top 3]

Apex Legends Mobile was launched on 17th May and since then it has been able to create a huge hype for millions of players. With the PC version already launched several years ago, Respawn Entertainment’s sole purpose was to enable mobile players to play the game. Of course, it brought joy to the mobile community, however, some players are looking for the Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile.

Without a second thought, emulators started supporting the already so popular game. As a matter of fact, why play it on an emulator when there are two versions of the game available to the gaming community?

For instance, Apex Legends for PC was released back in 2019 and just recently we got our hands on the mobile version of the game.

Before the launch, it was hard to believe if the game would support an emulator. An anti-cheat software from within the game would instantly flag the emulator as cheating software and ultimately ban the account.

However, some emulators support Apex Legends Mobile. For instance, we have the following five emulators;

  • BlueStacks
  • NOX
  • MEmu
  • Gameloop
  • LD player

Needless to say, more than five emulators are supporting different games, however, the above are reliable and offer good performance. Out of the five, let’s deduce which is the Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile.

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Bluestacks Emulator

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
BlueStacks Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile

We will start with Bluestack, a commonly known emulator for Fortnite and PUBG that now supports Apex Legends Mobile on PC. To play any mobile game on your PC you need to have access to an emulator published by one of the game’s developers.

The emulator supports Eco mode, Multi-Instance Sync, Multi-Instance, and Macros, with each mode granting the users good performance and a smooth interface.

To access the game on Bluestacks, you are initially required to download and install the emulator on your PC.

Once installed, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account via the Play Store. The next step is to search and install Apex Legends Mobile and have it run on your PC after installation.

Pretty simple to use right? Some of the benefits of using Bluestacks as an emulator for Apex Legends Mobile are as follows;

  • Instantly switch between different Apex accounts without difficulty.
  • Execute complex combinations with a single keystroke.
  • Lower your PC consumption on resources with the Eco Mode and enjoy smooth gameplay.


To install Bluestacks, your PC needs to have 4 GB of RAM and should support 32 and 64-bit applications. Additionally, you’ll need a minimum of 5 GB HDD and Windows 7 or above to run BlueStacks efficiently.

Why BlueStacks?

Running Apex Legends Mobile through BlueStacks will enable you to play the game on the highest running FPS. Consequently, allowing you to play on smooth graphics without continuous frame drops.

Those players that admire their skills in response time and effective reflexes will find BlueStacks perfect for their gaming experience.

Because of the high FPS, and smooth graphics, play an infinite amount of games without the risk of device heat up and other commonly known issues.

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Enjoy Apex Legends Mobile on BlueStacks Emulator!

Moreover, you can easily customize your controls and sensitivity based on your preferences. You can use the Script module to fully automize a series of moves and skills by assigning different roles of a character to a key.

When you press the key, you’ll be able to perform more than one task such as opening the scope and firing simultaneously.

Gameloop Emulator

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Gameloop Emulator for the best overall experience!

The second Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile is GameLoop. It is both trustworthy and reliable. Why? Because it was developed by Tencent Games, the same developers that created PUBG.

To play mobile games on an emulator, you always have to look for an emulator that has been developed by the developer of any successful game. This eliminates the threat of being flagged as a cheat and getting banned even for playing fairly.

To play the game, you first need to download GameLoop on your PC. Upon installing and running the emulator, you’ll already notice Apex Legends Mobile on the startup screen.

It’ll be an easy installation of the game, otherwise, you can manually search it by name through the search bar and then install it.

Once installed, simply run it and enjoy the game and dominate the battlefield with seamless performance and use of mouse and keyboard!

Why GameLoop?

For one reason, it is 100% legal to use GameLoop to run Apex Legends Mobile on your PC. Because it is designed by none other than Tencent Games, the developers of PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. Both games are already supported and legal on the GameLoop Emulator.

Therefore, you will have no trouble when playing the game on your PC and risk getting banned. Needless to say, the emulator supports high-end graphics and smooth performance, allowing you to experience lag-free gameplay.

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Enjoy playing Apex Legends Mobile with Gameloop Emulator!

On another note, playing on an emulator will cause the system to automatically match you against players using an emulator as well, this eliminates the possibility of unfair competition between mobile and emulator players.

Let’s face it guys, playing on an emulator breaks the rules on so many levels.

Hence, it is only fair that you be matched with players using the same methods of playing the game.

Here’s a quick guide on the best movement for Apex Legends Mobile players who are new to the game and facing some basic difficulties. The guide will allow you to understand the basic mechanism of the game along with pro tips to be a better player.

NOX Emulator

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Install the NOX emulator on your PC!

Finally, we have the third Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile. The NOX emulator might actually outperform the other two emulators mentioned above so let’s not wander around and start!

NOX Emulator is perfect for optimizing, custom layouts, and performance. It is a lightweight emulator which means, it’ll consume small chunks of unnecessary resources.

The emulator will focus its resources on Apex Legends so that your PC runs it smoothly without any extra stress or load on it.

Recommended Android Version

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Use the Android 9 64-Bit Beta Version to fully experience the best of Apex Legends Mobile!

For Android players, the best version for you guys is the Beta Version of Android 9 64-bit OS. You can install it through the multi-device settings within the NOX emulator and run the game on smooth FPS without experiencing any lag.

Additionally, you can custom-set the performance on NOX to achieve the highest possible graphics on Apex Legends Mobile. The options that you’re supposed to change will directly affect your PC’s capabilities.

For instance, if you have a PC with a minimum of 4GB RAM and 5GB Memory, you will need to select Custom and enter these options on their designated slots as you can see in the above image.

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Copy the files using FX File Explorer!

Before we get into the details, you will need to download and install the NOX emulator on your PC. Note that the methods to install and play the game in the Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile are the same to some extent.

Anyways, you’ll have to sign yourself to the Google Play Store and search for the game to later install it on your PC. After installing the game, you also have to install FX file Explorer to copy the files and run the game successfully without any annoying errors.

NOX Performance settings

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Adapt to the following performance settings to run Apex Legends Mobile smoothly!

One of the best features of the NOX emulator is its custom layout for Apex Legends Mobile Controls. Those players that find it difficult to create their own layouts can now use a ready-made custom layout for the best experience in the game. I used to search for the best layouts and sensitivities for games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

But I learned that it’s most effective to create your game settings because you know it best and because you’re already familiar with your game style. Creating a custom layout yourself will act more effectively in-game than relying on custom-made layouts.

However, a few people who avoid the hard work and want to skip to the best layout in Apex Legends Mobile can fully avail the ready-made custom layout.

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Recommended model for High-end experience!

After that, you can choose the Enhanced Compatibility mode for the best Graphics when running the game. Your resolution may change depending on your PC, best if you select based on your preference along with the recommended settings explained above!

High FPS

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Maximum FPS settings

Let’s head over to achieving the highest FPS through the NOX emulator. Under the settings, head over to the “Gaming” option and select your Frame rate. Enable High FPS Mode which currently runs 120 FPS. Evidently, it will boost the performance of Apex Legends Mobile.

On another note, you can enjoy the custom-made layout for the game under the game control settings. These layouts will already be optimized for the best results.

For instance, different keystrokes will be assigned to selective actions in the game. You can use the right and left clicks on the mouse to aim and shoot.

Use the “W A S D” or the arrow keys to move your character and press “Space” to jump or slide. All these actions simplified through keystrokes will make your gaming experience a lot more fun and thrilling to play on the Apex Legends Mobile Emulator.

Best Emulator for Apex Legends Mobile
Don’t worry when you see this dialogue!

If you have tried out the above emulators on your PC and faced this error, don’t panic just click on the “back” button on any emulator and enjoy the game! Let us know which emulator gave you the best experience in terms of reliability, performance, and high graphics in the comments! 

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