Best Faith Armor Elden Ring: Top 5 Faith Armors

Best Faith Armor Elden Ring
Best Faith Armor Elden Ring

After almost a decade of development, Elden Ring is finally out in the wild for the players’ community. The game is well praised for offering tons of content to explore while allowing players to experience their unique playstyle through character builds. Just like Dark Souls, you will start with a total of ten classes to build your unique character. Each of these classes has the values of its own attributes stats that make up the characteristics of your build. Faith is one of the most prominent stats because of the variety of Faith weapons and armor for players. Diving into the Lands Between of Elden Ring will not be an easy feat. You will have to incorporate different game elements to ensure the defenses and smooth gameplay experience. For that instance, players seek the best Faith armor Elden Ring to assist in their ideal character build. 

There are dozens of armors scattered around the map of Land Between available for players to acquire. What is so unique about Elden Ring is that it does not limit players to explore the vast, stretching open world and use any item they can find to benefit in the gameplay. But herein lies the rub of higher-level enemies and bosses that are always lurking in the shadows to take a piece of you. A variety of items also puzzle the players to make the ideal choice for their character. However, narrowing down the list for things that fit the character and gameplay needs can solve the problem. This guide entails the top 5 best Faith armor Elden Ring that you can find easily in the Elden Ring. 

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Faith Armor Elden Ring

The Prophet is the top class with high Faith value with Arcane and Strength. However, that is only the starting attribute for your character under Prophet. As you progress further into the game, you can add more value to these attributes to push character boundaries. When it comes to the Faith, you will play a character that does not limit itself to the melee and ranged weapons. But can also utilize Incantations to cast sorceries.

Apart from the weapons and sorceries, these characters also need a good set of armor to have some protection catered to your ideal play style. Additionally, it is worth noting that armors in Elden Ring are not individual pieces. You will need to find a complete set like Helmet, Chest piece, Gauntlets, and Greaves to achieve your character’s total Damage Negation stats. You can also mix and match different parts to create your own unique armor set. With that said, let’s discuss the top 5 Elden Ring’s Faith Armor sets. 

Haligtree Knight Set

The first and most appraised fashion choice armor is the Haligtree Knight set. It is the Loyce set of Elden Ring with a rework on shining and texture. On the other side, it looks incredibly unique and cool to give the best outlook for your Faith focused builds. 

Haligtree Knight’s stats reveal it is the medium-weight armor. This quality makes the armor suitable for players that seek close-quarters combat through melee weapons. However, ranged weapons builds can also benefit from Haligtree Knight for both defenses and fashion statement. The top reason to add this armor set for your character is the unique effect that increases Faith. This means acquiring early in the game will add more value to the Faith attributes stats. 

Haligtree Knight Set
Haligtree Knight Set

Moreover, Haligtree Knight set grants a total Physical Damage Negation of 29.3, the highest for the early-level players. Not just that, but you will also receive, Holy, Magic, and Fire Damage to enhance your defenses against all kinds of enemies in the game. 

Haligtree Knight Set Location
Haligtree Knight Set Location

Obtaining the complete set is a little tricky process. But following these steps will allow you to get your hands on the Haligtree Knight early in the game. All you need to do is to go to Elphael’s Inner Wall. There is a Site of Grace in that location, so make sure to rest before moving forward. After coming out of the hall, you will encounter numerous enemies with the Haligtree Knight armors. The only way to obtain the complete set is to fight these enemies and loot them off their corpses. These are medium-level enemies, so bring some Flasks to restore your health. 

Commoner’s Set

If you are looking to increase Faith values, then Commoner’s set is the perfect choice for you. Commoners also come with four armor pieces, including Helmet, Chest piece, Gauntlets, and Leg armor. However, only the Chest piece grants Faith for your character. 

Unfortunately, Commoner’s Set does not offer promising Physical Damage Negation. Physical Damage Negation only stands at 7.7. However, it does go hand in hand with Magical, Holy, and Fire Damage Negation with 24.3, 24.3, and 22.9, respectively. Looking at the stats, Commoner’s set is ideal for pure magic and incantations build. 

Elden Ring Commoner's set
Commoner’s set

Moreover, it will also reward players with extra Faith, which is hugely worth in the case of Faith character builds. To acquire your complete set of Commoner’s armor, you will have to pay a visit to the old Stormviel Caste. Here you will be farming on the Commoner’s enemies as they have chances to drop individual pieces of the set. This way, you can complete your Commoner’s set and pursue your required playthrough. 

Black Knife Set

Black Knife is another early game set that is as remarkable as it looks. It is a stealth-focused assassin armor with the best Damage Negation stats any armor can offer to beginner players. Plus, it will allow players to utilize the Faith abilities for casting the spells and incantations throughout the gameplay. 

Although, Black Knife is the heavy armor set, which will halt the performance for fast-paced gameplay. But what this armor lacks in the fat rolls and speed, it makes up for stealth action and a total Physical Damage Negation of 24.5. Apart from the Damage Negation, Black Knife also negates the sound effects of footsteps for the wearer. It means you can easily roll over the enemies without making a sound and engaging in combat. 

Elden Ring Black Knife Set
Black Knife Set

There is a total of four pieces that you need to find to achieve this Damage Negation. This includes Hood, Chest piece, Gauntlets, and Greaves. However, you can obtain all of them at once from a single location without even worrying about encountering enemies or bosses. We have a complete guide on receiving the complete Black Knife set. Follow each step, and you will be all set to have your own best Faith armor in Elden Ring. 

Cleanrot Armor

Cleanrot is also a massively overpowered armor set with a golden finish that defines the fashion statement for your build. Although, Cleanrot might not add Faith to your build. But still, it is one of the best options to have with the Faith build for the character defenses. 

The cherry on top is readily available for players to acquire by fighting the Cleanrot Knights. They can be found at one of the shadiest locations in the Land Between, the Swamp of Aeonia. Farming on these Cleanrot Knights will allow you to obtain the complete set of the Cleanrot Armor. Like every other armor, it also consists of four pieces. 

Elden Ring Cleanrot Set
Cleanrot Set

Cleanrot set also offers promising Physical Damage Negation. Looking at the stats, your character will receive 31.8 Physical and 27.4 Magic Damage Negation. These stats on your side can quickly become the prime choice for any character build. 

If you need to enhance your Faith, you can replace the Cleanrot Helmet with Ruler’s Mask. For that, you will visit Altus Plateau to find a corpse. Following the west side of the Site of Grace, you will see a corpse on one abandoned structure. Looting the corpse will give you the Ruler’s Mask to combine with Cleanrot Set. 

Crucible Tree Set

Lastly, the Crucible Tree set needs prominent attention from the Faith-focused builds. The Crucible Tree set looks not only good but also offers decent Physical Damage Negation of a whooping 38.3. This armor with a Ruler’s Mask combined will make your character a mass-murdering sorcerer that stops at nothing. 

Elden Ring Crucible Tree Set
Crucible Tree Set

Crucible Tree is ideal for heavy character builds with no problem with the rich set. That means you will be playing with a slow character that keeps the safety distance. It also boosts your incantations, so you can make the most experience out of the Faith builds like Prophet. 

Unfortunately, there is only one approach to obtain the full set of the Crucible Tree set. Plus, it is perilous, so bring the best weapons and Flasks to restore your health during the boss fights. Before you go hunting the Crucible Tree set, you will need to make sure you defeat Starscourge Radahn to unlock the Deeproot Depths location. Killing Radahn will allow you to get into Nokron Eternal City and complete the storyline objectives. Once you finish the objectives, you will enter the Deeproot Depths. 

Here you will be fighting Crucible Knight Siluria. Although, he will not drop the Crucible Tree set. But you will find a chest behind him that will contain the full set of mighty Crucible Tree set. 

Final Words

There are numerous other armors set that will greatly benefit the players to pursue their favorite playstyle. You will have to utilize your creativity to mix and match different sets that go well with the fashion and add the best damage protection for your character. 

That is about it for the best faith armor in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful to get your complete set of Faith armor in the game? What is your go-to option for armors under Faith attributes? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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