Best Faith Armor Elden Ring: Top 5 Faith Armors

I have played Elden Ring for more than 150+ hours and I can provide you hands-on experience in regard to the best faith armors in the game!

Best Faith Armor Elden Ring
Best Faith Armor Elden Ring
About The Author

Ehtishaam has over 160+ hours in Elden Ring, so you can trust him with the information related to the best faith armors.

The Prophet is the top class with high Faith value with Arcane and Strength. As you progress further into the game, you can add more value to these attributes to push character boundaries. Regarding the Faith, you will play a character that does not limit itself to the melee and ranged weapons. But can also utilize Incantations to cast sorceries.

Key Takeaways

  • For players looking for a fashion-forward option, the Haligtree Knight Set offers the highest Physical Damage Negation (29.3) for your character build.
  • Commoner’s set is perfect for magic & incantation builds, providing extra Faith value.
  • For stealth-focused assassins, the Black Knife Set provides the best Damage Negation for beginners.
  • The Cleanrot armor provides a balanced armor set with both protection and Faith.
  • The Crucible Tree set is a heavy armor with high Physical Damage Negation and Fire, Holy, and Magic Damage Negation.
  • Players can obtain complete sets by defeating enemies and looting or exploring locations like the Site of Grace or the Stormviel Caste.
  • Mixing and matching armor pieces to create a customized set that suits the player’s character and playstyle is possible.

Faith Armors Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best Faith Armors in Elden Ring. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.ArmorBest forWeightPhysical DamageVS StrikeVS SlashVS PierceMagicFireHoly
1Haligtree Knight SetBest Armor for High Defense.28.126.524.626.526.520.422.622.6
2Commoner’s SetBest Faith Armor for Magic Defense.8.57.511.111.19.522.521.522.5
3Black Knife SetBest Faith Armor for Stealth & Physical Defense.21.822.521.624.424.417.518.922.5
4Cleanrot ArmorBest Faith Armor for Balanced Defense & Fashion.1514.613.41617.512.612.813.5
5Crucible Tree SetBest Faith Armor for Incantation Enhancement.36.933.827.33331.125.524.227.6

Faith Armors Comparison Table.

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Throughout my extensive gameplay, I’ve realized that besides weapons and sorceries, having good armor tailored to your ideal play style is essential for these characters. You must find a complete set like Helmet, Chest piece, Gauntlets, and Greaves to achieve your character’s total Damage Negation stats. 

5. Haligtree Knight Set

Best Armor for High Defense.

Haligtree Knight’s stats reveal it is medium-weight armor. This quality makes the armor suitable for players who seek close-quarters combat through melee weapons. However, ranged weapons builds can also benefit from Haligtree Knight for both defenses and fashion statements.

I suggest you add this armor set for your character because of its unique effect that increases Faith. This means acquiring this armor in your playthrough will add value to the faith attributes stats. 

Why did I Choose the Haligtree Knight Set?

The Haligtree Knight Set stands out for its solid overall defense and an added boost to the character’s Faith attribute, which I found important for Faith-based playstyles.

Haligtree Knight Set
Haligtree Knight Set
Haligtree Knight Set Location
Haligtree Knight Set Location

Obtaining the complete set is a little tricky process. But following my steps will allow you to get your hands on the Haligtree Knight easily.

  1. All you need to do is to go to Elphael’s Inner Wall.
  2. After leaving the hall, you encounter numerous enemies wearing the Haligtree Knight armor.
  3. The only way to obtain the complete set is to fight these enemies and loot them off their corpses.
  4. These are medium-level enemies, so bring some Flasks to restore your health. 
Physical Damage 26.5 Immunity 84
Defense against Strike 24.6 Robustness 135
Defense against Slas 26.5 Focus 57
Defense against Pierce 26.5 Vitality 59
Magic Defense 20.4 Poise 47
Fire Defense 22.6 Weight 28.1
Holy Defense 22.6 Lightning Defense 19.1
State Box for Haligtree Knight Set

  • High Physical Damage Negation.
  • Offers exceptional defense.
  • Boosts faith for Faith-based builds.
  • Well-Rounded Defenses.

  • Medium weight might impact agility and movement.

4. Commoner’s Set

Best Faith Armor for Magic Defense.

If you want to increase Faith values, Commoner’s set is the perfect choice. Commoners also come with four armor pieces: Helmet, Chest, Gauntlets, and Leg armor. However, only the Chest piece grants Faith for your character. 

Unfortunately, Commoner’s Set does not offer promising Physical Damage Negation. Physical Damage Negation only stands at 7.7. However, it goes hand in hand with Magical, Holy, and Fire Damage Negation with 24.3, 24.3, and 22.9, respectively.

The stats show Commoner’s set is ideal for pure magic, and incantations build., thus making it the contender among the best faith armor.

Why did I Choose Commoner’s Set?

While lacking in physical defense, the Commoner’s Set greatly benefits Faith-based builds with its added Faith attribute and decent elemental protection.

Elden Ring Commoner's set
Commoner’s set

To acquire your complete set of Commoner’s armor, you will have to pay a visit to the old Stormviel Caste. Here, you will be farming on the Commoner’s enemies as they have chances to drop individual pieces of the set. This way, you can complete your Commoner’s set and pursue your required playthrough. 

Physical Damage 7.5 Immunity 79
Defense against Strike 11.1 Robustness 49
Defense against Slash 11.1 Focus 142
Defense against Pierce 9.5 Vitality 153
Magic Defense 22.5 Poise 13
Fire Defense 21.3 Weight 8.5
Holy Defense 22.5 Lightning Defense 21.9
State Box for Commoner’s Set

  • Boosts Faith.
  • Provides decent Elemental Defense.

  • Low Physical Damage Negation.

3. Black Knife Set

Best Faith Armor for Stealth & Physical Defense.

It is a stealth-focused assassin armor with the best Damage Negation stats any armor can offer to beginner players. Plus, it will allow players to utilize Faith’s abilities to cast spells and incantations throughout the gameplay. 

Although, Black Knife is the heavy armor set, which will halt the performance for fast-paced gameplay. But what this armor lacks in the fat rolls and speed, it makes up for stealth action and a total Physical Damage Negation of 24.5.

Why did I Choose Black Knife Set?

The Black Knife Set is perfect for players seeking a stealthy approach while ensuring strong physical defense, though at the cost of agility.

Elden Ring Black Knife Set
Black Knife Set

There is a total of four pieces that you need to find to achieve this Damage Negation. This includes Hoods, Chest piece, Gauntlets, and Greaves. However, you can obtain all of them at once from a single location without worrying about encountering enemies or bosses.

We have a complete guide on receiving the complete Black Knife set. Follow each step, and you will be all set to have your own best Faith armor in Elden Ring. 

Physical Damage 22.5 Immunity 65
Defence against Strike 21.6 Robustness 108
Defence against Slash 24.4 Focus 54
Defence against Pierce 24.4 Vitality 54
Magic Defense 17.5 Poise 40
Fire Defense 18.9 Weight 21.8
Holy Defense 22.5 Lightning Defense 13.5
State Box for Black Knife Set

  • Excellent defense against physical attacks.
  • Silences footsteps, aids in stealth.

  • Heavy armor hampers agility.

2. Cleanrot Armor

Best Faith Armor for Balanced Defense & Fashion.

Cleanrot might not add Faith to your build. But still, it is one of the best options with the Faith build for the character defenses. 

The cherry on top is readily available for players to acquire by fighting the Cleanrot Knights. They can be found at one of the shadiest locations in the Land Between, the Swamp of Aeonia. Farming on these Cleanrot Knights will allow you to obtain the complete set of the Cleanrot Armor. 

Why did I Choose Cleanrot Armor?

Despite not directly enhancing Faith, the Cleanrot Armor offers a balanced defense and impressive aesthetics, making it a good choice for different builds.

Elden Ring Cleanrot Set
Cleanrot Set

If you need to enhance your Faith, replace the Cleanrot Helmet with Ruler’s Mask. For that, you will visit the Altus Plateau to find a corpse. Following the west side of the Site of Grace, you will see a corpse on one abandoned structure. Looting the corpse will give you the Ruler’s Mask to combine with the Cleanrot Set. 

Physical Damage 14.6 Immunity 63
Defence against Strike 13.4 Robustness 67
Defence against Pierce 16 Focus 28
Defense against Pierce 17.5 Vitality 32
Magic Defense 12.6 Poise 27
Fire Defense 12.8 Weight 15
Holy Defense 13.5 Lightning Defense 11.4
State Box for Cleanrot Armor

  • Provides solid Physical and magic Damage Negation..
  • Golden, visually striking appearance.

  • Lacks a direct boost to Faith attribute.

1. Crucible Tree Set

Best Faith Armor for Incantation Enhancement.

Lastly, the Crucible Tree set needs prominent attention from the Faith-focused builds. The Crucible Tree set looks good and offers decent Physical Damage Negation of a whooping 38.3.

Why did I Choose Crucible Tree Set?

The Crucible Tree Set shines with its outstanding physical defense and added incantation enhancement, catering well to robust Faith-focused playstyles despite its weight.

Elden Ring Crucible Tree Set
Crucible Tree Set

Before hunting the Crucible Tree set, you must ensure you defeat Starscourge Radahn to unlock the Deeproot Depths location. Killing Radahn will allow you to enter Nokron Eternal City and complete the storyline objectives. Once you finish the objectives, you will enter the Deeproot Depths. 

Here, you will be fighting the Crucible Knight Siluria. You will find a chest behind him containing the full set of mighty Crucible Tree. 

Physical Damage 33.8 Immunity 120
Defence against Slash 27.3 Robustness 170
Defence against Pierce 33 Focus 84
Defense against Pierce 31.1 Vitality 84
Magic Defense 25.5 Poise 71
Fire Defense 24.2 Weight 36.9
Holy Defense 27.6 Lightning Defense 22.6
State Box for Crucible Tree Set

  • Offers exceptional defense against physical attacks.
  • High Physical Damage Negation.
  • Boosts incantations for Faith builds.

  • Heavy armor.
  • Slow character movement.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Solomon’s Regalia Set: Heavy set with a very high cost compared to its benefits.
  2. Sorcerer’s Attire: Offers low defense against physical and elemental attacks.
  3. Serpent Cultist Set: Heavy and impractical for most playstyles, lacks versatility.
  4. Aureliate Set: High requirements for minimal benefits in faith enhancement.
  5. Heretic’s Raiment: Provides minimal boosts in faith but lacks substantial defense.
  6. Sentinel’s Guard Set: Limited availability and insufficient physical defense.
  7. Cursed Cleric’s Garb: Not worth it due to its low defense and lack of notable faith enhancement.
  8. Eclipse Robes: Low physical defense and negligible faith augmentation.
  9. Oracle’s Vestments: Average defense and lacks significant faith enhancement.
  10. Divine Executioner’s Regalia: Heavy armor set with mediocre defense, not ideal for faith-based builds.
  11. Saintly Shroud: Limited availability and offers subpar defense compared to other sets.
  12. Radiant Apostle’s Attire: Provides limited faith enhancement and average defense.
  13. Reverent Guardian’s Robes: Low defense and minimal contribution to faith attribute.
  14. Purifier’s Vestments: Lacks significant defense or faith enhancements, making it less desirable.

What Would I Recommend?

For players seeking to enhance their Faith attributes, several armor sets stand out as ideal choices. I strongly recommend going with the Haligtree Knight Set as it shines with its exceptional defense and boosted faith attribute, offering a balanced approach for various playstyles. The Commoner’s Set also provides an added faith value and decent elemental defense, perfect for those focusing on magic and incantations early in the game.

In the end, the choice is completely yours and depends on the type of character build you are pursuing for Elden Ring. If you have more queries, share them with us in the comments section below. 

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