Best Fallout 4 ENB & Installation Guide [2023]

Thinking of installing best ENB for your Fallout 4? Here is everything you need to know about ENB mod and presets.

Fallout 4 ENB
Fallout 4 ENB

Modding has always been a prime aspect of the video game community. Some developers limit players to mod and completely overhaul the existing experience. Meanwhile, Bethesda, developers of the famous RPG Fallout 4, gives its hardcore players the freedom to explore their artistic addition. It is also one of the significant reasons why Fallout 4 is still kicking in the RPG players community to date. Players are continuously experimenting with different playthroughs and mods to spice things up in Fallout 4 and gain the best experience repeatedly. At the same time, they seek Fallout 4 ENB to overhaul the visuals to enhance the realistic aspects of the game.

Fallout 4 ENB is a famous addition to the modding community that enhances the visuals and gameplay aspects of the game. The initial release of the Fallout 4 was hit by a fair amount of criticism, mainly relating to the cartoonish outlook of the visuals. Meanwhile, with the availability of mods and freedom offered by developers, players can now push the boundaries of visuals to make the most out of their gameplay experience.

Today there are plenty of ENB mods available online that you can download and install in your base game. However, with numerous ENB available across multiple forums online, players always struggle to find a safe and effective mod that meets their playthrough needs. If you are also one of those players, then do not worry. This guide entails all the details you need to know about ENB in Fallout 4. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Key Takeaways

  • Fallout 4’s ENB, or “Enhanced Natural Beauty,” visuals upgrade expands the game’s scripts and modules. Boris Vorontsov, a dedicated visual modder, made it.
  • To prevent installation issues, you must have Winrar or 7zip installed on your computer, install Mod Organizer 2, and add Fallout 4 to Mod Organizer.
  • Register for a Nexus Mod account to continue with the Fallout 4 ENB installation.
  • Visit the official website to obtain the most recent version of ENB. Currently, v0.468 may be downloaded from the website. Visit the Nexus Mods page to download the ENB for Fallout 4 that you want to use. After downloading the ENB presets, you should verify the download and extract the files.
  • To access the ENB menu, press the ‘~’ key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also type SHIFT+Enter. To close the ENB menu, press the same key once more. Fallout 4 Best ENB are below.
  • Vivid ENB addresses the issue by giving the colors and sunlight additional power. It supports setup for SSAA, Depth of Field, and Sweet FX to provide players complete control over how much detail is displayed.
  •  Dawn ENB focuses on the finer features of items and how they interact with players.
  • Shadow of the Commonwealth mod focuses on shadowy areas and illumination that can see through foliage.
  • Vanilla ENB concentrates on improving the game’s graphics without impairing system performance. The settings will change the Color Correction, Fog, and Depth of Focus to reduce 1-D.
  • Ghost ENB is stimulating, with bright sunshine illuminating everything within a mile.
  • Apex ENB makes everything moist. When it has just rained, the adversaries will be more active, and the potholes will be filled with water, increasing the dangers to your character.
  • Phoenix Cinematic ENB includes a variety of cinematic sequences from which you can select and use according to your playstyle; these presets are excellent for various character builds.
  • NAC X ENB: You can manage the climate and weather through the in-game setup menu. Also, this preset patch includes sound ideas that will alter every aspect of the game, making it more immersive than ever.
  • Photorealistic Commonwealth ENB allows players to experience incredibly realistic graphics and details that were not achievable in the original game and is hardware-focused to produce the best possible results.
  • Vogue ENB: Rather than focusing solely on the weather and grain impact, Vogue ENB looks more carefully at textures. Compared to the sweet and corny colors of the Fallout 4 vanilla version, the fogs are now denser, and the colors are more vibrant.
  • To Remove ENB in Fallout 4 The first approach will be a manual one that entails picking out and removing files associated with the particular ENB presets you installed in your game. The second strategy involves downloading ENB uninstaller to restore the vanilla version of your game files automatically. You may rapidly delete all ENB files from your Fallout 4 game by downloading ENB and Shade Reshade Remover.

What is Fallout 4 ENB?

ENB or Enhanced Natural Beauty is a graphics mod for Fallout 4 that adds new scripts and modules to your base game. The ultimate goal of the ENB is to enhance the graphics of Fallout 4 with new post-processing effects. The mod was created by a hardcore graphical modder Boris Vorontsov and is still updating the ENB for Fallout 4. Not just that, but the mod is also available for Skyrim, Oblivion, and GTA V.

Fallout 4 ENB
Fallout 4 ENB

This ENB mod adds new presets to overwrite configurations for the vanilla game’s lightings, shadows, and post-processive effects. This way, players can achieve new graphical capabilities of the game that looks realistic and promotes challenging gameplay elements. For instance, some ENB mods will enhance the grain effects of fog or rain that will challenge the players to fight the waves of feral Ghouls in the game.

Additionally, this mod is available for PC players only. This means you must have a beefy machine to meet the requirements of the type of ENB you install in Fallout 4 to gain the smoothest gameplay. Now that you know what ENB is let’s discuss how can you install the mods on Fallout 4.

How to Install Fallout 4 ENB?

Installing an ENB can become a little tricky. Especially working around the game library is the riskiest and most challenging part. But it does not necessarily have to be complicated. All you need to do is follow these steps to install your ENB mod without crashing the game quickly. First things first, you will need Winrar or 7zip installed on your PC to avoid installation problems. Once you confirm this installation software, you can proceed further.

Install Mod Organizer 2

The first thing you are going to do is install Mod Organizer 2, the latest version of the mod organizer. This software is essential to organize all the mods and addons you will push into your base game. Plus, it will help you identify which mods are currently installed in your game. Follow this link to download Mod Organizer 2 into your PC. After the download, you can install Mod Organizer 2 and launch it to add the game to this software.

Adding Fallout 4 to Mod Organizer 2

Next, you will have to add Fallout 4 to Mod Organizer. For that, you will have to open the Instance Manager from the Mod Organizer menu. This will show a new pop-up screen where you select Create a Global Instance. In the next pop-up, you will be shown all the games installed in the system.

You can select Fallout 4 and hit next to add the base game and make it ready for ENB. Once you are done with the Global Instance, you will see the game libraries within Mod Organizer 2. You might also want to create a Nexus Mod account to follow further in the installation of Fallout 4 ENB.

Installing ENB

This is the point where you will be downloading and installing ENB to your base game. Firstly, you will need to download the latest version of ENB from the official website. Here is the link from where you can install the latest version. As of now, v0.468 is available to download on the website.

Upon downloading, you will receive a zip folder. Before opening it, the next thing you will have to do is to head to the nexus mods website to download the ENB that you want to run in Fallout 4. Remember, the ENB you installed earlier is the main file. The mod you will download from the nexus mods website is the presets that will run through ENB software.

So make sure to download the right ENB presets or mod you plan to play in Fallout 4. That is what we are going to discuss further in this guide. Once the ENB presets are downloaded, you might want to confirm the download and extract the files.

After all the steps, you will have a total of 2 folders. One of them is the ENB binaries you downloaded earlier from the ENB official website. And the second one is ENB presets for Fallout 4. The next thing you need to do is open the Fallout 4 game folder. If you are wondering where to find the folder, access Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4.

This is where you can extract the ENB binaries that you have downloaded. The folder name will be “enbseries_fallout4_v0468”. Extract the folder to access the binaries you will be shifting to the Fallout 4 folder.

After the extraction, you may see different folders and files. The first folder you need to open is “WrapperVersion”. Here you will be selecting files named “d3d11.dll” and “d3dcompiler_46e.dll”. After the selection, drag and drop these files into your Fallout 4 folder. Some may receive Replace the Files pop-up. You will have to select the Replace Files option to finish the transfer process here.

Now that your ENB Binaries are shifted to Fallout 4, the next step is to add the ENB presets to the game. This is where you can extract the ENB presets you have downloaded from the Nexus Mods website. Once you have extracted all the files, you can select and transfer them to Fallout 4. Well, that is about it, and you have finally installed the ENB for Fallout 4.

The next thing you might want to do is to run the Mod Organizer 2 and run the Fallout 4 launcher. If you receive a text stating the version of ENB on the top left corner of the game, you have finally installed the ENB and can explore different ENB presets.

Accessing ENB Settings

So now that you have installed the ENB, you might also wonder how to open the ENB menu in Fallout 4. ENB allows players to configure the mod they have installed in the game, even in-game. You will not have to leave the game to change the setting. Press the ‘~’ key on your keyboard to open the ENB menu.

If that does not work for you, you can also consider pressing SHIFT+Enter. Once you open the menu, you can find various settings and configuration options to change the ENB presets’ features. You can press the same key again to close the ENB menu.

Let’s discuss the top 10 ENB that you can install in Fallout 4 to get a unique experience with each playthrough.

Fallout 4 Best ENB

Vivid ENB

The first one on the list is Vivid ENB. This is one of the most famous presets for ENB attracting players to return to the Commonwealth wasteland. What makes Vivid ENB so unique is the natural colours and additions of vegetation that do not look cartoonish. Moreover, each element of the world is now more engaging. For instance, the weather like rain and wind will interact with the trees and objects on the floor.

Fallout 4 Vivid ENB
Vivid ENB

Some players complained that the vanilla Fallout 4 colours look more hazy and soft. In that case, Vivid ENB solves the problem with more strength to the colours and the sunlight. Moreover, the presets will enhance the detail of clouds and weather conditions if you combine it with the Vivid Weathers.

Many mods are limited for the configuration and amount of details, so they will not affect the gaming performance of players. Meanwhile, Vivid ENB supports configuration for SSAA, Depth of Field, and Sweet FX to give players complete freedom to set the amount of detail to the point where their system can handle it.

Dawn ENB

Another best Fallout 4 ENB that will make your experience current-gen is Dawn ENB. Dawn ENB is all about the detail of objects and their engagement with players. Although, the environment might look a little dull in colours. But that fits the nuclear-battered world of Commonwealth, Boston.

Fallout 4 Dawn ENB
Dawn ENB

There are rusty signs, potholes in the road, and dense shadows in the vegetation hiding grounds for feral ghouls. The overall weather seems like Autumn with occasional climates that you can install from Nexus Mods. However, the hazy sunlight and darker nights will challenge players. The dynamic range of view and shadows make the threats more prominent.

Dawn ENB is a heavy addition to your game. But the code optimization and available configuration option will not affect the gaming performance of your system.

Shadow of the Commonwealth

If grim and darker looks are your forte, then Shadow of the Commonwealth is the perfect choice to go for. As the name implies, this mod focuses on darker locations and lightings that can pass through vegetation. Although, most of the sites are dark and burnt. But that still enhances the level of detail for a game like Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Shadow of the Commonwealth ENB
Shadow of the Commonwealth ENB

You will be able to enjoy the sunlight rays, burnt grasses, and haze that covers the swamps. Above all, it fits the storyline of Fallout 4, thus making the perfect ENB addition for a unique playthrough. Some may notice it looks a little like Fallout 3 remastered. If you loved Fallout 3, you could gain a similar experience once again.

Vanilla ENB

Some players are limited by their system requirements to enjoy the maximum experience from different ENB mods. These players can consider Vanilla ENB that does not affect the gaming performance by adding

Fallout 4 Vanilla ENB
Vanilla ENB

subtle changes to the base game. Vanilla ENB did what many of the ENB presets could not. This mod focuses on enhancing the game’s visuals without disturbing the system’s performance.


The presets will modify Color Correction, Fog, and Depth of Field to make it less cartoonish and more detailed for the current generation. This mod is not darker nor much brighter. It lies in the middle for overhauling the beauty and performance of the game. You can still configure the ENB by accessing the mod menu within the game.

Ghost ENB

Ghost ENB is the most realistic and detailed ENB preset that you can play in Fallout 4 right now. This mod is available for NAC, Natural, and Atmospheric Commonwealth weather. But you can also combine it with Vivid Weathers and True Storms to unlock the true potential of the ENB.

Fallout 4 Ghost ENB
Ghost ENB

Unlike other mods, Ghost ENB does not have a darker outlook. However, the atmosphere in the ENB looks more natural with a higher depth of field and vibrant elements. Even the nights give a hazy reddish environment that does not seem darker for the post-apocalyptic world. Ghost ENB is highly stimulating, with intense sunlight highlighting anything in the mile. Everything is peaceful, making combat even more fun and fitting for the world destroyed in a nuclear war.

Apex ENB

Apex ENB is another top preset available for NAC, Vivid, and True Storms weather. It gives more of a Fallout 76 look than a unique overhaul. The sunlight is exceptionally bright, while the shadows are dark on the eerie level. You will find the skies much brighter in Apex ENB, thus showing all the landscapes stretching across the map.

Fallout 4 Apex ENB
Apex ENB

Although, this is highly hardware demanding. But the number of details it adds to the world in Fallout 4 is worth trying for the best gameplay. The rainy weather is perfect scenery in this ENB. Apex ENB has an enhanced grain effect that leaves everything wet. Just after the rain, the potholes will be filled with water, while the enemies will be more active, increasing the threats for your character.

Phoenix Cinematic ENB

Another less hardware demanding ENB is Phoenix Cinematic, which combines visuals and cinematic looks. Players that love to capture the peaceful scenery while taking the day off from killing must consider Phoenix Cinematic ENB. These preset overhaul the visuals in a subtle manner. You will mostly see filmy grains on the screen, but that is the radiated outlook of the wasteland.

The cherry on top is that the Phoenix Cinematic ENB  contains multiple cinematic sequences that you can choose and apply for your playstyle. In short, these presets are ideal for different character builds and playstyles you are seeking from Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Phoenix Cinematic ENB
Phoenix Cinematic ENB

All players must note the important thing: never mix it with colour correction presets that you can download from modding websites. Phoenix Cinematic ENB already has reshade colours that will disturb the overall contrast and break the game. So make sure to delete any other presets before installing the Phoenix Cinematic ENB.


Apart from the NAC X weathers, players can also add NAC X ENB presets to overhaul the graphics of Fallout 4. NAC X ENB offers user-friendly and highly engaging presets for players that create cinematic shots and Roleplay series. Numerous factors make NAC X presets more demanding and worthy of installation.

Fallout 4 NAC X ENB

Firstly, low-end PCs can enjoy the NAC X ENB to get a better experience than the base version of the game. On the other side, the high customizability gives the freedom to explore different settings at different locations on the map. Thanks to the NAC X weathers, you will also be able to control weather and climate through the in-game configuration menu. Plus, this preset mod features sound designs that will completely overhaul the game elements, thus making it more immersive than ever.

Photorealistic Commonwealth ENB

As the name implies, this is the most realistic and hardware-intensive ENB mod for Fallout 4. This mod is the successor of NAC X ENB and is focused on utilizing the hardware to maximize the results. For that instance, you must have a decent PC build to meet the optimal settings for Photorealistic Commonwealth ENB.

Fallout 4 Photorealistic Commonwealth ENB
Photorealistic Commonwealth ENB

Photorealistic Commonwealth ENB allows players to achieve massively realistic visuals and details that were not possible in the original game. The level of photorealism also surpasses the graphics of the latest Fallout 76. Thanks to the over 5000 cinematic looks, the presets stand out among others to offer the best gameplay experience for all kinds of players.

Vogue ENB

Last but not least, Vogue ENB sets the stage for players in Fallout 4. This preset prioritizes the gameplay by offering the best optimization for players no matter what type of system they have. Moreover, the higher level of configuration option to select the settings also give players an edge to create their ideal environment in the game.

Fallout 4 Vogue ENB
Vogue ENB

The high degree of optimization ensures zero frame drops in any map portion in Fallout 4. Although, even if players experience the frame drops, they can reduce the settings of SSAO or Depth of Field settings to get better performance over results.

Vogue ENB looks more detailed on textures than purely on the weather and grain effect. The fogs are now denser, and the colours are alive as compared to the sweet and corny colours of the Fallout 4 vanilla version. However, playing the game on a higher resolution is recommended to gain the best immersion experience.

How to Uninstall ENB in Fallout 4?

Well, now that you have downloaded and installed your favourite ENB in Fallout 4, you might also want to be aware of the uninstallation process of the presets from your game. The main reason for that is that once these presets are installed, you will lose track of files and not be able to delete them after merging them into the Fallout 4 files library. Plus, it is a riskier job as you might delete essential files or folders of the Fallout 4 base game, thus crashing the game completely.

But do not worry, as we bring you the two best methods to uninstall ENB from your Fallout 4 game. The first one will be a manual approach, which involves selecting and deleting files of the specific ENB presets that you have installed in your game. At the same time, the second approach consists in downloading ENB remover to reset your game files to the vanilla version automatically.

If you are considering the first approach, all you need to do is open your zip extracted folder of ENB and copy all the files you transferred in your game. Paste these files once again in the Fallout 4 folder. Here you will receive a pop-up asking to replace the files in the folder. Select the Replace Selected Files to re-transfer the ENB files. This will highlight all the files you want to delete from your game folder. Hit Delete, and there you go, you have removed the ENB from your Fallout 4.

If this process seems trickier, you can download ENB and Shade Reshade Remover to quickly remove all the files of ENB from your Fallout 4 game. This process will not involve keeping track of each dll file and deleting them individually. All you need to do is run a .bat file that will remove all ENB files.

Final Words

Modding is a great way to create your own unique experience in the game and make the most out of each playthrough. ENB, in particular, enables players to explore the Commonwealth of Fallout 4 in another perspective that is beautiful and haunting at the same time.

Well, that is about it for the ENB modding in Fallout 4. Do you find this guide helpful for understanding the ENB? What is your favourite ENB presets for the Fallout 4 game? We will love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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