Best Fortnite Creative Maps [Top 25]

Fortnite's new Creative mode has helped players expand their creative thinking. In this guide, we list down the top 25 best Fortnite Creative Maps that you can join right now.

The best Fortnite Creative Maps
Take a look at our selection of the 25 best Fortnite Creative Maps.

Fortnite Creative Maps have completely changed how players enjoy the game. Now you have an endless catalog of unique games with game mechanics that are entirely new and innovative. This begs the question: what are some of the best Fortnite Creative Maps? Read on to find out.

 Key Takeaways

  • Fortnite’s new Creative 2.0 mode lets you make your own maps and game formats.
  • There are several games to play, such as Deathruns, Prop Hunts, and Gun Games.
  • Some of the best Fortnite Creative Maps include 707 Level Deathrun, Pirate Adventure, Forest Guardian, and One Shot Gun Game.
  • Others include Motorcycle Color Switch, Loki TVA: Prop Hunt, and Lordly Labyrinth.

What Are Fortnite Creative Maps?

You may have seen Epic advertising Fortnite Creative 2.0. But just what is this new game format and how do you play it?

Fortnite Creative 2.0 is a mode where players have access to the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (abbreviated as UEFN). This is an editor that lets game developers make customized games for Fortnite. Although there are some templates, the possibilities are endless, especially when the games are made by professional developers.

In addition to that, you can also join Creative Maps other people have made. Creative Maps range from typical deathmatch games to color switches and even murder mysteries. This lets you play your favorite characters and weapons but in a totally new environment with unique game mechanics.

Best Fortnite Creative Maps

Here are 25 of the best Fortnite Creative Maps:

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall title screen.
Prop Hunt: Modern Mall is a hilarious take on the Prop Hunt format.
  • Code: 1679-1165-5282

The first Creative Map on our list is conveniently a Prop Hunt. In case you don’t know the Prop Hunt format, basically, two teams are pitted against each other. One team acts as the prop whereas the other team acts as the prop hunter. The twist is that, instead of playing as your regular characters, props play as objects such as chairs and vases.

The props must try their hardest to blend in with their surroundings and the prop hunters must hunt them down. Prop Hunt: Modern Mall follows the same format but inside a multilevel shopping center. This gives props plenty of opportunities to hide and remain unassuming to the eagle-eyed prop hunters.

It’s a fun game mode that takes a non-serious approach and is a much-needed break from fast-paced action.

Toy Box FFA

  • Code: 9061-5458-7889

Toy Box FFA is a Free For All Fortnite Creative Map which smelts elements of building and classic first-person shooting. It’s essentially a deathmatch-style map that lets you shoot down enemies. Every weapon and item ever released to Fortnite is available, leading to endless possibilities.

And the best part is that you respawn once you die. Hence, the game never ends and you’re constantly on the lookout for enemies.

There is also an element of crafting to the game. You can build your base or even create your own races. This is truly a Free For All game where anything and everything goes. To top it all off, this map is one of the best for earning quick Experience Points.

Ultimate Spleef

  • Code: 6025-2089-6711

Ultimate Spleef is a nostalgic nod to the Spleef mode in Minecraft. If you’re not familiar with the Spleef format, here’s how it works. Several players are all put up against each other on a large floor. The players have a straightforward objective: to cause the floor beneath other players to fall and be the last one standing.

Of course, Fortnite’s Creative Map version of this game takes on a different approach. While the end goal is the same, Fortnite players can use several intriguing items and weapons to ensure their enemies have a downfall (quite literally).

Ultimate Spleef also features weapon upgrades as well as special perks that help you stay on the floor for longer. And to top all that, the arena even looks like a dance floor!

Parkour Fun Run

  • Code: 1387-7831-4752

Does the name give it away? Parkour Fun Run is just what it sounds like – a non-fighting game that lets you parkour through the map. In this game, you do have opponents. However, you cannot hit them or use any of your weapons. Instead, it’s a simple parkour obstacle course where victory goes to the fastest, not the strongest.

Besides the chill and laid-back environment of the game, there’s tons of Experience to gain here. There are special points on the map that let you collect several Experience Points quickly.


Zombie is one of the best Fortnite Creative Maps for those who like zombie survival games.
Zombienite is a classic zombie survival game.
  • Code: 8678-9448-5299

Meet Fortnite’s creative take on a zombie-survival game: Zombienite. In this game, you and several other players are presented with a carefully crafted selection of weapons and gear. These items are required to shoot down the hordes of enemy zombies heading your way.

Several factors differentiate this mode from a typical zombie survival game. Firstly, you’re able to use several of Fortnite’s weapons. This opens up endless possibilities for zombie encounters and strategies.

Secondly, you get to select from several different maps. Or rather, you and the other players vote for the map that you want to play on. Over time, however, the game may get mundane. But that’s the beauty of it: hardcore zombie annihilation.

Skyblock Adventure

  • Code: 0631-0385-2693

There’s no denying the cultural impact that Minecraft has had on video games. As such, Skyblock Adventure sees the marriage of two of the most notorious Gen Z games: Minecraft and Fortnite.

If you’re familiar with the Skyblock mode in Minecraft, you already know what this mode is about. If not, here’s how it goes. You start off on a tiny island suspended among clouds in the sky. Then, you must gather, forage, and craft items to get to the other islands.

And as an ode to classic Minecraft, enemies will also appear when the sun goes down to add an extra obstacle in your way. Of course, it’s not an entire rip-off, with the weapons and graphics being changed. There is also a final boss and several achievements to complete.


  • Code: 6890-1483-5306

Teddy is a simple yet fun and exciting murder-escape game. Akin to classic slasher films like Scream and modern games like Among Us, the game follows a simple premise. There is a killer in the house. And everyone must escape them.

The twist is that at least one player in the lobby gets to roleplay as the killer. The killer, of course, is someone in a pink bear costume, affectionately named “Teddy“.

Throughout the game, the victims must try their best to unlock doors and survive. And Teddy must keep them from doing so with their special harvesting tool. Additionally, the game is timed, meaning you must escape before the killer gets you.


  • Code: 2108-2091-0547

Are you a fan of Phasmophobia? Then you’ll love this Fortnite recreation. If not, you’ll still find this ghosthunting action-adventure game a thrill to play. What sets this Creative Map apart from others is that it’s procedurally generated. This means that the levels are never the same when you play the game twice.

You can either play the game with 3 other friends or all alone, which amps up the thrilling experience. But be warned: the game is not for the faint of heart. In the game, you’ll be put up against one of 12 unique ghosts.

The game is set in a unique first-person Point of View (POV) which gives you an entirely different experience. And you can use a set of weapons and gear to help you either escape or capture the ghost.

Forest Guardian

Forest Guardian title screen.
Forest Guardian is a serene adventure through the forest.
  • Code: 0348-4483-3263

A relatively short yet inspiring Fortnite Creative Map, Forest Guardian is for the adventure-lovers. It starts out with your character being placed at the base of an ancient ruin. You must travel across the realm via the various Torii gates and find a steel sword. After that, you will be pitted against several enemies including a pack of wolves.

Near the end of the game, you will come face to face with a dragon. But you won’t fight it. Instead, the dragon will send out hordes of wolves that you must defeat. After defeating all of the enemies, the dragon will drop an egg with a coin inside. Pick up the coin and your adventure is over.

The adventure is short but enlightening. The game could be better if it had an actual fight with the dragon and more exploration capabilities. But for a short mesmerizing game with great worldbuilding and stunning visuals, it’s spot-on.


  • Code: 2447-6765-7591

Were you a dodgeball champion in high school and want to relive those moments? Then Fortnite’s Dodgecoal Creative Map is the one for you. It’s pretty much your standard dodgeball game but with one catch: there is no ball. Instead, the two competing teams will need to hurl bits of coal at each other to try to strike each other down.

And to make it even more challenging, the coals spawn on the walls behind the teams. So accessing the coals is just as hard for your team as it is for the other.

Lordly Labyrinth

  • Code: 1991-9282-9857

Want something a bit more challenging than a simple deathmatch? Then you’ll grow fond of this creative maze map. As the name suggests, it’s a massive labyrinth. However, unlike top-view mazes, you can’t see the whole maze layout. Hence, you must find your way through the labyrinth wholly in a first-person POV.

But what makes the game even more challenging is that the game functions like a standard deathmatch as well. That is, you’ll have to fight to the death with other players to become the last person standing.

And to top it all off, there are countless obstacles scattered throughout the maze. Combine that with the regular weapons you can find in Fortnite, and you’ve got absolute chaos.


  • Code: 8418-0626-7171

Cosmophobia is another popular Creative Map that plays on cosmic terror. In this game, you play along with other players as astronauts stuck on a near-endless spaceship. There’s just one problem though – the spaceship has been hijacked by aliens. And to top that off, the spaceship has been irreversibly damaged.

Now, you must traverse the spaceship, avoiding aliens and obstacles, to complete 8 missions. At the end of these missions, you will be able to enter your escape pod and leave the ruthless place once and for all.

The first one to get to their escape pod wins. So it should go without saying that, along with aliens, other players too will be trying to bring you down.

Impostor – Gungame

  • Code: 5098-0640-5556

Impostor – Gungame is a classic Fortnite Creative Map. In this mode, a maximum of 16 players are put together inside an arena. And the objective is simple: get as many kills as possible.

This is Free For All, meaning you get infinite spawns and can gather as many kills as you want. It’s also a traditional Gun Game, meaning all weapons are available to you and you must shoot down the enemies. It’s a classic game that’s best for people who like to play Fortnite for the action.

Impostor – Gungame is one of the most popular Creative Maps in Fortnite right now. It’s even advertised by Epic and is the talk of the town among action-focused players.

707 Level Deathrun

707 Level Deathrun, one of the best Fortnite Creative Maps for those who love Deathrun-style games.
Run for your life in this Deathrun-style map.
  • Code: 8630-1873-5089

707 Level Deathrun is a modern take on the classic Deathrun map mode in Fortnite. In case you don’t know, Deathrun is a mode in which two teams compete to finish an obstacle course. The obstacle course is booby-trapped and players must navigate through the various objects and traps.

The twist? Only the red team runs the course. And the blue team? They have to stay behind the walls and activate the traps. In 707 Level Deathrun, only one blue team member can activate the traps in each round.

What keeps players motivated is the chance to earn up to 40,000 XP. You can’t get this much XP from any other Creative Map.

Motorcycle Color Switch

  • Code: 4461-5387-5109

Motorcycle Color Switch takes Fortnite’s Color Switch map mode and completely turns it over its head. In this game, the floor is set with several colored tiles. The game will order players to reach a tile with a certain color. Players that can reach the color in time will progress further. And those that can’t fall to their deaths.

But wait, there’s a twist. The players are not normally running around on foot. Instead, they are riding dirt bikes. This adds an entirely new element of driving, braking, and taking down other players.

Additionally, you will get gold rewards for finishing levels. Your progress is saved in the game. And there can only be 16 players in any lobby at a time.

SypherPK’s Pit

  • Code: 2545-5795-5996

If you’re a fan of classic deathmatches that only have pure chaos and action, then you’ll love SypherPK’s Pit. As you may have guessed, the game is named after one of the most popular Fortnite content creators, SypherPK.

The match follows a classic pit-based deathmatch style. A maximum of 20 players are placed inside a pit and must fight to the death. All weapons in Fortnite are available on the map. Hence, there are endless possibilities and strategy options.

Additionally, you get finite respawns. This means you can rack up insane amounts of XP whenever you take down other players.

The Space Inside

  • Code: 9836-7381-5978

The Space Inside is one of those Fortnite Creative maps that has been created by Epic themselves. This map combines typical escape room logic with Fortnite’s new first-person POV.

The game has you traveling through several escape rooms through an aesthetically designed portal. The escape rooms are relatively challenging, with the levels getting progressively harder. Additionally, the game features splendid artwork that deviates from the norm in Fortnite.

Given the first-person POV and the extremely mesmerizing graphics, this is a truly encapsulating experience.

Deserted: Domination

  • Code: 8035-1519-2959

Fan of Call of Duty and other zone-capturing games. Then it’s high time you gave Deserted: Dominion a chance. The game starts with you being paired with several other players to form teams. Then, you can choose from 7 loadouts. These loadouts include specific weapons and gear for infantries, scouts, and snipers. There’s something here for defenders, shotgunners, troopers, and sappers too.

After that, the objective is simple: capture all the zones before the enemy does or the time runs out. The difference, of course, is that you’re now playing under Fortnite mechanics, meaning the weapons and gear are totally different.

One Shot Gun Game

One Shot Gun Game title screen.
One Shot Gun Game has you one-shotting enemies to cycle through all 55 weapons.
  • Code: 0345-9115-1287

Tired of traditional shoot-’em-up games where the objective is often mundane and overdone? Then enter One Shot Gun Game. This Fortnite Creative Map is totally different from the others.

First, you start out with just 1 weapon and, once you get a kill, you can cycle to the next weapon. There are a total of 55 weapons to cycle through. And the first one to cycle through all 55 weapons is declared the winner.

The catch? Everyone only has 1 health point. Hence, even just one hit will KO your opponent (and you too). That’s why it’s called a One-Shot Gun Game. You do respawn though, as there are only a maximum of 30 players allowed and you need 55 kills to win.


  • Code: 1135-0371-8937

Reclamation is an ode to classic area capture and Hardpoint games. In this game mode, two teams of 4 are pitted against each other. The arena is set inside a drilling site.

Each team will have to capture zones known as Hardpoints. Unlike regular zones, however, staying inside the zone will grant a certain number of points. You can still win the game without staying in the zones. But this will grant you more points and hence amp up your chances of winning.

If players from both teams are inside a Hardpoint, that point will be considered contested. However, recapturing is possible by removing the enemy from the Hardpoint.


  • Code: 9369-6922-8408

Zombieland is the second zombie survival game on this list. Zombie survival games are exceptionally exciting for people who don’t like typical PvP fights. Zombieland pits players against a horde of zombies.

All weapons in Fortnite are available in this Creative Map. Additionally, you can loot powerful weapons from other players who couldn’t handle the action. What’s interesting is that the hordes of zombies never end. This gives you a chance to earn thousands of Experience Points without having to fight actual players.

There can only be a maximum of 8 players in the game. Players who like horror games will have a great time with this Creative Map.

Loki TVA: Prop Hunt

  • Code: 7578-6801-8619

Do you love Prop Hunts and Disney’s Loki saga? Then this is the perfect Fortnite Creative Map for you. The map takes place inside the Time Variance Authority (TVA) organization.

And the format? A Prop Hunt. For those of you who don’t know, Prop Hunts divide players into two teams: hunters and props. The props take the form of inanimate objects like chairs and devices and must blend in with their surroundings. Meanwhile, the hunters must seek out the props and shoot them down.

Additionally, in this game, Fortnite players will be able to wear a Loki skin when playing. This adds to the immersive experience of the game and keeps you engaged.

Gemstone Tycoon

  • Code: 6265-7588-5080

Gemstone Tycoon is a simulation game that puts you inside a gem-making factory. Fortnite players who have always wanted to start their own factory will find this map particularly interesting.

Gemstone Tycoon features elements of building, managing, and planning. You can get upgrades to your current machinery and make even more gemstones. There are tons of customization options for you with the game getting more interesting as you progress.

The best part is that there is no fighting in the game. It’s a chill laid-back factory management game that’s a much-needed break from regular action in Fortnite.

Prison Break

Prison Break, one of the best Fortnite Creative Maps.
Prison Break is a classic escape room map. (Credit: Lachlan on YouTube)
  • Code: 0893-8977-9494

Prison Break isn’t your average escape room game. This is one of the best Fortnite Creative Maps for players who love puzzles and challenges. The game starts off with you being trapped inside a dungeon at the most underground levels of an old abandoned castle.

You, along with some other players, must find your way through the castle, unlocking doors and solving puzzles. Your task is to escape the castle and finally release yourself from your confinement.

What sets this version aside is that you get access to all the gear and weapons available in Fortnite. Hence, it’s always amusing to see what strategies players can come up with using new weapons and technology.

Pirate Adventure

  • Code: 2810-0903-5967

Pirate Adventure is a simple yet innovative Fortnite Creative Map. It combines elements of wayfinding and worldbuilding with those of exploration and combat. Pirate Adventure sees the player guiding their own pirate ship and sailing across the sea.s

You get to explore the massive open-world map and hunt down treasure chests. The chests contain goodies like coins and Experience Points. And the best part is that you do all this while equipped with Fortnite-exclusive weapons. Hence, it gives a familiar feeling when playing this game. However, it’s a far cry from what you normally get to play in Fortnite.

Additionally, being able to craft and manage the pirate ship with your friends really amps up the experience. It’s time you took a break from action-packed deathmatch maps and sought after something more adventurous.

Final Word

Fortnite features new Creative Maps that let players experiment and explore their creative side. These maps are often very different from the normal formats you see in Fortnite. However, many of them still follow a similar style with just a slight twist.

Now that you know the best Fortnite Creative Maps, it’s time to join a lobby and experience Fortnite like never before. Or better yet: make your own Creative Maps.

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