Destiny 2: Best Fusion Rifles + How To Unlock [Tried & Tested]

After spending 500 hours playing Destiny 2, here are the best fusion Rifles I have found to be very useful in the game!

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Best Fusion Rifles Destiny 2: The Definitive Guide [2021]

Fusion rifles can make it difficult to complete quests like Forging the Broadsword, a walk in the park. On top of that, you can use fusion rifles with various builds, such as the Titan build, to take out your enemy swiftly. 

Bungie also recently increased the damage fall off of all fusion rifles based on their ranged stats. The recoil was also improved quite a lot, making it easier for players to aim and fire the weapon.

Bearing in mind those buffs, let’s check out some of the Best Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2. I will look at the exotic and legendary fusion rifles and how to get them.

About The Author

I have spent more than 500+ hours playing Destiny 2, so you can easily trust the information I provide related to the ins and outs of Destiny 2!

Key Takeaways

Fusion rifles are a great option for completing quests and taking out enemies swiftly. Here are my top picks alongside what they offer:

  1. Hollow Words is a legendary fusion rifle that deals arc damage and comes with Unrelenting and Feeding Frenzy perks, making it a good choice for PvE.
  2. Telesto is an exotic energy fusion rifle with the Unplanned Reprieve perk and The Harbinger’s Pulse, making it a good choice for both PvE and PvP.
  3. Coriolis Force is a legendary energy fusion rifle with an aggressive fusion frame, Rangefinder, and Killing Wind perks, making it a good choice for PvP.
  4. Merciless is an exotic energy fusion rifle with Conserved Momentum and Impetus 2 perks, making it a fast and strong choice for taking out enemies.
  5. Glacioclasm is a legendary energy fusion rifle that delivers void damage and has a high-impact frame, making it a rare but effective choice for both PvP and PvE. However, it is not currently obtainable in the game.
  6. Bastion is an exotic kinetic fusion rifle with a unique firing pattern, making it the best fusion rifle in Destiny 2 for PvP.

Our Picks For Best Fusion Rifles

The comparison table for Best Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2 is given below: 

No.NamesAwarded ForRarity ClassWeapon TypeMin-Max impactMin-max stabilityMin-max HandlingMin-max magazineAmmunition typeDamageEffective range
1Hollow WordsBest Fusion Rifle for Sustained Combat Effectiveness.LegendaryFusion Rifle8044316Arc750-136054
2TalestoBest Fusion Rifle for Crowd Control.The ReefFusion Rifle--Great4-Void-
3Coriolis ForceBest Fusion Rifle for Dominating PvP encounters.LegendaryFusion Rifle---6---
4MercilessBest Fusion Rifle for Rapid Fire.ExoticFusion RifleHighModerateModerate8Energy ChargesSolarMedium
5BastionBest Fusion Rifle for Precise, High-Damage Shots.ExoticFusion Rifle---5Kinetic--
6GlacioclasmBest Fusion Rifle for PvP matches.---------

Comparison Table. 

Best Fusion Rifles
Best Fusion Rifles

Hollow Words

Best Fusion Rifle for Sustained Combat Effectiveness.

Why did I Choose Hollow Words?

I chose Hollow Words for its versatility and reliable perks, making it effective in various combat situations without compromising on sustainability or firepower.

Best Fusion Rifles
Hollow Words stats and perks
Rarity classLegendary
Weapon typeFusion Rifle
Min-max impact80
Min-max stability44
Min-max handling31
Min-max magazine6
Ammunition typeArc
Effective range54

Hollow Words Stats Table. 

This is a legendary fusion rifle that deals arc damage and sits in the energy slot. Initially introduced in season 11, and it’s going to be sunset in season 15. So, the curated role for this one comes with unrelenting; rapidly defeated targets trigger health regeneration. Guardians and powerful combatants account for more than one kill.

The Feeding Frenzy, where each rapid kill progressively increases the reload speed for a short duration. For PvE, the perks you want to look out for are something like surrounded and feeding frenzy or maybe even lead from gold. Perks that go well in PvP are killing wind and vorpal weapons.

This weapon is a random drop from activities and is currently in the world loot pool. To acquire this, you must complete the various activities spread throughout the world of Destiny 2.

It is relatively convenient to get, so it shouldn’t be a hassle – unlike something like Thorn; where you have to complete the lengthy Independent Study quest.

  • Unrelenting provides valuable health regeneration in intense encounters.
  • Feeding Frenzy enhances reload speed, ensuring continuous fire.

  • Sunset in Season 15 limits its long-term viability.
  • Limited availability of optimal perks for both PvE and PvP.


Best Fusion Rifle for Crowd Control.

Why did I Choose Telesto?

I chose Telesto for its versatility and effectiveness across different activities, providing valuable utility with its crowd control capabilities and rapid reloading, making it a solid choice for any Guardian.

Best Fusion Rifles Destiny 2
Telesto description and stats
ManufacturerThe Reef
Rarity classExotic
Weapon typeFusion Rifle
Required level40
Min-max handlingGreat
Min-max magazine4
Fire modeCharged firing
In serviceGuardians
AffiliationGuardian Vanguard

Telesto Stats Table. 

Next up, I’ve got Telesto, an exotic energy fusion rifle that incorporates a couple of exciting perks. First up is Unplanned Reprieve, which allows fusion projectiles to attach and detonate with a delayed void blast. The Harbinger’s Pulse reloads your kinetic and energy weapons from reserves immediately if you get multi-kills.

Telesto has been quite problematic for Bungie as it has caused dozens of bugs despite being fixed in almost every patch. Aside from those bugs, this weapon is extremely effective.

To get this one; you can pick it up from Xur when he sells it or you can get it from random exotic engrams. Put on a mod like the Targeting Adjuster on this rifle, and you’ll be taking out enemies left and right.

  • Unique perk combination allows for crowd control and swift reloading.
  • Reliable performance in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

  • Occasional bugs may affect the gameplay experience.
  • Reliance on random exotic engrams or Xur’s inventory for acquisition.

Coriolis Force

Best Fusion Rifle for Dominating PvP encounters.

Why did I Choose Coriolis Force?

I chose Coriolis Force for its dominance in PvP engagements, offering precise bursts of energy with increased range and mobility, ensuring superior performance on the battlefield.

Best Fusion Rifles Destiny 2
The incredible Coriolis Force
Rarity classLegendary
Weapon typeFusion Rifle
Intrinsic frameAggressive
Min-max magazine6
Ammunition typeSpecial ammo
Rate of fire660 charge time

Coriolis Force Stats Table. 

Coriolis Force is a legendary energy fusion rifle with an aggressive fusion frame, meaning it’s got high damage. It fires a horizontal volley with a moderately decent charge time. This weapon comes with a rangefinder for that increased range and killing wind where final blows increase mobility, range, and handling for a short duration.

For PvP, under pressure and eye, the storm would be the ideal perks. If you are looking to use this rifle in PvE, feeding frenzy and thresh would be some good perks to look out for. You have to run through the selectable empire hunts from Variks to acquire this weapon.

To unlock the empire hunts, you have to complete post-campaign missions then you’ll see three empire hunts selectable at Variks. Another way to get this weapon is to kill high-value targets around Europa as they have a chance to drop a weapon or armor when you kill them.

Keep an eye on the bottom left of the screen to get that high-value target notification so you don’t miss out.

If you want to remove that randomness from the process, I recommend going through the empire hunt and killing the technocrat.

  • High damage output with an aggressive fusion frame.
  • Enhanced range and mobility with Rangefinder and Killing Wind perks.

  • Obtaining requires the completion of specific activities or relying on random drops.
  • Limited availability of optimal perks may affect customization options.


Best Fusion Rifle for Rapid Fire.

Why did I Choose Merciless?

I chose Merciless for its unmatched damage output and rapid-fire rate, making it a formidable choice for any Guardian seeking to eliminate foes swiftly and efficiently.

Best Fusion Rifles
This is an extremely strong fusion rifle
Rarity classExotic
Weapon typeFusion Rifle
Min-max accuracyHigh
Min-max impactHigh
Min-max stabilityModerate
Min-max handlingModerate
Min-max magazine8
Feed systemParticle Accelerator
Ammunition typeEnergy Charges
Fire modeCharged
Rate of fire900 ms.
Effective rangeMedium
In serviceGuardians

Merciless Stats Table. 

Another exotic energy fusion rifle on the list, Merciless, has some interesting perks. You’ll get conserved momentum, which makes non-lethal hits with projectiles and makes the weapon charge faster until its wielder gets a kill. I also have Impetus 2, so reloading immediately after a kill increases the overall damage for a short time.

This weapon is fast with a 900-charge time and gets faster with kills so that you will decimate your enemies without any problems. You can get it from Xur when he sells it, or you can get it from random exotic engrams.

  • Exceptional damage potential and fast-charging capabilities.
  • Relentless onslaught with Conserved Momentum and Impetus 2 perks.

  • Reliance on Xur’s inventory or random exotic engrams for acquisition.
  • Limited customization options due to fixed perks.


Best Fusion Rifle for Precise, High-Damage Shots.

Why did I Choose Glacioclasm?

I chose Glacioclasm for its precision and high damage output, ensuring effectiveness in any encounter, whether facing tough enemies in PvE activities or engaging in intense PvP battles.

Best Fusion Rifles
Extremely rare fusion rifle that is effective
Reload Speed15
Aim Assistance55
Airborne Effectiveness4
Inventory Size26
Recoil Direction78
Charge Time960

Glacioclasm Stats Table. 

The next weapon on the list is a legendary energy fusion rifle that delivers void damage. It’s a high-impact frame; meaning high damage at the cost of a slow fire rate. On top of that, it is accurate when stationary or aiming down sight.

Killing wind and unrelenting would be extremely beneficial for PvP, whereas ambitious assassins and demolitionists would be great for PvE. Unfortunately, you cannot get Glacioclasm at the moment as it was a reward from the recent holiday period event. It will likely come back in the Dawning 2022 so make sure to take part in that event.

  • High impact and accuracy, suitable for both PvE and PvP engagements.
  • Versatile perks enhance performance in various combat situations.

  • Limited availability, restricted to specific events.
  • Reliance on RNG for acquisition may result in prolonged acquisition times.


Best Fusion Rifle for PvP matches.

Why did I Choose Bastion?

I chose Bastion for its unparalleled stopping power against enemy supers in PvP, making it an invaluable asset for any Guardian looking to turn the tide of battle.

Best Fusion Rifles
The best fusion rifle in Destiny 2
Rarity classExotic
Weapon typeFusion Rifle
Min-max magazine5
Ammunition typeKinetic
AffiliationSaint-14 (formerly)
The Guardian

Bastion Stats Table. 

Finally, this is my pick of the bunch – Bastion. It is an exotic kinetic fusion rifle that is unique and a great choice in PvP. It’s got hammer forge rifling, liquid coils, and composite stock as the standard perks. But then it’s also got saints fists so you charge to fire three spreads of kinetic slugs.

You also got Breakthrough, so a portion of this weapon’s damage bypasses elemental shields. This perk makes it extremely strong and viable in every situation as you have insane amounts of damage. You can even stop supers right in their track with this weapon.

In PvE, this is a good weapon, but there are better alternatives available. Although if you’re looking at fusion rifles, this one is really good.

  • Unique firing pattern with Saints’ Fists perk.
  • Exceptional performance in disrupting enemy supers in PvP.

  • Limited effectiveness in PvE compared to other fusion rifles.
  • Relatively niche use case compared to other options.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Delicate Tomb: Limited versatility in PvP due to its slow charge time and narrow spread, making it less effective in close-quarters combat scenarios.
  2. Jötunn: Limited to the energy slot and requires charging, making it less versatile in certain scenarios.
  3. Tessellation: Limited effectiveness and versatility in both PvE and PvP scenarios due to low stability and impact.
  4. Vex Mythoclast: Limited viability in endgame PvE content due to its primary ammo consumption and lack of significant damage output compared to other options.
  5. Lorentz Driver: Limited effectiveness due to the reliance on generating telemetry patterns for bonus damage, making it less consistent in fast-paced combat scenarios.
  6. Sleeper Simulant: Limited versatility in PvP due to slow charge time and small magazine size, hindering its effectiveness in fast-paced combat situations.
  7. The Queenbreaker: Limited utility in PvE due to its low damage output compared to other power weapons, making it less desirable for high-level content.

What Would I Recommend?

With extensive game hours in Destiny 2, for players looking to dominate PvP engagements, I highly recommend Bastion. Its unique firing pattern, coupled with the Saints’ Fists perk, allows Guardians to disrupt enemy supers effectively, turning the tide of battles in their favor. 

Additionally, for Guardians seeking versatility across various activities, Telesto emerges as an excellent choice. Its combination of Unplanned Reprieve for crowd control and The Harbinger’s Pulse for rapid reloading makes it a formidable weapon in both PvE and PvP engagements.

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