BEST Gravity Spells In Elden Ring

The Rock Sling, one of the best Elden ring Gravity sorceries

Elden Ring provides players with a number of options to venture through the Lands between. These options range from arbors to weapons to builds. Builds optimise certain stats and weapons to work a certain way. Mages are popular builds in Elden Ring that utilise magic spells and spells to things such as causing a lot of damage, healing players or their allies and buffing weapons and the likes.

One such category of these spells is gravity spells. Gravity spells are a class of spells that are primarily damage-dealing spells. These spells can be devastating and range from Bows to Meteor spells that deal tons of damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Gravity Spells are damage-dealing spells and rely on the power of gravity to cause havoc.
  • Gravity Well is a beneficial gravity spell, causing the enemies to get pulled toward the caster. It is available at the Raya Lucria Academy.
  • Meteorite Spell shoots projectiles of meteorites on enemies, dealing lots of damage. It is acquired by defeating the Onyx lord at the Royal Grave evergoal.
  • The Meteorite of Astel is a bigger version of the Meteorite spell. It deals more damage and hence requires more intelligence. You can get it by defeating Astel at the Yelough Anix Tunnel.
  • Collapsing Stars is the gravity spell to use when a group of enemies. It can immobilize enemy groups. It is available at Dead War Catacombs.
  • Rock Sling spell shoots rocks at the target. Its ability to be used while in motion makes it even more powerful. It works excellently in PvE and PvP scenarios. You can find it in a cellar straight from the Street of Sage Ruins.

Comparison table for Gravity Spells;

1Gravity WellGravity121700
3Meteorite of AstelMeteorite60(12)25500
4Collapsing StarsMeteorite18(24)13600
5Rock SlingMeteorite1811800

Gravity spells range from use cases that focus on dealing damage to a single player to spells that are viable against a group of enemies. Here we will go over what we believe to be the best Gravity spells in Elden Ring. We hope you find this guide useful, for more Elden Ring check out Elden Ring Best Spears and Elden Ring Battlemage Build.

What Are Gravity Spells In Elden Ring

Astel using his gravity spells in Elden Ring

Gravity spells are spells that use the force of gravity as their charge. These spells have uses ranging from spells that pull foes towards you to spells that deal projectile damage. For players looking to maximize the efficacy of these spells, we recommend going for pure intelligence builds or builds with high intelligence. We also recommend a good staff such as the meteorite staff or the glintstone staff.

Gravity Well

Gravity Well is a gravity spell in Elden Ring that pulls enemies towards the caster. While it may not sound like the most useful spell, if used strategically it can be one of the best gravity spells in Elden Ring.

The Gravity well requires an intelligence level of at least 17. We recommend the gravity spell to players with an Intelligence of at least 35. It can be charged, charging makes it stronger.

Players can find the gravity well in the Raya Lucratia academy. From the Church of the Cuckoo site of grace, head towards the graveyard and go to the Monolith guardian that spawns with a portal. Beating this foe will give players the Gravity well spell.

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While the Gravity well is not the greatest spell for PvE in Elden Ring, it can be used effectively. For example, a charged gravity well can hinder a very tough foe for a while and give players an opportunity to attack.

In PvE, however, this spell is arguably the best Elden Ring Gravity spell for it can catch players unannounced and pull them towards you. If you somehow hit a PvE enemy with a fully charged gravity well, they will basically be trapped for a few seconds.

Gravity well Magic 12 1 7 0 0
Gravity Well

Best Gravity Spells 


The meteorite is amongst the greatest Elden Ring spells so it should not come as a surprise that it is one of the best Elden Ring gravity spells. Meteorite shoots down projectiles in the shape of small meteors toward enemies.

These meteors can do tons of damage and are effective against all kinds of enemies. A well-placed meteorite can knock off a lot of health from even the toughest of bosses with the highest health pool. This is one Elden Ring gravity spell every player should be using.

The Meteorite spell requires an intelligence level of at least 30, we recommend players to have 50 intelligence to fully maximise the damage from this spell. Players can acquire this spell after beating the Onyx lord at the Royal Grave evergoal.

The meteorite spell is arguably the strongest PvE Elden Ring gravity spell due to the high amounts of damage it does. It is best used against stationary enemies and bosses with a large health pool. While it can be used effectively in PvP, we do not recommend it for it is easy to evade and since the void it shoots meteors from is stationary, even an average player won’t face difficulty avoiding it.

Meteorite Magic 30 (10) 1 30 0 0

Meteorite Of Astel

The Meteorite of Astel spell is similar to the Meteorite spell which automatically makes it one of the best Gravity spells in Elden Ring. It does the same thing as the Meteorite spell, shooting meteorite like high damaging balls from a void. It does more damage than the meteorite spell and requires more intelligence.

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The meteorite of Astel requires intelligence of 55 and we recommend players with an intelligence of 60 to go for it. This spell can go on for as long as the caster holds it. Players can acquire the Meteorite of Astel in the Yelough Anix Tunnel after beating Astel, stars of darkness.

All in all, the meteorite of pastel spell is one of the best PvE Gravity spells in Elden Ring. Similar to the Meteorite, it can be very good against slow enemies with large health pools but will not be that effective in Elden Ring’s PvP.

Meteorite Magic 60 (12) 2 55 0 0
Meteorite Of Astel

Collapsing Stars

Collapsing star is a gravity spell in Elden Ring that shoots projectiles that pull enemies hit with them towards the caster. It is similar to the Gravity well but affects a group of foes.

This spell can be extremely effective when facing a group of strong enemies that are normally tedious to get through. It can immobilise them for a while until the caster can use other spells like meteor to kill them.

Collapsing stars require an intelligence level of 36. We recommend players with an intelligence of 45 use this spell. Players can acquire Collapsing stars in the War-Dead catacombs.

Going down into the area with the rot in the first room where enemies are infighting and then going to a chest towards the west will give players this spell.

All in all, collapsing stars is a fine gravity spell in Elden Ring and is very affecting when facing multiple tough enemies.

Meteorite Magic 18 (24) 1 36 0 0
Collapsing Stars

Rock Sling

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Rock sling is the final of all gravity spells in Elden Ring. Rock sling has players manifest some rocks from the ground and shoot them towards foes. It can be charged. Not only does Rock Sling do ample amounts of damage, it can be used while in motion, this is what makes it powerful.

Rock sling requires an intelligence of at least 18 and we recommend players with at least 25 intelligence to use it. Players can find this spell in a cellar straight from the street of sage ruins. There, in a chest surrounded by rot lies this spell.

All in all, the rock sling is one of the best Gravity sorceries in Elden Ring. Its simplicity and high damage makes it a great PvE and PvP sorcery.

Meteorite Magic 18 1 18 0 0
Rock Sling


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