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The Rock Sling, one of the best Elden ring Gravity sorceries
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Gravity spells are a class of spells that are primarily damage-dealing spells. These spells can be devastating and range from Bows to Meteor spells that deal tons of damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Gravity Spells are damage-dealing spells and rely on the power of gravity to cause havoc.
  • Gravity Well is a beneficial gravity spell, causing the enemies to get pulled toward the caster. It is available at the Raya Lucria Academy.
  • Meteorite Spell shoots projectiles of meteorites on enemies, dealing lots of damage. It is acquired by defeating the Onyx lord at the Royal Grave goal.
  • The Meteorite of Astel is a bigger version of the Meteorite spell. It deals more damage and hence requires more intelligence. You can get it by defeating Astel at the Yelough Anix Tunnel.
  • Collapsing Stars is the gravity spell to use when a group of enemies. It can immobilize enemy groups. It is available at Dead War Catacombs.
  • Rock Sling spell shoots rocks at the target. Its ability to be used while in motion makes it even more powerful. It works excellently in PvE and PvP scenarios. You can find it in a cellar straight from the Street of Sage Ruins.

Comparison Of Gravity Spells

No.SpellBest forTypeFPSlotINTFaithArc
1Gravity WellBest Gravity Spell for Crowd Control.Gravity121700
2MeteoriteBest Gravity Spell for PvE Damage.Meteorite30(10)13000
3Meteorite of AstelBest Gravity Spell for Sustained Damage.Meteorite60(12)25500
4Collapsing StarsBest Gravity Spell for Crowd Control.Meteorite18(24)13600
5Rock SlingBest Gravity Spell for Mobility.Meteorite1811800

Best Gravity Spells Comparison Table.

Gravity spells range from use cases that focus on dealing damage to a single player to spells that are viable against a group of enemies. Here, I will review what I believe to be the best Gravity spells.

Astel using his gravity spells in Elden Ring
Casting Gravity Spell

1. Gravity Well

Best Gravity Spell for Crowd Control.

Why did I Choose Gravity Well?

Gravity Well is the best gravity spell for crowd control, providing a strategic advantage in various situations. Its benefits include controlling enemy movements, creating openings for attacks, and its versatility in different intelligence builds.

Gravity Well, a spell in Elden Ring, draws enemies towards the caster. Despite its initial perception, when strategically used, it stands out as one of the most potent gravity spells.

Requiring a minimum intelligence level of 17, I recommend it for players with an Intelligence stat of at least 35. Charging the spell increases its potency.

Located in the Raya Lucarya Academy, players can obtain the Gravity Well by defeating the Monolith guardian spawned through a portal near the Church of the Cuckoo site of grace in the graveyard.

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While the Gravity well is not the greatest spell for PvE in Elden Ring, it can be used effectively. For example, a charged gravity well can hinder a very tough foe for a while and allow players to attack.

In PvE, however, this spell is arguably the best Elden Ring Gravity spell, for it can catch players unannounced and pull them towards you. If you somehow hit a PvE enemy with a fully charged gravity well, they will be trapped for a few seconds.

Gravity well Magic 12 1 7 0 0
Gravity Well Stats

  • Provides a valuable crowd-control option.
  • Creates opportunities for attacking or repositioning.
  • Suitable for various intelligence levels.
  • Accessible for a wide range of builds.

  • Provides Limited Damage.
  • Depends on the player’s ability to use it strategically.

2. Meteorite

Best Gravity Spell for PvE Damage.

Why did I Choose Meteorite?

Meteorite takes the crown for PvE damage, it offers a high damage output and an area of effect. It’s the best choice for players looking to efficiently take down bosses and groups of enemies.

The Meteorite spell, a powerful Elden Ring gravity spell, launches small meteors, dealing significant damage to all enemies, making it effective against tough bosses. Players need an intelligence level of at least 30, but 50 intelligence maximizes its potency.

It is obtained by defeating the Onyx Lord at the Royal Grave goal, and it’s best suited for PvE against stationary enemies and bosses with high health pools. Although usable in PvP, its stationary void makes it easy to evade, hence less recommended for PvP combat.

Meteorite Magic 30 (10) 1 30 0 0
Meteorite Stats

  • Provides High Damages.
  • Effective against tough bosses and stationary enemies in PvE.
  • Spell’s projectiles cover a wide area against enemies.
  • Obtainable by defeating the Onyx Lord.

  • Less effective in PvP due to the stationary nature of the spell.
  • Easily invadable by opponents.

3. Meteorite Of Astel

Best Gravity Spell for Sustained Damage.

Why did I Choose Meteorite Of Astel?

Meteorite of Astel shines as the best choice for sustained damage, as it rewards high intelligence builds. It’s ideal for players focused on PvE encounters against slow, high-health foes.

The Meteorite of Astel, a Gravity spell in Elden Ring, is akin to Meteorite but inflicts higher damage and demands an intelligence level of 55, ideally suited for those with 60 intelligence.

You must obtain it in the Yelough Anix Tunnel after defeating Astel, stars of darkness. This spell continuously casts as long as the caster maintains it. In my opinion, it is highly effective in PvE against slow, high-health foes, but it’s not as effective in  PvP.

Meteorite Magic 60 (12) 2 55 0 0
Meteorite Of Astel Stats

  • Inflicts higher damage.
  • Maintained as long as the caster desires.
  • Rewards players with high intelligence stats

  • Limited PvP Effectiveness.

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4. Collapsing Stars

Best Gravity Spell for Crowd Control.

Why did I Choose Collapsing Stars?

I chose Collapsing Stars as it immobilizes multiple enemies and allows players to strategize and eliminate them with other spells.

In Elden Ring, Collapsing Star is another gravity spell that draws in and immobilizes a group of enemies. Effective against strong enemy groups, it allows time for casting other spells like a meteor to eliminate them.

It necessitates an intelligence level of 36, best suited for players with an intelligence of 45. Found in the War-Dead catacombs, players can obtain this spell from a chest in the area with rot located to the west.

Collapsing Star proves highly effective against multiple formidable enemies, serving as a potent gravity spell in Elden Ring.

Meteorite Magic 18 (24) 1 36 0 0
Collapsing Stars Stats

  • Effective against groups of enemies.
  • Provides an opportunity for additional spellcasting.
  • Creates openings for other powerful spells.

  • Doesn’t deliver the highest damage output.

5. Rock Sling

Best Gravity Spell for Mobility.

Why did I Choose Rock Sling?

I chose Rock Sling as it proved to be the best gravity spell for mobility and flexibility. It provides players with high damage, chargeability, and usability in motion which makes it a versatile choice for various scenarios.

Rock sling is the final of all gravity spells in Elden Ring. Rock sling has players manifest some rocks from the ground and shoot them toward foes. It can be charged. Not only does Rock Sling do ample amounts of damage, it can be used while in motion; this is what makes it powerful.

Rock sling requires an intelligence of at least 18, and I recommend players with at least 25 intelligence to use it. Players can find this spell in a cellar straight from the street of sage ruins. There, in a chest surrounded by rot, lies this spell.

All in all, the rock sling is one of the best Gravity sorceries in Elden Ring. Its simplicity and high damage make it a great PvE and PvP sorcery.

Meteorite Magic 18 1 18 0 0
Rock Sling Stats

  • Provides high mobility in both PvE & PvP sorcery.
  • Charging spells adds flexibility & increased damage potential.
  • Found early in the game

  • Lacks the wide area coverage of some other gravity spells.

What Would I Recommend?

Based on my extensive experience in Elden Ring, I would highly recommend Gravity Well for players seeking superior crowd control capabilities. Its strategic advantage, versatility, and ability to create openings for attacks make it an invaluable choice, especially in challenging encounters. Gravity Well’s crowd control benefits significantly enhance your survivability and combat effectiveness in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Additionally, for players focused on dealing substantial damage in PvE situations, I recommend Meteorite. Its high damage output and wide area of effect make it the optimal choice for clearing groups of enemies and tackling tough bosses efficiently.

Meteorite’s accessibility, obtained by defeating the Onyx Lord, ensures that mid-to-late game players can harness its power to overcome formidable challenges. Incorporating Gravity Well for crowd control and Meteorite for PvE damage will provide a well-rounded and potent spellcasting strategy in your Elden Ring journey.

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