Best Jumpshots In NBA 2K24 [Complete Guide]

After investing 30+ hours in NBA 2k24, I have discussed how you can master and perform the best Jumpshots in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 - Best Jumpshots
NBA 2K24 - Best Jumpshots Complete Guide.

Jumpshots are one of the most exciting parts of NBA 2K24 as you get to perform them with your favorite players, and mastering them can be extremely rewarding. How can you perform them like a pro? Let’s find out!

About The Author

Shoaib Rashid has spent 40+ hours playing NBA 2k24 and is well-versed in the game. So, you can easily trust the information and the hands-on experience he provides for NBA 2k24.

Key Takeaways

  • A Jumpshot in basketball is when a player makes a jump and takes a shot in NBA 2K24.
  • A Jumpshot highly depends on timing and technique in NBA 2K24.
  • Scoring a jump shot in NBA 2K24 requires you to focus on shot attributes such as release height, release speed, time stability, and defensive immunity.
  • Customizing a jumpshot requires you to equip them into three different slots: Upper Release 1, Upper Release 2, and Lower/Base

All Jumpshots

Here, I have summarized all the Jumpshots you can find.

Position3-Point RatingBaseRelease 1Release 2Blending
GuardsHigh (89+)Seth CurryOscar RobertsonTrae Young80% / 20%
GuardsAverage (81+)Markelle FultzOscar RobertsonTrae Young80% / 20%
GuardsLow (76+)Saben LeeOscar RobertsonTrae Young80% / 20%
Swing PlayersHigh (90+)Kevin DurantKlay ThompsonOscar Robertson52% / 48%
Swing PlayersAverage (81+)Caris LevertKlay ThompsonOscar Robertson52% / 48%
Swing PlayersLow (72+)Devontae CacokKlay ThompsonOscar Robertson52% / 48%
Big ManHigh (86+)Chris BoshTim DuncanDirk Nowitzki87% / 13%
Big ManAverage (78+)Oshae BrissettTim DuncanDirk Nowitzki87% / 13%
Big ManLow (<75)Montrezl HarrellTim DuncanDirk Nowitzki87% / 13%

Jumpshots Table. 


Best Jumpshot for Guards.

Why did I Choose Guards?

I chose this jumpshot for its compatibility with high 3-point rating guards, offering a reliable shooting option.

A shooting guard in basketball is responsible for scoring points, especially from outside the key area. They excel at three-pointers and mid-range shots. They need to have defensive skills and passing qualities. Guards are typically shorter than 6’5 height and have the advantage of making quick jump shots.

With their skills, these players have a higher chance of scoring 100 points in a game. These players have a big impact on the court.

Markelle Fultz
Markelle Fultz Best Guard For Jumpshot (Captured By Us)
3-Point ShotsBaseUpper Release 1Upper Release 2BlendingHeight
HighSeth CurryOscar RobertsonTrae Young80%/20%6’5’’/ 6’4’’
AverageMarkelle FlutzOscar RobertsonTrae Young80%/20%6’5’’/ 6’2’’
LowSaben LeeOscar RobertsonTrae Young80%/20%6’5’’/ 6’2’’

Guards Jumpshot Table. 

  • Excellent for high 3-point ratings.
  • Reliable release timing with Seth Curry’s base.

  • Limited effectiveness for players with lower 3-point ratings.

Swing Players

Best Jumpshot for Versatile Swing Players.

Why did I Choose Swing Players?

I chose this jumpshot for its versatility and balanced performance, ideal for swing players excelling in multiple aspects of the game.

Players between 6’5’’ and 6’9’’ fall into the category of   Swing players. They are known for their versatility and ability to excel in multiple aspects of the game.

With strong ball-handling and passing abilities, they contribute to their team’s offense by being excellent shooters. These players are famous for their ‘’Green Shots’’, which shows the shooting precision,

Here are some of the best Jumpshot choices for Swing Player:

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Best Swing Player For Jumpshots. (Captured By Us)
3-Point ShotsBaseUpper Release 1Upper Release 2BlendingHeight
HighKevin DuranKlay ThompsonOscar Robertson52%/48%6’5’’/6’6’
AverageCaris LevertKlay ThompsonOscar Robertson52%/48%6’5’’/6’6’
LowDevontae CacokKlay ThompsonOscar Robertson52%/48%6’5’’/6’6’’

Swing Player Jumpshot Table. 

  • Suitable for versatile players with high 3-point ratings.
  • Blending of Kevin Durant’s base and other releases offers a balanced shooting form.

  • Less effective for players with lower 3-point ratings.

Big Man/Front Guard

Best Jumpshot for Center.

Why did I Choose Big Man/Front Guard?

I chose this jumpshot for its compatibility with taller players who play as big men, offering a reliable shooting option while maintaining strength in the paint.

The real challenging aspect lies in creating a player who is proficient at the center game. Speaking of the tallest player, Big Man or front guard players come on the top and play a significant role in both defense and offense around the court.

These players are very strong and play an important role in offense by grabbing offensive rebounds and also providing amazing assistance to the rest of the team. Their defense includes shot blocking, and the only downside is that they aren’t too fast due to being tall but possess excellent strength.

Here are some of the best Jumpshot choices for Big Man:

Oshae Brissett
Oshae Brissett Front Guard for Jumpshots. (Captured By Us)
3-Point ShotsBaseUpper Release 1Upper Release 2BlendingHeight
HighChris BoshTim DuncanDirk Nowitzki87%/13%6’10’’
AverageOshae BrissettTim DuncanDirk Nowitzki87%/13%6’10’’
LowMontrezl HarrelTim DucanDirk Nowitzki87%/13%6’10’’

Big Man/Front Guard Jumpshot Table. 

  • Effective for taller players with high 3-point ratings.
  • Chris Bosh’s base provides a solid foundation for shooting.

  • Less suitable for players with lower 3-point ratings.

How Do Jumpshots Work?

With so many Jumpshots options, it can be overwhelming. To score a jump shot, you need to focus on the shot attributes and find the right balance. 

  •             Release Height
  •             Release Speed
  •             Time Stability
  •             Defensive Immunity            
Release HeightRelease Height plays a great role in a jumpshot. Shooting from a lower stance can make your shot easier for defenders to block and contest.
Release SpeedYou can somewhat counter this with a high release speed.
Time StabilityTiming Stability stat makes it easier for you to consistently hit shots by lessening the effects of low stamina and growing fatigue.
Defensive ImmunityDefensive Immunity determines how effective contests against your shots will be. The higher the immunity, the less opposing defenders can do to stop you.

Jumpshot Tips Table. 

Best Settings For Jumpshots

Here are the best settings to have in NBA2K24 if you plan on performing Jumpshots.

  •          Vibration: On
  •         Shot Timing: Shots and Layups
  •         Free Throw Timing: User Timing
  •         Jump Shots Meter: Off (However, if you’re to the game, turn it on)
  •         Shot Timing Visual Cue: Set Point
  •         Layup Meter: On
  •         Free Throw Meter: On
  •         Shot Maker Input Type: All

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced NBA 2k24 player, I would recommend the “Kevin Durant” jumpshot for its versatility and balanced performance. As a seasoned player, you understand the importance of consistency and adaptability on the court.

The Kevin Durant jumpshot offers just that, with a blending of different releases that cater to swing players excelling in multiple aspects of the game. Whether you’re shooting from the perimeter or driving to the basket, this jumpshot provides a reliable option for scoring efficiently.

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