Top 5 Best Keepsake for Astrologer Elden Ring

I have more than 180+ hours invested in Elden Ring, and I can share my experience on the best keepsakes for Astrologer!

Best Keepsake for Astrologer Elden Ring
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Maaz has played Elden Ring for 180+ hours, so you can easily trust him with the information and insights he shares about the keepsakes for Astrologer.

Being a mage in Elden Ring is powerful and it is a lot more fun than spamming Cobblestone the best thing about this is that you can become very powerful early on with the Keepsake and build that we are going to tell you for Astrologer class.

For every class, you are given the option to choose any of the 9 keepsakes. Although, there are 10 options in which the first one is “None.” Maybe the developers of the game left that option for players to increase the game’s difficulty level by a slight margin.

Key Takeaways

Our Picks for best keepsakes and what they offer:

  1. Crimson Amber Medallion grants extra hp and secondary stats, allowing for more sorceries and survivability.
  2. The Fanged Imp Ash allows the player to summon two Fanged Imps/spirits and can be used in areas with many enemies.
  3. Golden Seed gives Astrologers an extra flask at the start of the game, allowing them to cast sorceries and heal themselves using flasks.
  4. Bewitching Branch charms enemies to give you the upper hand in grouped fights or escape from tight spots.
  5. Boiled Prawn is a consumable item that replenishes hp after consuming it, but it is not that robust or useful in large battles.

Best Astrologer Keepsakes Stats Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best Astrologer Keepsakes in Elden Ring . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.NameAwarded forEffectBuy PriceSell PriceFP cost
1Crimson Amber MedallionBest Keepsake for Survival.Raises Maximum Hp by 6/7/8%1500100-
2Fanged Imp AshesBest Keepsake for Summoning Allies & Dominating Early Battles.Summons two fanged imp spiritsIsolated Merchant-50
3Golden SeedBest Keepsake for Healing.Increase Scared Flask’s number of uses---
4Bewitching BranchBest Keepsake for Tactical Advantage.Uses FP to charm pierced enemy100-14
5Boiled PrawnBest Keepsake for HP Boost.Boosts Physical damage negation for a time6005014

Best Keepsakes Comparison Table.

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Here are the nine keepsakes out of which only one can be chosen by any player for each class; you can also read our Best Elden Ring Keepsake to get more ideas.

  1. Crimson Amber Medallion
  2. Golden Seed
  3. Cracked Pot
  4. Bewitching Branch
  5. Shabriri’s Woe
  6. Boiled Prawn
  7. Stonesword Key
  8. Fanged Imp Ashes
  9. Lands Between Rune

1. Crimson Amber Medallion

Best Keepsake for Survival.

Why did I Choose the Crimson Amber Medallion?

I chose the Crimson Amber Medallion for its crucial health boost at the game’s start, preventing one-shots and allowing focus on Intelligence, Mind, and Vigor. This keepsake ensures survivability and complements the mage build.

Attribute Value
EffectRaises Maximum HP by 6/7/8%
Chapter AcquiredOutbreak
ObtainedKeepsakes Purchase
Buy Price1500
Sell Price100
FP Cost-

Crimson Amber Medallion Stats table.

Why? because this Keepsake grants the user with extra hp which is a huge boost for you at the start of the game. It’ll also prevent your character from getting one-shot by some of the enemies early in the game and as for stats on a mage, you want to pump as many points into Intelligence as much as possible.

Ultimately, you want to get it to 60 at least, so you can cast all the sorceries in the game. For the secondary stats, you want to spend it on Mind and Vigor. By doing that, you will have more fp and hp, meaning more sorceries you can cast before running out of fp and survivability.

With a boost of HP right from the start of the game through the Crimson Amber Medallion, you can also level your stats and get an additional increase in your hp later on in the game. I believe, that this is the number one in the list of keepsakes.

  • Substantial health boost.
  • Prevents early one-shots.
  • Enhances Intelligence, Mind, and Vigor.

  • Lacks additional offensive abilities.
  • It may not offer immediate utility.

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2. Fanged Imp Ashes

Best Keepsake for Summoning Allies & Dominating Early Battles.

Why did I Choose Fanged Imp Ashes?

Fanged Imp Ashes are chosen for summoning strategic allies. With two Imps drawing enemy attention, they create spellcasting openings, offering players cost-effective support in early and later encounters.

Attribute Value
EffectSummons two fanged imp spirits
Max. Held-
Max Stored-
ObtainedIsolated Merchant
Chapter Acquired-
FP Cost50

Fanged Imp Ashes Stats table.

The Fanged Imp Ash allows the player to summon two Fanged Imps/spirits and after acquiring the Spirit Calling Bell, it can be used in areas with many enemies to summon a pair of well-fanged imps. Though they are not the strongest of allies, they are more than strong enough to help out in early fights and even in later fights.

They can draw attention and allow a tactical heal and they cost 50 fp to summon. Like all spirits, they can be summoned once per encounter other than taking them as a keepsake.

Thus, we have learned that for the Astrologer, the Fanged Imp Ashes can be very helpful in fending off enemies, they can preoccupy the enemies with their attacks while you cast spells and inflict damage on the enemies while they are distracted. Anyhow, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you should take this Keepsake at the beginning of the game.

  • Summons two Fanged Imps.
  • Imps draw enemy attention.
  • Cost-effective at 50 FP per summon.

  • Imps may not be as powerful as other entities.
  • Requires careful FP management.

3. Golden Seed

Best Keepsake for Healing. 

Why did I Choose Golden Seed?

I chose The Golden Seed for its practical utility. Offering an extra flask at the game’s outset enhances spellcasting capabilities and facilitates healing. In the early stages, where FP management is crucial, the Golden Seed proves invaluable.

Attribute Value
EffectIncreases Scared Flask’s number of uses
TypeBolstering Material
Max. Held100
Max Stored600
Chapter Acquired
FP Cost-

Golden Seed Stats table.

The Golden Seed gives you an extra flask at the start and can be very useful as it means you get more fp to cast sorceries. You’ll find that at the beginning of the game, you will run out of fp quite easily thus, having an extra flask will make things a lot easier in that regard. Along with fp, the Astrologer will also be able to heal himself using the flasks.

In contrast to the benefits of each Keepsake, you can choose whatever you prefer between the five mentioned keepsakes in this guide. It doesn’t matter that much as you get plenty of Golden Seeds in the open world and you can also buy a Crimson Amber Medallion from a merchant at some point.

For instance, the Carrion Slicer is a very decent and useful spell that only costs 4 FP and it does insane damage in return for it so the Golden Seed can also help you in that particular moment.

  • Extra flask enhances FP and healing.
  • Supports sustained spellcasting.
  • Useful for managing FP in the early game.

  • Doesn’t provide direct offensive benefits.
  • Similar benefits can be obtained later in the game.

4. Bewitching Branch

Best Keepsake for Tactical Advantage. 

Why did I Choose Bewitching Branch?

Bewitching Branch is chosen for its unique charm effect on enemies. While limited to five uses, it can be effective in group fights, turning enemies into temporary allies. This tactical advantage allows for healing or strategic planning during encounters.

Attribute Value
EffectUses FP to charm pierced enemy
Max. Held10
Max Stored600
ObtainedCraftable Purchase
Buy price600
Sell price100
Chapter Acquired-
FP Cost14

Bewitching Branch Stats table.

The Bewitching Branch is a bit cool because it charms enemies, but you only get five, and obviously, it doesn’t work on bosses. If you are dealing with a group of enemies and you have a mage build, you can use this Keepsake and charm your enemies to fight not against, but with you.

It will give you a slight opening to either heal yourself or take a decisive moment to think about your next move.

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Bewitching Branch uses fp and costs 14 fp and turns your enemies into temporary allies. Not enough information has been gathered for this particular Keepsake because the game has only been released just a few days ago.

But, you can wait for some time until any useful information pops up for the Bewitching Branch. Or you can choose to run the game with it and test it out yourself.

Either way, charming enemies seems like a good idea to throw your enemies off their game and give you the upper hand in grouped fights or to escape from tight spots.

  • Charms enemies, turning them into allies.
  • Useful in group fights.
  • Provides a tactical advantage.

  • Limited uses being five times.
  • Ineffective against bosses.

5. Boiled Prawn

Best Keepsake for HP Boost.

Why did I Choose Boiled Prawn?

I chose Boiled Prawn for its consumable nature, replenishing HP in critical situations. While limited to one use, it serves as a helpful tool during boss fights or challenging encounters, providing you with a significant health boost when needed.

Attribute Value
EffectBoosts physical damage negation for a time
TypeConsumable item
Max. Held99
Max Stored600
Buy price600
Sell price50
Chapter Acquired-
FP Cost14

Boiled Prawn Stats table.

The Boiled Prawn can only be used once so it is not that robust or useful in consecutive or large battles. When using Astrologer; Mage build, I think that the Boiled Prawn might only come in-handy at boss fights when you are drained to the core and require an item or two, to refill your health bar by a significant number.

The Keepsake might also help you early or later in the game with small battles so that you can easily level your stats or grow your build. Whatever makes it easier for you, but we wouldn’t give it a 10 out of 10 for you to select it.

Although, as I said earlier, it is up to you to decide what Keepsake you should take early on in the game. You can take Boiled Prawn for your secondary character and run some tests on it to see how it works out for your mage build. 

  • Consumable item replenishes HP.
  • Useful in boss fights or challenging situations.
  • Provides a significant health boost.

  • Limited to one-time use.
  • Less robust or useful in consecutive or large battles.

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Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  1. Cracked Pot: Offers low defense, making it less appealing for ensuring the survivability of an Astrologer mage.
  2. Shabriri’s Woe: Heavyset is not considered worthy of the agile playstyle of an Astrologer mage.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced player with over 180+ hours in the game, I would recommend prioritizing the Crimson Amber Medallion and the Golden Seed as the two best keepsakes for the Astrologer class. The Crimson Amber Medallion, with its substantial health boost, ensures early survivability and allows for a strategic focus on key stats like Intelligence, Mind, and Vigor. This sets the foundation for a resilient mage build, crucial for tackling the challenges in Elden Ring.

Additionally, the Golden Seed provides a practical advantage with an extra flask at the game’s outset, supporting sustained spellcasting and improved survivability—especially valuable in the early stages where efficient FP management is vital. These two keepsakes, when combined, offer a potent combination of survivability and spellcasting prowess, enhancing the overall experience for Astrologer players.

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