Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4: Best To Worst Melees

We rank the 10 best melee weapons in Fallout 4 to find out which one is superior along with some of the best melee mods as well.

Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4
Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4

Fallout 4 offers players dozens of weapons – both melee and ranged. Fans of stealth gameplay and close combat will want to try out the various melee weapons offered in the game. This is why today’s guide will focus on the Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4.

This list also includes weapons from the DLCs since they are quite effective as well. All of the mentioned melee weapons are the best in Fallout 4 and superior when compared to other options. Whether you are a fan of melee weapons or not, we recommend that you give these a try and you’ll surely like them.

From all of the weapons, we’ve chosen the top 10 which have their ups and downs. Out of those 10, let’s find out which one is the Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4.

Best Melee Weapons in Fallout 4

There are many advantages of using melee weapons especially if you are conserving ammo. While they lack the conventional range of guns, these types of weapons deal tons of damage. This list will also include the various variants of melee weapons which are considered top tier. Just like the Best Heavy Weapons, this guide will include the 10 best melee weapons in Fallout 4.

Super Sledge

Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4
Heavy Military variant of the Super Sledge

Starting with one of the best damage dealing weapons that you can find relatively early on in Fallout 4, the Super Sledge. Having damage of 40 and an AP cost of 45, this hammer will destroy enemies in your path. On its own, this weapon is quite good but it can be made even better thanks to its variant.

The Atom’s Judgement can be found during one of the quests for the Children of Adam faction. It deals with radiation damage that is superb against the majority types of enemies especially raiders. However, the downside of this weapon is that it weighs a lot and the attack speed is quite slow. The weight – while a big problem – can be ignored if you equip lightweight armor, but the slow attack speed is an issue.

Players that are going for the brute build will love this weapon as a brute can never go wrong with a strong and sturdy hammer. The Atom’s Judgement is considered to be one of the best weapons in the game and it is usually my go-to when using melee weapons. However, since this guide is listing base versions, the Super Sledge is a decent weapon but not number one.

Heavy Pipe Wrench

Best Melee Weapons Fallout 4
Showcase of Heavy Pipe Wrench

Another big weapon that is useful for pummeling smaller enemies to the ground with little to no effort. If you are looking for a blunt-edged weapon, the Heavy Pipe Wrench is what you’re looking for. While it’s an amazing weapon on its own, you can even install mods to add armor penetration stat. This will allow you to deal with armored enemies conveniently.

It’s a unique variant, the Big Jim is one that you will want to look out for. You can get it quite early within the first hour by going to the drainage pipe at the Walden Pond. This weapon has the kneecapper effect that is effective against the majority of the enemies you’ll face.

The only thing holding it back is its attack speed but since it’s a heavy pipe, the medium speed is expected. It is a decent improvement over the Super Sledge mostly because you’ll deal more damage and have a better attack speed with the Pipe Wrench.

Chinese Officer Sword

Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4
Chinese Officer Sword in action

After using all of the melee weapons in Fallout 4, I can easily say that this is the strongest medium attack speed weapon. Plus, you can even upgrade it with the serrated edge to add a bit of bleed damage which is useful against raiders. Not only that, the electrified attack allows you to deal additional energy damage.

What I found lacking in this weapon is that you’ll have a tough time when facing armored opponents. Once again, you can add mods to do this but the base version is not good against enemies supporting heavy armor. With that being said, this is the exact reason why you carry multiple melee weapons so you can go against various types of enemies without any hassle.

Now, this amazing sword has some unique variants that players will either like or dislike based upon their stats. The General Chao variant has the Troubleshooting effect that is superb against robots or mechanical-type enemies. You deal 50% more damage to these enemies which can make it a breeze going through them. Secondly, there’s the Sword of Wonders variant that has the penetrating effect which straight-up ignores 30% of your foe’s resistances.

Shem Drowne Sword

Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4
Finding the Shem Drowne Sword

During the Gilded Grasshopper quest, you can find this sword in the grave of Shem Drowne’s. It has a base damage of 16 with additional radiation damage of 5. This makes this sword extremely good as it is one of the rare melee weapons that deal radiation damage.

It has a weight of only 3 which is quite helpful since you can carry other heavy weapons alongside this without being over-encumbered. What makes this sword unique is that it applies radiation damage from two sources. One is when you initially attack and the other is damage over time. This is mostly useful against human-type enemies and will kill them quickly.

Adding weapon mods will allow you to enhance the sword by adding electric attacks as well. Not only that, but you can also add a stun pack that – as the name states – will stun enemies when hit. Having these mods are essential because they can make your life easier and make this weapon a must-have in your arsenal.

Puncturing Power Fist

Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4
Stats of the Power Fist

From the perspective of Fallout 4, this weapon is considered an unarmed one. Although, for our purpose, this is an amazing melee weapon that can save most players from unfortunate situations. Just like other unarmed weapons, the Power Fist has an attack speed of medium and cannot be used if the player is using power armor.

Out of all other unarmed melee weapons, the Puncturing Power Fist is the best choice as it deals an insane amount of damage that is useful against armored enemies. Its variant – the Furious Power Fist – is one of my favorite weapons in Fallout 4.

Thanks to its passive, the more successful hits you land, the more damage you’ll deal. According to this; in theory, the power fist can eventually deal more damage than any other melee weapon in the game. The main reason why this is ranked at this number is due to the inability to equip the Power Fist with power armor. This greatly reduces its effectiveness, especially in survival mode.

Grognak’s Axe

Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4
The axe can be found at Hubris Comics

Moving on to the first and only axe in Fallout 4, the Grognak’s Axe is an excellent weapon that is deserving of a spot on this list. Having an attack speed of medium, this axe deals tremendous damage at the cost of low AP. Using this weapon on enemies will allow you to not only deal damage but stagger them as well.

This effect is especially useful when fighting against tons of enemies as it gives you ample space to move around and avoid getting grouped on. To get this, you must go inside Hubris Comics and lockpick a display case. Keep in mind that the case is difficult to open and might take a few tries.


Best Melee Weapon Fallout 4
The Extended Ripper is extremely superb

Ripper is an extremely unique weapon that not only looks cool but also gets the job done easily. While the base damage output is fairly low, you can add bleed damage once upgrading the weapon to an Extended Ripper. Doing so will not only add bleed but will increase the overall DPS as well.

Not only that, but the Ripper also has a swift attack speed that allows you to slice through anything that stands in your way. Combined with its damage, you will kill any type of enemy within seconds. The Far Harbor DLC introduced a legendary variant called Harvester. If you think the Ripper was good before, the Harvester takes it to a whole new level. You now have a chance to stagger enemies which is a massive benefit.

Rocket Bat

Bladed Yellow Rocket Bat showcase

You can get the baseball bat quite early on in Fallout 4 and it can get you through the start of the game without any problems. However, the Nuka-World DLC gave players the option to convert their baseball bat to a rocket bat. When you look at base damage only, this isn’t the best weapon for that.

Apart from raw damage, you should carry this solely for armor penetration. Thanks to the added spikes, your attacks hit like a train. Plus, you can even stagger opponents which is always a welcomed addition. Since it is a simple weapon mod, you can add this to other variants of the bat as well such as Fence Buster. Having these upgraded is a must-have for this weapon otherwise you won’t be able to maximize your damage output.


Source: Shishkebab 3d model display

Often preferred by most players, the Shishkebab is considered to be the most powerful sword present in Fallout 4. Located at the Saugus Ironworks, you are guaranteed to get a weapon that helps you even in the end game. It deals 13 base damage but adds another 13-energy damage on top of it.

Being a sword, this weapon has medium attack speed but it somehow feels faster than other medium weapons. When this sword is equipped, you will see steam coming out from it, giving it a unique and cool look. On top of that, when you swing it, the sword will get flaming red and emit fire from its nozzles.

Kremvh’s Tooth

Kremvh’s Tooth can be attached to any machete

Finally, let’s talk about the Best Melee Weapon in Fallout 4. The Kremvh’s Tooth deals an insane amount of base damage plus the added poison damage as well. Since it is a strong and unique weapon, it is quite difficult to get. You will have to complete the Dunwich Borers dungeon and find it in the last room of the area.

If you decide to mod this weapon, you’ll add the bleed damage on top of other effects currently present. It also gives a massive damage boost which can one-shot most things in Fallout 4. However, once you mod it, you will not be able to remove the mod to apply on other machetes.


What is the Best Melee Weapon in the base version of Fallout 4?

The Kremvh’s Tooth is easily the best weapon in the base version. It not only deals great amounts of damage but also adds poison effects on enemies. Plus, if you use VATS, you will be able to kill a bunch of foes in one go. Even without any mods, Kremvh’s Tooth is extremely viable in all situations.

Why wasn’t Atom’s Judgement included in this list?

While the Atom’s Judgement is an extremely strong weapon, it was not included because this list focuses on base versions of the weapons. Otherwise, Atom’s Judgement is super strong and I recommend everyone to try it out. You can easily one-shot enemies and even take out a bunch of them if you get surrounded.

Which knife is the strongest in Fallout 4?

I would have to say that the strongest knife in Fallout 4 is the Pickman’s Blade. It has an insane amount of bleed damage that can be further upgraded to destroy anything standing in your way. The DPS of this weapon is extremely superb and it is superior to most melee weapons.

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