Elden Ring: 10 Best Mid Game Armor

Mid game armor Elden Ring
Mid game armor Elden Ring

Armors are the most sought after during the playthrough among dozens of different items added as resources for players. Players are mostly scavenging the Lands Between for armor sets, whether for character build for fashion souls or adding a defensive element. It is also why Elden Ring received colossal praise for offering everything players expect from an RPG soul game. On the other side, Elden Ring features a steady learning curve with one of the vast open worlds.

These qualities make the game even more detailed by focusing on assisting the players and enhancing the experience. For that instance, players primarily seek out the best mid-game armor Elden Ring to improve the defenses for their character and progress further in the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Iron set is the first armor set in ELDEN RING & comprises four armor pieces. It is pretty easy to acquire early in the game & is light but effective in providing protection.
  • The Land of Reeds set is designed to protect the warriors from taking damage, & players will no longer have to worry about weak stagger & draining HP with each enemy strike.
  • Meliketh’s set is an excellent choice for enhancing the character’s look & protection level, & it is worth all the trouble.
  • The Banished Knight set is available in one of the early locations in Elden Ring & follows a similar pattern to acquire.
  • The Zamor set is the best mid-game armor for players with a fast-paced build as it is lightweight but offers high poise & damage negation stats.
  • The Crucible Tree set is easily the most sought-after armor in the game thanks to its badass texture design and evil helmet.
  • The Hoslow set has remarkable stats for enhancing players’ defenses and gives a royal aesthetic look to the character.
  • The Beast Champion set is heavy but offers some of the record-breaking stats in Elden Ring and is the armor of the charming NPC Knight Bernahl.
  • The Bull-Goat set is known for its tanky look and highest stats, making it a devilish choice for players who don’t mind the weight.

The Veteran’s set has a warrior appearance with texture & a feather cape. Its stats are remarkable, including 41 Physical, 29.3 Magic, & 28.9 Holy Damage Negation, providing significant defense for characters.

Diving into the Elden Ring unprepared is an overwhelming experience for beginner and veteran players. No matter how vital your character stats are, enemies lurk in the shadows to get a bite out of your character. On top of that, dying is not something any player would want to experience in Elden Ring.

Breaking will not only lose your character’s progress in a specific questline, but you will also lose the Runes, which are the hard-earned in-game currency used for making purchases. In this case, you will need protective elements like armors to dodge the enemy’s attack and keep a safe side from taking in the damage that may result in an end to your progress. With that said, let’s discuss the top 10 best mid-game armor Elden Ring. 

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Best Mid Game Armor Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you will have to find the complete set of armors comprising four-five individual items. These may include Chest Armor, Greaves, Gauntlets, and Helmets. Obtaining the whole set is the only approach to achieve the total stats for Damage Negation and ensure maximum protection of your character. 

Meanwhile, players can also pursue their own armor sets by working their creativity to mix and match different sets. This approach gives you the freedom to explore the Lands Between of Elden Ring to obtain the set that is easily accessible to you rather than fixating on one. Mixing different sets will yield other stats. But in the end, the fashion and the defensive elements matter to assist players in the gameplay. 

Iron Set

The first one on the list is the Iron set. This armor set comprises four armor pieces: Helmet, Greaves, Gauntlets, and the Chest Armor. Even with the four Iron-forged armor items, the Iron set is pretty light for the looks and the stats. On top of that, it is pretty easy to acquire early in the game. This means players starting with entirely bare skin can quickly obtain the complete set to get going with the protection. 

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Iron Set Elden Ring
Iron Set

Apart from the looks Iron set is solid for the protection in Elden Ring. With the early game acquire and heavy Poise and Robustness, the Iron set will stand like a wall for smaller enemies. Looking at the stats, the Iron set features 25.6 Physical Damage and 16.7 Magical Damage Negation. The Magical Defenses are indeed lacking in this armor. But, what this complete set lacks in the Magical Damage Negation, it makes up for the Fire defense of 21.7. 

You can rock this armor for some of the worst Fire-based enemies and go total armored barbarian in the battle. Unfortunately, the Iron set is not available as a reward or Boss drop. The only approach to obtaining this armor is purchasing it from Nomadic Merchant. You can visit the Merchant near the Castle Morne Rampart’s site of grace.

Upon opening the Nomadic Merchant’s inventory, you will be able to purchase the complete set for 3900 Runes. Considering how early you can get this beautiful set, a considerable investment of Runes on your side is worth the amount of protection you will receive later in the game. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 21 25.6 26.1 21 24.8 16.7 21.7 13.9 17.5
Iron Set Stats Box

Land of Reeds Set

If you are in mid-game, then you have already paid a visit to the darkest surroundings of Caelid. This brings us to one of the top armor sets that you can find around the location, the Land of Reeds set. With the roots from the soul games of FromSoftware, Land of Reeds continues the legacy of the Samurai class. On top of that, it offers players complete freedom to roleplay as a mage+samurai character with many other playstyles the game offers. 

At a glance, Land of Reeds is precisely designed to protect the warriors from taking damage. Players will no longer have to worry about a weak stagger and draining HP with each enemy strike, thanks to the heavy iron Chest Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets. The cherry on top is extremely lightweight, giving you the advantage to roll over and dodge the enemies’ strikes quickly. 

Land of Reed set
Land of Reed set

Land of Reeds also has some pretty intense stats. At the Physical Damage Negation, players will receive a value of 19. Meanwhile, Magical Damage and Fire Damage Negation stand at 22.1 and 24.7. These Damage defenses and a whopping 143 for Immunity and 120 for Robustness make the set an overpowered entry for best mid-game armor in Elden Ring. 

Speaking of mid-game, Land of Reed is also available for purchase only from an Isolated Merchant in the extreme North of Caelid. Going to the north will get you to the Weeping Penninsula, where you will see a wooden Shack with an Isolated Merchant. You can purchase the full armor set for 4500 Runes. If traveling and trouble do not bother you in Elden Ring, you can obtain a white variant of the Land of Reeds set. 

Land of Reed Location
Land of Reed Location

This set is obtainable in Spiritcaller’s Cave. You will be going all the way up to Mountaintops of the Giants. Just over the Freezing Lake, take the straight path alongside the mountain. Eventually, you will see a cave with a locked entrance. Here you will have to use two Stonesword Keys that you must have acquired during the storyline. Upon interacting with the statue, you will be able to gain access to the cave. 

Take the straight path, and you will be dropped down into a trench. Moving forward will put your character in front of a spiritual-slug-like creature and the wolves. Killing the slug will vanish the other enemies like Wolves and swordsmen in the cave. Make your way forward, and you will see a lake. Just across this lake, you will also be able to see a corpse under a tree that will contain the three armor pieces of the White Reed Set.

White Reed Set Elden Ring
White Reed Set
White Reed Location
White Reed Location

For the Okina Helmet, you will have to come out of the cave and return to the Mountaintops of the Giants. Avoid confrontation with the Giants, as you may not make out alive at the freezing top location. Moreover, you might want to save your HP for a fight with Blood Finger Okina, which will invade you as soon as you reach the location. Defeating him will reward your character with an Okina helmet and Rivers of Blood Katana

There is no significant difference in stats between the Land of Reed and White Reed set. You will be gaining and losing one or two values for Damage Negation. However, White Reed set receives praise for being a lot cooler and dominant with its looks. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 19.8 19 25.8 20.6 20.6 23.6 24.7 20.6 27.9
Land of Reeds Set Stat Box

Meliketh’s Set

When it comes to enhancing your character’s look and protection level, Meliketh’s set is never an exception. The complete armor set of the Meliketh boss that you will fight during the storyline. Players will encounter this Legend boss around mid-endgame, depending on what type of playthrough you are pursuing. Meanwhile, considering the looks and the stats of the set, Meliketh’s set is worth all the trouble. 

Meliketh Set Elden Ring
Meliketh’s Set

Especially if you are seeking high Poise and Strength-focused playthrough, Meliketh’s set is a prime consideration among players. Apart from the looks of the unique black iron and gold finish, Meliketh set is also pretty neat with the stats. The complete set of Helmet, Chest Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets will grant 29.3 Physical Damage Negation. If these do not seem amusing, you should consider them for 27.9 Holy and 23.6 Magical Damage Negation. With these stats, it is easy to say that Meliketh’s set is an all-rounder armor for any character build and playthrough. 

You might have already guessed that obtaining the complete set requires beating the Meliketh boss. You can find this boss by completing the intensely difficult legendary dungeon of Crumbling Farum Azula. Although there is no direct approach to gaining access to the location, it is essential to stick with the storyline until you reach the Leyndell, Ashen Capital. At the Crumbling Farum Azula, you must visit the boss arena, and Meliketh, the Black Blade, will welcome you. 

Meliketh's Set Location
Meliketh’s Set Location

Much Elden Ring lore is invested into the boss, which we might not disclose to avoid spoiling for the completionist players. But one of the most effective approaches to beat the boss is through casting Ashes of Spirits. Players who are not aware of them can check out this guide for Elden Ring best Ashes Summons and how they will contribute to the boss fights. 

Once you have defeated the Meliketh, you will receive Remembrance of the Black Blade and not the armor set. You might want to hold the Remembrance of the Black Blade, as we will use it to trade for the Meliketh’s set. Pick the consumable item and return to Roundtable Hold to see the merchant known as Enia. Trade the Remembrance of Black Blade for the Meliketh set, and you will receive the complete set in your inventory. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 26.5 29.3 30.5 25.8 29.3 23.6 24.7 20.6 27.9
Maliketh’s Set Stats Box

Banished Knight Set

The next best mid-game armor in Elden Ring is the Banished Knight set. This armor set is as badass as it sounds. Plus, it is available in one of the early locations that you can visit in Elden Ring. One of the significant problems that most players have is to farm different sets. Although, this may seem like game mechanics balancing by developers. However, farming is always worth it, as it rewards players with a unique item. The Banished Knight set follows a similar pattern to get your hands on the shiny metal armor. 

Elden Ring Banished Knight Set
Banished Knight Set

The Banished Knight set is one of the heaviest sets in the game. The heavyweight is indeed trouble for rolling and dodging. Meanwhile, it also supports the armor’s Robustness and Poise of your character. As for the looks, the entire set might seem familiar to the hardcore soul players. It might share some resemblance to Fallen Knight set from Dark Soul 3. If you loved that set, you would want to pursue the set for the latest Elden Ring. 

Banished Knight set stats are entirely off the charts. With the early-mid-game location and accessible farm, the Banished Knight set is easily the most overpowered armor you can get for your character. The complete set of four armor pieces grants 40.7 Physical, 29.3 Magical, and 28.9 Holy Damage Negation. That is not it. Characters wearing the whole set will be able to enjoy 35% Damage Negation on any of the enemy attacks, pushing the defenses even further. 

As said earlier, the Banished Knight set is only obtainable by farming on the Banished Knight enemies. Although, these enemies are scattered around the map. But the best location to farm the set is at the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion. The complete guide shines on navigating through the location and defeating the Banished Knights. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 41.6 39.3 41.5 34.5 40 29 29.2 28 28.5
Banished Knight Set Stat Box

Zamor Set

Players with a fast-paced build struggle to find lightweight armor supporting defenses. Especially, finding good armor in mid-game is crucial as the difficulty curve begins to climb sharply. However, you can get your hands on one particular set that will never fail your character. This set is known as the Zamor set. 

Zamor set specializes in lightweight with high Poise for characters that need high rolling. Dodging attacks requires Stamina and are lightweight on your character. On the other side, it is also important to ensure dying less and killing more. This is where Zamor set comes in handy to assist the players with huge Poise and the best Damage Negation stats for lightweight armor. 

Zamor Set Elden Ring
Zamor Set

Players adept in dodging must include Zamor set in their arsenal to gain the maximum tactical advantage in battle. The Zamor set also features an ideal Damage Negation stats. Players using the set will receive 25.4 Physical Damage Negation and 18.3 for Fire and Magic Damage Negation. 

Along with that, 147 for Robustness and 28 Poise will also contribute to making it the perfect mid-level armor for players. Zamor set is also located near the Mountaintops of the Giants, right where you have obtained the White Reeds set. If you have already visited the location, you may have no problem getting your hands on the Zamor set. But still, it is an easy miss because of the navigation through the site. 

Zamor Set Location
Zamor Set Location

Once again, the Zamor set will involve a boss fight to receive a loot drop from the boss. Moreover, the location for the boss also applies story progression to the mid, where you have received the Medallion from Mellina after defeating Morgott. Once these requirements are met, all you need to do is to visit Giant-Conquerer Hero‘s Grave. 

Most people will pursue the Grand Lift of Rold path because of the Medallion they received from Mellina. But it is way more tricky to navigate and reach the location. 

Elden Ring Zamor Set Location
Starting Location to Reach Giant-Conquerer Hero’s Grave

Once you are at this location at the Mountaintops of the Giant, all you need to do is take the lift at this fort and go all the way down. This way, you will easily reach the Giant-Conquerer Hero’s Grave site of grace. After hitting the site of grace, take the path left and drop below the building while dodging the enemies’ attacks. Make your way to the lift in the dungeon and again go down. Once you reach below, you will see a Giant Shadow guardian. 

To defeat him, you can play a little trick to make him vulnerable. All you need to do is to trigger the lift again so it can pull up. But this time, you will not have to carry your character above. Simply hop down when the lift is triggered. This way, you can shed light on the round platform that deals damage. Now all you need is to get the attention of the Shadow Giant and draw him toward the platform. The key is to make Shadow Giant vulnerable to your attacks so you can save all the Stamina and HP for the boss fight. 

Killing the giant will open up a new heavy door that leads to the boss arena. Here you will be fighting the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss. Defeating the boss will allow players to receive the complete set of Zamor along with Zamor Curved Sword to appreciate all the struggle.

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 20.5 25.4 25.5 20 23 18.3 18.3 14 16.5
Zamor Set Stats Box

Crucible Tree Set

The Crucible Tree set also stands top on the list for being powerful and the best mid-game armor in Elden Ring. Among all the items in the game, this set is the most sought after among the players’ community. Thanks to the badass texture design and evil Helmet, Crucible Tree is easily drippy armor for fashion souls. 

Surprisingly Crucible Tree set is available to mid-level players in an easily accessible location. Unlike other armors, Crucible Tree is pretty heavy. These characteristics of the armor make it ideal for Strength-focused character builds. Plus, it will also depend on the attribute values of Endurance that affect the amount of weight a character can carry in Elden Ring. Once these values match the armor set’s statistics, you are all set to yield the power of Elden Ring best mid-game armor. 

Elden Ring Crucible Tree Set
Crucible Tree Set

Crucible Tree set stats reveal a Physical Damage Negation of 38.7 and a Magical Damage Negation value of 28.2. These stats and a unique effect that gives a 3.5% damage boost on the Aspect of the Crucible Incantations will surprise many players. Even better is that you will receive a 15% total damage increase in your attacks. 

These all qualities make it a must-have set for your Strength-focused character. For that instance, you will have to visit the Deeproot Depths. But before that, you might want to meet some of the storyline progression requirements. First and the major one is to defeat Starscourge Radahn. Defeating this boss is your access to the Nokron, Eternal City. Next, you will have to kill the Gargoyles to rest in a coffin. From here, you will be teleported to another location where you will fight the boss Crucible Knight Siluria. 

Crucible Tree Set location
Crucible Tree Set location

As soon as you spawn into another location, hit the site of grace and then drop below the ledge of the lake. You will see a lift across the lake that will take you to the boss arena. The boss’s defeat does not drop the Crucible Tree set. But you will have to obtain it from a chest beside the Crucible Knight Siluria. If your character is fast enough to open the chest, you can avoid the boss fight since it is already an option. Otherwise, fighting the boss is essential to get your hands on the complete set of Crucible Tree armor. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 36.9 38.3 36.7 30.3 36.7 28.2 27.9 24.7 29.3
Crucible Tree Set Stats Box

Hoslow Set

Hoslow set is another gorgeous entry for the best mid-game armor in Elden Ring that beefs up your character’s defenses to the next level. Moreover, it also gives a Royal aesthetic look to ancient medieval with a gigantic metal Helmet that will protect your character during venerable exposure. 

The metal armor pieces shine in grey color with red decorative features that represent the Hoslow family. This brings us to the Juno Hoslow that initially looks like an NPC. However, he soon transitions into a hostile enemy, which we will discuss later. Apart from the looks and the prime owner of the set, the Hoslow set has remarkable stats for enhancing players’ defenses. 

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Elden Ring Hoslow Set
Hoslow Set

Hoslow set will offer you a Physical Damage Negation of 30.7. Magical Damage Negation of 23.8 and Holy Damage Negation of 22.3 will also grab the attention of greedy players for higher defenses in the mid-game. However, obtaining the Hoslow set is another crux of the matter. 

If you have not progressed enough until Hoslow, you might want to complete all the quests along with Juno Hoslow to avoid any spoilers. Once that is out of the way, you will have to finish the final contract of the Hoslow questline. For that, your character will be going all the way up in the Mountaintops of the Giants. As the last piece to his questline, you will be asked whether you want to invade Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood

Hoslow Set Location
Hoslow Set Location

Upon selecting the option, you will be put against Juno Hoslow in a mighty fight against another world. As soon as you defeat the Hoslow Knight, players will receive the complete set of Hoslow armor and other items. It is crucial to complete his questline before going directly into combat. Otherwise, you will be missing a massive portion of the Elden Ring’s lore. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 28.5 30.7 29.5 26 27.4 23.8 26 22.3 22.3
Hoslow’s Set Stas Box

Beast Champion Set

Beast Champion set is also straight from hell heavyweight armor set that players can not afford to miss. If you do not care about the fat rolls and are pursuing heavy stats, the Beast Champion set is a perfect choice. The full set weighs a whopping 41.6. On the other side, what this armor lacks in the lightweight will make up for some of the record-breaking stats in Elden Ring. 

Beast Champion set is the armor of charming NPC Knight Bernahl found in the Warmaster’s Shack earlier in the storyline. He is the main NPC of the game, making him crucial for the storyline. You will be able to receive his questline at the Roundtable Hold after joining hands at the Volcano Manor. 

Elden Ring Beast Champion Set
Beast Champion Set

Although, you have the opportunity to kill Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack. But this is not the recommended opportunity as it will affect your storyline, and you will be missing all the quests later in the game. However, that is the only approach to get your hands on the armor if you want it in an early-mid game. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the battle with Maliketh. 

Beast Champion set also features promising stats for heavy character builds. At the cost of heavyweight, players will receive 38.3 Physical, 28.2 Magical, and 29.3 Holy Damage Negation. You can wear the armor and mix other lightweight armor pieces to gain the best Damage Negation stat to curb the weight. But still, going with the Beast Champion set is ideal because of the overall fashion souls and resistance. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 40.1 37.6 40.6 35.1 40.2 28 29.7 27.7 29.1
Beast Champion Set Stat Box

Bull-Goat Set

Behold the devilish Bull-Goat set known for the tanky look and highest stats for the best mid-game armor in Elden Ring. Bull-Goat set is a must-grab if doing different quests to receive armor sets does not bother you. The main reason behind all the fame of the set is the immersive look of the set, featuring giant horns on the set. Apart from the fashion, this bulky horn looks serve to strengthen the Poise and Robustness of the character, so you do not stagger with any attack from the enemies. 

Elden Ring Bull-Goat Set
Bull-Goat Set

Bull-Goat armor set the stage by offering a substantial Physical Damage Negation value of 45, ranking the top stat value among all the armor sets in the game. Meanwhile, Light Damage Negation stands at 31, Holy at 27.9, and Magical Damage Negation of 28.9 make it overpowered for mid-level players. 

We might not disclose anything related to the quest. But there are a few things you need to know about acquiring the complete set of Bull-Goat armor. Firstly, you will have to complete the Patches questline. The Bull-Goat set is available to receive once Patches has reached the Volcano Manor. Here you must join the covenant so Patches can give you another quest for a boss fight. Only this way can you receive the Bull-Goat set. Going straight for the boss fight will lock your playthrough to receive the Bull-Goat set. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 63 45 40.2 44.6 40.2 28.9 29.4 31 27.9
Bull-Goat’s Set Stat Box

Veteran’s Set

Lastly, we have a Veteran’s set that shares a veteran warrior look because of all the texture and feather cape. Veteran’s set is remarkable for the stats as it is beautiful for the looks. It also looks worn because of the historical background of the set. But still, it grants stats that are straightly off the charts. 

Veteran’s set yields stats of 41 Physical, 29.3 Magic, and 28.9 Holy Damage Negation by supporting the character Poise at 79. Considering the heavyweight of 45 and old worn texture, Veteran’s set is mighty stats will cover a huge portion of character defenses in Elden Ring. You can easily rely on this armor set to progress further in the storyline and character build. 

Elden Ring Veteran Set
Veteran Set

Veteran’s set will once again require players to get on top of the Mountaintops of the Giants. Gain access to the Grand Lift of Rold. From here, you might want to make your way through Zamor Ruins to Castle Sol Main Gate. You will be fighting a boss “Commander Niall,” on the rooftop. 

Veteran Set Location
Veteran Set Location

Once the boss is defeated, you will have to return to the Roundtable Hold and speak to the Enia Merchant to sell you the Veteran’s set. You will be able to purchase the full collection for 18,000 Runes at a fair price. 

Stat Weight Physical VS Slash VS Strike VS Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
Value 45 41 41 37.2 38.1 29.3 30.7 27.9 28.9
Veteran’s Set Stats Box

Final Words

Every armor set comes with its history, characteristics, and character aspects to enhance your gameplay experience. You do not have to stick to a single armor set because of the maximum level of defense. Experimenting with different sets until you find the ideal one for your character is the key to success in Elden Ring. 

That is about it for the best mid-game armor in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful for obtaining your ideal mid-game armor in Elden Ring? What is your prime choice of armor set throughout mid-endgame? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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