Elden Ring Best Mid Game Armors + Locations [1000 Hours Tested]

Because I've spent over 1,000 hours playing Elden Ring, you can trust me with the information I've shared about the Mid-game armors!

Mid game armor Elden Ring
Mid game armor Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you will have to find the complete set of armors comprising four to five individual items. These may include Chest Armor, Greaves, Gauntlets, and Helmets. Obtaining the whole set is the only approach to achieving the total stats for Damage Negation and ensuring maximum protection of your character. 

Meanwhile, players can also pursue their own armor sets by working their creativity to mix and match different sets. This approach gives you the freedom to explore the Lands Between of Elden Ring to obtain the set that is easily accessible to you rather than fixating on one.

Mixing different sets will yield other stats. But in the end, the fashion and the defensive elements matter to assist players in the gameplay.

About The Author

I’ve played Elden Ring a lot—over 1,000 hours, to be exact. So, everything I share comes from my own experience, even the best mid-armors in the game.

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Key Takeaways

Here are my picks for the best mid-game armor sets:

  1. Iron Set: Early and light armor with decent protection.

  2. Land of Reeds Set: Provides strong defense and negates weak stagger and HP drain.

  3. Meliketh’s Set: Offers both protection and aesthetics, worth the effort to acquire.

  4. Banished Knight Set: Can be found in early locations and follows a similar acquisition pattern.

  5. Zamor Set: Mid-game armor, lightweight, with high poise and damage negation.

  6. Crucible Tree Set: Sought-after armor with a unique and intimidating design.

  7. Hoslow Set: Enhances defenses and provides a royal appearance.

  8. Beast Champion Set: Heavy but boasts impressive stats, linked to NPC Knight Bernahl.

  9. Bull-Goat Set: Known for its tanky look and high stats, despite the weight.

  10. Veteran’s set: Warrior appearance with texture & a feather cape. Its stats are remarkable, including 41 Physical, 29.3 Magic, & 28.9 Holy Damage Negation, providing significant defense for characters.

Best Mid-Game Armors Compared

Here is a comparison table of my best Mid-game Armors in Elden Ring. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.NameAwarded forWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly
1Iron SetBest Early Mid Game Armor.2123.423.819.522.715.720.213.216.4
2Land of Reeds SetBest Samurai Armor.19.817.82419.119.120.422.623.621.7
3Maliketh’s SetBest Looking Armor.30.526.527.523.626.521.722.619.225.4
4Banished Knight SetBest Heavy-weight Armor.41.639.341.534.5402929.22828.5
5Zamor SetBest Lightweight Armor.20.523.224.418.621.
6Crucible Tree SetBest Strength Build Armor.36.933.83327.331.125.624.222.627.6
7Hoslow’s SetBest Medieval Armor.28.527.626.623.724.921.923.720.620.6
8Beast Champion SetBest Armor For Poise And Robustness.40.133.535.531.534.925.62725.326.5
9Bull-Goat’s SetBest Armor For Immunity.6338.50534.98938.21434.98926.17426.50128.98925.352
10Veteran’s SetBest Overall Mid Game Heavy Armor.4535.535.532.733.526.527.625.326.1

Mid-Game Armor Sets Comparison Table. 

Iron Set

Best Early Mid Game Armor.

Why did I Choose an Iron Set?

The iron set is a lightweight armor available in the early mid-game, and especially it gives decent Fire protection. 

The Iron set is a light and easy-to-acquire armor set early in the game, consisting of four pieces: Helmet, Greaves, Gauntlets, and Chest Armor. It provides decent protection, particularly against Fire-based enemies.

You can purchase the full Iron set for 3900 Runes from the Nomadic Merchant near the Castle Morne Rampart’s site of grace. It’s a valuable investment for early-game protection.

  • Lightweight.
  • Enhanced Fire Protection.
  • Can be bought in early mid-game.
  • Decent Robustness resistance.
  • Less Magic defense.
  • Little costly.
Iron Set Elden Ring
Iron Set
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Iron Set Stats Box

Land of Reeds Set

Best Samurai Armor.

Why did I Choose the Land of Reeds Set?

Land of Reeds features adequate defensive aspects like high Immunity and Robustness and offers a good balance of damage negation and weight.  

The Land of Reeds armor set, found in mid-game in the Caelid region, is reminiscent of the Samurai class from FromSoftware’s soul games. It combines protection and mobility, making it suitable for various playstyles, including mage and samurai characters. This set offers a strong defense against enemy attacks while maintaining a lightweight design, allowing for agile dodging and maneuverability.

It includes heavy iron Chest Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets, making it an excellent choice for adventurers seeking durability and versatility.

Land of Reed set
Land of Reed set

The Land of Reeds armor set can be purchased from an Isolated Merchant located in the extreme North of Caelid, specifically in the Weeping Peninsula. You can acquire the full armor set for 4,500 Runes by visiting the wooden shack where the merchant resides.

Land of Reed Location
Land of Reed Location
White Reed Set Elden Ring
White Reed Set
White Reed Location
White Reed Location

When comparing the Land of Reed and White Reed sets, there’s not a significant difference in stats from my experience. You may gain or lose one or two values for Damage Negation, but the White Reed set is favored for its cooler and more dominant appearance.

  • Admirable weight and defense ratio.
  • High Immunity and Robustness Stats.
  • Good defense against various attack types.
  • Aesthetic Samurai Look.
  • Weak in PvE battles due to low Poise.
  • The White Reed variant is a little difficult to attain.
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Land of Reeds Set Stat Box

Meliketh’s Set

Best Looking Armor.

Why did I Choose Meliketh’s Set?

Meliketh’s set is one of the best-looking armor, and it has adequate damage negation along with high poise, vitality, and robustness.

When it comes to upgrading your character’s appearance and protection, in my opinion, Meliketh’s set is a fantastic choice. This full armor set is obtained from the Meliketh boss, typically encountered during the mid-to-end game, depending on your playthrough progress. Meliketh’s set offers a great balance of style and stats, making it a popular choice among players.

Meliketh Set Elden Ring
Meliketh’s Set

If you’re aiming for high Poise and a Strength-focused playthrough, Meliketh’s set is a top-notch option. Its unique black iron and gold finish not only looks impressive but also provides solid protection.

To obtain the complete Meliketh set, you must defeat the Meliketh boss. You can find this boss within the challenging legendary dungeon of Crumbling Farum Azula. While there’s no direct route to the location, you should progress through the storyline until you reach Leyndell, Ashen Capital. In the Crumbling Farum Azula, you’ll enter the boss arena and face Meliketh, the Black Blade.

Meliketh's Set Location
Meliketh’s Set Location

After defeating Meliketh, you’ll receive the “Remembrance of the Black Blade,” not the armor set itself. Hang onto this item, as you’ll use it to trade for Meliketh’s set.

Return to Roundtable Hold and visit the merchant named Enia. Trade the “Remembrance of Black Blade” for Meliketh’s set, and you’ll have the complete set in your inventory.

  • High Vitality, Immunity, and Poise.
  • Decent damage negation.
  • Appealing look.
  • Difficult to attain.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Requires talisman or stamina to maintain equip load.
  • Better options with similar stats are available.
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Maliketh’s Set Stats Box

Banished Knight Set

Best Heavy-weight Armor.

Why did I choose the Banished Knight Set?

Banished Knight Set offers good defense at the cost of heavyweight, and it can be acquired by farming.

The Banished Knight set is a sturdy mid-game armor. It’s quite heavy, affecting your character’s mobility but providing good defense. It has a familiar look for Dark Souls fans. To obtain it, you’ll need to farm Banished Knight enemies. The Cathedral of the Dragon Communion is a good spot for farming this set.

  • Little lightweight than other Heavyweight armor.
  • High resistance stats.
  • High damage negation.
  • Requires more stamina and talismans to manage load equipped.
  • Requires extensive farming to obtain it.
Elden Ring Banished Knight Set
Banished Knight Set
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Banished Knight Set Stat Box

Zamor Set

Best Lightweight Armor.

Why did I choose Zamor Set?

Zamor Set is very lightweight, and it features suitable resistance and damage negation. You can get the complete set at once by defeating the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss.

Zamor Set Elden Ring

The Zamor set is a lightweight armor option for fast-paced builds in mid-game. It offers high Poise for rolling and good Damage Negation stats. You can find it near the Mountaintops of the Giants, close to where you obtained the White Reeds set.

To acquire it, you’ll need to defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss. This boss can be accessed through the Giant-Conquerer Hero’s Gravesite of grace after receiving the Medallion from Mellina. Defeat the boss to obtain the full Zamor set and the Zamor Curved Sword.

  • Lightweight.
  • Boss drops the complete set when killed.
  • High Robustness.
  • Satisfactory defense stats.
  • Low Magic resistance. 
  • Low Focus stats.
  • Weak against strike attacks.
Zamor Set Location
Zamor Set Location
Elden Ring Zamor Set Location
Starting Location to Reach Giant-Conquerer Hero’s Grave
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Zamor Set Stats Box

Crucible Tree Set

Best Strength Build Armor.

Why did I choose the Crucible Tree Set?

The Crucible Tree Set has an immense defense, and resistance stats and has an innate buff for Crucible Incantations, but it’s quite heavy, making it ideal for strength builds.

The Crucible Tree set is a powerful mid-game armor, sought after by many players for its unique design and attributes. It’s on the heavier side, making it suitable for Strength-focused character builds.

To effectively wear this armor, I recommend investing in Endurance attributes to carry its weight.

To obtain the Crucible Tree set, you’ll need to progress through the story by defeating Starscourge Radahn, which grants access to Nokron, Eternal City. From there, you’ll face the Gargoyles, leading to a coffin that teleports you to another location to fight the Crucible Knight Siluria.

Elden Ring Crucible Tree Set
Crucible Tree Set

After spawning in this location, use the site of grace and then descend below the ledge of the lake. There’s a lift across the lake that takes you to the boss arena. Defeating the boss doesn’t drop the Crucible Tree set, but you can find it in a chest near Crucible Knight Siluria.

If you’re fast enough, you can open the chest without engaging in the boss fight, making it an optional encounter. Otherwise, defeating the boss is necessary to obtain the complete Crucible Tree armor set.

  • High defense stats.
  • High resistance stats.
  • Good weight to poise ratio.
  • Best for Strength builds.
  • Innate buff for Crucible Incantations.
  • Heavy-weight.
  • Requires equipped load management.
  • A little difficult to attain.
Crucible Tree Set location
Crucible Tree Set location
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Crucible Tree Set Stats Box

Hoslow Set

Best Medieval Armor.

Why did I choose the Hoslow Set?

The Hoslow Set has high Robustness and Poise, making it difficult to get staggered and it gives a Medieval aesthetic look. It unlocks late in the game, but its defense stats are still worth it.

Elden Ring Hoslow Set

The Hoslow set is a striking mid-game armor that not only enhances your character’s defenses but also adds a regal medieval aesthetic with its gigantic metal helmet. The grey-colored metal armor pieces feature red decorative elements representing the Hoslow family.

To obtain the Hoslow set, you should first complete all the quests related to Juno Hoslow without progressing too far in the game to avoid spoilers.

Once these quests are completed, you’ll need to finish the final contract of the Hoslow questline, which takes place in the Mountaintops of the Giants. During this quest, you’ll have the option to invade Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood.

Choosing to invade Juno Hoslow will initiate a challenging battle in another world. Upon defeating the Hoslow Knight, you’ll receive the complete Hoslow armor set along with other valuable items.

It’s essential to complete his questline before engaging in this combat to fully immerse yourself in Elden Ring’s lore.

  • Good defense stats.
  • High Poise and Robustness.
  • Decent Magic Resistance.
  • Aesthetic Medieval Look.
  • Heavy-weight.
  • Difficult to equip load and maintain stamina.
Hoslow Set Location
Hoslow Set Location
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Hoslow’s Set Stas Box

Beast Champion Set

Best Armor For Poise And Robustness.

Why did I choose the Beast Champion Set?

Beast Champion Set gives the highest stats of Poise and Robustness, along with high damage negation at a cost of very high weight value.

The Beast Champion set is a heavyweight armor set that’s perfect for players who prioritize high stats over mobility in mid-game. While it significantly increases your weight load, it offers some of the most impressive stats in the game.

This armor set belongs to Knight Bernahl, a crucial NPC in the game, and can be obtained by following his questline, which becomes available after you join forces at the Volcano Manor.

I should let you know that while you have the option to kill Knight Bernahl earlier at the Warmaster’s Shack, it’s not recommended as it will impact the game’s storyline and cause you to miss out on quests later in the game. If you’re patient, you can acquire this armor set after the battle with Maliketh.

  • Exceptionally high defense stats.
  • Insane Robustness and Poise.
  • High magic resistance.
  • Very heavy weight.
  • Reduces mobility a lot.
  • Unlocks late in the story.
Elden Ring Beast Champion Set
Beast Champion Set
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Beast Champion Set Stat Box

Bull-Goat Set

Best Armor For Immunity.

Why did I choose the Bull-Goat Set?

The Bull-Goat Set offers the highest Immunity and Poise stats in addition to impressive damage negation.

The Bull-Goat set is renowned for its tanky appearance and outstanding stats, making it one of the best mid-game armor sets in Elden Ring. If you don’t mind completing various quests to obtain armor sets, this one is a must-have.

The set’s distinctive feature is the imposing bull-like horns, which not only add to its visual appeal but also enhance your character’s Poise and Robustness, preventing staggering from enemy attacks.

Elden Ring Bull-Goat Set
Bull-Goat Set

I might not disclose anything related to the quest. But there are a few things you need to know about acquiring the complete set of Bull-Goat armor. Firstly, you will have to complete the Patches questline. The Bull-Goat set is available to receive once Patches has reached the Volcano Manor.

Here, you must join the covenant so Patches can give you another quest for a boss fight. Only this way can you receive the Bull-Goat set. Going straight for the boss fight will lock your playthrough to receive the Bull-Goat set. 

  • Highest Immunity and Poise.
  • Overall, good defense stats.
  • Highest Light damage negation.
  • Most heavy-weight Armor.
  • Only available if you follow a specific questline.
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Bull-Goat’s Set Stat Box

Veteran’s Set

Best Overall Mid Game Heavy Armor.

Why did I choose Veteran’s Set?

Veteran’s Set gives immense stat improvements and looks over other armors with a little cost of extra weight in the heavy armor category.

Lastly, I have a Veteran’s set that shares a veteran warrior look because of all the texture and feather cape. The Veteran’s set is remarkable for its stats as it is beautiful for its looks. It also looks worn because of the historical background of the set.

But still, it grants stats that are straight off the charts. 

Elden Ring Veteran Set
Veteran Set

Veteran’s set will once again require players to get on top of the Mountaintops of the Giants. Gain access to the Grand Lift of Rold. From here, you might want to make your way through Zamor Ruins to Castle Sol Main Gate.

You will be fighting a boss, “Commander Niall,” on the rooftop. 

Veteran Set Location
Veteran Set Location

Once the boss is defeated, you will have to return to the Roundtable Hold and speak to the Enia Merchant to sell you the Veteran’s set. You will be able to purchase the full collection for 18,000 Runes at a fair price. 

  • One of the best damage negations against most attacks.
  • Second highest Robustness value.
  • Massive Poise stats.
  • Heavy-weight.
  • Very costly.
StatWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly

Veteran’s Set Stats Box

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Carian Knight’s Set: A little heavyweight. Land of Reeds is a better alternative with less weight.
  • Omen Set: Excellent stats but still very heavyweight and doesn’t look very good.
  • Royal Remains Set: Stats comparable to Land of Reeds but a little heavyweight.

My Recommendation For Best Mid-Game Armor

Every armor set comes with its history, characteristics, and character aspects to enhance your gameplay experience. I advise you to not stick to a single armor set because of the maximum level of defense.

I recommend you keep different sets to adapt to scenarios; sometimes, one armor is excellent for a boss while another one isn’t. Experimenting with different sets until you find the ideal one for your character is the key to success in Elden Ring. 

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