BEST Nature Type Temtems [Top 10]

Players can find the Top 10 best Nature-type Temtems by following this simple guide.


Pokemon served as an influence for the newly released massively online creature-collection game Temtem. The game is set in the fictional realm of Airborne Archipelago, which is populated by creatures known as Temtem. Engaging turn-based combat allows players to move through the game by entering the land of Temtem, fighting against dojos, and exploring mythical lairs. In this guide, we will tell you about the Best Nature Type Temtems.

Players may capture and use more than 100 distinct Temtem species, each with a unique set of elemental traits and skills. The Nature type, which gives players a foundation upon which to assemble their TemTem team, is one of the most adaptable Temtem. These are the best nature-type temtems. 

 Best Nature Type Temtems


Taifu-Nature Type Temtem


Taifu is the first best nature-type tem that resembles a light-green sprout, fitting its Nature kind. After 15 levels, Hidody transforms into it. Taifu’s base stats are a rather typical set. It still contributes significantly to any squad because of its strong SPATK numbers, even though they are nothing to write home about.

Taifu has the ability to acquire the Toxic Farewell trait, which causes the attacker to suffer the Poisoned Condition for three rounds and lose 10% of their maximum HP when the possessor is knocked unconscious. Taifu may be located in Deniz along the Prasine Coast with an 85% spawn rate or on the island of Omninesia in The Glassyway with a 25% spawn rate that is more uncommon.


Vulffy-Nature Type


Vulffy is a versatile tem than can fill both an offensive role and a more defensive one, whilst also being able to provide some utility. With access to powerful Earth and Nature attacks, multiple self-healing options, and incredible typing, Vulffy can be difficult to counter effectively.

For a tem with only 50 base HP, Vulffy has quite a bit of defensive value going for it. It has only one weakness, shared with Tyranak and the mono-neutrals and mono-winds. Team Elusive keeps it from being hit by many of the game’s most dangerous techniques, as well.

Offensively, Vulffy is a notorious trapper-killer, using Plague and Handcuffs to lock down a threat to be finished by it or its allies.

Dust Vortex and Sand Storm add a strong earth damage presence, with Bush as an escape mechanism that lets Vulffy dodge attacks. It’s possible to play a much tankier Vulffy that uses Lifeful Sap, but for starters let’s stick with offensive Vulffy.


Babawa-Nature Type


Babawa is a Nature and Water hybrid Tem. Babawa is the final stage of a two-stage evolutionary line, evolving from Bigu after it reaches level 18. Its appearance resembles a slug, with a leaf pattern running down its back. Babawa has extremely high base STA stats.

Babawa strikes an interesting balance between a hard hitter and useful support. It really can’t accomplish too much against Toxic types, but can take buffs and give healing as well as being a strong damage dealer.

Babawa’s bread and butter is Water-Cutting Lily, a strong turn 1 physical nature attack that utilizes Babawa’s high attack and stamina. The reduction is speed from the move’s nerf in Arbury doesn’t phase Babawa as much, who doesn’t mind Perfect Jab going before it does.

This set runs a lot of physical attack investment, so Aqua Stone is selected to deal with water damage. On bulkier sets, On bulkier sets, you may prefer Aquatic Whirlwind for the high damage and priority. Drool and Revitalize help Babawa support itself and its allies with a lot of healing.

Babawa is quite common and can be found in various locations. It can be caught at The Flywalk and The Hangroad on Omninesia island, as well as Meadowvale and Greenglen Forest on Arbury.


Kinu-Nature Type

Kinu is the face of supportive tems, having great healing, sleep, and ways to boost speed, defense, and special defense. While Protector, Stone Wall, Revitalize, and Sacrifice have all seen their power levels decrease, Kinu is still a great addition to almost any team.

This Kinu TV spread gives it decent bulk and enough speed to use Revitalize, Hypnosis, and Sacrifice before its ally takes a heavy hit, Protector helps out as well, and Beta Burst can handle melee and neutral tems at times.


Kinu has a lot of moves that can legitimately see play: Lifeful Sap, Resin Trap, Stone Wall, Turbo Choreography, and Lullaby. Adjust your Kinu’s bulk, damage, and speed to get the most out of those moves depending on your team’s needs.

Finding a Kinu can be pretty tricky as they are quite rare. If players are lucky, they can be found on Omninesia island at Giant Banyan. They have a 5% spawn rate.


Broccolem-Nature Type

Broccolem is a tanky tem with an interesting mix of offensive attacking types. It suffers from high stamina costs and relatively lower base powers on its moves, but it has good defensive typing with a high number of resistances and a trait that makes it difficult to overcome its defenses.

Plague, Soul Shout, and Resin Trap make up your offensive arsenal, here. Fake Beard offsets stamina costs, though Bait is a good option for opposing toxics. Bush can also help clear statuses and dodge slower attacks, though Broccolem won’t be getting ahead of too much even with priority.


Bark Shield can be selected instead to add physical defense to Broccolem and its allies, shutting some lineups down, but it can be slow and unwieldy to use.

Interestingly, despite being found in the wild at the Chieftain’s Burrow in Arbury, Broccolem cannot be tamed unless using a TemCardX. The alternative is by evolving a Broccorc.


Chimurian-Nature Type

Chimurian is an up-front crystal damage beast, with +1 Crystal Plume Gatling and great base stats defining it. It has a difficult fire weakness to navigate, but heavily rewards physical lineups that can protect it.

CPG and Frond Whip are the big attacks here, taking advantage of Bait’s Vigorized effect to punch holes into the enemy team. It’s difficult to resist by non-fires, comes out at a quick pace, and can put your opponent on the back foot.


Sharp Leaf is a weak-nature move that gives Chimurian an option on turn one, and Rush can help Chimurian get value if it finds itself cornered by Fiery Soul users. Sharpening can be a good option over either of the last two moves if you find that Chimurian gets more openings than you’re used to, but with fires and melees fairly common in the meta, it may not be very likely.

Chimchurian does not evolve from or into any other Temtem and can only be found on Arbury, in the Greenglen Forest.


Nidrasil-Nature Type

The removal of Depress from Nidrasil’s move pool makes it once again a poor matchup with its fellow toxic tems, but it still serves a unique role as a cleric due to its Tri-Apothecary trait. Nid can serve a variety of roles and do many unique things and is a good fit on slower-paced teams.

Toxic Ink and Spores are very common slots on Nidrasil, which prefers to deal damage through Poison ticks, and heal its allies with Regeneration ticks.

Spores can be a very efficient means of dealing true damage, invaluable late into games as stamina gets low. Nidrasil also learns and is a good user of Narcoleptic Hit, used to catch neutrals and melees for high damage that is difficult to swap in a resist to.


Energy Drink is run to stop this from sleeping Nid for the following turn. Bark Shield helps Nid contribute to long-term game plans along with the heal from Spores.

Allergic Spread is not mentioned here – it’s a high stamina cost move but offensively applies Tri-Apothecary to both targets, very useful for teams without many toxics or immunity generators (currently a little rare.) They cannot be found in the wild. The only way to obtain a Nidrasil is by evolving an Orphyll, found on Tucma in two locations: Xolot Reservoir and Corrupted Badlands.


Saku-Nature Type

Saku is a powerful wall with fantastic defensive typing, reliable healing, damage-over-time options, and surprisingly hard-hitting attacks. Saku has fantastic defensive stats as well as only two weaknesses in Fire and Toxic, the latter of which it can threaten back with strong Wind attacks amplified by its Air Specialist trait.

If Saku acquires some defensive boosts, it can be particularly difficult to knock out due to its reliable self-healing in Lifeful Sap. Running all of Saku’s tools for stall takes up several technique slots, however, meaning that if Saku is denied the chance to acquire defensive buffs.


Saku loves basically every wind ally in the game, so I’ve listed some other allies here. Hazrat likes Saku’s ability to wall winds and earth, as does Minothor, who can amp Saku with Purgation.

Saku has plenty of natural bulk that can be amped up by tems like Kinu and Pigepic, who can even get Saku a Turbo Choreography to help it get ahead of threats. Players can find Saku in two places on Omninesia: The Glassyway and The Canopath.


Cerneaf-Nature Type

Cerneaf is a famously stamina-hungry, extremely tanky nature tem who once dominated a meta as a lynchpin of “Salad Stall”. It’s much less popular with the advent of Fiery Soul and the emergence of special attacking fire tems, but it’s still a great check to physical attackers and very good at taking games long.


Water-Cutting Lily is Cerneaf’s most threatening attack, and this set only runs one attack. Sharp Leaf can be added for stamina efficiency, though Gaia is preferred here.

Frond Whip is a powerful secondary attack and can be slotted over Bush or Gaia as well. Revit, Bush, and Gaia all help Cerneaf maintain its health while it bulks up. Unfortunately, Cerneaf cannot be caught in the wild, so players can only obtain one by evolving a Deendre.


Loali-Nature Type

Loali is the last in our Best Nature Type tems and has a great defensive typing that only really struggles into fire tems, while it has an on-paper weakness to toxics, they do not like taking big damage from Loali’s wind techniques. Combined with Bait to stop Poison from hindering it, Loali is well-positioned in the post-0.9.4 meta.


Hypoxia and Resin Trap are heavy-hitting attacks, while Plague and Gust help Loali move with speed and provide utility. Turbo Choreography can be run in a supportive role over Gust if you want an extra turbo user, but Loali prefers being the synergy partner rather than the turbo clicker.

Golzy is a uniquely good partner for Loali, as it provides it with Gust Synergy while also gaining the ability to Hasty Lunge without expending its Adrenaline Shot. Sparks and Turbo users are great partners for Loali as well.

That’s it for this Best Nature Type Temtems guide. Temtem is available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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