Best Nintendo 64 Multiplayer Games [Top 8]

Take a look at some of the best N64 multiplayer games that are still played after 27 marvelous years.

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Top 8 Nintendo 64 Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games are meant to be played with your nearby friends and family so you can all have a good time. These games usually require a single console, like the Nintendo 64, that everyone shares.

As for the Nintendo 64, when playing the Multiplayer mode of any game, the TV screen splits into more than one halves depending on how many controllers are connected.

Multiplayer games are available in a vast variety on the classical Nintendo 64; the best racing games that became a success were released on N64.

Other than that, shooter games like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and fighting games like Mortal Kombat; have all been part of our lives and will be discussed today.

The rise of 3D multiplayer games started with The Classic Nintendo 64, which offered numerous games we enjoyed in the old days. Although the 1st edition of PlayStation gave tough competition to N64, it still made its name in the gaming industry.

Here, we will look at some of the classics N64 gave us, and you can still play them if you have kept your Nintendo 64. Some of these multiplayer games are still fan favorites mainly because you can play them with your friends and make memories.

To play the following games on your Nintendo 64, you must have the console and its game disk, which will be inserted in the allocated space. We will compare the games’ pros and cons individually to clarify why they are the top 8 games on Nintendo 64. Let’s look at these games now.

Best N64 Multiplayer Games

Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing menu on n64
Diddy Kong Racing – Nintendo 64
  • Release Dates: 21 Nov 1997 (JP/EU) / 14 Nov 1997 (NA)
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 / Nintendo DS | Developer: Rare | Genre: Racing

Diddy Kong Racing is the ultimate racing game with many modes. It was released around Christmas of 1997 and got the attention of everyone. The basics of the game are similar to any racing game. Multiple vehicles stand at a starting point and complete multiple laps; whoever completes faster than others win.

Diddy Kong Racing won Guinness World Record for the fastest-selling game before 1997. You can compete in the races with multiple vehicles, such as cars, airplanes, and airboats.

A maximum of four players can play the multiplayer mode of Diddy Kong Racing. Each player can choose a vehicle they will use in a race to compete with the other three competitors.


  • The game never runs choppy and works on constant FPS.
  • More than one vehicle to choose between.
  • Cheat Menu can help win races.


  • New players perform very bad on advanced races.
  • Fails to be better at being a challenging and competitive game.

Pokémon Stadium

Pokémon Stadium menu on n64
Pokémon Stadium – Nintendo 64
  • Release Dates: 30 April 1999 (JP) / 29 Feb 2000 (EU/NA
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 | Developer: HAL Laboratories / Nintendo | Genre: Role-playing Games

First ever Pokémon game that came out in 3D graphics. You must play this game with your friends and beat them using unique strategies. Pokémon Stadium lets you pick a Pokémon hero of your choice and use their attacks to win the battle inside the stadium.

To make the battles more interesting, you and your friends can have a knockout tournament, so anyone who loses must be kicked out of the bracket. Other than that, you can also play some mini games that it offers, such as the Snore War.

How the game works is that two Pokémons will spawn in the middle of a stadium, and they will attack each other one by one, and whoever is the stronger one will win.


  • Introduction of mini games in this game doubles the fun.
  • You can transfer Pokémons from Game Boy to Nintendo 64.


  • Slow and poor attack animations.

Super Smash Bros

super smash bros opening on n64
Super Smash Bros – Nintendo 64

Release Dates: 21 Jan 1999 (JP) / 19 Nov 1999 (EU) / 26 April 1999 (NA)

Platform: Nintendo 64 / Wii / iQue Player | Developer: HAL Laboratories | Genre: Fighting Games

A prevalent opinion in the video games community is that the Nintendo64 does not have enough fighting games to play. This might be right because the Nintendo controller is designed in a way that does not allow you to practice those long combos for a fight.

Super Smash Bros opposed that opinion and came out as a four-player-fighting game. This game is about more than just learning all the combos that you can perform with the controller.

As the name suggests, it’s all about smashing your opponent. So, the old fighting approach with punches and kicks will help you win. Talking about the gameplay, you can choose between 12 characters, eight are already unlocked, and the remaining four are to be opened.

You can choose to battle at nine different locations, so the game has already given you much freedom. As you must have noticed that many fights in fighting games let you battle more than once and also provide you with health bars, Super Smash Bros does not work like that.

You will be shown the percentage of damages you and your opponent cause each other; the more damage one takes, the higher the chance of them getting smashed out of the battle area. You can play this game with your friends in the 2v2 mode, which brings more fun to the fight.

No matter how good or bad any game is, it always has some pros and some cons. Let’s see those about Super Smash Bros.


  • Game stays smooth even when four players are causing chaos on screen.
  • Every character has its own set of fighting moves.


  • Graphics in 3D but fighting in 2D.

WWF WrestleMania 2000

WWF WrestleMania 2000 starting on n64
WWF WrestleMania 2000 – Nintendo 64
  • Release Dates: 15 Sep 1999 (JP) / 12 Oct 1999 (EU) / 15 Nov 1999 (NA)
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 / Game Boy | Developer: Natsume / syn Sophia | Genre: Sports Video Game

Everyone in their childhood loved watching their favorite wrestlers fight and wanted to be them one day. WWF WrestleMania 2000 fulfilled their dream as we role-played as the wrestlers we loved in the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania.

WWF WrestleMania 2000 includes The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, and many more superstars.

This n64 release does not restrict itself to only the WrestleMania main event and allows you to play other modes such as Royale Rumble and King of the Ring. If you have your friends over to your house, you can play the tag team mode, where two players in a team wrestle with two players in the opponent team.

Moreover, you can also compete in a cage match where your objective is to escape the cage by climbing it. Whoever gets to do it first will win the game. You can see the wrestler’s Ability meter under them; once the bar completes, you can hit your signature move and finish your opponent.


  • Shows a replay of your signature move after you hit it.
  • Better visuals and Graphics than its previous release, Revenge.


  • Repetitive crowd music during wrestling matches. 
  • Crowd looks very unreal from their movement.

Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2 menu on n64
Mario Party 2 – Nintendo 64
  • Release Dates: 17 Dec 1999 (JP) / 13 Oct 2000 (EU) / 24 Jan 2000 (NA)
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 / Nintendo Switch / Wii | Developer: Hudson Soft | Genre: Racing Games

Mario games left a significant impression on us when they came out because of being so excellent and user-friendly. At the release of first version of Mario Party, no one believed it to be a success, but it was surprisingly so good that everyone loved it.

Mario Party 2 was the successor of Mario Party 1, removing all the issues the first version had. The game includes a series of board games that up to four players can play. The computer will fill the positions if less than four people are available.

The game is just like an ordinary board game where you will roll a die, and Mario or any other chosen character will move according to the number on the dice. The main objective of Mario Party 2 is to reach the star that lies on the board. Furthermore, to get the star, you will pay 20 coins.

Mario Party 2 includes 64 mini games that can be played with friends and family. Out of all these, 40 were newly introduced, and the rest were the top selections from the previous Mario Party game.


  • Easy to play for people of all age groups.
  • Does not include many complex game mechanics, which are annoying.
  • So many mini games, so you will never get bored.


  • Very less enjoyable as a single player.

Mortal Kombat 4

Mortal Kombat 4 menu on n64
Mortal Kombat 4 – Nintendo 64
  • Release Dates: Oct 1997 (EU) / Sept 1997 (NA)
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 / Gameboy / PS / MS Windows | Developer: Midway Games / Eurocom / Digital Eclipse / Backbone Entertainment | Genre: Fighting Games

With Mortal Kombat 4 released, players could witness the characters in 3D for the first time and also fight in 3D as well. As the developers welcomed 3D graphics, we could have exciting fights with each character’s new moves.

There are 15 characters, including the fan-favorite characters Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya, and others. The game works in a casual 1v1 fighting mode where you can duel with your friend.

Other than that, as every Mortal Kombat fan should know, at the end of every fight, when the health bar of one character is close to zero, the other player can hit a special move to end them. It is called “Fatality.”

For the players who have forgotten the character moves and want to know them, you can head on to the practice option in the menu, where you will be shown a list of actions and Fatalities of every in-game character.


  • High-speed fights at a very high framerate for n64.
  • Amazing Sound effects overall, especially when hitting the Signature Move.


  • Nintendo Graphics are not as good as the Arcade ones.
  • Alternative controllers are better than Nintendo64 controllers for Mortal Kombat.

Perfect Dark

perfect dark starting credits on n64
Perfect Dark – Nintendo 64
  • Release Dates: 30 June 2000 (EU) / 22 May 2000 (NA)
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 / MS Windows | Developer: Rare / Nintendo / The Initiative / Crystal Dynamics / Ultimate Play the Game | Genre: First-Person Shooter Games

The award-winning game Perfect Dark always satisfied us with its storyline and gameplay. Everyone is a fan of James Bond movies; that is why they love the game Perfect Dark. It introduces a female lead character Joanna Dark, and we play with her POV the whole time.

Everyone loved the 1997 release of Goldeneye, but Perfect Dark has always won the debate of being a better game than it. This has been said because Perfect Dark runs on an improved version of Goldeneye’s engine and has improved fps and more options available in-game.

The first-person shooter game is an all-in-one package; you can use pistols, rifles, and even snipers when you take out a target in stealth mode. Moreover, the multiplayer mode of Perfect Dark involves four players, and the remaining player spaces are filled by computer bots.

You can play on a split-screen against your friends in the Multiplayer mode. You can battle them in different arenas that are available to you in menu. Furthermore, Custom settings can also be set where the player with the most kills will win.


  • Interesting storyline involving future tech and aliens.
  • Better cinematic experience than Goldeneye.


  • Fps gets choppy in Multiplayer mode caused by explosions.
  • Gun reloading takes time, so it can get you killed.

Mario Kart 64

mario kart 64 opening on n64
Mario Kart 64 – Nintendo 64
  • Release Dates: 14 Dec 1996 (JP) / 14 June 1997 (EU) / 10 Feb 1997 (NA)
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 / Nintendo Switch / Wii / iQue Player | Developer: Nintendo / Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development | Genre: Kart Racing Games

The best racing game that was ever released. Mario Kart 64 has everything; you can enjoy it with your friends or even when you play solo. The game mechanics and speed are too advanced for the time it was released.

In Mario Kart 64, you race in eight different arenas, where each arena has attributes like top acceleration, power, and even shortcuts that will help you win the races you never thought you could.

To this day, after 27 significant years of its release, the records set are being broken, and new ones are more spectacular, which is a fantastic thing. The game works on a split-screen when four controllers are connected to a single Nintendo, and all your friends can race each other and have fun.

The feature that distinguishes Mario Kart 64 from other racing games is the variety it has. The game has 16 courses, all of which differ from the ones in Super Mario Kart. Moreover, each course has shortcuts that we discover and obstacles to avoid.

Like the variation in courses, the Nintendo characters also have their attributes, so always choose your character wisely and according to the map in which the race is being held.


  • Advanced driving and collision mechanics making it look more realistic.
  • Strong Graphics and smooth fps give a lot to this game.
  • High repay value of multiplayer mode, so it made this game a huge success.


  • Single-player mode is too easy to complete, so players avoid it.

Ending Notes

With that we conclude our guide on the best multiplayer games Nintendo 64 gave us. We hope that you had a good time playing them with your friends in your childhood and even now. These are some of the master pieces in video games community that still have a big fan base.

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