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Best Of Xbox Game Pass A-Z: A Is For A Way Out

With hundreds of incredible games available to download and play, Xbox Game Pass is easily the best value game streaming service available. But with so many games on offer, how do you decide which one to go for? Never fear! I will act as your guide to Game Pass, with this handy series determining the best game for each letter.

And so, with that in mind, let’s dive into the first letter of the alphabet… A! There are an impressive 17 titles available on Game Pass that begin with A, and so choosing the best one is no easy feat. There are several contenders for the top spot, with some well-known titles in there such as Age Of Empires, Anthem, and Ark: Survival Evolved. Among Us was also recently added to Game Pass, and although I love playing it, I much prefer it as a simple mobile game, and don’t really consider it in the same league as most of the other games on this list. However, despite the more popular games available, my two top choices are both a little more under the radar.

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Astroneer didn’t receive much critical acclaim, and although nobody seemed to hate it, very few seemed to love it either. Nevertheless, I must admit that I have a soft spot for indie sandbox games like Astroneer, and so I wanted to give it a mention in this article. It has cute, neon-pastel coloured graphics, and the gameplay is fun and creative. Adorable and charming as it is, though, it does not quite deserve the honour of being the best Game Pass game beginning with A, that accolade goes to something else.

A Way Out is a gritty co-op game that sees you trapped in a prison with no means of escape… Or so the guards want you to think. The game features two main characters, Vincent and Leo, both with dark backstories and very different personalities. However, if they ever want to see the outside world again then they’ll have to work together. A Way Out doesn’t have a single player mode, and so you’ll need another person to play with, but the experience is definitely worth it.

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Both players choose either Vincent or Leo to play as, and you stick with that character throughout the game. As the story progresses, we learn more about each character’s backstory, and their personalities make a lot more sense. The game features many cut-scenes, and is split into several short missions. It’s a combination of puzzles, action, and adventure, and whilst it doesn’t require too much inherent gaming skill, it’s still challenging and requires gamers to be open and versatile. You’ll need to communicate well with your partner in order to succeed, and so above all, A Way Out requires good teamwork.

Fortunately, A Way Out utilises a feature called the ‘Friend Pass’, which means that as long as one of you owns the game, then the other can still play it from their console. You can also play couch co-op if you don’t want to do the online multiplayer, and so regardless of who your player 2 is, you have the option to play this game with them.

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A Way Out has a very unique concept, and the game mechanics for it work brilliantly. It’s touching to see Vincent and Leo grow closer together as they both start to understand one another, and overall it’s a very moving game, as well as being fun to play. I won’t give any spoilers, but the ending is very emotional, and is very powerful to watch.

Xbox Game Pass has many fantastic games in its library, and so choosing the best one for each letter is going to be tough. However to kick off this A-Z, I can safely say that A is for A Way Out. You can get Game Pass here & here.

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