Best Place to Level In Warframe [2023]

If you are looking to farm sweet Affinity to mod in-game, here is a guide for the best place to level In Warframe fast and smoothly.

best place to level warframe
Best Places to Level Up In Warframe

Warframe is one of the super-grindy games out there that focuses on the mechanics of fast-paced and rewards-based gameplay. The game is famous for its leveling system that enables players to mod their items and advance in the game. Advancing or leveling up the weapons aids the players during missions and critical matches. With the lean MMO style theme and over 800 items to level, players also tend to keep track of different ways or the best place to level Warframe.

Key Takeaways

  • The leveling system of Warframe involves an experiences system points known as Affinity.
  • Affinity is crucial to level up in the warframe and gain mastery rank, which is an affinity counter that determines how much content players have experienced by leveling up their weapons, Archwings, companions, and Warframes.
  • Affinity is rewarded to players for killing enemies through Warframe ability or using a weapon, and the affinity is split between the Warframe and the weapon used.
  • The best places to farm Affinity in Warframe are Sedna’s Hydron, Saturn’s Helene, Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, Salacia, Veil Proxima, Orphix Venom, and Orb Vallis.
  • Railjack missions reward players with Intrinsics, which can be used to level up items like Companions and Amps.Affinity earned in the Railjack is shared across the Warframe.
  • To farm Affinity quickly in Warframe, players need a good team, and it is important to note that the Affinity earned from the Warframe abilities will split into the Warframe items.
  • Players should remain patient while farming as interest in locations can fade with time.When levelling up with a squad, it is important to equip at least one weapon or Warframe to support the team.
  • Players should not go AFK and should equip weapons and Warframes to maximize Affinity gain.Players can find ideal teammates using the in-game chat and should always be polite and support them.
  • Reaching max level for all in-game items is important for slotting more mods to make items stronger and more efficient for gameplay.

Moreover, finding the best place to level Warframe and farm XP can be really cumbersome. But not anymore, as this guide entails all the details you need to know about Warframe Leveling. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Leveling up your items in the Warframe is no easy task. Be it the guns, pets, swords, amps, or Necramechs, players can level up all kinds of items to gain an edge in the gameplay. But first, it is highly important to understand how the leveling system works in a game like Warframe.

Leveling System of Warframe

Warframe involves an experiences system points known as Affinity. In other words, these are the XP that is rewarded after the mission. However, many beginner players confuse this aspect of the experience system in Warframe. But it is important to note that the XP you earn after each mission is Affinity for each weapon and companion.

Moreover, Affinity is crucial to level up in the warframe. Gaining affinity is essential to the success in the missions as well as Mastery Rank in the Warframe. If you are unaware of the Mastery Rank, it is the affinity counter that determines how much content players have experienced by leveling up their weapons, Archwings, companions, and Warframes. Players can obtain mastery rank by leveling all kinds of items from level 0 to 30.

Now that you are aware of what Mastery rank is, let’s discuss how Affinity is rewarded to players. Every player will receive Affinity for the currently equipped Warframe or weapons. For instance, killing the enemy through Warframe ability will reward the players 100% of the Affinity. On the other side, if a player kills an enemy using a weapon, the Affinity will be split 50% to the Warframe and 50% to that particular weapon registering the kill.

It is worth noting that the total split percentage for the Affinity is 75%, but that will change for the number of weapons a player has. Moreover, the game will also reward the Affinity to other players. This XP is known as Ally Affinity. Although, these affinity splits are a bit tricky.

As said above, players can earn Affinity when another player or an ally kills an enemy. However, there is a catch to it. In order to gain Affinity from another player’s kills, they must be within the 50 meters range of you. Not just you, but the ally killing the enemy will also receive full Affinity. This means you no longer need to worry about higher-level players getting all the sweet Affinity. On the other side, you can ask your squad to do the favor to grind with you so you can level up quickly in the Warframe.

Best Place to Level in Warframe

Now that you are aware of the leveling system of the Warframe, you can easily dive into the top places where you can farm XP in Warframe.

Sedna’s Hydron and Saturn’s Helene

If there are the best places where you can obtain a good amount of Affinity, then that would be Helene Saturns and Hydron Sedna. The main reason behind it is that both locations involve the best missions and farming experience for players to level quickly. Surprisingly most Warframes can easily cover these missions. The tiny map coupled with a high volume of enemies creates an ideal map for the players to level up in the Warframe.

There is only one downside with Helene, which is the low-level Grineer. Apart from that, the high density and close-range enemies make the killing spree a lot easier for the players. Both maps are leveling defense but the only difference that makes both unique is that Hydron is level 30-40. Meanwhile, Helene Saturn is level 21-26. All you need is a good team and you will be good to earn some Affinity for level up.

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

Another high-Affinity map is the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Just like Sedna’s Hydron, Elite Sanctuary Onslaught also offers high-level enemies with small maps dropping Affinity opportunities for the players. However, this place might not be good enough for a solo killing spree using Warframe abilities. The main reason behind it is that the Affinity earned from the Warframe abilities will split into the Warframe items.

Fortunately, there is a solution to level up quickly on the map. All you need is a good team that can do all the killing so that you can earn the Affinity for your weapons. Players below rank 30 can consider Normal Sanctuary Onslaught.


Not just the weapons, but players also seek Archwing farming techniques and places in the Warframe. For that instance, Salacia location in Warframe ranks on top of the list. You will hear Interception being the best mode for Affinity for Archwing. But that does not mean there are no other maps that reward Affinity, especially for Archwings.

Salacia is an ideal location where players can farm their Archwings. Here you can play Mobile Defence missions to easily level up through the high amount of Affinity. Moreover, the Steel Path on Salacia also offers a similar challenge to the players but the enemies on this location are higher level.

Railjack and Veil Proxima

Veil Proxima is also known for the smooth farming location for the players in Warframe. Doing the Railjack missions will reward the player’s Intrinsics which work with similar mechanics like Affinity. Doing a variety of tasks like fixing the ship, completing missions, or killing boarders will reward Intrinsics.

Earning Intrinsics is the best approach to level up items like Companions and Amps. Moreover, the game mechanics counts your Railjack as a separate player. This means all of the Affinity earned in your Railjack will be shared across your Warframe.

Even more exciting is that players will be piloting the Railjack as Operator while collecting all Affinity for leveling up quickly. Players must be at least level 7 Intrinsic to Railjack at the Veil Proxima. Otherwise, you can ask someone to taxi you to the Veil Proxima just to farm for the Affinity.

Orphix Venom and Orb Vallis

While farming for Archwings and weapons, players are also wondering how to level up the Necramechs. Most of the Necramech missions are in the open world making it really difficult for all kinds of players. However, one particular location known as Orphix Venom was found out to be perfect to grind for Necramechs.

You can also pay a visit to the Orb Vallis and make some trouble just to earn the Affinity for your Necramechs. If you are looking for the hot spots then the Temple of Profit and Enrichment Labs will be the best locations to farm. Playing the Isolation Vaults or the Endless Excavation missions can also pay out a good amount of Affinity. But the key is to remain patient as the interest in these locations can fade with time and will cause frustration.

Things to Note While Leveling Up In Warframe

Apart from the farming on the best place to level Warframe, you might also want to consider some things to ensure smooth ranking and leveling. Since leveling up with the help of a squad might be the most considerable option to players, it is highly advised to hop in the battle with at least one weapon or Warframe. This way you can support your team around difficult enemies.

Never go AFK as it is never going to pay you the Affinity, especially in the enemy-dense locations. So make sure to equip the weapons and Warframes to maximize the Affinity gain in the match.

You can find the ideal team by using the in-game chat to recruit the squad for your leveling mission. But remember, always be polite to the teammates and support them to funnel that sweet Affinity.

Final Words

Reaching max level for all in-game items is important to slot more mods to these items. Modifications make the items stronger and more efficient for the overall gameplay. At the start, leveling up through specific locations might seem daunting with complexity that requires strategy in each match. But playing among highly engaged players will help you to get good at Warframe and level faster.

Be sure to do your part and mix up the farming locations that work out for your Warframe and level. Well, that is about it for the best place to level Warframe. What do you think of these Affinity farming locations? What has been your fast and effective approach to leveling the Warframe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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