Fallout 4: Best Power Armors [My Best Picks]

I have more than 100 hours in Fallout 4 and here is the best Power armor in Fallout 4 along with the legendary armor pieces that enhances the chances of survival for Sole Survivor.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Best Power Armor Fallout 4

Power armors are one of the heaviest items in Fallout 4. On the other side, it is also the rarest one that requires some painful struggle to acquire. Power armors have been the branding mascot for the Fallout 4 game and surprisingly players can get one earlier in the game. Unlike previous entries in the series, Power armors will only be unlocked at the end of the storyline.

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However, Bethesda has changed things a bit and now allows players to get the Power armor easily. However, the Power armor players acquire at the start is one of the earlier variants and might not be ideal for the upcoming challenges in the game. For that instance, players branch out to other types of best Power armors in Fallout 4 that suits their character needs and playstyle. If you are also one of those players with interests in prime Power armor sets, then do not worry. 

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Best Fallout 4 Power Armors Comparison

Here is a comparison table for the Best Power Armors in Fallout 4. Some of the stats here can be sorted to the highest and lowest value:

No.NameDamage ResistanceEnergy ResistanceRadiation ResistanceItem HPWeightValueRepairVariantsEffectsQuests
1Raiders Power Armor5002501050350102.0450Steelx20Tessa's Fist
Overboss power armor
2T-45 Power Armor500310105045092.0600Steel x27
Circuitry x1 (torso only)
Piezonucleic power armor--
3T-51 Power Armor740490105072092.0780Steel x33
Aluminum x1 (torso only)
Circuitry x1 (torso only)
Nuka T-51 power armor
Piezonucleic power armor
4T-60 Power Armor980645105099092.04200----
5Vengeance T-60 Right Leg192147150155181500-T-60 power armorReflects 10% of melee damage back on the attacker.-
6Honor T-60 Left Leg192147150155181500--Bonus to Action Point refresh speed-
7Visionary T-60 Helmet---140 (model C)15 (model C)150 (Sentinel)
138 (Paladin)
138 (Knight)
-T-60 power armor helmet-A Loose End
8Tessa Fist Raider Power Armor Right Arm50.0--20017.693Steel---
9Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest Piece50.0--(Varies depending on which power armor variant and model it is based on)24963T-45
Steel x7
Steel x8
-Radiation exposure increases Action Point refresh speed.Cambridge Polymer Labs

Fallout 4 Best Power Armors

Fallout 4 Best Power Armors
Fallout 4 Power Armors

Before I start the guide, players must know a few things. Power armors are modifiable armor sets scattered around the Commonwealth. You’ll access your first Power Armor during the initial quest, but they require upgrades to reach their full potential.

Legendary armor pieces can be found and equipped in the base Power Armor frame, granting Damage Resistance and character perks. As you level up, more Power Armor sets appear on the map. Collect and mix parts with your frame.

Power armors need fusion cores as fuel, enabling actions like walking, running, using V.A.T.S., and using scoped weapons. These actions drain fusion cores faster than walking. Now, let’s explore the top Power Armor sets and their locations.

Raiders Power Armor

Most Accessible Power Armor.
Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Raider Power Armor
Damage Resistance500
Energy Resistance250
Radiation Resistance1050
Item HP350
VariantsTessa's Fist
Overboss power armor

Why Did I Choose Raider Power Armor?

The Raider Power Armor can be scaled according to your character level, and it deals a respectable amount of resistance against damage and energy-based attacks.

The Raiders Power Armor is the most accessible variant in Fallout 4, and it appears in the game based on your character’s level. While it may not look appealing, it provides a solid amount of Damage and Energy Resistance, making it one of the best Power Armors in the game.

A full set of Raiders Power Armor grants a Damage Resistance of 500 and Energy Resistance of 250, surpassing other non-Power Armors. It’s an excellent choice for beginner players, offering high protection and an affordable upgrade path.

To acquire it, visit the cave near Skylanes Flight 1665, but be cautious of dangerous enemies. Inside the cave, you’ll find a full set of Raider Power Armor. The availability of the set may vary with your level; some players may find only parts of it or just the torso. If needed, you can pickpocket fusion cores from Raiders wearing this Power Armor, forcing them to exit it and allowing you to claim it for yourself.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
The cave above Skylanes Flight 1655

  • Considered the most accessible power armor.
  • Provides high Damage and Energy Resistance.
  • Best for beginner players.

  • Doesn’t look very appealing.

T-45 Power Armor

Best for Combat Effectiveness.
Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-45 Power Armor
Damage Resistance500
Energy Resistance310
Radiation Resistance1050
Item HP450
RepairSteel x27
Circuitry x1 (torso only)
VariantsPiezonucleic power armor
Form ID0017FB09 (furniture)

Why Did I Choose T-45 Power Armor?

The T-45 Power Armor is one of the best sets in Fallout 4, and it is known for its usability and utility in combat.

The T-45 Power Armor is another exceptional set in Fallout 4, offering even greater damage protection and combat effectiveness. This variant is significant in the game’s lore, originally designed for battle and a prominent part of the Fallout series.

To obtain the T-45 Power Armor, you can defeat the Gunner Commander who randomly spawns at Hub City Auto Wreckers and follow a similar process as with the Raiders Power Armor. Alternatively, you can scavenge it near Pickman’s Gallery. Look for containers and military ruins across the river from the Gallery. You’ll find a T-45 Power Armor enclosed in a cage. Hack the terminal, requiring the Hacker perk, to acquire the T-45 Power Armor.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-45 Power Armor Location

  • Offers greater protection and combat effectiveness.
  • Specially designed for battle.
  • Considered a prominent part of the game.

  • Can be slightly difficult to obtain.

T-51 Power Armor

Best Damage Protection.
Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-51 Power Armor
Damage Resistance740
Energy Resistance490
Radiation Resistance1050
Item HP720
RepairSteel x33
Aluminum x1 (torso only)
Circuitry x1 (torso only)
VariantsNuka T-51 power armor
Piezonucleic power armor
Form ID00108EA0 (furniture)

Why Did I Choose T-51 Power Armor?

The T-51 Power Armor has a striking appearance and deals a high amount of damage to your enemies.

The T-51 Power Armor stands out in Fallout 4 for its unique appearance and superior damage protection. With roots tracing back to Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, it remains a highly regarded and powerful choice in the game.

What sets this Power Armor apart is its ability to be upgraded into over six variants in Fallout 4. This allows players to enhance its capabilities by investing resources scavenged from the Wasteland.

Acquiring the T-51 Power Armor is a bit more challenging than previous sets. To increase its spawn rate, players must reach at least Level 15. Surprisingly, you’ll find the T-51 in the same location as the T-45 Power Armor, but its appearance is influenced by your character’s level. If it doesn’t spawn initially, you can return later. Alternatively, you can purchase pieces from Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage.

  • Has superior damage protection.
  • Can be upgraded to over six variants.
  • Considered a powerful choice in the game.

  • Obtaining it can be quite challenging.

T-60 Power Armor

Best for Higher-Level Players.
Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-60 Power Armor
Damage Resistance980
Energy Resistance645
Radiation Resistance1050
Item HP990
Form ID0017FB0A

Why Did I Choose T-60 Power Armor?

The T-60 Power Armor is highly suitable for more experienced and advanced players, who know how to obtain and use it effectively.

The T-60 Power Armor is a sought-after choice for higher-level players in Fallout 4, known for its robust damage protection and imposing presence. This armor represents the military aspect of the game and showcases advanced technology surviving the post-apocalyptic world of Boston.

To acquire the T-60 Power Armor, you must join the Brotherhood of Steel. The initial variant is the Brotherhood of Steel issue of Power Armor, and it’s not available earlier in the game. Joining the Brotherhood requires you to visit the Prydwen, the group’s flagship. This questline becomes accessible after completing Conrad Kellogg’s quest.

Once aboard the Prydwen, you’ll have the opportunity to join the Brotherhood of Steel, and they’ll reward you with a full set of T-60 Power Armor. If your dialogue choices don’t lead to acquiring the armor, you can opt for a more direct approach by eliminating a Brotherhood of Steel member wearing the T-60 Power Armor.

To do this, follow the Vertibird flagships, where members wearing T-60 Power Armor often engage enemies on the ground. You’ll need the Sneak and Pickpocket perks to steal their fusion cores, forcing them out of the suit. From there, you can eliminate or distract them and claim the T-60 Power Armor for yourself.

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor
Brotherhood of Steel Flagship

  • Robust damage protection.
  • Best for higher-level players.
  • Consists of advanced technology.

  • Its getting requirements are pretty extensive.

X-01 Power Armor

Best Damage Protection.
Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor
X-01 Power Armor
NameDamage ResistanceHit PointsWeightValueRepairUpgrade componentsCollapse Form ID
X-01 helm220140150140121402x Aluminum
1x Copper
7x Steel
N/A00154AC5 (armor)
X-01 torso320210300560202806x Aluminum
2x Circuitry
10x Steel
N/A00154AC8 (armor)
X-01 left arm170110150140152002x Aluminum
1x Copper
7x Steel
N/A00154AC3 (armor)
X-01 right arm170110150140152002x Aluminum
1x Copper
7x Steel
N/A00154AC4 (armor)
X-01 left leg170110150140152002x Aluminum
1x Copper
7x Steel
N/A00154AC6 (armor)
X-01 right leg170110150140152002x Aluminum
1x Copper
7x Steel
N/A00154AC7 (armor)

Why Did I Choose X-01 Power Armor?

The X-01 Power Armor is regarded for its damage protection, and also looks astoundingly great with different character builds.

The X-01 Power Armor is the pinnacle of protection in Fallout 4, making it the best choice for players who want to minimize damage. It not only excels in damage protection but also stands out aesthetically. This Power Armor is the ultimate entry in Fallout 4, offering exceptional protection and versatility.

While the X-01 Power Armor surpasses other types in the game, it comes with a downside – high repair costs. Despite its superior damage protection, it still requires periodic repairs, consuming a significant amount of crafting resources.

To locate the X-01 Power Armor, you must meet specific requirements. Your character must be at least level 30 to allow the game to spawn this set. Head to 35 Court, situated to the right of Goodneighbor on the minimap. Be prepared for high-level enemies, as the area is populated by Assaultrons and Sentry Bots. It’s advisable to carry suitable weapons for your survival.

Upon reaching 35 Court, take the elevator to the top of the building. It’s a good idea to save your game to avoid repeating the process and losing any loot. Inside, you’ll find the X-01 Power Armor enclosed in a cage, which can be opened using the red button on the right side. If the Power Armor doesn’t spawn at this location, don’t worry; you can return later. This is the primary spawning location for the X-01 Power Armor.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Location of X-01 Power Armor

  • Highest damage protection.
  • Also has wonderful aesthetics.
  • Best attributes among Power Armors.

  • Has high repair costs.

Fallout 4 Best Power Armor Legendary Pieces

Apart from the best vanilla version of Power armors in the game, you can also acquire the unique and legendary armor sets and pieces that are scattered around the map. These sets are also part of the DLC content for Fallout 4, so you may want to install them before going into the Wasteland. The best thing about these legendary pieces is the unique outlook and the legendary effects that will contribute to the character build in the game. With that said, let’s discuss some unique Power Armor variants and pieces that you can find in Fallout 4.

Exemplar’s T-60C Torso

Reduced V.A.T.S. Action Points.
Fallout 4 Exemplar's T-60C Torso
Exemplar’s T-60C Torso
NameDamage ResistanceHit PointsWeightValueRepairUpgrade ComponentsPerk RequirementCollapse Form ID
T-60 torso28018530044020.075010x Steel
3x Plastic
3x Aluminum
1x Circuitry
5x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
3x Ceramic
2x Circuitry
2x Nuclear material
1x Rubber

Why Did I Choose Exemplar’s T-60C Torso?

Exemplar’s T-60C Torso is a highly unique and powerful power armor piece that you can equip with any T-60 variant.

Exemplar’s T-60 Torso is a unique piece for T-60 Power Armor in Fallout 4. It can be worn alongside any variant of T-60 armor.

This piece offers a legendary effect, reducing V.A.T.S Action Point cost by 10% when combined with other T-60 Power Armor components. It also adds two points to both Damage and Energy Resistance, totaling 982 and 647, respectively.

To get the Exemplar’s T-60 Torso, you’ll need Charisma 10 to convince Clarke from the Brotherhood of Steel to surrender. Save before speaking to Clarke to choose the right dialogue option, as it may take a few tries depending on your character build.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Convincing Clarke to Turn himself in

After speaking to him, you will have to speak to Lancer Captain Kells who will respond to Clarke’s dilemma. Later on, he will reward us with the Exemplar’s T-60C Torso.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Reward from Lancer Captain Kells

  • Can be used with any variant of T-60.
  • Reduces V.A.T.S. Action Points by 10%.
  • Increases Energy and Damage Resistance by 2 points.

  • May take a few tries for you to obtain.

Vengeance T-60 Right Leg

Best Melee Damage.
Fallout 4 Vengeance T-60 Right Leg
Vengeance T-60 Right Leg
Damage Resistance192
Energy Resistance147
Radiation Resistance150
Item HP155
EffectsReflects 10% of melee damage back on the attacker.
VariantsT-60 power armor
Form ID00226710

Why Did I Choose Vengeance T-60 Right Leg?

The Vengeance T-60 Right Leg is a solid piece of Power Armor perfect for fans of melee combat.

Vengeance T-60 Right leg is another high-class piece that will make T-60 one of the best Power armor in Fallout 4. This part alone grants the Damage Resistance of 192 and Energy Resistance of 147. Not just that but it also offers sweet legendary effects that give back 10% melee damage to enemies whenever they register a melee attack on your character.

To get this legendary piece, you have to visit the Prydwen and purchase it from Proctor Teagan. However, it requires a small requirement of becoming the Sentinal at the Brotherhood of Steel. Combine it with your base T-60 variant and you can now enjoy this unique Power armor piece with an effective legendary effect.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Vengeance Piece at Vendor Proctor Teagan

  • Returns 10% melee damage to enemies.
  • Has high Energy and Damage Resistance.
  • Can be combined with base T-60 variant.

  • You will need to become Sentinel of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Honor T-60 Left Leg

Best Action Point Refresh Speed.
Damage Resistance192
Energy Resistance147
Radiation Resistance150
Item HP155
EffectsBonus to Action Point refresh speed
Form ID0022670E

Why Did I Choose Honor T-60 Left Leg?

The Honor T-60 Left Leg is your armor piece of choice if you utilize the V.A.T.S. to deal high damage on your enemies.

If you are one of those players who just smash the V.A.T.S on the enemies and utilize the Action Points, then this piece is an important add-on for your T-60 Power armor. Honor T-60 Left leg is another purchasable legendary Power armor piece that offers similar Damage resistances of Vengeance but different legendary effects.

Fallout 4 Honor T-60 Left Leg
Honor T-60 Left Leg

Wearing this Power armor component, your character will be able to receive a bonus refresh speed point to the Action Points. Now players will not have to worry about running out of Action points from time to time. You can also get this legendary Power armor piece from the Proctor Teagan from the Prydwen after getting promoted to Sentinel.

  • Gives a bonus refresh speed point.
  • Allows you to have a sufficient amount of Action points.
  • Offers impressive damage resistance.

  • Can only be obtained after getting promoted to Sentinel.

Visionary T-60 Helmet

Higher Defense Ratings.
Fallout 4 Visionary T-60C Helmet
Visionary T-60C Helmet
Item HP140 (model C)
Weight15 (model C)
Value150 (Sentinel)
138 (Paladin)
138 (Knight)
VariantsT-60 power armor helmet
QuestsA Loose End
Form ID00226700 (Sentinel)
00226702 (Paladin)
00226704 (Knight)

Why Did I Choose Visionary T-60C Helmet?

The Visionary T-60C Helmet is highly unique and offers impeccable defense, along with a higher Action Points refresh speed.

Visionary is a unique helmet for T-60 Power Armor in Fallout 4, providing an increased Action Points refresh speed, similar to the legendary effect of Honor T-60 left leg. However, it offers higher defense ratings than the standard T-60 helmet.

This helmet is exclusive to the Brotherhood of Steel faction, but getting it is worthwhile. Complete the quest “A Loose End” by speaking to Kells on the Prydwen, and he will assign the quest.

  • Higher Action Points refresh speed.
  • Higher defense ratings.
  • Comes with respectable values.

  • Only exclusive to the Brotherhood of Steel faction.

Tessa Fist Raider Power Armor Right Arm

Highest Durability.
Tessa's Fist of Raider Power Armor
Tessa’s Fist of Raider Power Armor
Damage Resistance50.0
Item HP200
Effects4x durability
Form ID00248487

Why Did I Choose Tessa Fist Raider Power Armor Right Arm?

The Tessa Fist Raider Power Armor Right Arm comes with higher durability and double the strength, also dealing impressive unarmed damage.

Tessa Fist is the right arm piece for Raider Power Armor in Fallout 4. It doubles the strength of your Raider Power Armor and is nearly unbreakable with a 4x durability legendary effect. It complements the full set of Raider Power Armor and includes the Hydraulic Bracers armor mod, dealing 15 unarmed damage to all enemies.

To unlock this piece, locate Tessa in the Quincy Ruins. She roams the area, so eliminate her and loot the piece from her armor set. It’s recommended to approach from the south to avoid a confrontation with enemies equipped with Fatman Rocket launchers when coming from the north.

Quincy Ruins
Quincy Ruins

  • Doubles Raider Power Armor strength.
  • Comes with 4x durability.
  • Includes the Hydraulic Bracers armor mod.

  • You’ll have to fight off intense resistance to obtain this armor piece.

Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest Piece

Best for Action Points Regeneration.
Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest
Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest
Damage Resistance50.0
Item HP(Varies depending on which power armor variant and model it is based on)
EffectsRadiation exposure increases Action Point refresh speed.
Steel x7
Steel x8
Form ID0022670C (Gives a chest armor appropriate to your level with random armor parts, but without the legendary modification.)
0022879C (legendary effect)
QuestsCambridge Polymer Labs

Why Did I Choose Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest Piece?

The Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest Piece is perfect for use with both T-45 and T-51 power armors, and it beefs up your Action Points regeneration rate.

The Piezonucleic Chest piece is a unique Power Armor torso piece in Fallout 4. It can be worn with both T-51 and T-45 Power Armor sets. This torso piece harnesses radiation to boost Action Points regeneration speed.

The type of Power Armor (T-45 or T-51) that spawns for this piece may vary depending on your character’s level. However, the legendary effects are the same for both variants. To obtain this legendary piece, complete the side quest “Cambridge Polymer Labs.”

Visit the Cambridge Polymer Labs and interact with the robot Molly to start the quest. You’ll discover the experiments conducted before the nuclear bombs hit Boston and embark on the quest from there.

Cambridge Polymer Labs
Cambridge Polymer Labs

  • Harnesses radiation to boost Action Points regeneration rate.
  • Offers same legendary effects for both T-45 and T-51 Power Armors.
  • Found in Cambridge Polymer Labs.

  • A little weighty as compared to other pieces.

My Recommendation

Well, that is about it for the Power armor in Fallout 4. My favorite one is the X-01 Power Armor as it offers superior damage protection and outstanding aesthetics as well.

Armors are the essential items in all RPG games. While Fallout 4 stands out by offering unique and heavy Power armors and goes a long way in survival gameplay. Each Power armor has its own stats and characteristics that will incline with your character build to offer rewarding gameplay.

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