Best Power Armor Fallout 4 And How To Get Them

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Best Power Armor Fallout 4

Looking back into the initial release of Bethesda’s Fallout 4, it still meets the modern gaming standards in 2021. Fallout 4 has been a game-changer with unique outcomes and endless possibilities to explore the nuclear-spoiled wasteland of Commonwealth. Along with that the developers also made sure to give players a challenge to procure the resources and ensure survival.

Meanwhile, clothing, weapons, and other crafting junk might come in handy early in the game, there are a few other aspects that are hard to come by for players. Armors are one of the most sought-after in-game items that most players always struggle to get their hands on. Especially, players would always juggle with the questions like what is the best Power Armor in Fallout 4 to protect the untanned skin of their character.

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Power armors are one of the heaviest items in Fallout 4. On the other side, it is also the rarest one that requires some painful struggle to acquire. Power armors have been the branding mascot for the Fallout 4 game and surprisingly players can get one earlier in the game. Unlike previous entries in the series, Power armors will only be unlocked at the end of the storyline.

However, Bethesda has changed things a bit and now allows players to get the Power armor easily. However, the Power armor players acquire at the start is one of the earlier variants and might not be ideal for the upcoming challenges in the game. For that instance, players branch out to other types of best Power armors in Fallout 4 that suits their character needs and playstyle. If you are also one of those players with interests in prime Power armor sets, then do not worry. As we bring a detailed guide on what are some of the best Power armor sets in the game. Let’s get right into it.

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Fallout 4 Best Power Armors

Before diving into the guide, there are a few things that players must not. Power armors are modifiable armor sets that are scattered around the Commonwealth. At the first quest, players will be allowed to access their Power Armor that is represented as an icon in the player’s minimap. However, these armors are stripped to the bone and require upgrade modifications to make the most out of them.

Fallout 4 Best Power Armors
Fallout 4 Best Power Armors

You can also find legendary armor pieces around the map that can be equipped in the base Power armor frame. This way players can not only enjoy the series of Damage Resistance but can also qualify for myriad perks for the character. As you level up, the game mechanics will spawn more Power armor sets around the map. All you need is to find them to easily mix and match parts with your Power armor frame that you have acquired earlier in the storyline.

Moreover, Power armors require fusion cores to become functional. Think of them as fuel for the Power armors that can drain over time. Now, these nuclear batteries assist players in fully operating the Power armor. These include walking, running as well as using Action Points to utilize V.A.T.S and holding breath while using the scoped weapons. However, these actions can quickly drain the fusion cores as compared to walking. With that out of the way, let’s discuss the top Power armors sets and their locations.

Raiders Power Armor

The first and the most accessible variant is going to be the Raiders Power Armor. As said earlier, the game mechanics will spawn the Power armors based on what character level you are playing. This is why Raiders Power armor will be easily accessible in Fallout 4. Moreover, this Power armor offers a decent amount of Damage resistance making it the best Power armor in Fallout 4.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Raider Power Armor

Although, it might not be appealing from the looks, since it is all patched up with concrete and scrap by Raiders. However, if you are seeking an entry-level Power armor, then the Raiders variant will be a perfect choice to go for. Looking at the stats, a full set of Raiders Power armor grants a Damage Resistance of 500 and Energy Resistance of 250. These stats are higher than any other non-Power armor in Fallout 4.

For that instance, beginner players can acquire this armor to achieve an enhanced level of protection that also will turn you into a walking tank. As a beginner player, this Power armor variant is easy to come by and really cheaper to upgrade to the maximum potential.

Acquiring this armor is fairly easy. All you need to do is to visit the cave near the Skylanes Flight 1665. Beware of the dangerous enemies as you are going into the deep treacherous area of the map. Go straight into the cave and you will be able to see a full set of Raider Power armor there for you to claim.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
The cave above Skylanes Flight 1655

Now this Power armor set varies with the player’s level. Some players will only receive half of the set, while some will receive only Torso. If you are unable to obtain the full set, then do not worry. You can also loot a Raider that is wearing this particular Powe armor.

All you need to do is to sneak behind them and pickpocket the fusion cores on the Power armor. Doing so will allow them to come out of the Power armor. This is the moment where you can kill them in cold blood and steal the Power armor.

T-45 Power Armor

T-45 is another remarkable and best armor set in Fallout 4 that extends the damage protection and enemy obliteration even further. Moreover, this variant was the original Power armors that were supposed to be used during battle, as per the Fallout 4 lore. This Power armor was also honored to be the main Power armor of the Fallout series, which is also the reason why there are over 6 variants in the series.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-45 Power Armor

Overall, T-45 Power armor is decent and also offers promising damage protection. As for the stats, the full set of T-45 Power armor grants a Damage Resistance value of 500, while the Energy Resistance value of 310. With these stats, the T-45 is slightly better than the Raiders Power Armor. However, with this demanding outlook that fits with the radioactive environment of the Commonwealth, T-45 Power armor is the best choice to go for.

Finding this armor is also easy. You can also pull it off from the Gunner Commander that randomly spawns at Hub City Auto Wreckers. You can follow the same process as Raiders Power armor to obtain the T-45 Power Armor. Or if you are considering a scavenging approach, you will have to visit the location of Pickman’s Gallery. Near this Gallery, you will be able to see containers and military ruins across the river.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-45 Power Armor Location

Just behind these containers, there is a T-45 Power armor enclosed in a cage. Simply hack the terminal, which of course requires Hacker perk and you are all set to acquire the T-45 Power Armor.

T-51 Power Armor

The next best Power Armor In Fallout 4 is the T-51 Power armor, which is unique for its look and higher damage protection. This armor has roots back in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Meanwhile, it is still praised in Fallout 4 for being the highly attractive and powerful Power armor.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-51 Power Armor

Moreover, T-51 Power armor is a massive upgrade for players that are looking to close encounters with enemies like Deathclaw and Behemoth. Apart from the aesthetics, this armor enables Damage Resistance of 740 and Energy Resistance of 490. With these stats, you might not have to worry about the stronger opponents when you can hit them like a Juggernaut.

The cherry on top aspect of this Power armor is that you can upgrade it to over 6 variants in Fallout 4. This way players can enhance their Power armor’s ability at some cost of resources that you can collect from Wasteland.

Unlike previous Power armors, acquiring the T-51 is not going to be an easy feat. To make the T-51 Power Armor spawn rate possible, players must be at least at Level 15. Surprisingly, the T-51 is found in the same location as the T-45 Power Armor. It is just your character level that spawns the T-51 in the cage.

If you are unable to spawn this armor set in the location, you will have to come back later. Or you can purchase the pieces from the Rowdy at Atom Cats Garage.

T-60 Power Armor

Meanwhile, non-power armors in Fallout 4 are most considerable among beginner players, higher level players pursue the second best armor, which is the T-60 Power Armor. This particular armor set is a giant power machine that allows players to ram into the enemies and offers the best damage protection.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
T-60 Power Armor

This armor represents the military aspects of the game and also highlights the cutting-edge technology even after the bomb dropped in the fictional city of Boston. T-60 Power Armors grants a whooping 980 Damage Resistance and 645 Energy Resistance. On the other side, this can be increased by upgrading this armor to a higher-tier variant. Players are allowed to upgrade T-60 Power armor to over 5 variants.

As for the location, T-60 Power armor is available to acquire after joining the Brotherhood of Steel. The initial variant is the Brotherhood of Steel issue of Power armor and there is no other approach to get this Power armor earlier in the game. Joining the Brotherhood of Steel will require players to enter the Prydwen, which is the flagship of the paramilitary group.

This quest will unlock after Conrad Kellogg’s questline. After that, you will be allowed to visit the flagship and join the Brotherhood of Steel group. They will also reward you with a full set of T-60 power armor. Or if your dialogue decisions have not been helping you to get this power armor, you can pursue the brute force method by killing one of the Brotherhood of Steel members.

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor
Brotherhood of Steel Flagship

All you need to do is to follow the Vertibird flagships. The members wearing the T-60 Power armor will often land on the ground to kill the Supermutants and other enemies. You will have to acquire the Sneak and Pickpocket perks to easily steal the fusion cores, which will allow the member to come out of the suit. You can kill them or distract them to steal their T-60 Power armor.

X-01 Power Armor

Last but not the least, is the X-01 Power armor that is a prime Power armor in terms of protection. If you are seeking the best Power armor in Fallout 4 that dodges all kinds of damages, X-01 is what you need to pursue your character build. It is the final entry of Power armor in Fallout 4 that transcends the players’ expectations not only with the damage protection but also with the aesthetics.

Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor
X-01 Power Armor

Apart from that, X-01 Power armor also comes with a total of six variants that are upgradable at the cost of players’ resources. The base variant of the X-01 Power armor offers the highest values with Damage Resistance at 1000 and Energy Resistance at 800. On top of that, there is a unique variant of the X-01 Power armor known as Quantum X-01 Power armor. What is so unique about this variant is the enhanced Action Points regeneration speed.

While this armor stands out from other types of Power armors in Fallout 4, X-01 comes with a little downside and that is the repair costs. With the higher level of damage protection, it does not mean your Power armor set will never require repairs. To put it simply, this Power armor is going to eat up a huge portion of the crafting resources after each repair.

As for the location of X-01 Power armor, obtaining this set comes with a hefty requirement. Players must have to be at least level 30 to allow the game to spawn this set of Power Armor. The next thing you need to do is to go to 35 Court. This is located on the right side of the Goodneighbor in the minimap.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Location of X-01 Power Armor

Beware of the higher-level enemies, this building is swarming with Assaultrons and Sentry Bots. So make sure to get the right weapons along with you to ensure survival in critical times. Upon reaching the location, you will have to take the elevator to get to the top of the building. It is highly suggested to save the game so you do not have to repeat the process along with losing all the loot.

Here you will be able to find the X-01 Power armor full set enclosed in a cage, which can be opened with the red button on the right side. If this location has not spawned the Power armor for you, then do not worry and come back later. This is the best spawning location for X-01 Power armor.

Fallout 4 Best Power Armor Legendary Pieces

Apart from the best vanilla version of Power armors in the game, you can also acquire the unique and legendary armor sets and pieces that are scattered around the map. These sets are also part of the DLC content for Fallout 4, so you may want to install them before going into the Wasteland. The best thing about these legendary pieces is the unique outlook and the legendary effects that will contribute to the character build in the game. With that said, let’s discuss some unique Power Armor variants and pieces that you can find in Fallout 4.

Exemplar’s T-60C Torso

The first piece on the list is Exemplar’s T-60 Torso, which is unique as compared to the base version of the T-60 Power Armor. Players can acquire and wear this piece regardless of what variant of T-60 armor they have.

Fallout 4 Exemplar's T-60C Torso
Exemplar’s T-60C Torso

What makes Exemplar’s T-60 Torso unique is the legendary effect on your character. Wearing this piece with other components of the Power armor will grant a 10% reduced cost of Action Point in V.A.T.S. Moreover, it will add additional two points to the Damage and Energy Resistance of the T-60 Power armor, making it 982 and 647 respectively.

In order to acquire this piece, you will need Charisma 10 to get convince Clarke from Steel of Brotherhood to turn himself in. This part will require several tries based on what type of character build you have. All you need to do is to save before speaking to Clarke to easily figure the right dialogue option.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Convincing Clarke to Turn himself in

After speaking to him, you will have to speak to Lancer Captain Kells who will respond to Clarke’s dilemma. Later on, he will reward us with the Exemplar’s T-60C Torso.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Reward from Lancer Captain Kells

Vengeance T-60 Right Leg

Vengeance T-60 Right leg is another high-class piece that will make T-60 one of the best Power armor in Fallout 4. This part alone grants the Damage Resistance of 192 and Energy Resistance of 147. Not just that but it also offers sweet legendary effects that give back 10% melee damage to enemies whenever they register a melee attack on your character.

Fallout 4 Vengeance T-60 Right Leg
Vengeance T-60 Right Leg

To get this legendary piece, you have to visit the Prydwen and purchase it from Proctor Teagan. However, it requires a small requirement of becoming the Sentinal at the Brotherhood of Steel. Combine it with your base T-60 variant and you can now enjoy this unique Power armor piece with an effective legendary effect.

Best Power Armor Fallout 4
Vengeance Piece at Vendor Proctor Teagan

Honor T-60 Left Leg

If you are one of those players who just smash the V.A.T.S on the enemies and utilize the Action Points, then this piece is an important add-on for your T-60 Power armor. Honor T-60 Left leg is another purchasable legendary Power armor piece that offers similar Damage resistances of Vengeance but different legendary effects.

Fallout 4 Honor T-60 Left Leg
Honor T-60 Left Leg

Wearing this Power armor component, your character will be able to receive a bonus refresh speed point to the Action Points. Now players will not have to worry about running out of Action points from time to time. You can also get this legendary Power armor piece from the Proctor Teagan from the Prydwen after getting promoted to Sentinel.

Visionary T-60 Helmet

Visionary is another unique armor piece for T-60 Power armor that also grants an increase in Action Points refresh speed. Although, it comes with a similar legendary effect of Honor T-60 left leg. But, what it lacks in the unique legendary effect, it makes up for the higher defense ratings as compared to the base version of the T-60 helmet.

Fallout 4 Visionary T-60C Helmet
Visionary T-60C Helmet

Although this helmet is exclusive to the Brotherhood of Steel faction. But acquiring this unique piece is totally worth your effort. All you need to do is to complete the quest in the faction known as “A Loose End”. Players will have to speak to the Kells on the Prydwen and he will assign the quest right away.

Tessa Fist Raider Power Armor Right Arm

Apart from T-60, the entry version of the Power Armors in Fallout 4 is also honored with legendary pieces. Tessa Fist is the right arm piece for the Raider Power armor that will double the strength of your Raider Power armor. This piece is almost unbreakable with 4x durability as a legendary effect and looks cool with the full set of Raider Power armor.

Tessa's Fist of Raider Power Armor
Tessa’s Fist of Raider Power Armor

Moreover, this piece has Hydraulic Bracers armor mod on it, which makes it highly powerful by doing the unarmed damage of 15 on all kinds of enemies. To get this sweet piece of hunk, you will have to kill Tessa in the Quincy Ruins. She will be roaming around the area and all you need to do is to kill them and loot that piece from her armor set.

Quincy Ruins
Quincy Ruins

It is highly advised to visit the location from the south rather than storming from the North. This is because going from the North is going to cost you a battle with enemies that also have Fatman Rocket launchers.

Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest Piece

Out of all other Power armor sets in the game, the Piezonucleic Chest piece is highly unique for its outlook and legendary effect. This armor piece can be worn with both T-51 and T-45 Power armor. This Power armor’s Torso is the definition of what does not kill you, makes you stronger. This is because Piezonucleiec Power armor harness the radiation to increase the Action Points regeneration speed.

Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest
Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest

This piece of Power armor varies from player to player based on their character level. Some players will spawn a T-45 variant, while some may get the T-51. However, the legendary effects for both variants are going to be the same. To obtain this legendary piece, you will have to complete the side quest called “Cambridge Polymer Labs”.

Cambridge Polymer Labs
Cambridge Polymer Labs

For this quest, you will be going to visit the Cambridge Polymer Labs. A familiar character Robot Molly will welcome you to the building. Upon entering, you will find out that there was some kind of experimentation going on until the bombs dropped in Boston. You will have to communicate with Molly to start the side quest.

Final Words

Armors are the essential items in all RPG games. While Fallout 4 stands out by offering unique and heavy Power armors and goes a long way in survival gameplay. Each Power armor has its own stats and characteristics that will incline with your character build to offer rewarding gameplay.

Well, that is about it for the best Power armor in Fallout 4. Do you find this guide helpful for picking your ideal Power armor set for your character? What do you think of the leading Power armor in Fallout 4? We will love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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