Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2

Top 10 Best Rocket Launcher In Destiny 2 [2022]

Are you a fan of using rocket launchers? Here are the 10 best rocket launchers for you to choose and try from in Destiny 2.

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Rocket Launchers are gaming’s most iconic weapons. They deal massive damage and have a large explosion radius, taking out multiple enemies in one blow. Much like the Best Fusion Rifles, here is a list of the Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2.

There are tons of rocket launchers in Destiny 2. We will be taking a look at the 10-best performing ones in recent times. Whether you want to try them out in PvP or PvE, you will get amazing results. Plus, you can use them to easily complete quests such as A Weapon of Hope, Master of Disguise, or Independent Study, just to name a few.

Using rocket launchers can be extremely viable when trying out the infamous Titan build. Did your favorite weapon make it in this list? Let’s find out by diving straight into the Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2.

Best Rocket Launcher – Destiny 2

This season, rocket launchers got a buff. They deal more damage, and tons of players use them to take out other Guardians or bosses. We will include some of the more recent weapons introduced in Destiny 2. Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the guide.


Showcasing the Truth

Players that like the Gambit will know how good this rocket launcher is. Either you love it, or you completely hate it because everyone is using this weapon. This exotic launcher has 3-rounds that can track enemy players in an instant.

Most of the time, players will be hiding behind walls or corners, and still get hit by this. Coupled with high damage and a massive blast radius, you will hit enemies even if you don’t directly aim toward them. On top of that, it has decent stability, making it really convenient to aim down sight and shoot without expecting much recoil.

Chances are that the high damage will allow you to kill players in one-hit most of the time. Another exotic perk is that the projectiles detonate as soon as they come near the enemy. You can get the Truth right now from the Exotic Kiosk located at the center of the Tower. The cost is somewhat high, but considering its advantage, it is well worth it.


Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Sleepless is one of the best rocket launchers

Moving on towards the legendary rocket launcher – Sleepless, which can be obtained from doing the Dreaming City missions. Sleepless is one of the best PvE launchers due to several reasons. Its blast radius is the maximum the game has to offer right now and the area of effect is quite large making it good for crowd control.

Plus, you can gain tremendous health regeneration if you kill enemies rapidly. This comes in really handy when facing multiple enemies in PvE or other Guardians in PvP. The advantages don’t end there. You also gain additional ammo for this rocket launcher and the perks allow you to swiftly reload it. The reload speed is much appreciated as normally rocket launchers take some time to reload.

The Impact Casing perk makes it one of the best options to take out bosses since direct hits deal more damage. Combine that with the massive area of effect damage; this is easily the best rocket launcher for PvE.


The Heretic has an intimidating design

This is a great rocket launcher but it is made even better with the help of relevant perks. To obtain this weapon, you have to complete the Pit of Heresy encounters and the Altars of Sorrow. Heretic has a great DPS rating, making it viable for Mark of Bakris players.

If you are looking to use it in the Crucible, there are better options like the Sleepless, but this one certainly gives a tough competition. Heretic deals a massive amount of damage, but it comes at the cost of a considerable recoil. Plus, once the rocket detonates, it spawns in small cluster bombs which deal additional damage.

For PvE, I would strongly suggest trying out this weapon against bosses due to its high DPS. In PvP, it falls a bit short due to the recoil and long reload times.

Royal Entry

Royal Entry showcase

Another solid entry for PvE, the Royal Entry has some of the best perks a player could want. You can obtain this weapon from the Vanguard Emblems and various Strikes located on the map. The perk that helps it rise above its competition is the Auto-Loading Holster.

After you fire all the rounds, swap to another high DPS weapon and use up all of its ammo. Once you swap back, the rocket launcher will have automatically reloaded and will be ready to use again. You can repeat this process as long as you want. It allows you to fire rockets quickly and allows you to have a high DPS due to low downtime.

The second perk, Lasting Impression, is another extremely good option. Once you fire a rocket towards an enemy, it will stick to them for a few seconds until it is ready to explode. The explosion deals additional damage than it would of a regular rocket explosion.

In PvP, it is subpar at best, but in PvE, this is one of the absolute best. Dealing with multiple enemies is made easy thanks to the Royal Entry, and you save a lot of time by swapping to another weapon instead of reloading.

Tomorrow’s Answer

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
The intimidating Tomorrow’s Answer

Moving on towards a viable option for PvP, the Tomorrow’s Answer. Similar to Sleepless, this launcher has new perks that were introduced in recent seasons. If you roll this rocket launcher with the Lasting Impression perk, you will have struck gold. Adding to the already high damage, you will potentially one-shot enemies with this perk.

Pair this with any reloading perk and you’ve got yourself a high damage dealing rocket launcher that also excels at DPS. Having the Tracking Module perk also helps greatly especially in PvP. Enemies can be hiding behind cover, you can still track and shoot them without any issues.

Handling-wise, this is one of the better rocket launchers in Destiny 2. There is minimal to no recoil at all when you fire this weapon. On top of that, the reload speed increases the lower you are on HP. You also deal additional damage when aiming down sights, so make sure to do that. The extra damage comes in handy, and most players do not expect it at all.

Eyes of Tomorrow

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Eyes of Tomorrow has a sleek design

Obtaining this rocket launcher can be quite a grind since it only has a 10% drop rate from the Deep Stone Crypt raid. While the raid itself isn’t that difficult, you will have to do it over and over again, depending on your luck and drop chance.

But, once you do obtain it, you will gain an absolute monstrous rocket launcher. It fires an overwhelming 6 rockets every time you pull the trigger. To make it even better, all of those six rockets track enemies making it impossible to dodge. On top of that, you can increase your damage if you get four kills with this weapon.

This is a well-versed rocket launcher in both PvP and PvE. It deals additional damage to non-bosses or Champions, making it ideal to use against them. While it is a decent option for PvP, if we expand on its pros and cons, it falls a bit short compared to weapons like the Truth or Wardcliff. However, if you have experience using this rocket launcher, then you shouldn’t have any problems and it can be a massive help.

Two-Tailed Fox

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
The unique design of Two-Tailed Fox

As the name suggests, this weapon allows you to fire two rockets at the same time, making it extremely unique. One rocket deals Solar damage while the other one deals Void, allowing you to have a diverse amount of damage. Solar rockets will continuously burn the enemies and deal damage over time. This can be quite useful against bosses since they will constantly take damage even if you are reloading. The Void rocket suppresses the enemies, and they won’t be able to cast supers, grenades, or jump. This unique passive is extremely beneficial in PvP against other Guardians as it drains their super energy.

After the recent buffs, the Two-Tailed Fox has become one of the best options for DPS weapons, even if you include swords. Adding damaging perks will only enhance the already absurd damage making it overpowered. The best part is that both of the rockets you fire can track enemies making it impossible for them to evade or hide behind cover.

One of the downsides is its slow reload speed which can cause other Guardians to take advantage of you in PvP. This can be avoided by adding reload perks that help you quickly charge up your rocket launcher to fire again. Another reason why this is an amazing weapon is because of the cute fox noises it makes when you fire it.


Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Stats of the Deathbringer

Deathbringer is one of the absolute Best Rocker Launcher in Destiny 2. One of the major reasons it’s performing so well is the buff it got in Season of the Splicer. Another reason why this is top-tier is that you can detonate the rocket fired anytime you want. This is one of the unique rocket launchers in Destiny 2, as almost none other weapon allows you to do this. Even if you miss the enemy, you can still detonate the rocket mid-air to ensure that your opponents are caught in the blast radius.

On top of that, it releases small Void orbs that deal an insane amount of damage the further they descend. The buff Deathbrigner recently got reduces the distance traveled before the Void orbs reach maximum damage. To add icing to the cake, each orb has insane tracking ability which can annihilate enemy health bars even if they are hiding behind cover.

The blast radius of this rocket launcher is also the maximum the game has to offer. Combine that with great handling and good reload speed and you’ve got yourself a great weapon for both PvP and PvE. Deathbringer has less range compared to most other weapons on this list. You will have to get closer to the enemy to deal full damage, the Void orbs and all other perks more than make up for it.

If you get your hands on it, definitely give it a try and you will feel how amazing this rocket launcher is. All you have to do is to complete the Symphony of Death quest and this rocket launcher is yours to keep.

Code Duello

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Stats of Code Duello

One of the absolute best rocket launchers in Destiny 2, the Code Duello. It was considered to be the best option during the first year of the game; eventually, it got nerfed. Due to the recent buffs and a great variety of perks, this rocket launcher is making its way back to the top. Whether you love dealing single-target DPS or taking out a bunch of enemies at once, this rocket launcher is perfect for you.

Alongside its sublime perk pool, it also has a nice blast radius that deals a lot of damage as well. The major drawback is that the handling is quite poor as you have to aim down sights and sit still to be accurate. Other than that, you have the luxury to reload quickly and the projectile you fire has increased velocity.

To counter its handling issues, you can roll the perk Frenzy and gain an insane amount of control over the rocket launcher. It also comes with a Chain Reaction that creates small explosions around the target that you fired at to kill. Plus, the design of this weapon is quite pleasing to look at as compared to other rocket launchers on this list. To obtain this legendary weapon, you must complete the Battlegrounds and the Umbral Engrams.

Hezen Vengeance

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
The Hezen Vengeance in all its glory

Finally, our number one pick of the Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2. To obtain it, you must complete the Vault of Glass raid, which can be a little troublesome but doable. This is without a doubt the best legendary rocket launcher in Destiny 2. Whether you want to use it for PvP or PvE, you will see tremendous results.

You have a chance of rolling this weapon with Vorpal Weapon, Surplus, and Quickdraw. All of these perks are extraordinary – especially in boss fights. Combining Vorpal Weapon with Adept Big One’s Spec, this rocket launcher can destroy bosses in an instant. On top of that, you have the option to use the Overflow perk which increases magazine capacity. It doesn’t sound like much – considering how high its damage output is, firing just 1 more rocket before having to reload can be a game-changer.

Not only that, players in PvP can utilize the Tracking Module and Vorpal Weapon to shut down other Guardians supers. You will always be on the offensive due to these perks and other players will try to stay out of range and behind cover. However, the range of this rocket launcher is quite decent, making it one of the longest ranged weapons apart from sniper rifles.


These were the 10 best rocket launchers in Destiny 2. Players of both PvP and PvE will find something that suits their playstyle in this list. Some of the options are better than the others. If you have any one of these rocket launchers, give them a try and you will not regret it. If you get a chance to raid the Vault of Glass, I would suggest trying to farm the Hezen Vengeance because it is incredible.

With that being said, we are now at the end of our guide about the Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2. I hope you find a rocket launcher that fits your style. Let me know in the comments below which weapon is your favorite and which ones are you currently using.

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