Top 10 Best Rocket Launcher In Destiny 2 [2024]

After playing Destiny 2 for more than 500 hours, here are the best rocket launchers in my opinion!

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2

Rocket Launchers are gaming’s most iconic weapons. They deal massive damage and have a large explosion radius, taking out multiple enemies in one blow. Much like the Best Fusion Rifles, here is a list of the Best Rocket Launchers.

About The Author

I have spent more than 500+ hours playing Destiny 2, so you can easily trust the information I provide related to the ins and outs of Destiny 2!

Key Takeaways

Best Rocket Launchers, how to get them and what they offer:

  1. Truth: High stability and damage, great for enemies in cover.
  2. Sleepless: Excellent blast radius and reload speed, ideal for PvE.
  3. Heretic: Good damage but recoil and long reload, suitable for PvE.
  4. Royal Entry: Rockets stick to enemies briefly, best for PvE.
  5. Tomorrow’s Answer: Tracks hiding enemies, ideal for PvP.
  6. Eyes of Tomorrow: Fires 6 tracking rockets, excellent for both PvP and PvE.
  7. Two-Tailed Fox: Fires two high-damage rockets, slow reload, great for PvP.
  8. Deathbringer: Immense damage, maximum blast radius, fast reload, suitable for both PvP and PvE.
  9. Code Duello: High damage but excessive recoil, obtainable through Battlegrounds and Umbral Engrams.
  10. Hezen Vengeance: Top rocket launcher, requires Vault of Glass Raid, excels in both PvP and PvE.

Best Rocket Launchers Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my Top 10 Best Rocket Launcher In Destiny . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.Rocket LaunchersBlast RadiusStabilityRounds Per MinuteMagazineInventory Size
4Royal Entry4149451575
5Tomorrow’s Answer906013755
6Eyes of Tomorrow507275201
7Two-Tailed Fox305040511
9Code Duello905852142
10Hezen Vengeance202925165

There are tons of rocket launchers in Destiny 2. I will be taking a look at the 10-best performing ones in recent times. Whether you want to try them out in PvP or PvE, you will get amazing results. Plus, you can use them to easily complete quests such as A Weapon of Hope, Master of Disguise, or Independent Study, just to name a few.

This season, rocket launchers got a buff. They deal more damage, and tons of players use them to take out other Guardians or bosses. I will include some of the more recent weapons introduced in Destiny 2. Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the guide.


Best Rocket Launcher for Unparalleled Tracking Ability & High Damage Output.

Why did I Choose Truth?

I chose the Truth for its unparalleled tracking ability and high damage output, making it a formidable weapon against enemies in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Its reliability in hitting targets behind cover and its manageable recoil make it a top choice for players seeking consistent performance in Destiny 2.

Showcasing the Truth
Attribute Value
Blast Radius90
Reload Speed39
Aim Assistance73
Airborne Effectiveness9
Rounds Per Minute15
Recoil Direction60
Inventory Size40

The Truth rocket launcher in Gambit is either loved or hated for its tracking ability and high damage. It can hit players behind cover with its massive blast radius and decent stability, making it easy to aim and shoot without much recoil. It often results in one-hit kills and detonates projectiles near enemies. You can acquire the Truth from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower, despite its high cost, making it a valuable weapon in the game.

  • High stability and damage.
  • Excellent tracking ability.
  • Effective against enemies in cover.
  • Decent blast radius and stability.
  • Reliable one-hit kills.

  • High acquisition cost from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower.
  • Limited ammo capacity.
  • Less effective in close-quarters combat situations.


Best Rocket Launcher for Exceptional Blast Radius & Crowd Control Capabilities.

Why did I Choose Sleepless?

I chose the Sleepless rocket launcher for its exceptional blast radius and crowd control capabilities in PvE scenarios. Its swift reload speed and high DPS potential against bosses make it a valuable asset for players tackling challenging encounters in Destiny 2.

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Sleepless is one of the best rocket launchers
Blast Radius90
Reload Speed33
Aim Assistance72
Airborne Effectiveness3
Rounds Per Minute1
Recoil Direction58
Inventory Size36

Moving on towards the legendary rocket launcher – Sleepless, which can be obtained from doing the Dreaming City missions. Sleepless is one of the best PvE launchers due to several reasons. Its blast radius is the maximum the game has to offer right now and the area of effect is quite large making it good for crowd control.

Plus, you can gain tremendous health regeneration if you kill enemies rapidly. This comes in really handy when facing multiple enemies in PvE or other Guardians in PvP. The advantages don’t end there. You also gain additional ammo for this rocket launcher and the perks allow you to swiftly reload it. The reload speed is much appreciated as normally rocket launchers take some time to reload.

The Impact Casing perk makes it one of the best options to take out bosses since direct hits deal more damage. Combine that with the massive area of effect damage; this is easily the best rocket launcher for PvE.

  • Excellent blast radius.
  • Ideal for crowd control in PvE scenarios.
  • Swift reload speed.
  • Minimized downtime during intense encounters.
  • High DPS potential effective against bosses with Impact Casing perk.

  • Completing Dreaming City missions for acquisition can be time-consuming.
  • Limited availability of perks..
  • Less effective in PvP due to slower projectile speed.


Best Rocket Launcher for High DPS Potential & Cluster Bomb Perk.

Why did I Choose Heretic?

I chose the Heretic rocket launcher for its high DPS potential and cluster bomb perk, making it effective against PvE bosses and crowded encounters. While its performance in PvP may be hindered by recoil and reload times, its strengths in PvE make it a valuable choice for players seeking to tackle challenging content in Destiny 2.

The Heretic has an intimidating design
Blast Radius20
Reload Speed58
Aim Assistance29
Airborne Effectiveness3
Rounds Per Minute25
Recoil Direction68
Inventory Size32

The Heretic rocket launcher can be enhanced with relevant perks. To obtain it, complete the Pit of Heresy encounters and Altars of Sorrow. It has high DPS, ideal for Mark of Bakris players. In Crucible, there are better options like Sleepless, but Heretic competes well, dealing massive damage and spawning cluster bombs upon detonation. It excels against PvE bosses but falls short in PvP due to recoil and reload times.

  • High DPS potential.
  • Effective with Mark of Bakris players.
  • Cluster bombs upon detonation.
  • Provides additional damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Obtainable through Pit of Heresy encounters and Altars of Sorrow activities.

  • Recoil and long reload times may hinder performance in PvP scenarios.
  • Limited range.
  • Acquisition requires completion of specific challenging activities. 

Royal Entry

Best Rocket Launcher for Rapid Firing & Additional Damage To Enemies.

Why did I Choose Royal Entry?

I chose the Royal Entry rocket launcher for its Auto-Loading Holster perk and Lasting Impression perk, making it highly effective in PvE scenarios for rapid firing and dealing additional damage to enemies. While its performance in PvP may be limited, its strengths in PvE encounters make it a valuable choice for players seeking efficient crowd control.

Royal Entry showcase
Blast Radius30
Reload Speed29
Aim Assistance65
Airborne Effectiveness3
Rounds Per Minute45
Recoil Direction1
Inventory Size75

The Royal Entry rocket launcher is a strong choice for PvE, obtainable from Vanguard Emblems and various Strikes. Its standout perk is Auto-Loading Holster, allowing for rapid rocket firing by swapping to another weapon and back. This minimizes downtime and boosts DPS. Lasting Impression, the second perk, sticks the rocket to enemies for additional damage in PvE. In PvP, it’s less effective, but it excels in PvE, making it one of the top choices for dealing with multiple enemies efficiently.

  • Auto-Loading Holster enables rapid rocket firing in PvE scenarios.
  • Lasting Impression sticks rockets to enemies for extra PvE damage.
  • Obtainable from Vanguard Emblems and various Strikes activities.

  • Less effective in PvP due to slower projectile speed and limited tracking ability.
  • Limited range compared to some other rocket launchers.
  • Acquisition may require completing specific repetitive Strike activities.

Tomorrow’s Answer

Best Rocket Launcher for High Damage Potential & Tracking Ability.

Why did I Choose Tomorrow’s Answer?

I chose the Tomorrow’s Answer rocket launcher for its high damage potential and tracking ability, making it effective against both Guardians and enemies in Destiny 2. Its excellent handling and reload speed provide a competitive advantage in PvP encounters, while its tracking feature ensures consistent hits on targets behind cover.

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
The intimidating Tomorrow’s Answer
Blast Radius90
Reload Speed35
Aim Assistance73
Airborne Effectiveness7
Rounds Per Minute1
Recoil Direction15
Inventory Size55

Tomorrow’s Answer is a strong option for PvP, featuring the Lasting Impression perk for high damage potential. Combining it with a reloading perk makes it a potent rocket launcher for both damage and DPS. The Tracking Module perk is valuable for PvP, allowing you to track and shoot enemies behind cover. It has excellent handling with minimal recoil and a faster reload speed at lower health. Aiming down sights for additional damage can catch opponents off guard and prove advantageous in battles.

  • High damage potential with Lasting Impression perk.
  • Effective in both PvP and PvE.
  • Obtainable from Strikes and Vanguard Emblems.
  • Great handling, less recoil, faster reload when low health.

  • Limited availability, specific activity completion required.
  • May need grinding due to low raid drop rate.
  • Slower projectile speed can hinder PvP performance.

Eyes of Tomorrow

Best Rocket Launcher for Overwhelming Firepower & Additional Damage Potential.

Why did I Choose Eyes of Tomorrow?

I chose the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher for its overwhelming firepower and additional damage potential, making it ideal for challenging encounters in Destiny 2. Its ability to fire 6 tracking rockets simultaneously ensures maximum impact on targets, while its bonus damage against non-bosses enhances its effectiveness in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Eyes of Tomorrow has a sleek design
Blast Radius50
Reload Speed46
Aim Assistance68
Airborne Effectiveness7
Rounds Per Minute75
Recoil Direction20
Inventory Size1

Obtaining this rocket launcher can be quite a grind since it only has a 10% drop rate from the Deep Stone Crypt raid. While the raid itself isn’t that difficult, you will have to do it over and over again, depending on your luck and drop chance.

But, once you do obtain it, you will gain an absolute monstrous rocket launcher. It fires an overwhelming 6 rockets every time you pull the trigger. To make it even better, all of those six rockets track enemies making it impossible to dodge. On top of that, you can increase your damage if you get four kills with this weapon.

This is a well-versed rocket launcher in both PvP and PvE. It deals additional damage to non-bosses or Champions, making it ideal to use against them. While it is a decent option for PvP, if I expand on its pros and cons, it falls a bit short compared to weapons like the Truth or Wardcliff. However, if you have experience using this rocket launcher, then you shouldn’t have any problems and it can be a massive help.

  • Fires 6 tracking rockets simultaneously.
  • Additional damage to non-bosses or Champions.
  • Ideal for challenging encounters.
  • Monstrous damage potential with four kills.
  • Enhancing damage output in both PvP and PvE.

  • Low drop rate from Deep Stone Crypt raid.
  • Requires repetitive completion for acquisition.
  • May be challenging to obtain due to reliance on luck and drop chance.
  • Performance in PvP may be hindered by slower projectile speed.

Two-Tailed Fox

Best Rocket Launcher for Firing Two High-Damage Rockets Simultaneously.

Why did I Choose Two-Tailed Fox?

I chose the Two-Tailed Fox rocket launcher for its unique dual-rocket firing mechanism and versatility in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Its ability to deal Solar and Void damage simultaneously, along with suppressing enemies, provides strategic advantages in various encounters in Destiny 2.

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
The unique design of Two-Tailed Fox
Blast Radius30
Reload Speed29
Aim Assistance67
Airborne Effectiveness12
Rounds Per Minute40
Recoil Direction30
Inventory Size1

The Two-Tailed Fox rocket launcher lives up to its name by firing two rockets simultaneously, one dealing Solar damage and the other Void. The Solar rocket inflicts continuous burn damage, making it effective against bosses. The Void rocket suppresses enemies, preventing them from using supers, grenades, or jumping, which is valuable in PvP. It has become one of the best DPS weapons after recent buffs, even outperforming swords with damage-boosting perks. Both rockets can track enemies, ensuring they can’t evade or take cover easily.

However, it has a slow reload speed, which can be a vulnerability in PvP. You can mitigate this with reload perks. Plus, the unique fox noises it makes when fired add a fun touch to the weapon.

  • Fires two high-damage rockets simultaneously, dealing Solar and Void damage.
  • Solar rocket inflicts continuous burn damage.
  • Void rocket suppresses enemies.
  • Prevents use of supers, grenades, or jumping in PvP.

  • Slow reload speed may leave players vulnerable in PvP encounters.
  • Limited ammo capacity compared to some other rocket launchers.
  • Acquiring may require reliance on luck and drop chance.


Best Rocket Launcher for Immense Damage Potential Detonating Rockets Mid-Air.

Why did I Choose Deathbringer?

I chose the Deathbringer rocket launcher for its unique ability to detonate rockets mid-air and release Void orbs, providing immense crowd control and boss damage potential in Destiny 2 encounters. Its high blast radius and tracking ability ensure consistent hits on targets, compensating for its reduced range and requiring precision aiming for maximum effectiveness.

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Stats of the Deathbringer
Blast Radius90
Reload Speed33
Aim Assistance72
Airborne Effectiveness3
Rounds Per Minute58
Recoil Direction1
Inventory Size15

Deathbringer is one of the absolute Best Rocker Launcher in Destiny 2. One of the major reasons it’s performing so well is the buff it got in Season of the Splicer. Another reason why this is top-tier is that you can detonate the rocket fired anytime you want. This is one of the unique rocket launchers in Destiny 2, as almost none other weapon allows you to do this. Even if you miss the enemy, you can still detonate the rocket mid-air to ensure that your opponents are caught in the blast radius.

On top of that, it releases small Void orbs that deal an insane amount of damage the further they descend. The buff Deathbrigner recently got reduces the distance traveled before the Void orbs reach maximum damage. To add icing to the cake, each orb has insane tracking ability which can annihilate enemy health bars even if they are hiding behind cover.

The blast radius of this rocket launcher is also the maximum the game has to offer. Combine that with great handling and good reload speed and you’ve got yourself a great weapon for both PvP and PvE. Deathbringer has less range compared to most other weapons on this list. You will have to get closer to the enemy to deal full damage, the Void orbs and all other perks more than make up for it.

If you get your hands on it, definitely give it a try and you will feel how amazing this rocket launcher is. All you have to do is to complete the Symphony of Death quest and this rocket launcher is yours to keep.

  • Immense damage potential facilitating detonation of rockets mid-air.
  • Releases small Void orbs that deal significant damage.
  • High blast radius and tracking ability ensure effective crowd control & boss damage.

  • Requires closer engagement.
  • Limited availability, requires Symphony of Death quest.
  • Precision aiming and timing essential for max damage.

Code Duello

Best Rocket Launcher for High Damage Output & Diverse Perk Pool.

Why did I Choose Code Duello?

I chose the Code Duello rocket launcher for its high damage output and diverse perk pool, allowing customization for various playstyles and encounter types in Destiny 2. Its visually appealing design adds to the player experience, despite potential weaknesses in handling and accuracy, which can be mitigated with investment in roll perks.

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Stats of Code Duello
Blast Radius90
Reload Speed35
Aim Assistance62
Airborne Effectiveness3
Rounds Per Minute52
Recoil Direction15
Inventory Size42

The Code Duello rocket launcher is considered one of the best in Destiny 2. After recent buffs and a diverse perk pool, it’s regaining its top status. Whether you prefer single-target DPS or crowd control, this launcher excels. It boasts a substantial blast radius for high damage, but handling and accuracy are its weaknesses, requiring you to aim down sights and stay still.

To improve handling, you can roll the Frenzy perk for better control. It also features Chain Reaction, creating small explosions around the target you kill. The weapon’s design is visually appealing compared to others on the list. Obtain it by completing Battlegrounds and Umbral Engrams activities.

  • High damage output with substantial blast radius.
  • Effective for single-target DPS or crowd control.
  • Diverse perk pool allows diverse customization.
  • Visually appealing design enhances player experience.

  • Reduced handling and accuracy.
  • Requires careful aiming & stationary positioning.
  • May require investment in roll perks.

Hezen Vengeance

Best Rocket Launcher for Versatility & Effectiveness in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Why did I Choose Hezen Vengeance?

I chose the Hezen Vengeance rocket launcher for its versatility and effectiveness in both PvP and PvE scenarios in Destiny 2. Its perks like Vorpal Weapon and Surplus enhance damage output and handling, while its longest-ranged design provides strategic advantages in engagements. Despite limited availability, the rewards from completing the Vault of Glass raid make it a worthwhile investment for players seeking top-tier performance.

Best Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
The Hezen Vengeance in all its glory
Blast Radius20
Reload Speed60
Aim Assistance35
Airborne Effectiveness3
Rounds Per Minute25
Recoil Direction50
Inventory Size65

The top pick for the best rocket launcher in Destiny 2 is the one obtained from completing the Vault of Glass raid. It excels in both PvP and PvE, offering perks like Vorpal Weapon, Surplus, and Quickdraw. Vorpal Weapon, when combined with Adept Big One’s Spec, makes it a boss-melting powerhouse. Overflow increases magazine capacity, which is valuable considering its high damage output.

In PvP, Tracking Module and Vorpal Weapon make it effective at countering other Guardian supers, keeping you on the offensive. Its decent range makes it one of the longest-ranged weapons aside from sniper rifles. Obtaining this rocket launcher may require completing the Vault of Glass raid, but it’s well worth the effort.

  • Excels in both PvP and PvE scenarios.
  • Offers versatility and effectiveness in various encounters.
  • Vorpal Weapon boosts damage, Surplus improves handling.
  • Longest-ranged rocket launcher offers strategic edge.

  • Limited availability, requires the Vault of Glass raid.
  • May require repeated raid completions to obtain desired perks or rolls.
  • Performance may be hindered by reliance on specific activities or RNG drops for acquisition.

Why others were not chosen?

  1. Hezen Vengeance: Has low blast radius and stability, making it less effective in crowded or chaotic encounters where precision and control are crucial.
  2. The Wardcliff Coil: Its low blast radius and limited magazine size can make it less effective against large groups of enemies or in extended engagements.
  3. Cold Comfort: While boasting high damage potential with perks like Envious Assassin and Bait and Switch, its limited blast radius and low stability may hinder its effectiveness in PvP situations, particularly against agile opponents.
  4. Roar of the Bear: Falls short due to lackluster perk combinations and overshadowing by more versatile heavy weapons.
  5. Gjallarhorn: It’s reliance on Wolfpack Rounds for significant damage limits its overall effectiveness compared to more versatile exotic heavy weapons.
  6. Dragon’s Breath: It’s reliance on building up fuel for maximum effectiveness can hinder its immediate impact, particularly in fast-paced encounters where quick burst damage is essential.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Destiny 2 player with more than 500 hours, I would highly recommend the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher. Its ability to fire 6 tracking rockets simultaneously makes it a force to be reckoned with in both PvP and PvE scenarios. With additional damage to non-bosses and Champions, it’s particularly effective in challenging encounters, providing overwhelming firepower to dominate the battlefield.

Another excellent choice would be the Deathbringer rocket launcher. Its unique ability to detonate rockets mid-air and release Void orbs offers immense crowd control and boss damage potential. With a high blast radius and tracking ability, it ensures consistent hits on targets, compensating for its reduced range. Whether you’re tackling challenging raids or engaging in intense PvP battles, the Deathbringer is a versatile and powerful option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ending Remarks

These were the 10 best rocket launchers in Destiny 2. Players of both PvP and PvE will find something that suits their playstyle in this list. Some of the options are better than the others. If you have any one of these rocket launchers, give them a try and you will not regret it. If you get a chance to raid the Vault of Glass, I would suggest trying to farm the Hezen Vengeance because it is incredible.

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