Top 6 Best Rune Farming Elden Ring: Early Level Areas

Best Rune farming Elden Ring
Best Rune farming Elden Ring

Elden Ring introduced Runes which are the in-game currency and act as the XP or experience points. Your character will receive these Runes after completing quests or killing enemies. You may also acquire them around the map or loot them off from the corpse of the dead. However, the game mechanics will not hand out a decent amount of Runes as it requires players to compete and earn by completing different activities. This calls for the best Rune farming Elden Ring that can assist players in leveling up quicker. 

Key Takeaways

  • Rune farming is an integral part of character development in Elden Ring, allowing players to enhance their weapons and progress in the game.
  • Unfortunately, death during farming can result in the loss of valuable Runes, marked by a blood trail leading back to the spot where they dropped.
  • For low to medium-level players, Deeproot Depths is a recommended location for Rune farming, with Statue Monsters yielding upwards of 30,000 Runes.
  • To reach Deeproot Depths, players must first complete the game’s main story and access Ancestral Woods from the Nokron, Eternal City.
  • Another lucrative location for Rune farming is Stormhill, located west of Limgrave, where players may encounter up to 5 trolls and earn 5,000 Runes by defeating them.
  • The Land Between presents a considerable challenge and requires a substantial amount of Runes to enhance weapons and level up the character early in the game.
  • The risk of permanent loss of Runes is high if a player dies while attempting to reacquire them.
  • Top 6 farming locations in Elden Ring that provide ample opportunities to gather thousands of Runes are mentioned.

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Farming Runes is not going to be an easy feat. But that is the only approach to upgrade further and progress at a steady pace. Significantly, if you are new to the Elden Ring, the journey in the Land Between will challenge your abilities.

You will need a massive amount of Runes to push the limits of the weapon and level up your character early in the game. If you are also one of those players seeking the best Rune farming Elden Ring, you are in the right place. This guide entails the top 6 farming locations that will reward thousands and thousands of Runes. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Best Rune Farming Elden Ring

Rune farming is a complicated process to tackle at the earlier levels. You will need the right equipment, strategy, and practice to defeat the enemies and collect the sweet Runes easily. Another primary reason for that is that Runes can be lost forever, which you never want to experience.

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Best Rune Farming Elden Ring
Best Rune Farming Elden Ring

While farming, if your character dies, you will lose your progress and the Runes. Moreover, after the death, you will leave a blood trail to the exact location where your character died. Here you will have all the Runes that you had on your character earlier that you can acquire again. Meanwhile, if your character died again on the way to re-acquire the Runes, you will lose them forever. So make sure to follow the guide to farm for Runes easily without failing every time. 

Deeproot Depths Farming

CategoryItem Name
Gather & Farm ItemsDewkissed Herba, Golden Centipede, Human Bone Shard, Melted Mushroom, Nascent Butterfly, Rune Arc, Warming Stone
Upgrade MaterialsGhost Glovewort (4), Ghost Glovewort (5), Ghost Glovewort (6), Ghost Glovewort (7), Smithing Stone (4), Smithing Stone (6), Somber Smithing Stone (6)
Equipment and MagicClarifying Boluses, Crucible Tree Set, Elden Stars, Golden Rune (6), Golden Rune (8), Golden Rune (9), Numen's Rune
Unique, Ashes & KeysAsh of War: Golden Land, Ash of War: Vacuum Slice, Stonesword Key
Creatures, Enemies, and BossesGiant Ant, Basilisk, Mausoleum Knight, Mausoleum Soldier, Lesser Runebear, Fia's Champions, Crucible Knight Siluria
WalkthroughDeeproot Depths Walkthrough

As the name implies, you will be going to visit Deeproot Depths. You can find the exact location on the map. Here you will be farming the Statue Monsters. What is great about this location is that it is easily accessible for low-medium level players. The cherry on top is that these monsters are relatively easy to kill in just 30 seconds without requiring character buffs and grace. 

There are a total of 3 Statue Monsters. Killing them all will reward players with over 30,000 Runes that are hard to earn as an early-level player. However, that does not mean higher-level characters can not benefit from this farming location. As a higher-level character, you will be able to achieve the Runes reward in a short time without struggling to kill other bosses in the game. 

Elden Ring Deeproot Depths
Deeproot Depths

The ideal practice is to complete the storyline to get the best weapons and access to the Nokro, Eternal City in the Elden Ring. If you do not know how to unlock Deeproot Depth’s location, first, you will have to visit Ancestral Woods from the Nokron, Eternal City. It is the exact location Renna asked you to see earlier in the storyline. 

Once you have reached Ancestral Woods entrance after the Site of Grace, you will have to go to the west side from an in-game perspective. Take the path from the woods and avoid any enemy you encounter during your visit through the location. After the dense woods, you will have to go across locations to see the Jellyfish creatures. That is your cue to be aware that you are headed in the right direction. 

Elden Ring Ancestral Woods
Ancestral Woods

Jump down the cliff that is also known as Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs. Make your way through the Aqueduct and enter the Siofra Aqueduct. Just go across the sewers and reach the staircase with a massive waterfall on the other side. Under the waterfall, you can find a coffin. Beware of the bosses that will attack you before interacting with the coffin. So make sure to kill these enemies with the best bleed weapons to avoid losing the progress to reach the best Runes farming location in Elden Ring. 

After defeating these bosses, enter the coffin, and you will enter another location. This is the Deeproot Depths, but your journey does not end here. Proceed further until you reach this location known as Across the Roots. This is where you can find these Statue Monsters and kill them to earn the Runes. 

Elden Ring Farming Location in Deeproot Depths
Farming Location in Deeproot Depths

Stormhill Farming Site

CategoryItem Name
Gather & Farm ItemsRuin Fragment, Golden Seed, Slumbering Egg (Eagle drop), Starlight Shards, Fulgurbloom, Golden Rune (1), Rowa Fruit, Erdleaf Flower, Herba
Upgrade MaterialsSmithing Stone (1), Golden Rune (1)
Equipment and MagicAspects of the Crucible: Tail, Kaiden Helm
Unique, Ashes & KeysStonesword Key, Armorer's Cookbook [1]

The following more profitable farming site is Stormhill. If you are looking to earn some best Runes farming in Elden Ring while enjoying killing the Trolls, then this might be the ideal farming site for you. Stormhill is an easily accessible and easy location to farm Runes. You will be required to visit the location by Melian at the Site of Grace. You will have to head west of Limgrave and reach the Stormhil to farm the trolls. 

Although, you can kill the two chained trolls here. But that is not ideal for farming at Stormhill. In this case, you need more trolls to fight with your character to achieve a better payout of Runes. All you need to do is enter the Stormhill location through the Gatefront if you are coming from the West Limgrave. Here you will be able to encounter a total of 5 trolls simultaneously. If you can put them down successfully, you will earn a total of 5,000 Runes. 

Elden Ring Stormhill Farming Site location
Stormhill Farming Site location

Make sure to bring your best weapons as you will be fighting all the trolls. At the start, it might seem intimidating and complicated. But once you killed 2-3 trolls, the rest will be down in no time. The overall process can take 10-20 minutes, depending on your gear and upgrades. Another essential thing to note is that you must observe the attack patterns of trolls before taking on them in battle. One of the significant aspects of these enemies is that they stomp, causing massive damage. For that instance, you can utilize the Magic to farm safely without losing the character’s life over and over. 

Beginner players can take them one at a time to avoid the risk of losing their life. If you can work out a little bit, you will allow the trolls to attack each other. This is a massive advantage to empty their health pools quickly without engaging in close-range combat. 

Limgrave Farming Site

CategoryItem Name
Gather & Farm Itemsx1 Explosive Stone (Miner Drop), x3 Glintstone Scrap, x5 Large Glintstone Scrap, x1 Golden Rune (1), x1 Golden Rune (4)
Upgrade MaterialsSmithing Stone (1), x1 Somber Smithing Stone (1)
Equipment and MagicRoar Medallion, Pickaxe (Miner Drop),
Unique, Ashes & KeysThere are no key items in this location.
Regular Creatures and EnemiesGiant Rat
Rotten Stray
Field Bosses and BossesStonedigger Troll

Another most profitable farming site is located in the Limgrave. For that location, it is highly advised to at least get your torrent to travel across and farm in a short time easily. Limgrave is only a starting location, and you will have to progress from a low level to a higher-level area to bring in the better Runes. 

As for the location, you will be starting from the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave. Visit a portal on the northeast of entry in the Third Church of Marika. Interacting with the portal will allow you to enter a new location Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. This is the higher-level area that we talked about earlier and is located near the north of Caelid. 

Elden Ring Limgrave Farming Site
Limgrave Farming Site

Here you will find all sorts of higher-level bosses and enemies that are always hostile. Significantly, the gate guardians are painfully complex. So call your torrent and do not engage with these enemies. Run until you lose sight of these enemies and reach a Site of Grace. Interact with the site and once again call your torrent. After that, you will be farming small enemies. What is unique about these enemies is that they are straightforward to kill and will reward 937 Runes with each kill. You can find a total of 6-7 enemies. So make sure to kill them all to collect these Runes points early. 

Third Church of Marika Farming Site

CategoryItem Name
NPCs and MerchantsMelina
ItemsSacred Tear, Flask of Wondrous Physick, Crimson Crystal Tear
Regular Creatures and EnemiesWolf, Eagle
Field Bosses and BossesNone
Notable FeaturesSite of Grace, Sending Gate

Now that you are already in the location, you might want to consider another best Rune Farming in Elden Ring strategy at Dragonbarrow. This Runes farming approach is relatively easy as compared to others mentioned above. You will not even have to engage in a combat situation, thus making it suitable for beginner players. 

Another vital thing to remember is to pursue this site in the morning. The main reason for that is the location you are going to is not going to be safe and will be lurking with enemies of all kinds. If you truly want to farm Runes safely, then it is highly advised to find a Site of Grace and rest till the morning. If you have reached the Third Church of Marika, you can easily consider Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace to wait for the morning. 

Elden Ring Third Church of Marika
Third Church of Marika

After activating the Site of Grace, you will have to take a slight detour rather than a large straight bridge that you can see near the Site of Grace. This is because the long bridge is a massive distance with different enemies, increasing the risk of combat. Meanwhile, taking another bridge right next to the right side of the map will help players to reach the farming site quickly and safely. 

After crossing the bridge, once again, you will find Site of Grace that you might want to activate. After that, head back to the road that goes down, and at an exact point, the game will spawn a giant spherical boulder that can crush your character. Fortunately, using the torrent will allow you to escape this sphere and let it fall down the hill by itself.

Elden Ring Third Church of Marika Farming Site
Third Church of Marika Farming Site

This will yield a whopping 1952 Runes making it the highest reward of Runes without doing anything. You can teleport back to the Site of Grace to trigger the boulder again and achieve unlimited Runes with a ridiculous strategy that will not strain your abilities. 

Dominula, Windmill Village Farming

CategoryItem Name
NPCs and MerchantsMillicent, Spirit NPC
ItemsHuman Bone Shard, Stormhawk Feather, Gold firefly, Holyproof Dried Liver, Lightning Grease, Golden Seed, Rune Arc, Festive Hood, Festive Garb, Festive Garb (Altered), Blue Festive Hood, Blue Festive Garb, Celebrant's Skull, Celebrant's Cleaver, Celebrant's Sickle, Celebrant's Rib-Rake, Godskin Peeler, Scouring Black Flame, Fire's Deadly Sin
Regular Creatures and EnemiesCelebrant, Rotten Stray
Field Bosses and BossesGodskin Apostle
Notable FeaturesGuaranteed Celebrant's Skull location, Boss: Godskin Apostle location, Fire's Deadly Sin spell location

Runes farming in Elden Ring is mostly rinsing and repeating. You will have to kill enemies repeatedly to earn all the Runes they can offer. Dominula Windmill Village location will do the same with the best payday of Runes you can get in an hour, making it the best Rune farming location in Elden Ring. However, there are a few requirements that you might need to consider before going to the location. 

First things first, you will need Twinned Knight Swords. It is a massive murdering weapon that scales with the Strenght stats. Although, it is a one-handed weapon. But its true potential is unlocked with two-hand, and the enormous swing can deal massive damage. Secondly, you will need Gold Scarab. This is a must-have item for all players because it increases the number of Runes you can obtain from enemies. 

Elden Ring Windmill Village Farming Site
Windmill Village Farming Site

Once you have these items, all you need to do is visit the Windmill Village. Here you will be farming on all the dancing devils you can find around the location. Attacking any of them will instantly make all of the nearby enemies hostile. This is where you will have to wield the mighty Twinned Knight Swords. 

You can also find a Site of Grace at the entrance of Dominula. So it is highly advised to interact with it before starting the farm to teleport back to the Grace and farm these enemies easily. 

War-Dead Catacombs AFK Farming

CategoryItem Name
Gather & Farm ItemsGrave Violet, Trina's Lily
Upgrade MaterialsGhost Glovewort [4] x 1, Golden Seed (Boss drop), Grave Glovewort [6] x 5
Equipment and MagicCollapsing Stars, Golden Rune [6] x 1, Magic Grease x 3, Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
Unique, Ashes & KeysRadahn Soldier Ashes, Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes (Boss drop)
Creatures, EnemiesLesser Cleanrot Knight Spirit, Radahn Soldier Spirit, Redmane Knight Spirit, Imp
BossesPutrid Tree Spirit

AFK farming is quite effective as it involves players doing nothing and making Runes while asleep. But that comes with one heavy requirement of a higher character level. As for the War-Dead Catacombs farming, you must have fought Starscourge Radahn because you will be visiting the same battleground. That is going to be the southeast of Caelid. Moreover, after killing the Starscourge Radahn, you will also unlock Site of Grace points, allowing you to access the location repeatedly easily. 

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs AFK Farming Site
War-Dead Catacombs AFK Farming Site

All you need to do is to visit the War-Dead Catacombs. This location is filled with high-level enemies that you surely do not want to mess. However, you can take advantage of this fight and earn passive Runes without even worrying about engaging in combat. For that, you will need to visit the location silently without blowing your cover. It will allow the game to spawn other enemies and fight with the existing ones. 

This will be a massive battle of enemies, and you will earn Runes from each of the dead enemies. Find a safe point where you can leave your character overnight, and you will be all set to make thousands of Runes in a single night. 

Final Words

Runes are great game mechanics that enable players to engage and seek solutions to earn good rewards and progress further. Unlike other players selling or buying Runes on eBay, you can consider some of the best farming spots in the game to level up your character. 

That is about it for best Rune farming in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful for farming locations in Elden Ring? What is your go-to spot for farming Runes in Elden Ring? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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