Destiny 2: Best Scout Rifle [500+ Hours Experience]

After playing Destiny 2 for 500 hours, I have found two of the best Scout Rifles you should also be using in the game!

Best Scout Rifle Destiny 2
Complete Guide on best legendary scout rifle in Destiny 2

The best scout Rifles in the game are the Vouchsafe and Eternal Blaze. My guide covers all the information related to the legendary scout rifle, such as its perks and how to find this weapon. On the scout rifles, I have also curated a guide related to the best hand cannon to use in PvP or PvE of Destiny 2 in 2024.

About The Author

I have spent more than 500+ hours playing Destiny 2, so you can easily trust the information I provide related to the ins and outs of Destiny 2!

Key Takeaways

  • Vouchsafe and Eternal Blazon are the best legendary scout rifles to go forward.
  • Vouchsafe features a 200 RPM void weapon with 16 rounds per magazine, 39 stability, 67 handling, 60 reload speed, and 47 recoil.
  • Vouchsafe has a curated roll with Fluted Barrel, Flared Magwell, Dragonfly, Zen Moment, and random rolls with various perks. 
  • Eternal Blazon is a 200 RPM arc scout rifle with 60 impact/base damage, 40 range, 41 stability, 66 handling, and 61 reload speed, as well as 67 aim assistance.
  • Eternal Blazon can be obtained through Season of the Chosen or Umbral Engram Fousing.

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Vouchsafe Legendary Scout Rifle

Best Accuracy & Reload Speed

Why do I recommend Vouchsafe Sout Rifle?

One of the best legendary weapons with stats supporting accuracy and damage output, it paves the way for a performance build for mid-to-endgame. 

Rarity class:Legendary
Weapon type:Scout Rifle
Required level:50
Min-max magazine:15
Ammunition type:Void
Rate of fire:200 RPM
Damage Falloff~35.91m Hip / 70.92 ADS
Reload Speed55
Reload Time2.1s
Aim Assistance73
Inventory Size51
Airborne Effectiveness10
Bounce Intensity53
Rounds Per Minute200

Guardians can obtain this weapon in Destiny 2 via the Dreaming City by acquiring the Forsaken DLC expansion. This legendary scout rifle has a random drop chance after completing the Shattered Throne Dungeon quest.

Another way to obtain a Vouchsafe scout rifle is to get it from the Season of the Hunt near the Crypto lift and by crow over at the tangled shore. I recommend the latter approach as you can access the weapon easily from a particular location. 

Best Scout Rifle Destiny 2
Vouchsafe Legendary Scout Rifle

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Weapon Stats

  • The Vouchsafe scout rifle is a 200 RPM weapon that houses 16 rounds per magazine.
  • Unlike other weapons from the same category, it is a void weapon with decent impact and reload speed.
  • This scout rifle has 39 stability, 67 handling, 60 reload speed, and 47 recoil.


  • The Vouchsafe scout rifle stands out due to its exceptional perks, including the Intrinsic perk Lightweight frame, which enhances guardian movement speed while in use. During nightfalls or raids, activate this perk for increased agility.
  • With the Dragonfly ability, precision kills trigger elemental explosions, dealing AoE damage to nearby enemies, a potent feature of the Vouchsafe.
  • When getting the Vouchsafe, one perk is fixed (Lightweight Frame), while the other is random.
  • The perks vary upon weapon drop, but Lightweight Frame consistently enhances the guardian’s movement speed when wielding the Vouchsafe.

Curated Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel: Fluted Barrel
  • Magazine/Battery: Flared Magwell
  • Trait 1:Dragonfly
  • Trait 2:Zen Moment

Random Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel: Arrowhead Brake/Chambered Compensator/Corkscrew Rifling/Extended Barrel/Full Bore/Small Bore
  • Magazine/Battery: Accurized Rounds/Drop Mag/Appended Mag/Tactical Mag/Extended Mag/Steady Rounds/Alloy Magazine
  • Trait 1:Hip Fire Grip/Firmly Planted/Ambitious Assassin/Auto Loading Holster/Full Auto Trigger
  • Trait 2:Triple Trap/Outlaw/Rapid Hit/Explosive Payload

  • Best Reload Speed.
  • Promising Fire Rate.
  • Perks Offerings.

  • Random Drop Rate.
  • Recoil might not benefit beginners.

Eternal Blazon Scout Rifle

Best Lightweight Framed Rifle

Why you should go with Eternal Blazon Scout Rifle?

With ease of access, Eternal Blazon qualifies for enhanced mobility and handling to make out of alive from intense crossfire. 

Rarity class:Legendary
Weapon type:Scout Rifle
Min-max magazine:17
Ammunition type:Primary
Rate of fire:200 RPM
Reload Speed57
Aim Assistance67
Inventory Size46
Airborne Effectiveness10
Rounds Per Minute200

This random weapon drop can be obtained by doing activities from Season of the Chosen. I suggest using the Umbral Engram Fousing to increase your chance of getting the weapon. 

You can also visit Banshee-44 and complete bounties to get a chance to receive Eternal Blazon as a reward.

Best Scout Rifle Destiny 2
Eternal Blazon Legendary Scout Rifle

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Weapon Stats

  • Eternal Blazon offers an arc element with 200 RPM, 60 base damage, 40 range, 41 stability, 66 handling, and 61 reload speed.
  • It includes a Lightweight Frame perk for faster movement when equipped, alongside a high 67 aim assistance, aiding precise targeting and shooting enemies at range, akin to Vouchsafe.


  • The Eternal Blazon stands out with its unique trait, Overflow, which automatically reloads the weapon upon picking up heavy or special ammo.
  • Ideal for Nightfalls or raids, killing enemies often drops heavy ammo, enabling seamless reloading and continuous killing with this legendary scout rifle.
  • This trait explains why the Eternal Blazon earns recognition for being the best scout rifle in Destiny 2.

Curated Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel: Spark PS
  • Magazine/Battery: Appended Mag
  • Trait 1:Full Auto Trigger System
  • Trait 2:Rangefinder

Random Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel: Extended Mag/Alloy Magazine/Armor-Piercing Rounds/High-Calibur Rounds/Ricochet Rounds/Light Mag
  • Magazine/Battery: Killing Wind/Overflow/Slideshot/Rapid Hit/Quickdraw
  • Trait 1:Kill Clip/One For All/Unrelenting
  • Trait 2:Disruption Break/Thresh

  • Quick Mobility.
  • Precise Shooting.

  • Harder to Control Recoil.

I have shared the Comparison table for both weapons below:

No.WeaponsMin-max magazineAmmunition typeRate of fireDamageAffiliationImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedAim AssistanceInventory SizeZoomAirborne EffectivenessRecoilRounds Per MinuteMagazine
1Vouchsafe Legendary Scout Rifle15Void200 RPM750+Reef6033326355735120104720016
2Eternal Blazon Scout Rifle17Primary200 RPMArcVanguard6033346257674620105220016

Legendary Scout Rifles compared.

What Would I Recommend?

Eternal Blazon Scout is the best rifle, in my opinion. 

Not only is it easy to access for your playthrough, but it is also a reward for the Random Roll perks. It is an all-rounder and qualifier for dealing the most damage per shot and works for all enemy encounters. 

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