Best Scout Rifle Destiny 2 Guide [2023]

Did you know which is the best legendary scout rifle in Destiny 2? No? Read our best Scout Rifle Destiny 2 guide and learn about it.

Best Scout Rifle Destiny 2
Complete Guide on best legendary scout rifle in Destiny 2

When it comes to offering legendary and exotic weapons, Destiny 2 does not lack behind or belittle itself as a sequel to the arsenal that was released in the first Destiny video game. Destiny 2 has a vast library of weapons ranging from fully automatic rifles, sub-machine guns, heavy-duty machine guns to rocket launchers and much more.

It also rocks revolvers, high-range sniper rifles, and scout rifles if you want to take out your enemies by maintaining a safe distance. We have curated this guide to highlight the go-to and the best scout rifle Destiny 2 players should have in their inventory.

Key Takeaways

  • Vouchsafe and Eternal Blazon are the two best legendary scout rifles in Destiny 2.
  • Vouchsafe is a 200 RPM void weapon with 16 rounds per magazine, 39 stability, 67 handling, 60 reload speed, and 47 recoil.
  • Vouchsafe has an intrinsic Lightweight Frame perk that increases the guardian’s movement speed and a Dragonfly perk that creates an elemental explosion when precision kills are landed with the weapon.
  • Vouchsafe has a curated roll with Fluted Barrel, Flared Magwell, Dragonfly, Zen Moment, and random rolls with various perks. Vouchsafe can be obtained through the Dreaming City or Season of the Hunt.
  • Eternal Blazon is a 200 RPM arc scout rifle with 60 impact/base damage, 40 range, 41 stability, 66 handling, and 61 reload speed, as well as 67 aim assistance.
  • Eternal Blazon has an intrinsic Lightweight Frame perk and a legendary Overflow trait that automatically reloads the weapon after picking up heavy or special ammo.
  • Eternal Blazon can be obtained through Season of the Chosen or Umbral Engram Fousing.

Our Destiny 2 Scout Rifle guide also covers all the information related to the legendary scout rifle, such as its perks and how to find this weapon. On the subject of the scout rifles, we have also curated a guide related to the best hand cannon to use in PvP or PvE of destiny 2 in 2023.

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Destiny 2 Best Legendary Scout Rifle

Destiny 2 features a ton of legendary scout rifles, with each having some pros and cons tied to it. So, selecting or preferring a single weapon in an extensive library of arsenal is a tad bit difficult. This is why we spent a good enough time testing out various legendary scout rifles in the field so that we can come to a conclusion and select the one scout rifle that simply outperforms the rest of Destiny 2 scout rifles.

After thoughtful consideration, we think that Vouchsafe and Eternal Blazon legendary scout rifles come head to head. Regardless of which scout rifle you pick, both weapons tick all the boxes and have the potential to be called as the best Destiny 2 scout rifle.

Vouchsafe Legendary Scout Rifle

Guardians can obtain this weapon in Destiny 2 via the Dreaming City by acquiring the Forsaken DLC expansion. This legendary scout rifle has a random drop chance after completing the Shattered Throne Dungeon quest. Another way to obtain Vouchsafe scout rifle is to get it from the Season of the Hunt near the Crypto lift and by crow over at the tangled shore.

Best Scout Rifle Destiny 2
Vouchsafe Legendary Scout Rifle

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Weapon Stats

The Vouchsafe scout rifle is a 200 RPM weapon that houses 16 rounds per magazine. This scout rifle is a void weapon with decent impact and reload speed, unlike other weapons from the same category. Moreover, this scout rifle comes with 39 stability, 67 handling, 60 reload speed and 47 recoil.


The Vouchsafe has incredible perks which make it stand out from any other scout rifle. With the latest update, there were some new perks added to this weapon. This weapon has an Intrinsic perk called Lightweight Frame, which increases the movement speed of the guardian while moving or sprinting. So, make sure you have it on while you are doing nightfalls or raids.

The Vouchsafe scout rifle also has the superb ability called the Dragonfly. It is activated when precision kills are landed with this weapon; it then creates an elemental explosion, having an AoE damage and dealing additional damage to the enemies nearby.

One of the two Vouchsafe’s perks is a fixed curated roll, while another is a random roll. Here is a list of perks that players can get when the weapon drops for them.

However, the intrinsic remains regardless of variation in perks. Lightweight Frame is intrinsic that comes as a fixed perk with this weapon, and it allows the guardian to move faster while having Vouchsafe equipped.

Curated Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel:Fluted Barrel
  • Magazine/Battery:Flared Magwell
  • Trait 1:Dragonfly
  • Trait 2:Zen Moment

Random Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel:Arrowhead Brake/Chambered Compensator/Corkscrew Rifling/Extended Barrel/Full Bore/Small Bore
  • Magazine/Battery:Accurized Rounds/Drop Mag/Appended Mag/Tactical Mag/Extended Mag/Steady Rounds/Alloy Magazine
  • Trait 1:Hip Fire Grip/Firmly Planted/Ambitious Assassin/Auto Loading Holster/Full Auto Trigger
  • Trait 2:Triple Trap/Outlaw/Rapid Hit/Explosive Payload

Eternal Blazon Scout Rifle

There is no entitled quest per se that rewards guardians with the Eternal Blazon scout rifle. Moreover, this is a random weapon drop that can be obtained by doing activites from Season of the Chosen. Another way to increase the drop rate is through Umbral Engram Fousing. Lastly, visit Banshee-44 and complete bounties to get a chance of receiving Eternal Blazon as a reward.

Best Scout Rifle Destiny 2
Eternal Blazon Legendary Scout Rifle

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Weapon Stats

Eternal Blazon is our second best scout rifle Destiny 2. It is an arc scout rifle that comes with 200 RPM, 60 impact/base damage, 40 range, 41 stability, 66 handling, and 61 reload speed. The weapon’s stock magazine has a minimum of 17 rounds.

Similar to Vouchsafe, the Eternal Blazon also comes with Lightweight Frame perk, which makes running faster while having this gun equipped. Moreover, this scout rifle also has 67 aim assistance, which is abnormally higher than most weapons of its class, making it easier for a guardian to target and shoot enemies at a range.


The Eternal Blazon features a legendary trait that makes it different and unique from any other scout rifle, called Overflow. This trait automatically reloads the weapon after picking up heavy or special ammo, which is ideal while doing nightfalls or raids.

Most of the time, killing an enemy in Nightfalls or Raids drops heavy ammo, so when you pick it, you also reload the weapon, and hence you can continue the killing spree without sparing time to reload this legendary scout rifle. This is one of the many reasons why we think Eleternal Blazon also deserves the title of the best Destiny 2 scout rifle.

Curated Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel:Spark PS
  • Magazine/Battery:Appended Mag
  • Trait 1:Full Auto Trigger System
  • Trait 2:Rangefinder

Random Roll Perks

  • Sight/Barrel:Extended Mag/Alloy Magazine/Armor-Piercing Rounds/High-Calibur Rounds/Ricochet Rounds/Light Mag
  • Magazine/Battery:Killing Wind/Overflow/Slideshot/Rapid Hit/Quickdraw
  • Trait 1:Kill Clip/One For All/Unrelenting
  • Trait 2:Disruption Break/Thresh

That pretty much sums up all you need to know about the best scout rifle Destiny 2. What has been your go-to scout rifle since the start of this year? Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

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