Xenoblade 3 Best Skills – All Characters/Classes

This Best Skills Xenoblade Chronicles will inform you of all the skills at your disposal and the best one for each class.

Xenoblade 3 Best Skills: Ultimate Guide
Xenoblade 3 Best Skills: Ultimate Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has created massive waves in the gaming industry. The game’s world and character building are one of a kind that has the players hooked. The game allows you to explore the map with your favorite character while demolishing anything standing in your way. Moreover, you can choose from various skills to overwhelm your opponents. However, to ensure that you can win any fight, you must have the best skills. 

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Best Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles Compared

No.Character's NameSkillsClass
1Swordfighters-Sharp Eye
-Covert Attack
-Cypher Edge
2Ogre-Insult to Injury
-Fury Smash
-Fighting Prowess
-Dynamite Spirit
3Flash Fencer-First Move Wins
-Fighting Instinct
-Critical Strike
-Capable Hands
-Sappy-Sappy Drain!
-Preppy-Preppy Link!
5Full Metal Jaguar-Sixth Sense
-Positioning Pro
-Shock Shot
-Bullet Symphony
6Stalker-Swift Death
-In Cold Blood
-Evasion Expertise
-Serene Heart
7Seraph-Universal Annihilation
-Greatest Warrior
-Beast Mode
-Got the Guts
8Incursor-Adriot Blade
-Floating Kill
-Eye for Weak Points
9Martial Artist-Storms and Stress
-Flashing Punch
-Frenzied Combo
-Feline Righting Reflex
10Soulhacker-Soul Hack
-Balanced Soul
-Strike Soul
-Heal Soul
-Dodge Soul
-Tough Soul
-Power Soul
11Machine Assassin-Chaos Chain
-Phantom Strike
-Cursed Edge
-Anti-Erosion System
12Royal Summoner-Here Shall I Stand
-Fortified Ether Guard
-Essence of Ether
-Elemental Boost
13Zephyr-Stormy Gale
-Split-Second Counter
-Ether’s Sanctuary
-I’ll Defend You
14Heavy Guard-Defensive Soul
-I’ll Protect You
-Tenacious Blocker
15Guardian Commander-I’ll Help
-Soldier’s Potential
-Protector’s Pride
-Mind for Guarding
16Lone Exile-Goading Attack
-Returning the Favor
-Natural Selection
17Lost Vanguard-Com an’ Get Me!
-Now That’s Tactics!
-Never Again!
-Stay Right There
18Troubadour-Dance of Life
-Dance of Barrages
19Medic Gunner-Ninja Healer
-Speedy Recovery
-Eternal Formation
-Medical Mind
20Tactician-Inevitable Evitability
-Eternal Curse
-Ethereal Ability
21War Medic-Healing License
-Rescue License
-Recovery Engine
-Antibody System
22Thaumaturge-Ultimate Qigong
-Life-Saving Fists
-Wheel of Rebirth
23Strategos-Prowess Gambit
-Preemption Gambit
-Sapping Gambit
24Signifer-All About Support
-I’ve Got Your Backs
-We Can Do Better
-Cheer Up, Everyone
25Lifesage-Enhanced Cellular
-Abundant Oceans
-Instant Regen+
-Steadfast Feelings

Xenoblade allows you to choose from many different classes, each having a separate charismatic identity. This means that their skills differ a lot as well. Hence, we recommend you sit through this Best Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide to pick the skills according to your playstyle. We will go through the classes individually under their respective roles. The roles are:

  • Attacker Classes
  • Defender Classes
  • Support Classes

They each contain numerous classes, so let’s take a more detailed look.

Attacker Classes

These classes excel the most at dealing damage while evading enemy attacks. They are the main firepower of any team and allow it to emerge victorious in battles.


Noah Xenoblade 3
Noah of the Swordfighter Class

Swordfighters is an exceptional class that excels in dueling. Despite the size of their weapon, they are balanced attackers who deal heavy damaging blows without giving up much mobility. With a perfect blend of maneuverability and DPS, they unleash a fury of attacks to decimate their opponents.

These are the best skills to use on characters from this class.

Skill Effect
Sharp Eye Increases dexterity by 10%.
Covert Attack Aggro taken by attacks is reduced by 20%.
Cypher Edge Increased Critical Strike Rate by 10%
Inspirit When fighting a unique or boss monster, deal 60% more damage.


Ogre is among the best attacker classes due to how much it provides to characters. Ogres deal powerful, demolishing blows to their foes with their enormous hammers. These hammers reduce their movement speed, making this a flaw of this class. However, it is still robust when complemented by these skills.

Skill Effect
Insult to Injury Increases attack damage by 60% while targeting fallen foes.
Fury Smash Gain 10% increased success rate of reactions
Fighting Prowess 30% increased damage through Physical Arts
Dynamite Spirit 20% more damage is inflicted when HP is above 90%

Flash Fencer

Flash Fencer Skills in Xenoblade 3
Flash Fencer Skills

Ethel uses this powerful class to take minor skirmishes and deal damage that accumulates over time. They are potent attackers who press their opponents with a dual-sword style and dispatch through short and bloody trades. Their capabilities are further enhanced through using the following skills.

Skill Effect
First Move Wins Enhances damage done for the first thirty seconds of a duel by 40%.
Fighting Instinct Raises the extent of damage a Talent Art will deal by 25%, up to a maximum of 200%.
Critical Strike Deal 30% increased damage while hitting Critical Strikes.
Capable Hands Have a 60% recharge gauge at the start of a fight


This class is the default class of Riku & Manana and excels in attacking. This class takes advantage of an opponent’s shortcomings and utilizes buffs to change the outcome of a battle. Such practical abilities make them a viable pick, especially when coupled with the following skills.

Skill Effect
Bangsplosion Deal 100% increased damage through field dissolution damage
Sappy-Sappy Drain! Increase the effectiveness of debuff effects by 15%
Slicey-Dicey! Enhances damages done through the Field by 100%.
Preppy-Preppy Link! Chain Attack gauge fills up quickly on using Arts.

Full Metal Jaguar

This is the class that attacks enemies across a broad area using drones and dual guns. The shots become more lethal with each strike, allowing them to deal explosive damage with each blow. If you utilize the skills well, this can become deadly in the right hand.

Skill Effect
Sixth Sense Increases accuracy by 60% while facing adversaries who use arts.
Positioning Pro Introduces one more positional art that can be set in the Arts palette.
Shock Shot Increases enemy damage taken from arts by 60%.
Bullet Symphony When an attack connects, the damage increases by 10% (up to 255%), and the boost is canceled if missed.


A striker who excels at sneaking up on enemies and hunting them with arrows. They showcase their true potential at carrying out sniping missions which give them the advantage of dealing damage without getting close. The following skills allow this class to transcend the shackles of standard. The most nuanced characters for the Stalker Class are those that are adept in both fierce assaults and rapid evasion because this class primarily relies on these two skills.

Skill Effect
Swift Death Deals 50% greater damage to foes with 30% or fewer remaining health.
In Cold Blood Increases attack damage against an opponent under the effects of Bleed by 75%.
Evasion Expertise Increased 30% chance of dodging ranged strikes
Serene Heart Lessens the aggro that assaults cause by 25%


Seraph is an attacker class. They get inflicted with injuries to improve their already insanely high attacking power. They display their combat prowess on the battlefield and capture their victory in a dominating fashion. Moreover, their skills are no joke either. It strengthens their powers and reinforces their stronghold.

Skill Effect
Universal Annihilation Boosts damage to Toppled and Launched targets by 50%.
Greatest Warrior It boosts damage by 25% for each enemy in battle. (Maximum is 200%)
Beast Mode Grants Awakening when damage taken exceeds 45% or more of Max HP.
Got the Guts Attack increases by 60% when HP drops to 80% or below.


Next up in this Best Skills guide, we have the Incursor Class. Incursor is an Attacker class with a fine blade that sharpens even more with critical strikes. This allows your blade to become even more lethal when facing newer opponents. The class shines the most with the following skills.

Skill Effect
Adriot Blade Increases damage done by 4% (up to a limit of 150%) when a critical hit is struck.
Floating Kill When targeting a propelled enemy, the critical rate is elevated by 60%.
Vigilance Increases auto-attack critical strike rate by 50%.
Eye for Weak Points Every successful hit improves your Critical Rate by 1% of the initial amount, up to 100%.

Martial Artist

A martial arts Invader who relentlessly bombards opponents with strikes until they are reduced to atoms. Their crushing blows are enough to shut down any type of foe. The skills they utilize are also quite unique and further enhance their capabilities.

Skill Effect
Storms and Stress The damage you do is raised by 10% for each cancel you execute.
Flashing Punch Chain auto-attacks accelerate your attack speed. Additionally, you auto-attack quicker, allowing you to deal more damage.
Frenzied Combo Use 20% recharge Art upon landing a Critical hit
Feline Righting Reflex By flipping, you ignore Blowdown and Launch effect
It has a 60% chance of further providing more significant Attack damage.


Soulhacker is an exciting class. It rewards people who put in the effort to learn this class. They are attackers who steal other characters’ arts and skills and use them to counterattack. This allows them to be used in a manner that can never be predictable. However, this also means this class is only as good as its user. Moreover, their skills allow them to switch classes depending on your team’s requirements.

Skill Effect
Soul Hack You gain an Art of skill once you defeat a unique mob.
Balanced Soul Switches to Healer, giving a balanced set of abilities.
Strike Soul Switches to Attacker, giving an excellent balance of accuracy and evasion.
Heal Soul Switches to a Healer who provides high Healing Power to support allies.
Dodge Soul Switches to a Defender who provides specialization in evading attacks.
Tough Soul Switches to Defender, granting high HP value to take enemy attacks.
Power Soul Switches to an attacker who has high attack damage but low accuracy.

Machine Assassin

They are attackers who inflict enemies with debuffs to get them low and vulnerable. When the enemies are most weakened, the machine assassins strike to deal the finishing blow with their dual axes. This enables them to remain somewhat safe even when facing powerful opponents. Moreover, they are even more potent when coupled with these skills.

Skill Effect
Chaos Chain Damage inflicted increases by 20% (up to a total of 150%) when an opponent is debuffed.
Phantom Strike It grants the strike a 60% greater probability of being unblockable.
Cursed Edge Increases attack damage against a debuffed target by 50%.
Anti-Erosion System Provides you with 30% increased resilience to all debuffs.

Royal Summoner

Lastly, we have the Royal Summoner class for the attacker classes in this Skills guide. Royal Summoner is a mighty class containing compelling skills and characters. They are an intimidating attacker class who combine swift elemental assaults with dependable assistance. This makes them have a hybrid build with expertise in multiple areas.

Skill Effect
Here Shall I Stand Boosts Element Damage by 60% and Element buffs by 30%.
Fortified Ether Guard Gain 10% increased Ether Defense
Essence of Ether 20% increased Allies attack’s damage
5% reduction in enemy guard rate, making them more vulnerable
(You cannot stack the impact)
Elemental Boost Elements unleashed cause 20% more damage than they usually would. (400% maximum)

Defender Classes

Moving forward in this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Skills guide, we have the defender classes. These classes specialize in tanking damage for their team. This allows their teammates time to recuperate and unleash their counterattacks. Furthermore, they attract enemies to themselves, ensuring that their teammates are under any looming threats.

Their aggro generation and tanking prowess are their main focal point, but it doesn’t mean that they can deal destructive damage. Undermine them, and it will be your loss.


Xenoblade 3 Zephyr Skills
Zephyr Skills

This is Mio’s default class and fulfills its role as a defender class with flying colors. Zephyrs are incredibly nimble defenders that are effective at luring opponent aggro while dealing out considerable damage from a comfortable distance. Their skills allow them to exploit their strengths while covering up their weaknesses.

Skill Effect
Stormy Gale Increased 10% Agility
Split-Second Counter When you dodge an attack, you deal 100% of the attack’s damage
to them
Ether’s Sanctuary Gain 10% increased Ether Defense
I’ll Defend You It provides an 8% likelihood of stopping assaults on teammates within a certain radius.

Heavy Guard

Heavy Guards defend teammates with their powerful weaponry. Moreover, they are frequently utilized for pulling out opponent aggression due to their strong defense. This allows them to fulfill both of their roles as a defender. They are one of the most used classes in the game due to how much they can provide to a team.

Skill Effect
Defensive Soul Gain 10% more Physical Defense
I’ll Protect You It provides an 8% likelihood of stopping assaults on teammates within a certain radius.
Aggravator Each second, you accumulate more aggro.
Tenacious Blocker Increases the block rate by 30% when your HP is 30% or less.

Guardian Commander

Guardian Commanders are like diamonds that shine even more brightly when under pressure. Their skills are enough to turn the tide of a battle. They lead their teammates into battle and handle all the heavy work. They draw out the enemies into the open by capturing them aggro and leading them into their teammate’s jaws.

Skill Effect
I’ll Help You take enemy attacks that were aimed at your teammates with low HP. Moreover, the damage taken is reduced by 15%
Soldier’s Potential You heal 0.6% each second when below 30% HP
Protector’s Pride Whenever non-Defenders are being targeted, raise recharge speed by 30%.
Mind for Guarding Increase the damage mitigation efficiency when blocking by 10%.

Lone Exile 

Coming up in this Skills guide, we have the Lone Exile class. They are an aggressive defender class who lures enemies in with quick, lethal attacks before slaughtering them. They ultimately deal massive damage to overwhelm their opponents while fulfilling their role as defenders. The best lone Exile skills are listed below.

Skill Effect
Goading Attack Increases aggro by 30% when you deal damage.
Maniac Increases attack damage against higher-level foes by 30%.
Returning the Favor Inflict 100% of the attack’s damage on the adversary when an ally nearby is attacked.
Natural Selection You take 20% less damage when your HP is below 30%

Lost Vanguard

They use their giant weapons like maces to obliterate their opponents while protecting their teammates with massive shields. They sacrifice themselves for their teammates and enable them to survive for long. Moreover, their skills make them a must-pick who have difficulty surviving to the end of a fight while the enemies live on a sliver of HP.

Skill Effect
Com an’ Get Me! When blocking, the adversary attracting aggro receives 100% of the attack damage.
Now That’s Tactics! Increase TP by five at the beginning of the chain attack.
Never Again! 10% chance to absorb the attacks made towards nearby teammates.
Stay Right There 10% chance to knock back attackers while taking damage.

Support Classes

Next up, we have the support classes. These classes are the backbone of every team and enable their team to fight to their heart’s content. They use their utility and healing skills to support their teams. This includes buffs to strengthen your teammates and debuffs for your enemies.

They make you strong while simultaneously making the enemies more vulnerable. This reduces the extent of the threat that the enemies pose. Moreover, it makes all your battles that much easier.


First up, we have the Troubadour Class that excels in providing their teammates with immense support to turn the tide of their battles. They play their flute to assist their teammates. The melodic sound from the flute increases the teammates’ attack speed and damage, making them more lethal. This allows them to showcase magic beyond their potential and destroy anyone that dares to stand up against them. The skills they bring to the table are as follows.

Skill Effect
Dance of Life When an ally is rendered helpless, your Arts gain a 60% recharge.
Swiftsong Increases teammates’ dexterity and maneuverability by 10%. The effect does not stack upon other buffs
Endsong When down, 60% of allies’ Arts are replenished.
Dance of Barrages 10% chance to keep recharging when using Art.

Medic Gunner

The next up class is the Medic Gunner, who keeps on rejuvenating their teammates with their abilities to make sure that the teammates all live through the fight. Their healing capabilities allow the teammates to fight without any worry. Such an essential advantage is too good to be given up, making this class extremely useful. Furthermore, their skills are also top-notch.

Skill Effect
Ninja Healer Reduces aggro generated from healing Arts by 30%.
Speedy Recovery Boosts the speed of ally revival by 20% and raises Healing by 5.
Eternal Formation Increases field effect duration by 30%.
Medical Mind Boosts the amount of HP healed from using healing Arts by 20%.


The tactician class is the starting class of the fan-favorite Taion, who showcases his strong impact in fights. Tacticians use their paper talismans to bestow perks on teammates and afflict foes. This enables the teammates to emerge victorious. However, the diverse ways you can use the class make them more captivating in their support among the others. Additionally, their skills further enhance their capabilities, strengthening their position as one of the best.

Skill Effect
Inevitable Evitability 6% chance of evading an enemy attack.
Shieldrender Adds a 60% chance for the attack to be unblockable.
Eternal Curse Extends the time of debuffs applied to enemies by 30%, making them more effective and deadly
Ethereal Ability It boosts damage dealt by ether Arts by 30%.

War Medic

War Medic is the next class on our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Skills guide. They are on the battlefield to aid their teammates on the frontline. They provide continuous Healing and several buffs to overall improve their teammates’ stats and make them better. War Medics allow their team to shine the brightest while risking their lives. Moreover, their skills are just as invaluable.

Skill Effect
Healing License This skill boosts the amount of HP healed from using healing Arts by 20%.
Rescue License Increases HP restored when reviving an ally by 20%.
Recovery Engine Removing debuffs boosts own Healing Power by 30% (up to 150%).
Antibody System It reduces the duration of debuffs on your character by 30%.


Thaumaturge is the next class on our list. They utilize their abilities to heal their allies while dishing out some severe damage. This makes them a perfect pick for teams looking for a capable healer with decent fighting prowess. Their consistent damage allows their teammates to finish off the enemies more quickly and win the fight skillfully. Their skills are the main reason they are regarded as one of the top healer classes.

Skill Effect
Ultimate Qigong This skill allows you to ignore 30% of the enemy’s physical defense when landing a hit.
Qinggong It increases your evasion by 25% while moving
Life-Saving Fists Heals your character when auto-attack hits to a total of 100% of Healing Power.
Wheel of Rebirth Heals all allies using 500% of Healing Power when executing a Burst.


This class contains strategic support capabilities. They switch between healing teammates and exposing the enemies with their debuffs or attacks, making them easy prey. This class is a hybrid between a healer and damage class and shines most on characters like Taion. The skills they use also strengthen their resolve, making them more powerful.

Skill Effect
Prowess Gambit Buffing an ally boosts damage afflicted by 20% (up to a maximum of 200%).
Preemption Gambit 60% chance to grant all partners increased attack damage on a preemptive attack.
Strengthening Gambit It raises the timer of the effects of the buff issued by 30%.
Sapping Gambit It increases the duration timers of debuffs applied to enemies by 30%.


The signifier class is the default class of Fiona and excels when used in the support role. They bring buffs to the table to increase their teammates’ strength and make them more powerful. Such buffs allow the teammates to overpower their foes and remain the last ones standing. Moreover, the buffs can be of various types; some can increase the stats, while some can even provide healing and damage negation. Their skills are pretty helpful as well.

Skill Effect
All About Support This skill adds one more Field Arts that can be set to the Arts Palette.
I’ve Got Your Backs The skill extends the timer of your buffs effect by 30%, making them more powerful.
We Can Do Better Restores 3% of HP when a buff is applied
Cheer Up, Everyone Restore nearby teammates’ HP on Art execution. The amount is equal to 30% of the character’s Healing.



We have the Lifesage class. She is the default class of Nia and allows her to display immense capabilities as a character. Lifesage commands water to follow their will and do their bidding. They can use this to heal their allies and simultaneously soften up opponents. This makes them a deadly class, especially with the skillset they have.

Skill Base Effect
Enhanced Cellular Stimulus Gain a 30% chance on hit to deal 100% of Healing Power as defense-bypassing damage.
Abundant Oceans Reduces damage to allies by 10% and increases Healing by 10%. (You cannot stack the effect.)
Instant Regen+ It grants a 25% chance to heal using 60% of Healing Power when you take damage.
Steadfast Feelings Restore nearby teammates’ Health when Art lands, equal to 30% of the user’s Healing

This concludes all the different classes along with their best skills.


Skills provide characters of different classes opportunities to break past their limits. However, this should not stop you from trying out skills from various classes and combining them together. If you want to follow the class and play inside its boundaries religiously, the list above mentions the best skill for each class, allowing them to demonstrate their true potential.

Moreover, you should not rely on just skills as they are only as good as the one using them. Classes like Soulhacker allow creative players who have a grasp on the game’s mechanics to excel. Thus to reach that level, you must put in the work so that you can be the best of the best. Most of the classes allow for outplaying potential, which will become even more remarkable with practice.

Furthermore, skills are only part of your kit. You need to be aware of other factors that affect your overall performance. Combat Arts, Talent Arts, Gems, and Accessories are among those. Hence we suggest you check out our Xenoblade 3 Best Gems guide to ensure you are well equipped to face any adversity that stands in your way.

This concludes our Best Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Skills guide. Let us know down below which skill you think is the most overpowered.

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