Best Spears In Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked

Dark Souls 3 Best Spears

Spears are some of the most fun weapons in Dark Souls 3, and coming up with a list of Dark Souls 3‘s best spears is a daunting job. Spears are weapons with a ton of range and hard, piercing thrust-type attacks. Spears are viable for both PvP and PvE. Spears are very versatile weapons too, offering both offensive and defensive styles of gameplay. Pairing them up with a shield will result in an excellent defensive melee gameplay type while dual-wielding them or playing aggressive can give you a very powerful offensive melee build type.

While spears do have a bit of a learning curve, partly due to them offering only one type of attack, they can be a bit tricky for newcomers. Getting used to spears, however, reaps great rewards. The insane range and high thrust damage mean you can easily play from mid to high range, making it easier to get in and out of encounters.

The spears in Dark Souls 3 vary from basic spears to twin spears to unique spears transposed from boss souls, this guide covers what we believe to be the best Dark Souls 3 Spears. We hope you find this guide useful, for more Dark Souls, check out the Dark Souls 2 Boss Weapons and Dark Souls 3 Guts build.

Best Spears In Dark Souls 3

As mentioned earlier, Spears in Dark Souls 3 are good for both offensive and defensive gameplay types. Most spears require dexterity however the scaling may vary. Due to their movesets and versatility, we recommend Dexterity builds if you plan on using a spear unless the spear scales with another stat. Once you get used to the attack pattern and moveset of a spear, you will excel in both PvE and PvP. Due to their quick yet powerful thrust attacks, they can be highly effective weapons when playing mind games with a PvP opponent. The range means you will be maintaining distance, which is good no matter what kind of enemy you are facing.

Pairing spears with a greatshield will lead to a very powerful PvE build. The greatshield will allow you to tank through most attacks and the spear can return with a powerful thrust. The low to moderate stamina consumption will help contrast the high stamina consumption of blocks using a greatshield. On the contrary, dual-wielding a spear means you will have a very quick player in your hands and you can quickly cause tons of damage while being hasty. Most spears also have a charge L2 attack, which can be devastating against slower, more immobile enemy types.



When it comes to spears in Dark Souls 3, the best entry-level option is the Spear. It may be the most basic spear in the game, but offers a lot more than its name suggests. To begin with, the spear is one of the quickest spears in the game. It is also the simplest spear to get acquainted with the spear weapon type, making it an exceptional spear for Dark Souls 3 beginners.

While the spear has a basic thrust moveset, that is more than enough. It is a great option for learning the thrust only attack pattern but can also serve as a very strong weapon, in general, owing to its ability to be buffed and infused and its scaling

The spear has a basic moveset and has a very cool L2 unique attack called the shield breaker, this attack can penetrate shields and hit through blocks while giving you some poise. On top of this, the spear’s fast-hitting speed translates into very high damage per second. It can be buffed and infused, we recommend the sharp gem if you are a dexterity player or a heavy gem for high strength infusion.

The sky is the limit with infusions for the spear, you can even have it serve as a weapon for your caster-type builds (check out our best mage builds).

The spear has a strength requirement of at least 11 and a dexterity requirement of at least 10, and a D and C scaling of strength and dexterity consecutively. We recommend a strength and dexterity level of at least 40 if running this on a quality build. The spear can be purchased from Greirat or be dropped from hollow soldiers.

The simplicity of the spear, along with its ability to be infused and its quick-hitting attacks make it one of the best all-rounder Dark Souls 3 spears. This spear will excel in both PvE and PvP. Its versatility allows for good PvP duels, this spear will let you get in quick, powerful hits while maintaining distance and will allow for easily getting in and out of encounters.

In PvE, using this spear with a greatshield means you can breeze through all encounters. While it may lag a bit in tight areas, the greatshield will help with the management of that. The shield splitter L2 will also help against enemies wielding shields. All in all, the spear is a fine weapon, good for all kinds of builds, and a great beginner spear in Dark Souls 3.

Partizan Spear

Dark Souls 3 Best Spears
Partizan Spear (credits: Moose Torrent)

The Partizan spear is one of the most unique and arguably one of the finest spears in Dark Souls 3. There are only a few Spears in Dark Souls 3 that have a slash R2 attack and the Partizan spear is one of them.

Alongside that, it has high damage, good quality scaling and unique combos. The R2 slash means it is one of the most versatile Spears in Dark Souls 3, offering more than just the spear’s traditional thrust attacks.

The Partizan spear also has a sweeping L2 weapon art that is effective in many different situations. The combos that are outputted as a result of the R2 slash attacks mean the Partizan Spear will handle both groups and single enemies with relative ease.

The Partizan spear is great both single-handed and dual-wielded. Its versatility means it is a great weapon in both offensive and defensive scenarios. The Partizan spear is also excellent in creating distance due to its slashes and sweeping attacks.

The Partizan spear has a strength and dexterity requirement of 14 and 12 consecutively, with a D scaling in both. We recommend a strength and dexterity level of at least 40 each to maximize the scaling of this weapon.

It can be infused and buffed and is reinforced using titanite. You can pick this spear up from a hanging corpse near where Cornyx is found.

Due to its versatile moveset, high damage, and ability to be buffed, the Partizan Spear excels in both PvE and PvP. In PvP, the powerful thrust attacks of the Partizan spear alongside its slash R2s make it a devastating weapon. The variety means you will have your opponent second-guessing your every move.

Not only this, but it will also be a great weapon when facing multiple PvP enemies. You can maintain your distance and cancel dodges using the slash R2 and get in powerful blows using the thrust attacks.

Similarly, in PvE, the Partizan Spear crushes. The high damage output alongside the ability to be buffed means this Spear will easily get you through all sorts of encounters, be it a small enemy or the nameless king. One area where the Spear class suffers is in close corners and alleyways, the thrust-only attacks make it easy to get overwhelmed.

The addition of powerful slashes means the Partizan spear will comfortably breeze through any and every area. To sum it up, the Partizan spear is one of the finest and most functional spears in Dark Souls 3.

Gargoyle Flame Spear

Dark Souls 3 Best Spears
Gargoyle Flame Spear (credits: Moose Torrent)

The Gargoyle Flame Spear deserves to make the cut just based on aesthetics alone. On top of that, this Spear also happens to be a great spear for Pyromancer Melee builds (check out our Pyromancer builds guide). The Gargoyle Flame Spear causes fire and physical damage. The Gargoyle Flame Spear also has great range and a very powerful weapon art that can stun almost any enemy.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear is the only Pyromancer Spear in Dark Souls 3. Its Fire damage that scales with Strength and Intelligence and high range makes it a very good option for Pyromancer builds. On top of this, with high enough scaling, it deals a ton of damage.

Gargoyle Flame Spear’s weapon art is especially powerful and can clear most ads and stun/highly damage most enemies in Dark Souls 3. The weapon art is similar to charge but has you jumping on your enemy with a fiery flame.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear scales with strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith. It requires strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith levels of 18, 15, 9, and 9 consecutively, and has scalings of D, D, E, and E respectively.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear cannot be buffed or infused and is reinforced using titanite (Check out our weapon upgrade guide). The Gargoyle Flame Spear is dropped by Gargoyle enemies wielding it in the Profaned Capital and the grand archives.

The Gargoyle Flame spear is a great PvE weapon but not the greatest PvP weapon. Its lack of versatility in attacks and straightforward weapon art means it is not the most pragmatic PvP weapon. For Pyro Melee hybrids, however, the Gargoyle Flame Spear is a great PvE option.

Not only is it a decently powerful weapon, but it is also a lot of fun to play with and is one of the best fashion souls weapons in the game. Overall, the Gargoyle Flame Spear is the best spear for Pyromancer Melee hybrids in Dark Souls 3.

Dragonslayer Swordspear

Dragonslayer Swordspear
Dragonslayer Swordspear (credits: Moose Torrent)

The Dragonslayer Swordspear is one of the most viable spears in Dark Souls 3. When it comes to the best Dark Souls 3 spears, the Dragonslayer swordspear is a no-brainer. Not only does it offer tons of physical and lightning damage, it has one of the best movesets in Dark Souls 3. The Dragonslayer swordspear acts both as a spear and a halberd. When one-handed, it acts as a spear but offers a lot more versatility due to its sweeping attacks and when dual-wielded, it acts as a halberd. On top of this, it has a lot of range and is a good-looking weapon on top of all that. The Dragonslayer swordspear easily has the highest variety when it comes to moves among all spears in Dark Souls 3.

The Dragonslayer swordspear is a great option for Strength, Dexterity and Faith builds. It is the boss soul weapons of one of the hardest Miyazaki bosses of all time, the Nameless King (Check out our list of the Best Dark Souls 3 boss weapons) , and its utility justifies that. Its ability to serve as two weapons at once while having good length, high damage, elemental damage and a very good moveset makes it an exceptional weapon. There is no trade-off for all this either, it still hits as quick as most spears in Dark Souls 3.

The Dragonslayer swordspear requires a strength, dexterity and faith level of 16, 22, and 18 and has a scaling of D, D, and C respectively.  We recommend a high Strength and Dexterity level with a faith level around 25-40. The Dragonslayer swordspear can not be buffed or infused but comes equipped with lightning damage. Dragonslayer Swordspear is upgraded using titanate scales. To acquire the Dragonslayer swordspear, you need to transpose the soul of the Nameless King.

Due to its many uses, the Dragonlsayer Swordspear is one of the best spears in Dark Souls 3 and excels in both PvE and PvP. Its high speed along with its insane moveset, and ability to use thrusts, slahses and sweeps means it will be good for all encounters, from hordes of ads to intense PvP duels. The Dragonslayer Swordspear is one of those weapons that have something for every sort of encounter, and that is what makes it such a special weapon and puts it here in this list. All in all, the Dragonslayer swordspear is easily one of the best Dark Souls 3 spears.

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Dragonslayer Spear

Dragonslayer Spear
Dragonslayer Spear

Not to be confused with the Dragonslayer swordspear, the Dragonslayer spear is one of the finest spears in Dark Souls 3. This iconic spear was wielded by Dragonslayer Ornstein himself. The Dragonslayer spear is also one of the most iconic spears in the Dark Souls series. Not only is the Dragonslayer spear one of the best spears in Dark Souls 3, it comes equipped with Lightning damage. It is a very strong spear that excels at everything a spear should do.

The Lightning spear has a moveset similar to all other basic Dark Souls 3 spears, but it comes with a 3 part weapon art, called lightning charge that is similar to a lightning charge but deals lightning damage. The dragonslayer spear also has great range and relatively high damage.

Since it is a unique weapon, the Dragonslayer spear is upgraded using Twinkling titanite. It cannot be buffed or infused but its lightning damage makes up for that. It requires a Strength and Dexterity level of at least 20 each. It has a D, C and D rating for strength, dexterity, and faith respectively. We recommend the Dragonslayer Spear to people with high dexterity and faith build to maximize raw and lightning damage. You can find the Dragonslayer Spear in Archdragon Peak. From the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire, climb the stairs, the spear will be lying on your right.

The Dragonslayer spear is one of the best PvE spears in Dark Souls 3. Due to its lack of versatility and better alternatives, we do not recommend it for PvP. In PvE, its lightning damage, long-range and redundant thrust attacks make for a very powerful option that can get you through any kind of encounter. Overall, the Dragonslayer spear is one of the best spears in Dark Souls 3.

Ringed Knight Spear

Ringed Knight Spear
Ringed Knigth Spear (credits: Moose Torrent)

Another fashion souls fit spear makes the list. The Ringed Knight spear is one of the best Spears in Dark Souls 3 and is an excellent alternative for the Partizan spear. The Ringed Knight spear is one of the finest Ringed City DLC weapons, which is saying a lot for that DLC is packed with a lot of good weapon options. The Ringed Knight spear is also one of the most underrated weapon options in Dark Souls 3. The Ringed Knight spear has a very viable and powerful moveset and is a unique weapon.

While the Ringed Knight spear has a moveset similar to other spears in Dark Souls 3, its unique L2 is what separates it from the masses. Its weapon art is a lunge that is very hard to dodge and does a ton of damage.

It can be followed up with quick R2s making it all the more devastating and also buffs the Ringed Knight spear with fire damage for some time, making it an exceptionally strong weapon art. Its moveset is also very unique, with fast R2s and slower R1s. Its moveset allows for a very offensive style of gameplay, making for relative ease of use against opponents with straight swords and the likes.

The Ringed Knight spear has a strength and dexterity requirement of at least 17 each and has a D, D, E, E sclaing in Strength, Dexterity, Faith and Intelligence each. We recommend the Ringed Knight spear for quality builds that have 40 strength and dexterity with some amount of faith and intelligence.

It is upgraded using twinkling titanate and cannot be buffed or infused.  You need the ringed city DLC to acquire Ringed Knight. You can find it right before the ringed city swamp. There, you will encounter a ringed knight, the spear will be in a corpse behind the knight.

Its weapon art means you get a buff and a very powerful attack. This is especially effective for PvE encounters with bosses or with tons of enemies. In PvP, its quickness allows for easy damage and ease of getting in and out of encounters. All in all, the Ringed Knight Spear is an excellent and very fun to use spear in Dark Souls 3.

Astor Spear

Dark Souls 3 Best Spears
Astor Spear (credits: Moose Torrent)

Like many other spears in this list, Astor is another pretty spear fit for fashion souls. Astor spear, however, offers a lot more than just pure looks. Astor spear is one of the best beginner spears in Dar souls 3. Astor spear comes equipped with health regen, giving you some hp for every successful hit. On top of that, it has poison, which can be pretty effective. While it may not be up there with the other spears in this game, it is just as good if not better for early game stuff and for getting acquainted with the spear class. It also has the shield splitter weapon art which is very effective against blocks and PvP opponents.

Astor spear also comes equipped with high range and like most sears, offers both defensive and offensive gameplay. The HP recovery per hit also means it is very viable in PvP invasions. The added poison damage also makes it annoying for whoever is on the opposite end. Like most other spears, the Astor spear also has a thrust-focused moveset that deals tons of damage.

Since it is a boss soul weapon, you can acquire the Astor spear by transposing the soul of the Cursed Rotted Greatwood. It is reinforced using titanate scales since it is a boss soul weapon. It cannot be buffed or infused. Its poison damage and HP recovery compliments more of a defensive gameplay style. A very popular way to use the Astor spear is to pair it with a small shield, like the spider shield.

Due to its many abilities, the Astor Spear is a great PvE and PvP weapon for beginners. Its versatility, high range and high early game damage. All this will help you with early game encounters of all sorts, from bosses to duels. Still, however, we recommend using this more as a PvE weapon for there are better early game PvP options. Oh, and also, it also happens to be an excellent secondary weapon due to its skillset and light weight.

Follower Javelin

Dark Souls 3 Best Spears
Follower Javelin (Credits: moose torrent)

TheJavelin is probably the best Pyromancer/Mage spear in Dark Souls 3 due to its high elemental infusion scaling. While similar to other Dark Souls 3 Spears, the follower Javelin’s high elemental scaling means it will be outputting tons of damage based off your trait of choice. It also has a powerful hurl unique attack that can hurl the Javelin far away, adding in a lot of versatility.

With base settings, the follower javelin requires a strength and dexterity level of at least 12 with a C and E scaling respectively, making the base version a great option for strength builds. It is upgraded using Titanite shards You will require the ashes of ariandel DLC to acquire Javelin. In the DLC, head to the Snowfield bonfire, from there, head right until you fall down a trap and headed straight ahead until you come across 5 farron wolves, behind them you will find this spear lying atop a corpse. Its moveset consists largely of thrust attacks.

The follower Javelin is an excellent option for Pyromancer/Mage type builds. Its moveset combined with the hurl unique attack makes it a good PvE and PvP option. In PvE, its powerful thrust attacks get you through most encounters and in PvP, the range along with the hurl attacks helps a lot. The hurl attack is great for catching opponents trying to get away or healing. All in all, the Follower Javelin is an exceptional Dark Souls 3 Spear.

Saint’s Bident

Best Dark SOuls 3 Spears
Saint’s Bident (credits: ChaseTheBro)

The Saint’s Bident is a great looking spear fit for faith builds. It has a quick moveset similar to the Pike, consisting of Thrust attacks. Its unique attack is the charge. The Saint’s Bident has a strength, dexterity and faith requirement of 12, 12 and 16. It has a strength, dexterity and faith scaling of D, E and C respectively.

With 60 Dexterity, this spear outputs tons of damage. It can be buffed and Infused, all this makes it one of the finest side spears in Dark Souls 3, an excellent option for caster type builds. With high Strength and Faith and a weapon buff, Saint’s Bident is one of the strongest/best spears in Dark Souls 3. Charge also does a lot of damage, helpful against tankier enemies. You can acquire this Dark Souls 3 spear in the cathedral of the Deep, next to one of the chained giants.

Its scaling and quick movements make it one of the best Dark Souls 3 spears for caster type builds for PvE. Charge and the strong thrust attacks, coupled with its long length give you a lot of advantage over your enemies. We wouldn’ not recommend it for PvP though for there are many better alternatives.

Yorshka’s Spear

Best Dark Souls 3 Spears
Yorshka’s Spear (credits: ZombieheadZ)

Yorshka’s spear is another devastating spear with a very versatile moveset and extremely powerful attacks. The attack pattern of the Yorshka is only shared by the Partizan and the Ringed Knight Spear, both among the best spears in Dark Souls 3. What Yorshka has over them is Faith scaling.

The moveset of the yorshka consists of both thrust attacks and powerful slash strong attacks, making it excellent for almost every sort of encounter. This also means its more of an offensive styled spear, better dual weilded. The attack variety coupled with the high range makes for very fun gameplay.

Yorshka requires a strength, dexterity and faith scaling of 18, 14 and 13 and has scalings of D in all 3. It cannot be buffed or infused since it is a unique weapon. It is upgraded using twinkling titanite.

Near the church of Yorshka Bonfire, there is a Black Room with glowy eyed enemies, there is a chest in that room which contains this spear.

Due to its very versatile mvoeset, Yorshka’s spear is great for both PvP and PvE, not lagging behind in any encounter. Its similarities with the Partizan make it excel in any and every encounter in the game. Its slashes alongside its powerful thrusts make it shine in PvP. Its unique ability, Pacify, also helps against caster type PvP enemies for it makes every hit drain a bit of their FP. Overall, the Yorshka is an excellent all rounding Dark Souls 3 spear.

Drang Twinspears

Dark Souls 3 PVP - Drang Twinspears - YouTube
Drang Twinspears (credits: Moose Torrent)

One of the most offensive spears in Dark Souls 3, the Drang Twinspears are definitely a contender for the best Dark Souls 3 spear. Their moveset is a fast paced one consisting of thrusts and standard attacks, making them very viable for all encounters.

Since the Drang Twinspears are a basic weapon type, they are upgraded using Titanite Shards and can be buffed and infused. Their ability to be infused means they can be used for multiple kinds of builds. Base Drang twinspears have a Strength and Dexterity level of 14 and 20 respectively and have a scaling of D in both. Great option for 40/40 quality builds. They are dropped by the Drang Knights in Irithyll of the Borreal valley.

Due to their offensive, versatile moveset, the Drang twinspears are great for both PvE and PvP. They do have a slight learning curve but it is totally worth it. Their hastiness coupled with their decent damage per second means you will be flying through all kinds of encounters. On top of all this, they have good range too. Overall, the Drang Twinspears are a fine pair of Dark Souls 3 Spears.

Winged Spear

Dark Souls 3 PvP - Winged Spear - YouTube
Winged Spear (Credits: Moose Torrent)

The Winged spear is arguably the best Dark Souls 3 Spear for Strength and Dexterity builds. It has many uses and is a very powerful spear. Infusing the Winged Spear with a Heavy or Sharp gem gives it an S scaling. It can be used while your shield is activated giving you multiple new ways to attack.

The Winged spear can be infused and buffed and is upgraded using titanite shards. It requires a strength and dexterity level of 12 and 15 respectively and has a D and C scaling respectively. You can purchase this spear from Patches for 1500 souls.

Due to its ability to hit while using the shield, the Winged spear is great at both PvP and PvE. It has great length and does good damage. The S scaling in Strength and dexterity after infusing makes it one of the best spears in Dark SOuls 3 for strength and dexterity builds. It also has Charge which is very effective against tankier enemies in PvP. All in all, the Winged spear is a very powerful and respectable Dark Souls 3 Spear.


What is the Best Spear In Dark Souls 3?

This comes down to personal preference. Due to the variety of Dark SOuls 3 spears, from hybrid swordspears to faith-focused spears to straight up physical damage base spears, what’s best for you may be the worst for someone else. We recommend switching up and trying multiple spears to determine which one suits you the most.

How do spears suffer from Greatswords?

While greatswords usually have a broader moveset with multiple playstyles, spears have a lot more range and are often restricted to a thrust focused style. Both have their ups and downs and are viable for different scenarios. To contrast, check out our Best Dark Souls 3 Greatswords list.

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