Best Talisman God of War: Location, Tips And Guide

Check out this guide to find out about the Best Talisman God of War. It includes all the tips, locations, and ideas on how to get it.

Best Talisman God of War
Best Talisman God of War

The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages is the best talisman in God of War as it allows the player to equip three enchantment gems that give extra stats and allow the use of the hidden ability of the talisman. You can obtain it by completing the “Family Business” side quest given by Sindri.

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrading the talisman requires 90000 hack silver, 25 Dust of realms, and 3 Dragon Tears
  • To fully activate the talisman, six enchantment gems must be collected.
  • Each gem offers different stats and effects that can greatly enhance Kratos’ abilities.
  • Andvari’s Soul can be found by completing Brok’s side quest in Volunder Mines
  • The gauntlet uses three enchantment gems.
  • Pressing L1+O with a fully upgraded gauntlet can knock back enemies and deal significant damage, making it useful for defeating late-game enemies and the Valkyrie queen.

Updated March 15th, 2024 by Umer Cheema:

There have been no big recent updated for the 2018 God of War, as GoW Ragnarok has taken over. However, the Talisman in GoW stay fixed and unaffected by any patch updated. Therefore, this article did not receive any significant changes, as all the mentioned details for the Best Talisman remain the same to this date. 

There are many options to choose from, and after dozens of hours’ worth of playtime, I finally found the ideal talisman. It not only goes well with the other equipment, but it also is strong on its own.

Much like Dark Souls Faith Build, you need to have an ideal loadout for your character to survive.

Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

Best Talisman For Damage Build
best talisman god of war
The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

Why did I Choose Shattered Gauntlet of Ages?

The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages offers a variety of special attacks and abilities. This makes it a formidable weapon in combat, and I prefer it because it is capable of dealing significant damage to enemies.

The shattered gauntlet, unlike other talismans in God of War, permits the player to equip three enchantment gems, providing additional stats and a hidden ability.

Initially, its ability minimally pushes enemies and inflicts slight damage. However, after upgrading, this ability not only pushes but also releases projectiles, causing substantial damage.

  1. To acquire this talisman, progress the story until Sindri offers the “Family Business” side quest.
  2. Initially, the Talisman is not very powerful compared to better alternatives.
  3. At its base level, the talisman can push back surrounding enemies and stagger powerful ones.
  4. Upgrading the Shattered Gauntlet and applying three enchantments significantly boosts Kratos’ stats and grants potent abilities.

  • Upgradeable Power
  • Special Abilities
  • Easter Egg Reference
  • Offers a wide range of abilities

  • Complex Acquisition Process
  • Limited Base Power
  • Enchantment Requirements
  • Resource Intensive

Upgrading the Best Talisman

best talisman god of war
Upgrades play an integral part in God of War

Once you obtain the talisman, upgrade it for maximum potential by gathering 90000 hack silver, 25 Dust of Realms, and 3 Dragon Tears.

The most challenging item to acquire is the Dragon Tear, obtainable from dragons located throughout the God of War map. The tear becomes available after advancing in the story and defeating Baldur for the second time.

The talisman can only hold one gem and requires two upgrades for full activation. Upon full upgrade, collect the six scattered enchantment gems across the world of Midgard.

Finding the Six Gems

Andvari’s Soul Gem:
Obtain by completing the “Second Hand Soul Favor” Brok’s side quest in Volunder Mines. Grants 8 runic, 4 vitality, and 6 cooldowns. It enables Kratos to heal on a kill with a runic attack.

Asgard’s Shard of Existence:
Acquired by defeating Valkyrie Rota in Helheim. Provides 12 defense, creating a fortification barrier when holding L1, which explodes and knocks back enemies upon successful blocking.

Eye of the Outer Realm Gem:
Found at the end of Odin’s chamber during a story mission. Offers 7 strength, 7 runic, 7 defense, 7 vitality, 7 luck, and 7 cooldown, devoid of special effects but compensated by its substantial stats.

Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind Gem:
Obtain by defeating the Valkyrie in Alfheim. Grants 6 strength, 6 runic, 12 defense, and 6 vitality. Its ability increases damage taken by nearby enemies.

Musphelheim’s Eye of Power:
Available for purchase from the dwarven shop in Musphelheim. Grants 10 strength, 10 defense, and 10 vitality, offering burn damage resistance up to 60%.

Njord’s Temporal Stone:
Acquired by defeating Sigrun, the Valkyrie queen. Grants 6 runic, 6 luck, and a cooldown of 12, with a passive that occasionally slows down enemies upon impact, which is particularly useful for new game challenges.

How to Use the Gauntlet

best talisman god of war
Using the talisman’s ability on an enemy

The gauntlet only uses three enchantment gems despite there being six. If you install any three of the mentioned gems, you will unlock their true potential. Pressing L1+O knocks back enemies and sends out energy projectiles, dealing significant damage. A fully upgraded gauntlet is a superb tool to deal with late-game enemies. It is especially useful if you want to defeat the Valkyrie queen since you gain tremendous amounts of stats when equipping the gauntlet.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Talisman of Betrayal: Beyond the time-slowing effect, this Talisman has no additional benefits, and this is considered one of the lowest-rated Talisman in GoW. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for mid and late-game.
  2. Sinmara’s Cinder: This is a fully offensive talisman and I have seen it not work against enemies with heavy defense, hence there is no point in using it.
  3. Talisman of Cursed Power: It is one of the most challenging Talisman to obtain and I proved it to be less effective against bosses despite it being resource intensive.

My Verdict On The Best Talisman

Fully upgrading the gauntlet can be a cumbersome undertaking that can prove to be quite troublesome. However, if you decide to fulfill the shattered gauntlets prophecy, it will help reap all its benefits. Additionally, once you upgrade it and empower it with the three gems, you will be quite unstoppable.

You can use any three gems according to your playstyle. Whether you like to rely on your abilities, defense, or your attacks, you can set up any type of combo and get the best results.

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