Best Wand Cores In Hogwarts Legacy

After playing Hogwarts Legacy for more than 6 months, I'll be sharing the best wand cores you can use!

Best Wand Cores
Best Wand Cores In Hogwarts Legacy
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Shoaib Rashid has invested more than 120+ hours in Hogwarts Legacy. He has gone through the game extensively, so you can easily trust any information he provides related to the game!

Players use Wand Cores in Hogwarts Legacy to show off their magic skills and powers. All of the basic information about these wands is described below.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete the Welcome to Hogsmeade Quest in Hogsmeade and then go to the Ollivanders store.
  • Choose the best wand core from these three wand cores at Ollivanders.
  • Dragon Heartstring’s wand core generates powerful magic.
  • Phoenix Feather’s wand core generates a great range of magic.
  • Unicorn Hair’s wand core generates consistent magic.

Best Wand Cores 

Here is a summary table for the Best Wand Cores in Hogwarts Legacy:

No.Wand Core
1Dragon Heartstring
2Phoenix Feather
3Unicorn Hair

What Are Wand Cores?

A wand is an object made from wood with a magical substance at its core, through which a player channels his or her magic and chooses to become a wizard or witch.

Varieties Of Wand Cores

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Colors
  • Length
  • Flexibilities
  • Material
  • Wood Type
  • Cores

Wand Cores Customizing Location 

After finishing the introductory scenario and discovering your house, you will meet Mr. Weasley, who will introduce you to a class fellow with which you will go to Hogsmeade.

To customize your wand in Hogwarts Legacy, go to Ollivander’s shop in Hogsmeade, where you can enter after completing the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest. Thus, you can customize your wand at the Ollivander’s shop.

Ollivander's wand cores
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Types Of Wand Cores 

Players in Hogwarts Legacy will be offered Three different wand cores that will act as an extension to intimate magical abilities for the players. Knowing which wand suits you best is important because they are tools for wizards and witches to channel their magic.

These three costly and rare wands have distinct properties and are the most reliable.
All of these wand names are on the elements of magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe.

The main features of these wands are crosscut here:

  • The Dragon Heartstring Wand Core produces the most Powerful Magic
  • The Phoenix Feather Wand Core produces a Wide Range of Magic
  • The Unicorn Tail Hair Wand Core produces a Consistent Magic
wand cores of three types
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The Dragon Heartstring Wand Core

Wand CoreIn-Game Description / Lore
Dragon HeartstringDragon heartstring that serves as the core of a wand, known for producing powerful magic.
Wands made from Dragon cores are easier to adapt and learn than others. Dragon Heartstrings are described to be the most powerful yet the easiest core to turn to the Dark Arts.

Dragon Wand Cores can cast powerful magic and flamboyant spells in Hogwarts Legacy. This wand core tends to learn more quickly and simply than other wands. It is also the most accessible core to convert to the Dark Arts. Out of these three wands, it is the most temperamental, therefore, most prone to cast an accident.

The Phoenix Feather Wand Core

Wand CoreIn-Game Description / Lore
Phoenix FeatherThe feather of a phoenix that serves as the core of a wand, known for producing a great range of magicPhoenix cores are capable of producing a great range of magic. One of the rarest Wand Cores, Phoenix Feathers are described to be the hardest to turn docile and the most difficult to secure loyalty.

Phoenix Wand Cores can cast a wide range of magic in Hogwarts Legacy. This wand core is imaginary, the hardest to tame, and they are always the pickiest while choosing potential owners and securing loyalty.

The Unicorn Tail Hair Wand Core

Wand CoreIn-Game Description / Lore
Unicorn HairThe hair of a unicorn that serves as the core of a wand, is known for producing consistent magic.
Although not the most powerful core for wands, Unicorn cores are least prone to mishaps when casting spells. The literal opposite of Dragon cores, wands imbued with Unicorn Tail hair are described to be also the least likely to turn to the Dark Arts.

Unicorn Tail Hair Wand Core can cast consistent magic in Hogwarts Legacy. This wand core has minor fluctuations and blockages in its way; furthermore, they are the most Faithfull among all wands.

Best Wand cores
Image via Benjamin snow

Can You Change Your Wand Cores

The answer is NO; You cannot change it once you have created your Wand at Ollivanders during the Welcome to Hogsmeade chapter. Your decisions will remain in force afterward in the game, so don’t choose your wand quickly.

Do Wand Cores Affect Your Game?

To be honest, the wand cores don’t have any good change or effect on the game. It is just a cosmetic change that allows you to design your wand. Thus, it would be best to design your wand with an elegant and charming look.

Recommendation For Best Hogwarts Legacy Wand Cores

From my point of view, the Phoenix Feather has excellent range and is the best wand; moreover, this wand was owned by Harry Potter in the movie.

Dragon Heartstring wand core has enormous power and places second in this list, but that core is mainly used for dark arts. Hermione Granger owned a wand made of it in Harry Potter.

The Unicorn Hair wand core works well for charms and transformations. Ron Weasley owned a wand made of it Harry Potter.

Remember, it’s just my opinion for the best wand core for you, but you should keep your traits in mind while choosing your wand core because it will help to bring out the best in you.


 In the final analysis, I hope you understand Hogwarts Legacy Wand Cores and their features and working. Wand cores are vital to feeling like a witch or wizard, so choose your wand core wisely that suits your attributes and creates your legacy in the game.

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