The BEST Warzone 2 Loadouts Season 2 [2024]

As a fan of COD games and having 200+ hours invested in Warzone 2, here are my best loadouts!

Warzone 2 Best Loadouts

Weapon attachments are significantly harder to unlock in Warzone 2, so players must choose their loadouts carefully. Fortunately, I’ve spent countless hours analyzing which weapons dominate the battlefield. Below I’ll go through eight customized loadouts to cater to different playstyles. The loadouts below go in-depth with the attachments, perks, and secondary weapons to pair them with too.

About The Author

Yahya Jamshed has played 200+ hours of Call of Duty games, and on top of that, he’s a fan! He has played every COD game extensively, so you can easily trust his hands-on experience and the information he provides related to Call of Duty Warzone 2!

Key Takeaways

  • The TAQ 56 and the TAQ M are the superior weapons to take out enemies at medium to long ranges.
  • The Kastov 74U is a surprisingly good alternative to SMGs and is a beast at clearing corners.
  • The M4 and the FSS Hurricane are the most balanced weapons in Warzone 2 to tackle most situations.
  • The Victus XMR plays similarly to snipers in old Call Of Duty games.
  • The Fennec 45 has a rapid firing rate and is impressive at close-range combat.
  • The Signal 50 has the quickest follow-up shots capability of any sniper in Warzone 2.
  • The Scout and Spectre packages pair best with most playstyles in Warzone 2.
  • Heartbeat Sensor and Flash Grenade are optimal choices for a Tactical.
  • Drill Charge and Molotovs are ideal choices for Lethal grenades.

Comparison Table & Best Loadouts

Here is a comparison table of my best Loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 2 . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.WeaponBest forRangeBarrelMuzzleUnderbarrelMagazineOpticStockLaserRear Grip
1TAQ 56Best Mid Range Loadout.Mid17.5 Tundra Pro BarrelEcholess-80 FTAC Ripper 56 60-Round MagVLK 4.0 ---
2TAQ M Best Semi-Auto Long Range Loadout.LongLR1:7 20.5″Polarfire-S--Cronen Zero P Optic-FSS OLE-VDemo Cleanshot
3Kastov 74U Best Close Range AR Loadout.Close-VLK Kolosh Flash Hider VX Pineapple45-Round Mag VX Pineapple Corio Laz-44 V3 -
4FSS HurricaneBalanced All Range Loadout.AllFSS X7-Edge 47 Grip --Assault 60 FactoryFSS OLE-V XTEN
5Victus XMRBest One Shot Sniper Loadout.LongMack 8 33.5 Super Bruen Counter-Ops --Corio 13X VRS -ACCU-Shot 5MW Bruen Q900
6M4Best Balanced AR Loadout.Mid and close-Echoless-80FTAC Ripper 56 -SZ SRO-7 9 -Corio LAZ-44 V3 XTEN
7Fennec 45Best Close Range SMG Loadout.CloseZLR 16.5 Ignition-FSS-Sharkfin 90 Fennec MAG 45 --ACCU-Shot 5MW Fennec Rubber Grip
8Signal 50Best Semi-Auto Sniper Loadout.Long29″ TV Kilo-50Bruen-Counter Ops ---FTAC Invisi-670Corio LAZ-44 V3 SA Finesse Grip

Comparison Table. 

As the weapon attachments unlocking system is more complicated in Warzone 2, I’ll also review how to unlock specific attachments. Leveling up weapons is a long and tedious process unless you know what you’re doing.

1. TAQ 56 Mid Ranger

Best Mid Range Loadout.

Why did I choose TAQ 56?

It’s a versatile build with TAQ 56 having an excellent damage output at mid-range, while Fennec SMG or Kastov 74U AR makes up for the other shortcomings.

In my testing, the M4 is no longer the king of all ARs and instead has competition this time around. The TAQ 56 is one of my favorite weapons in Warzone 2 and has several advantages over other ARs.

There are plenty of vast expansive spaces in Al Mazrah, and the TAQ 56 shreds enemies at range. The following attachments pair perfectly with the TAQ 56 to make it an absolute beast.

TAQ 56 Warzone 2 Gunsmith
TAQ 56 Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Barrel: 17.5 Tundra Pro Barrel (TAQ 56 to Level-12)
  • Muzzle: Echoless-80 (TAQ 56 to Level-14)
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56 (Lachman 762 to Level-6)
  • Magazine: 60-Round Mag (TAQ 57 to Level-17)
  • Optic: VLK 4.0 (Kastov 762 to Level-4)
AttachmentTuningHow to Unlock
Echoless-80 (Muzzle)+1.04 ↑
+0.18 →
TAQ-56 Level 14
Schlager 3.4x (Optic)-1.58 ↓
-1.50 →
RAPP H Level 12
FTAC Ripper 56 (underbarrel)+0.54 ↑
+0.18 →
Lachmann-762 Level 6
5.56 High Velocity (Ammunition)-0.52 ↓
-2.90 ←
STB 556 Level 7
60 Round Mag (Magazine)N/ATAQ-56 Level 17

The attachments above ensure a crisp medium-range experience with a focus on recoil smoothness. The 60-round magazine makes sure players will be able to beam multiple enemies for extended periods.

The other attachments focus entirely on recoil stabilization and control. There’s a slight vertical pull when firing, which is easily mitigated.

TAQ 56 Warzone 2 Firing Range
TAQ 56 Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

Don’t expect this version of the TAQ 56 to be excellent at close range. While it isn’t the worst at hipfire and close engagements, there are certainly better alternatives, as you’ll find below.

This TAQ 56 loadout pairs ideally with close-range SMGs such as the Fennec or an AR like the Kastove 74U.

  • High damage output.
  • Best at mid-range.
  • Fennec & Kastov 74U compensate for close combat and mobility.
  • Weak at long-range.

2. TAQ M Mid-Long Ranger

Best Semi-Auto Long Range Loadout.

Why did I choose TAQ M?

TAQ M excels in long-range combat, thanks to its heavy-hitting bullets with a Semi-Auto fire rate, and high bullet velocity that makes it effective, making it even deadlier. 

The TAQ M is my pick for accurate mid to long-range combat with severe damage. Semi-auto rifles in the original Warzone pale compared to the Battle and Marksman Rifles in Warzone 2. If fitted correctly, the TAQ M can crank out head and body shots at range.

The faster time to kill paired with the TAQ M’s long damage drop-off makes it a competitive weapon. The following attachments make the TAQ M an alternative to long-range snipers.

Weapon ClassMarksman Rifles
Phonetic AlphabetFoxtrot
ReleaseGame Launch
Weapons PlatformTactique Verte Platform
Weapon TypePrimary Weapon
How to UnlockReach Level 20 with the TAQ-56
based on (real life.)FN SCAR 20S
TAQ M Warzone 2 Gunsmith
TAQ M Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Barrel: LR1:7 20.5″ (TAQ M to Level-16)
  • Muzzle: Polarfire-S (Lachmann 762 to Level-5)
  • Lazer: FSS OLE-V (EBR 14 to Level-10)
  • Rear Grip: Demo Cleanshot (TAQ V to Level-13)
  • Optic: Cronen Zero P Optic( TAQ 56 to Level-4)
MuzzleZLR Talon 5Lachmann-Sub to Level 18Recoil Smoothness (+1.00 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+0.80 in)
BarrelLR1:7 20.5" BarrelTAQ-M to Level 16Recoil Steadiness (+0.40 lb) / Damage Range (+0.30 in)
OpticLuca Bandera ScopeLockwood Mk2 to Level 7Default
StockTacverte Core StockTAQ-M to Level 3Default
Ammunition6.5 mm of high velocityTAQ-M to Level 6Damage Range (+0.50 g) / Bullet Violecy (+5.40 g)

These attachments stabilize the idle weapon sway to make for easy clean shots at long distances. The Optic is a personal choice; however, I believe the Zero P to be manageable at medium and long ranges.

What I love most about the TAQ M is its ability for quick follow-up shots to secure the kill. ADS Speed is not the TAQ M’s strong suit as it takes time to get into position.

TAQ M Warzone 2 Firing Range
TAQ M Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

The TAQ M is criminally underrated in the overall Warzone 2 atmosphere and should be taken advantage of early. Unlocking attachments for the TAQ M is faster than other weapons, as playing with the TAQ platforms is all that’s needed. The TAQ M pairs nicely with Medium to Short range SMGs such as the Hurricane.

  • Best for mid and long ranges.
  • Semi-auto fire rate.
  • Hurricane SMG takes care of close-range enemies.
  • Easy to unlock TAQ M attachments.
  • Low Mobility.
  • Takes time to switch to SMG in case of a rush. 

3. Kastov 74U Close Range Beamer

Best Close Range AR Loadout.

Why did I choose Kastov 74U?

Kastov 74U takes a heavy toll on enemies in close range, featuring decent recoil, massive damage, mobility, and easy handling. 

The Kastov 74U is both hated and loved by the multiplayer and Warzone player base. It is loved by those who use it and hated by those who do not. It’s considered the meta in MW2 Multiplayer and shreds players at close to medium range.

Warzone 2 is no exception, and the Kastov 74U is perfect for clearing out buildings and checking corners. The attachments below optimize the Kastove 74U for speed and controllable recoil.

Weapon ClassAssault Rifles
Phonetic AlphabetGolf
ReleaseGame Launch
Weapons PlatformKastovia Platform
Weapon TypePrimary Weapon
How to UnlockReach Level 13 with the Kastov 545
based on (real life.)Kalashnikov AKS-74U
MuzzleXTEN Havoc 90
BarrelBR209 Barrel
StockSpetsnaz S10 Stock
Rear GripTrue-TAC Grip
Under BarrelPhase-3 Grip
Kastov 74U Gunsmith
Kastov 74U Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Muzzle: VLK Kolosh Flash Hider ( Kastov 545 to Level-16)
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple (556 Icarus to Level-14)
  • Stock: KSTV RPK Factory (Kastov 762 to Level-6)
  • Lazer: Corio Laz-44 V3 (MCPR 300 to Level-3)
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag (Kastov 74U to Level-14)

The above attachments combine to make the Kastov 74U as stable as possible with reduced idle sway. The Kastov 74U already has what it takes regarding damage numbers and speed.

The Ironsights are capable of picking out targets, and recoil is manageable too. With this Kastov 74U setup, players can also melt enemies at close and potentially medium range. The Kastov 74U is undoubtedly a core contender for Warzone 2’s best loadouts.

Kastov 74U Firing Range
Kastov 74U Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

The Kastov 74U pairs adequately with weapons that focus on medium to long-range gunfights. It’s reliable as a secondary to snipers, battle rifles, and ARs kitted for distance.

I’ve paired the Kastov 74U with Snipers as it also holds its ground at medium-range gunfights. Snipers such as the Signal 50 or Victus XMR are great with the Kastov 74U.

  • High damage output.
  • Best at close range.
  • Favors aggressive playstyle.
  • Decent recoil control and handling.
  • Pair with snipers for long-range support.
  • Ineffective at long-range.
  • Larger magazines reduce mobility.

4. FSS Hurricane Reliable All Ranges

Balanced All Range Loadout.

Why did I choose the FSS Hurricane?

The FSS Hurricane has impressive recoil control, decent damage, and the capability to be supportive at all ranges.

The FSS Hurricane is arguably the most reliable and stable weapon in Warzone 2 early on. It’s also available as ground loot which means players will already have practice with it.

The FSS Hurricane does not excel at anything specific but does everything well. The attachments below are the perfect fit for the FSS Hurricane.

Weapon ClassSMGs
Phonetic AlphabetEcho
ReleaseGame Launch
Weapons PlatformM4 Platform
Weapon TypePrimary Weapon
How to UnlockReach Level 17 with the FTac Recon
based on (real life.)AR57
MuzzleAVR-T90 Comp
Barrel1MW Laser box
StockSlimline Pro
Rear GripXTEN Grip
Under BarrelFTac Ripper 56
FSS Hurricane Warzone 2 Gunsmith
FSS Hurricane Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Barrel: FSS X7 ( FSS Hurricane to Level-10)
  • Underbarrel: Edge 47 Grip (Kastov 74U to Level-9)
  • Lazer: FSS OLE-V (EBR 14 to Level-10)
  • Stock: Assault 60 Factory ( SA-B 50 to Level-22)
  • Rear Grip: XTEN ( M4 to Level-16)

These attachments with the FSS Hurricane make for a devastating beamer at all ranges. The FSS Hurricane’s iron sights are enough for medium and long-range target acquisition.

The FSS X7 Barrel and XTEN Rear Grip steady the recoil to maintain accuracy during extended bursts. Other rapid-firing weapons may outgun the FSS Hurricane at close range, but it still holds its ground.

FSS Hurricane Warzone 2 Firing Range
FSS Hurricane Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

Another great thing about the FSS Hurricane is its ability to be paired with most weapons. In my testing, I found pairing the FSS Hurricane with the XMR Sniper works efficiently at finishing individual targets. The FSS Hurricane and RPK are also ideal at providing cover fire and having what seems like infinite magazine sizes.

  • Decent damage output.
  • Adequate performance at all ranges.
  • Controllable recoil.
  • Versatile weapon combos.
  • The fire rate is not as good as other SMGs.
  • It’s good at every range, but not best at any particular aspect.

5. Victus XMR One Shot Kill

Best One Shot Sniper Loadout.

Why did I choose Victus XMR?

The Victus XMR specializes in one-shotting your opponents, owing to its immense damage and accuracy at long ranges. 

The Victus XMR is also available as ground loot and can one-shot kill over longer ranges. While the most popular sniper in Warzone 2’s current state is the Signal 50, the XMR is significantly underrated.

Everything about the XMR plays the same as a traditional bolt action rifle from older games. That means players may already have practice with it and enough muscle memory to pull off amazing shots.

Weapon ClassSniper Rifles
ReleaseSeason 1
Weapons PlatformImperatorium Platform
Weapon TypePrimary Weapon
How to UnlockReach and complete Sector A7 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.
based on (real life.)Accuracy International AW50
BarrelMACK 8 21.5 Short
OpticSP-X80 6.6X
Rear GripBruen Q900 Grip
StockXRK Rise 50
Victus XMR Warzone 2 Gunsmith
Victus XMR Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Barrel: Mack 8 33.5 Super (Victus XMR to Level-3)
  • Muzzle: Bruen Counter-Ops Victus XMR to Level-21)
  • Lazer: ACCU-Shot 5MW (Lockwood MK2 to Level-11)
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 (MX9 to Level-13)
  • Optic: Corio 13X VRS (MCPR 300 to Level-20)

The attachments I’ve chosen for the Victus XMR improve its already established strengths. The laser and rear grip will quicken ADS times for possible quick scopes.

The rest of the attachments improve the Idle Stability and Damage Range. The XMR is my favorite sniper to dominate with and has cemented itself as a worthy weapon and one of Warzone 2’s best loadouts.

Victus XMR Warzone 2 Firing Range
Victus XMR Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

Most of the snipers in Warzone 2 pair ideally with ARs and SMGs with large magazine sizes. The FSS Hurricane is the optimum choice here; however other options aren’t bad either.

The Kastov 74U with 45 Round Mags is also a killer combination. Any weapon with more than thirty rounds per magazine will pair well with the XMR.

  • One-shot targets at long ranges.
  • High idle stability and accuracy.
  • Quick ADS time.
  • Pair with SMG or AR for close-range support.
  • Recoil is increased due to attachments.
  • Slower fire rate than other snipers.

6. M4 Most Balanced

Best Balanced AR Loadout.

Why did I choose M4?

M4 is a reliable weapon, having a fast fire rate, decent DPS, handling, and mobility. I prefer it for mid-range encounters. 

The M4 was the go-to weapon to use in the original Warzone for the longest time, and with good reason. It’s back with a bang in Warzone 2 and still maintains many of its strong points.

The M4 isn’t the highest-damaging or fastest-firing AR, but it’s arguably the most balanced of the bunch. Put simply, the M4 is the most accessible weapon for veterans and newcomers in Warzone 2.

Weapon ClassAssault Rifles
Phonetic AlphabetAlpha
ReleaseGame Launch
Weapons PlatformM4 Platform
Weapon TypePrimary Weapon
based on (real life.)Colt M4A1
MuzzleComodo Heavy
BarrelHigh Tower 20″Barrel
OpticCronen Mini Red Dot
Rear GripSakin ZX Grip
Under BarrelFTac Ripper 56
M4 Warzone 2 Gunsmith
M4 Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Muzzle: Echoless-80 (TAQ 56 to Level-14)
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56 (Lachman 762 to Level-6)
  • Lazer: Corio LAZ-44 V3 (MCPR 300 to Level-3)
  • Rear Grip: XTEN (M4 to Level-16)
  • Optic: SZ SRO-7 9 (Fennec 45 to Level-4)

I believe the TAQ 56 to be the most competitive at longer ranges and hence have kitted the M4 for medium-range encounters. The most accurate way to describe the M4 setup above is reliable and consistent.

Plus, it takes full advantage of the fast time to kill and is customized for recoil stabilization and ADS speed. An alternative M4 loadout may be kitted for long-range combat.

M4 Warzone 2 Firing Range
M4 Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

Surprisingly, the M4 is a complicated weapon to pair others with. This is because it holds its ground pretty well at medium and close range.

The guns I believe pair nicely with the M4 are the Signal 50 or the Fennec 45. The M4 is undoubtedly the trademark weapon for Warzone 2’s best loadouts.

  • High damage output.
  • Fast fire-rate.
  • Best at mid-range.
  • Decent recoil control and handling.
  • Reduced mobility.
  • Time to kill is slower than other weapons.
  • Weak at long ranges.

7. Fennec 45 Close-Range Monster

Best Close Range SMG Loadout.

Why did I choose Fennec 45?

Fennec 45 makes its name for the weapon with the fastest fire rate, giving quick TTK at close ranges to deal with multiple targets.

The Fennec 45 was a weapon I wasn’t expecting much from, yet it surpassed all forms of testing. The Fennec is arguably the fastest-firing weapon in the game and a complete monster at close range. Players with the Fennec have a significant advantage at close range and sometimes even at medium range.

Weapon ClassSMGs
Phonetic AlphabetHotel
ReleaseGame Launch
Weapons PlatformFennec Platform
Weapon TypePrimary Weapon
How to UnlockReach Level 38 in Military Ranks
Based on (real life)KRISS Vector .45
Unlock Level38
MuzzleAVR-T90 Comp
LaserSchlager ULO-66 Laser
OpticSlimline Pro
MagazineFennec Mag 45
Under BarrelPhase 3 Grip
Fennec 45 Warzone 2 Gunsmith
Fennec 45 Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Barrel: ZLR 16.5 Ignition ( Fennec 45 to Level-14)
  • Underbarrel: FSS-Sharkfin 90 (Fennec 45 to Level-2)
  • Lazer: ACCU-Shot 5MW (Lockwood MK2 to Level-11)
  • Rear Grip: Fennec Rubber Grip (Fennec 45 to Level-12)
  • Magazine: Fennec MAG 45 (Fennec 45 to Level-15)

The attachments above are superb for silenced and quick-moving kills on the go. Remember that even with the 45 Round-Mag, the Fennec still burns through them rapidly.

This means players must be accurate to get multiple kills in one magazine. Fortunately, the 5MW Lazer and Ignition Barrel help stabilize the Fennec to secure those kills.

Fennec 45 Firing Range
Fennec 45 Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

It is not recommended to pair the Fennec 45 with a sniper due to how fast it burns its ammo, but if you’re accurate, it should work. Players need a quick secondary weapon when under stress from multiple players.

As such, I recommend pairing the Fennec 45 with the TAQ M or TAQ56 to strike close and medium-range terror. 

  • Extraordinary fire-rate.
  • Best at close range.
  • Suitable recoil control.
  • Adequate Hip-fire accuracy.
  • High magazine size.
  • Ineffective at medium or long-range.
  • Magazine quickly runs out.
  • Mobility suffers a little.

8. Signal 50 Semi-Auto Sniper

Best Semi-Auto Sniper Loadout.

Why did I choose Signal 50?

Signal 50 is deadly in combat due to its Semi-auto fire rate, high damage, and recoil stability that allows it to shoot multiple shots in a couple of seconds without scoping out. 

The Signal 50 is the most popular Sniper in Warzone 2 because it is also used as ground loot. Players new to sniping in Warzone have a blast playing with the Signal 50 because of how accessible it is to use.

It’s the only sniper in the game where you don’t have to scope out and load another round to shoot again. The Signal 50 can make rapid follow-up shots to mow down enemies.

Weapon ClassSniper Rifles
Phonetic AlphabetBravo
ReleaseGame Launch
Weapons PlatformSignal Platform
Weapon TypePrimary Weapon
How to UnlockReach level 44 in military ranks.
Based on (real life)SERO Gepard GM6 Lynx
Unlock Level44
MuzzleNilSound 90
LaserFSS OLE-V Laser
StockSO Inline Stock
Rear GripSA Finesse Grip
Under BarrelFSS Sharkfin 90
Signal 50 Warzone 2 Gunsmith
Signal 50 Gunsmith | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming
  • Barrel: 29″ TV Kilo-50 (Signal 50 to Level-15)
  • Muzzle: Bruen-Counter Ops (Victus XMR to Level-21)
  • Stock: FTAC Invisi-670 (Signal 50 to Level-17)
  • Lazer: Corio LAZ-44 V3 (MCPR 300 to Level-3)
  • Rear Grip: SA Finesse Grip (Signal 50 to Level-20)

The primary attachments I’ve selected for the Signal 50 are specialized for ADS speed and recoil stability. Since players will be making quick follow-up shots, the Coreo Lazer and Bruen Counter-Ops muzzle will help with recoil control.

Remember that the Signal 50 is an enormous gun and is relatively slower to use. Players taking a position at vantage points and utilizing the Signal 50 over longer distances will be better off than rushing and quick scoping.

Signal 50 Firing Range
Signal 50 Firing Range | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

The Signal 50 is ideally paired with weapons focused on close-range combat and rapid-firing capabilities. I believe the Fennec 45 and the Kastov 74U are the most suited to the Signal 50.

With these combinations, players will have superiority at both long and close ranges but may struggle at medium ranges.

  • High damage output.
  • Best at long-range.
  • A semi-auto fire rate allows one to hit multiple targets quickly.
  • Good recoil stability.
  • Enhanced ADS speed and range.
  • Mobility is low.
  • Cannot One-Shot enemies.

Perks To Pair With The Best Loadouts

With the weapons out of the way with the optimized attachments, it’s time to focus on the perks. Unfortunately, at present, Warzone 2 does not allow custom perk packages like Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer does.

Instead, players choose between premade perk packages with Bonus and Ultimate perks. I’ve narrowed down two perk packages that will work perfectly with the above loadouts.

Scout Package

The Scout Package is my pick for snipers and players who tend to play over longer ranges. Not everyone likes engaging in intense gunfights, and the Scout Package was cherry-picked for those players.

Scout Perk Package
Scout Perk Package | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

Focus and Scavenger are the most helpful perks in the Scout Package for snipers. Scavenger allows players to get ammo from enemies they’ve killed, which is ideal since sniper bullets aren’t everywhere.

Focus reduces flinch when being shot, which is a significant advantage to snipers being shot at. Moreover, Focus also extends the Hold Breath duration when scoped in to give players extra time to line up their shots.

Specter Package

The Specter Package is my go-to package for most loadouts in Warzone 2. This is because Spectre is the only package with Double Time and Ghost in one offering. Tracker is also added as a bonus, which will help with following wounded enemies.

Spectre Perk Package
Spectre Perk Package | Image Captured By Us /VeryAliGaming

With Double Time, players have longer sprint-out times, which will help them traverse through open spaces in Al Mazrah. Ghost is arguably the most crucial perk for securing wins, especially during late games. Most players will have Heartbeat sensors during the end, and UAVs will go off every few minutes.

My Recommendations For Best Loadout 

Lethals and Tacticals are entirely personal choices and should be chosen depending on individual playstyles. Heartbeat Sensors and Flash Grenades are good choices for Tactics. Drill Charges and Molotovs are also ideal for Lethals.

Remember that the best Warzone 2 loadout will be the one players perform the most competitively with. As such, it’s recommended to use the above loadouts as a strong base and to experiment with them. Weapon Tuning is the perfect place to test and adjust weapons to your liking. That said, I am confident you’ll be more than happy playing with the above eight loadouts and potentially earn a Nuke.

I prefer to use the One-shotting Victus XMR or the aggressive Kastov 74U loadout as they suit my playstyles more. 

Check out our individual Weapons Tier List to figure out how you should level up first. Proximity chat is a welcome addition to Warzone 2, and any players encountering voice chat issues should use our guide to fix them promptly.

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