Bewitching Branch Elden Ring: Location & Crafting

There are many approaches to get the Bewitching Branch Elden Ring. Here is how you can find and craft the consumable item.

Bewitching branch Elden Ring
Bewitching Branch Elden Ring

Bewitching Branch is a consumable item, it also serves the role of Keepsake for your character. Keepsakes are the items that you can acquire during character creation. There are a total of 9 Keepsakes available for players early on in the game. One of them also includes the Bewitching Branch.

That is completely optional and you can skip pursuing character build with no Keepsakes. Meanwhile, if you are planning to obtain the consumable item of Bewitching Branch, you can consider other approaches as you can no longer add it as the Keepsakes for your character. 

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With over 800 hours, I am very confident to share my strategy for getting the Bewitching Branch. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bewitching Branch helps you convert enemies into allies. It is a beneficial item in conquering dangerous combats.
  • Bewitching Branch can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant at the Liurnia of the Lakes. It costs 1600 runes.
  • Another way of getting this item is by visiting the Weeping Peninsula. You need to kill the bats and access a corpse from which you receive the Bewitching Branch.
  • Bewitching Branch can be crafted using Fevor’s Cookbook, a Sacramental bud, and a Miquella’s Lilly.
  • This item’s use costs 14 FP, and you can hold 10 of them.

There are numerous ways to obtain the Bewitching Branch for your character. With that said, let’s discuss a complete guide on different ways you can get Bewitching Branch Elden Ring during your endeavor in the dangerous world of Lands Between. 

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No. Held10
FP Cost14
Item EffectUses FP to charm pierced enemy
ObtainedCraftable Purchase
Buy Price600
Sell Price100

Stats Table

Purchasing the Bewitching Branch 

One of the best approaches to getting the Bewitching Branch is to purchase the consumable item from the merchant. Now you may wonder as there are many merchants in the game. However, Bewitching Branch is available for sale by only one merchant known as the “Nomadic Merchant”.

You can find this merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes, which is found in the extreme bottom portion of your map. Search for Bellum Church as the merchant can be found beneath the church on the cliffside. 

Nomadic Merchant Location
Nomadic Merchant Location

Upon speaking to the merchant, you may purchase the Bewitching Branch for 1,600 Runes. This may seem like a heavy investment on your side. However, considering the series of tactical advantages during the heat of battle, this investment is surely worth it for your character.

The only downside is that you will be paying 1,600 Runes for only one consumable item. Meanwhile, if you start your character and put Bewitching Branch as a Keepsake, you will receive five items in the inventory.

If you are short on Runes you can consider the Runes farming strategy in Elden Ring to make the unique consumable item more affordable for your character. 

Apart from purchasing the consumable item, you can also loot it off from a corpse in a specific location. This approach does not involve the investment of Runes, as you will be visiting the location and looting the item. But it does cost you the trouble of engaging in combat with enemies. 

Weeping Peninsula Location
Weeping Peninsula Location
  1. For that instance, all you need to do is pay a visit to the Weeping Peninsula and reach the corner of the cliff all above the waterfall.
  2. Find a ledge where you will see numerous bats surrounding a corpse.
  3. You will have to kill these bats to easily gain access to the corpse and obtain the Bewitching Branch.
  4. Bring your best melee or ranged weapons to easily kill these bats and claim your reward of the Bewitching Branch.
  5. This time, you will receive a stack of three Bewitching Branches, which makes this approach more feasible and effective. 

Crafting The Bewitching Branch

Unfortunately, crafting the Bewitching Branch is not going to be an easy feat and involves story progression for players. Firstly, you will need a Fevor’s Cookbook that holds all the secrets and ingredients to craft the consumable item.

  1. To obtain the cookbook, you must complete the Gideon Ofnir quests at the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.
  2. Here you will be fighting a boss, which we might not reveal for the completionist players. 
  3. Once you have the cookbook, you will have to proceed to the next step of finding the crafting materials.
  4. These include one Sacramental Bud and one Miquella’s Lilly.
  5. Players can easily farm for Sacramental Buds at Mt. Gelmir. Cross the bridge and you will find various cliffsides with Sacramental Buds.
Mt. Gelmir Location
Mt. Gelmir Location

On the other side, Miquella’s Lilly is found just a little further behind Carian Manor. Follow the straight path on the map and you will be able to see 3-to 5 Miquella’s Lillies. Once you have all these, you will be able to craft your own Bewitching Branch. 

Miquella's Lilly Location
Miquella’s Lilly Location

Would I Recommend?

Yes. Bewitching Branch yields the incantation power of unalloyed gold that will turn your enemies into an ally for a certain amount of time. You can charm all kinds of enemies such as Commander Nial’s Summons.

All you need to do is to reach one of the Phantom Knights and use the Bewitching Branch to turn him against their Commander Nial. 

Bewitching Branch Elden Ring
Bewitching Branch Elden Ring

At the same time, I should also let you know that utilizing the Bewitching Branch also involves a certain FP cost. It requires 14 FP to use the Bewitching Branch that you have purchased or crafted for your character. Your character can hold a total of ten Bewitching Branches.

This means you can craft as many as you want and take them on your journey to the dangerous world of Elden Ring. 

Bewitching Branch is a great resource available to players to make the most out of their playthrough. You can either incorporate the item as a Keepsake earlier in the character creation. Or you can turn the tides by crafting your own items by collecting the right material. Only this way you can benefit from the tactical advantage offered by the unique consumable item.

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