Black Ops 2: A Blueprint For The Future of Call of Duty

Ever wondered what makes the Black Ops 2 so memorable and fresh compared to recent COD titles?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 a template for future COD
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Template For Future COD

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 remains one of the most memorable COD campaigns I played through on my Xbox. Revisiting the game after all these years, I can’t understand how Call of Duty sort of lost its direction after the Black Ops series.

In my opinion, these games, especially Black Ops 2 are a perfect template for the future of COD and a missed opportunity.

Key Takeaways
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 released in 2012, was part of a fresh new futuristic look at the COD franchise.
  • Black Ops 2’s branching narratives and the player choice made campaigns fresh, which later titles didn’t fully develop.
  • The game offered a perfect blend of futuristic and classic weapons, that always felt true to the essence of COD.
  • Pick 10’s customization system empowered players to build a much more personalized loadout.
  • Black Ops 2 should serve as a template for how to create something fresh while keeping the original’s feel.

This entry in the franchise was released in 2012 and was developed by Treyarch Corporation. While not without its flaws, Black Ops 2 dared to push boundaries, implementing features that not only resonated with players but also laid the groundwork for what Call of Duty could become.

Black Ops 2’s innovations served as a blueprint for the future of the series, even if later iterations haven’t fully embraced its potential.

Branching Narratives & Player Choice

One of the most innovative things I remember from my first campaign of Black Ops 2 was the narrative choices. This is one of the reasons the campaigns feel fresh and unique.

Black Ops 2 broke away from the series’ traditionally linear campaigns. This entry introduces branching narratives with player-driven choices. This offered a glimpse into a future where Call of Duty wasn’t just about following a fixed story path.

Narrative and player choices
Narrative and player choices

Missions offered critical choices where decisions impacted the story’s flow. This complexity added a layer of replayability and allowed players to feel more in control. While later titles like Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare dabbled in branching narratives, they weren’t able to fully capture the magic.

The decision to save Harper or Briggs during my Black Ops 2 campaign truly made me feel like my decision mattered to the campaign. Imagine a Call of Duty where strategic choices throughout the campaign culminate in significantly different outcomes, offering a truly personalized experience.

gameplay cutscene cod black ops 2
Gameplay Cutscene – Section

Futuristic Weapon Variety & Streaks

The first time booting up Black Ops 2 and getting your hands on the first futuristic weapon sort of set the tone for the rest of the campaign. Black Ops 2’s weapon selection felt like a leap forward. The introduction of near-future weaponry alongside classic firearms offered a unique blend, catering to both traditionalists and those who craved a futuristic edge.

Futuristic Weapon Scopes
Futuristic Weapon Scopes

Black Ops 2 struck a great balance between high-tech and traditional. While futuristic weapons are cool, most Calls of Duty players crave the familiarity of a traditional rifle muzzle-flash and the bullet casings hitting the ground. Wall-running SMGs and advanced sniper rifles added tactical depth.

The balance between these and more grounded options ensured a diverse and engaging experience. In a nutshell, it felt futuristic yet it felt like a true COD experience, which future games like Infinite Warfare were unable to achieve.

Old Memory Level
Old Memory Level

Scorestreaks, a signature feature of Call of Duty, was reworked in Black Ops 2. Instead of linear killstreak rewards, players earned points toward a variety of streaks they could choose from.

From my experience, this allowed for much more of a personalized playstyle. I could plan on what streak would fit my current situation.

Later titles often reverted to the simpler killstreak system, sacrificing some tactical depth for instant reward. This is one of those features that I really miss in the recent COD multiplayer and could only hope they make a comeback.

Pick 10’s Focus On Customization

pick 10 customization system
Pick 10 Customization System

Black Ops 2’s Pick 10 class creation system was a game-changer feature long-term fans of the series were hoping for. This system allowed players to choose from a vast pool of perks, weapons, and equipment within a ten-point limit. I was honestly surprised at how much I could tweak the loadout for my play style.

The feature lets players tailor their load-outs to specific playstyles, whether they prefer an aggressive style, stealthy infiltration, or calm supportive roles.

This freedom of choice is what makes Call of Duty multiplayer so engaging and personal. While future titles kept most of class creation, they often felt more restrictive.

Gunplay and Combat COD BO 2
Gunplay and Combat

Future titles limit the options players have and sometimes even introduce specialist operators with fixed abilities.  A return to this Pick 10 customization system would allow for a much more unique COD multiplayer experience.

What Should The Future Hold?

The success of Black Ops 2 is a prime example that Call of Duty players are receptive to fresh and creative ideas. The COD franchise, despite its shortcomings with recent titles, still has a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

However, to become the FPS king again, the developers need to look back at what made their previous titles some of the best.

The Modern Warfare reboot is an example of what could happen if COD developers revisited their roots while also embracing the modern FPS formula. Imagine a Call of Duty campaign that genuinely feels fresh, offers player choice with lasting consequences, and a multiplayer mode where customization allows for truly unique playstyles.

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