Crisis Core: Blast Wave Materia [Unlock Guide]

Here is everything you need to know about Blast Wave Materia Crisis Core and how to obtain it for your character.

Blast Wave Crisis Core
Blast Wave Crisis Core

Among the various enemies and boss fights in Crisis Core Reunion, Zack will need more than just a sword and equipment to progress the intense campaign and resolve the conflict. For that instance, players often branch out to powerful Materia like Blast Wave Crisis Core to defeat the formidable foes in the game. Meanwhile, many players are unaware of the complete process of obtaining the Blast Wave Materia and how to utilize it to their advantage during combat. 

If you are also one of those players perplexed with unlocking the Blast Wave Materia for your playthrough, then you are just at the right place. Our guide entails everything you need to know about how to unlock the unique Materia in the game and how to use it to deal incredible damage to enemies and bosses. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

The Rundown

  • Blast Wave is one of the essential Materia under the Command category that enables players to knock out the enemy from the battleground. 
  • This unique ability is one of the prominent reasons why many players seek Blast Wave for their character and progress the campaign for the ideal playthrough.
  • Fortunately, players can consider multiple strategies to obtain the Blast Wave Materia in the latest Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion. 
  • Players can unlock the Blast Wave Materia by completing a quest Regain the Mako Facility M3-3-6. Moreover, players can also discover the Blast Wave Materia from the chests. You can find these chests in “Twins in the CavernsM-7-5-5 and “The Irritated Recruiter M-7-6-4.
  • Lastly, players also have the choice to create their own Blast Wave Materia through Materia Fusion System. For that instance, they must infuse a Mastered (Five Star) Graviga and an Assault Twister to achieve a Blast Wave Materia. 

Blast Wave Materia In Crisis Core Reunion

For those uninitiated, Blast Wave is Command Materia that is applied to Zack’s sword that focuses on blasting or throwing the enemy out of the battleground. As for the animation, casting the Command Materia will allow Zack to lift in the sky and slam his Sword into the ground unleashing a blast. The cherry on top is that this Materia also includes a chance of knocking out the enemy, thus giving players a huge tactical advantage during combat. 

Let’s look at some of the essential stats of the Blast Wave Materia that can help you identify the massive potential during the battle. 

  • AP Cost: 12
  • Power: 16
  • Rank: 5
  • Attribute: ATK

As you can see, casting the Command Materia will only cost 12 AP, which seems like a pretty good tradeoff considering the massive effect it offers to your character. On top of that, players can achieve an Attribute Bonus on the Blast Wave for up to five Levels that will increment +1 on each consecutive level. 

Now that you know how Blast Wave Materia works let’s discuss how to obtain it in Crisis Core Reunion. 

How To Unlock Blast Wave In Crisis Core

Among the different abilities you unlock throughout the campaign, Blast Wave stands at the top of all the abilities to offer the most unique and powerful Status Effect on Zack’s attacks. Moreover, players can consider various approaches to unlock Blast Wave in Crisis Core. You can either consider unlocking it through campaign progression, looting different chests lying around in the dungeons, or crafting your own using the Materia Fusion system in the Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Regain The Mako Facility

Regain the Mako Facility is the M3-3-6 and the only mission available in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion that allows players to receive Blast Wave as a final reward. We will not go into much detail about the mission, but it is worth noting that it will involve intense clashes with Genesis’s Forces. So make sure you are coming prepared with the right equipment and abilities for Zack to clear the dungeon and unlock the mighty Blast Wave easily.

Looting Chests

Another prominent approach involving receiving the Blast Wave Materia is through the chests spread across the dungeons in specific missions. The first mission where you can find a chest with Blast Wave is “Twins in the Caverns,” which is M-7-5-5. Meanwhile, “The Irritated Recruiter M-7-6-4. All you need to do is to scrounge every corner of the dungeons in these missions to pick up the Blast Wave and move on to the following missions in the campaign. 

Stealing From Martial Tank

Surprisingly, the game also enables players to loot the Blast Wave Materia from the specific boss known as “Martial Tank.”Players will be able to encounter the boss during the M1-4-4 Destroy The Mobile Artillery and M7-4-4 Fourth Contract.

Despite being a Normal enemy, Martial Tank features a massive HP pool of 108,770. Meanwhile, if you play the game in Hard Mode, you can expect this HP to increase to 142,420. You can equip Crisis Core Reunion best Materia to dish out the best damage to the enemy and defeat it quickly. Once defeated, Martial Tank will drop Blast Wave, which you can claim forever. 

Materia Fusion

Last but not least approach involves creating your own Blast Wave Materia. However, this approach also involves special considerations for Fusion Recipe. For those uninitiated, Materia Fusion is the strategy to fuse specific Materia to create a unique one. However, some Materia Fusion also involves rare or upgraded Materia to achieve a specific goal for your character.

Materia Fusion
Materia Fusion

The same goes for our Materia Fusion which requires a Mastered (Five Star) Graviga and an Assault Twister. Fusing these both will yield the Blast Wave Materia. 

Blast Wave Crisis Core
Blast Wave Crisis Core

Bottom Line

With all the enemies and challenges available in the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, you surely want to upgrade your character abilities to maximize your performance during combat. Blast Wave focuses on enhancing Zack’s abilities to gain the upper hand in the battle. Now that you know all the details about the abilities of the Materia and how to obtain them in the game, make sure to apply this command Materia on your character and enjoy the powerful playthrough. 

That is about it for our Blast Wave guide. Do you find this guide helpful for obtaining or crafting the Blast Wave Materia in Crisis Core Reunion? What is your favorite approach to acquiring the Materia? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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