BlazBlue: Entropy Effect Deserves Your Attention If You Are An Action Platformer Fan

When a fighting game transitions into a side scroller rogue-like, what you get is a great action platformer.

These days you may always encounter a newly released roguelike. As days pass, more and more roguelikes are making their way into the industry. Some are good, some are just cash grabs but none stood out like BlazBlue: Entropy Effect.

Key Takeaways

  • Known for its fighting games, BlazBlue presents a rogue-like spin-off that perfectly incorporates fighting game mechanics into a rogue-like game.
  • The game executes combos similar to what you would see and do in the fighting games while also progressing through the game to become stronger.
  • With a small flaw of moves not being unlocked from the start, the game has a large number of move sets and skills for each playable character for the player to add variety to their runs.

BlazBlue: Entropy Effect is an action rogue-like based on the BlazBlue universe. BlazBlue has always been known for its fighting games, but this time they tried something new. However, the real question is whether they delivered a masterpiece or just failed to do something they don’t usually do.

Still The BlazBlue We Love

BlazBlue is loved by its fans for its anime aesthetic and great combo potential. Everything that the fans have come to love about the BlazBlue series is still here. BlazBlue: Entropy Effect focuses a lot on its fluid combat. You can still make combos and execute flashy moves with enough practice.

I never thought I would say that but this was the first time I actually practiced the combat for a rogue-like game. Most rogue-likes are simple but this one takes time to get into and learn combos. It felt like I was playing a BlazBlue fighting as I was learning moves and trying combos.

From slow but hard hitters to fast and mobile characters, the game has every archetype that is typically in a fighting game. The roster is very diverse and each has its own playstyle. This truly is the BlazBlue experience that we enjoy and love in their fighting games.

Iconic BlazBlue Characters That We Love | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Perfect Mixture Of Genres

A great combat cannot justify a game’s greatness. No matter how good a game’s combat is, it will get boring unless it has a good progression system. Fortunately, this game is the perfect mixture of good combat and a rogue-like progression system.

The developers were able to mix and combine different genres perfectly. Mixing a fighting game with rogue-like elements seems impossible and absurd, but BlazBlue: Entropy Effect is a perfect example of how creativity and competence can lead to a game that is just fun no matter how much you play it.

We all know that even in fighting games, failing to do combos again and again is a learning experience. The same is the case with this rogue-like spin-off. With each run, you will get better and with each defeat, more things to learn.

It took me a lot of time to learn combos and experiment with what each move did. But once you learn a character, the game just keeps on giving.

A Slight Flaw

No doubt this game is great, but there is a slight flaw that I feel could make the game better with the right considerations. In most runs your character does not have all their skills and abilities unlocked. As you clear stages you unlock moves of your choice by leveling up.

Now imagine if you were playing a fighting game and your moves were locked unless you fought more rounds. It sounds stupid and throws the pacing of the game off.

If I am practicing a character I should be allowed to use all their moves at the start so I can execute combos from the start.

Locked Skills and Moves | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

For me, this was the only flaw in the game. I cannot guarantee that you will feel the same too. Many people seem to love this system and get the feeling of getting better at combat. While for some, this acts as a feeling of progressing through the game.

One Of It’s Kind 

If you get bored playing alone there is a PVP mode where you can test your skills. I only played the PVP mode online once and after getting destroyed by players who are actually good at the game, I understood that the game has just as much skill ceiling as their fighting games.

PVP Showcase | From Steam Store Page

If you love the fighting game series of BlazBlue and enjoy rogue-likes, then you are sure to love this game. So ready your fingers and clear your mind as you learn your favorite character to enjoy a game that is one of its kind.

Just make sure whatever you do looks cool because if it’s not, then you are playing the game wrong.

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